When Olivia reappears from Noah's room, Barba is still at the kitchen counter- scotch in one hand, staring off into space. The click of Noah's door shutting draws his eyes up to hers. He gives her a nervous smile, "Hey, look- I was thinking-"

Olivia's face falls. Oh God- he's already regretting it.

Barba shifts from one foot to the other and wonders for a moment when forming sentences became so difficult. What if she didn't want anything more than tonight? What if the question he's about to ask sends her running for the hills? Ends even their friendship.

He tries to give off the appearance of calm but the more he speaks the faster his heart beats, "Maybe we could see if Lucy's free tomorrow night. There's this place down the street-" He looks at her expectantly then realizes that his sentence doesn't really have an ending. "I've heard it's good. And maybe we could-"

Olivia smiles- amused at his sudden inability to form sentences and relieved that he's not ending a relationship they haven't even started. Somehow she found it even more attractive that a man so very sure of himself in his professional life could be so diffident when it came to personal matters. He was not unlike herself. Neither of them had had good relationship examples as children. And both had chosen work over romance- leaving them with far less experience compared to most people.

Olivia finally rescues him from himself, "Are you asking me on a date, Counselor?"

"Well, trying." He returns her smile, realizing how ridiculous this is. She's his best friend and he's acting like a hormone addled teenager.

She steps into his personal space, taking his hand, "I'd love to." He finally relaxes and smiles at her as she leans in to kiss him.

He kisses her with the same reverence as before- but this time mixed with the anticipation of what may happen next. He wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her closer as his other hand moves up her arm to tangle in her hair. His tongue runs along her bottom lip and she grants it entrance to her mouth. Their tongues tangle in a passionate battle for dominance.

He walks her back into the threshold of the kitchen and presses her back against the doorframe. That spark they've been so careful not to ignite over the past few months, hell the past few years, is now a full blown fire and they're desperately fanning the flames. He presses his body to hers- trying to get as close as possible. When her hips rock forward, making contact with his increasing arousal- it does him in. He shutters into her mouth and grabs her hips stilling them for a moment. She lets out a disappointed whimper as his lips part from hers.

In the back of his mind he realizes he needs to regain some small bit of composure. To make sure he's not about to fuck everything up. And then he realizes that there's not enough blood in the head that's on his shoulders to form coherent sentences.

Both are breathing hard- hearts beating out of their chests. He meets her eyes and finds a flurry of emotions: arousal, passion, confusion, disappointment and maybe something else. He does his best to explain himself with his oxygen deprived brain. "Is this OK?"

Olivia gives him a scandalous grin, "Oh, hell yes it's OK"

She leans back into him but he tries again. "Wait just- I really want this- not just this- I want-" He tries to gather his thoughts "I need to know you're sure. This can't-"

Olivia finally understands what has him so nervous. It's the same thing that scares her. That tomorrow they'll wake up and the other person will regret what's happened. Or worse, they'll have never wanted more than the one night to begin with. Her heart would be broken if that were the case. And she realizes now- that his would be too. She's relieved that he sees it as a big a step as she does.

She leans into him, "I know, Rafi. I want this, too. And I've wanted it for longer than I'm willing to admit. But I can wait a little longer if we need to slow down. It's OK if you don't want to do this tonight."

All his anxiety melts away as he leans his forehead against hers. "Trust me, I want nothing more than to do this right now- but not if it's just tonight."

She smiles, "You'd have to fuck this up pretty bad for that to be the case."

He can't hide his grin as he leans back in to kiss her. She pushes him away slightly and takes his hand- leading him to her bedroom. The moment they're inside- his mouth is back on hers.

This time it's Rafael Barba who kisses her- the confident, passionate district attorney not the hesitant boy. And Damn! was his tongue just as skilled here as in the courtroom! He pulls her into him and runs a hand up her back to cup her head- the other moves sensually up her side.

She un-tucks his shirt- her hands finally finding the skin of his torso. Her hands leave a trail of fire in a desperate attempt to get closer to him.

His mouth leaves hers as he begins a trail of kisses down her neck until he finds a pulse point which he nips as his hands find the zipper of her dress. He drags the zipper slowly down her back. They break apart just long enough for her to step out of her dress and him to divest himself of his shirt before they meld themselves back together.

Barba spins them so Olivia's back is to the bed and starts to back her towards it. Her hands find his belt and make quick work of it. He clumsily attempts to step out of his pants while still kissing her.

Now both still in their underwear- they simply stand at the edge of the bed engaged in a sensual kiss, made all the more pleasurable by the skin on skin contact and the fact that Olivia can feel his obvious arousal for her pressed against her thigh. After several seconds- Barba's hand slides up her back to the hook of her bra- which he manages to disengage in a single try.

She smiles against his lips, "You're a little too good at that."

He grins and pushes her gently back onto the bed. She leans back but attempts to covertly cover the scars that she's so aware dapple her torso.

Barba reaches out and catches her hands mid-motion, "Don't." He moves her hands away and takes her in for a moment before pushing her to lie back on the bed. He joins her- gently settling over top of her and looking her straight in the eye. "Fuck, you're beautiful."

Olivia thinks if she weren't so turned on right now she'd probably cry. Where did this man come from?

He leans down to kiss her- once again reverent but somehow with all the passion from a moment ago. He slides a hand up her side- finding her breast and cupping it before tweaking her nipple. She lets out a gasp as he feels it tighten between his fingers.

His mouth leaves hers once more to trail down her neck- eventually finding the other nipple. He starts with gentle teasing but soon his teeth begin a gentle assault followed quickly by his soothing tongue.

Her hands find his hair as she arches into him. Meanwhile, his hands trace long circles down her sides and stomach to her thighs. After dragging her panties down her legs, one hand finds it's way to her inner thigh and makes a torturous ascent back up to her folds. He draws a single digit up her seam to her clit and begins making slow circles on the tiny nub.

"Jesus, Rafi!" Olivia barely breathes out. She's doing her best to keep quiet but somehow she thinks by the end of this- she will have failed that mission.

His mouth now leaves her breast and makes the same path down her body. Replacing his fingers on her clit with his tongue- Barba trails his fingers down her wet folds to slip one inside her. When she bucks against him, he takes uses his free arm to hold her hips still under his assault.

"Fuck!" Olivia's back arches off the bed- eyes squeezed closed as she attempts to reconcile the sensations running through her body. Continuing his assault on her clit, Barba hooks his finger inside her- exploring until he hits that perfect spot. She shutters against him letting out a loud, high-pitched moan.

She grasps desperately at his shoulders in an attempt to get him back up her body. Barba continues his assault for another minute before giving into her wishes. He crawls back up her body- making quick work of his boxers before settling between her legs. He grins at her and leans in for a slow, sensuous kiss as he guides himself into her.

Both shudder. Close their eyes. He leans into her shoulder- overwhelmed by the sensation, "Dios mio, you feel good" He waits for her to adjust to him before moving a hand to her thigh and guiding her legs up around his hips.

He props himself up on an elbow to look at her as he begins to move. The love she looks back at him with is terrifying and beautiful. He never wants this moment to end- wishes he could take it slow but knows that they've both wanted this too long to be able to hold back. For now though, he's doing his best- slowly moving in and out of her- moving with her in a desperate attempt to draw it out.

Every couple of thrusts, he shifts his hips- as if searching for something. And then suddenly- he finds it. The head of his cock finds that perfect spot inside her- and he's found his angle. Olivia's entire body shutters beneath him and she arches into him, "Holy shit!" How the fuck was he doing that? How'd he even learn that?

Now on the verge of pain, Barba can't hold back any longer. He begins moving faster inside her- still brushing her g-spot with nearly every stroke. As he feels himself getting closer, he reaches between them- finding her clit with his thumb, making small circles.

They move together in a desperate search for release. Olivia is the first one over the peak- his name falling from her lips. The sensation of her orgasm overtakes her entire body- making her shutter inside and out. Her walls clench tightly around his engorged flesh bringing him with her. It seems to go on forever for them both and then seems over too soon as they lay tangled together attempting to regain their ability to breath.

He rolls onto his back- pulling her protectively into his side. When she's regained her ability to talk, Olivia presses a kiss against his chest and looks up at him. He's leaned back on the pillow- eyes closed, attempting to steady his breathing. She presses a kiss to his collarbone, "Explain to me why the hell we haven't been doing that for the past 3 years?"

He opens his eyes and smiles down at her, "I don't know but I think we'll definitely need to make up for lost time."

She raises herself up enough to give him a languid kiss and returns his smile before settling comfortably onto his chest again. He draws small circles on her back with his fingers.

He hasn't been this content- ever, that he can remember. He's still terrified of how this all shakes out- of the fact that if this blows up in their faces he'll lose his best friend. But right now- he can't think of nothing in the world he'd rather take a chance on.