Breaking Regulations

1. Breaking Down

by Cydney "Quite-Write" (originally posted on Tumblr)

"Regulation Three – Twenty Seven," she whispered hotly, pinning him against one of Denny's piles of garbage. Sideswipe's optics almost rolled, but most of all she saw the smirk he leveled at her. The femme had to keep herself from shoving him harder.

"And what's that one for?" he asked, leaning closer. Strongarm's frame was built tougher than his own, and she seemed to almost enjoy lording her size over him. Sideswipe made it clear that he held little regard for the rulebook: having her chief headache physically trapped beneath her was almost therapeutic.

"For sticking your finger in my audio receptor," Strongarm snapped, before seething as the mech chuckled beneath her. "Think I'd forget about that?"

"How could I forget? You practically threw yourself at me." His features became that smooth, familiar grin, optics growing low and teasing. It was official – all it took was a single look from Sideswipe to make her spark flare and her aggression grow.

"Regulation Four – Sixty Four," she bit out, making his grin grow wider as she listed yetanother rule he had managed to violate. "Provoking an officer of the law." Her hands settled either side of his shoulders, her blue lips turned down in a frown as she regarded him beneath her.

"Ahh, is that what it's called?" His tone was playful as he nodded with false understanding. Trapped between her arms and beneath her imposing stare, he let his optics run slowly down her armoured body, appreciating the off-road frame she wore. "I don't break the rules, I just bend them… a lot."

"You break them," she said, leaving no room for argument. "You touch what you shouldn't and you stir up the volatile."

"The last time we were here, you were having fun," he whispered huskily.

Her chassis almost shook when he touched her. The cocky little glitch had made short work of opening her, his fingers dancing across her sensory node. A slow, lazy circle left her biting her blue lip, and Sideswipe didn't even try to hide his smug look. It was enough to make Strongarm growl.

"Well, someone's pent up," he hummed, before the officer snatched his hand up and away from her exposed core. The mech had a genuine look of surprise as she roughly pinned his arm back above him, denting whatever collection of junk she had him pinned against.

"Regulation Twelve – Sixteen," she hissed, pressing him harder against the pile, her knee pressing between his legs. "Exposing and touching an officer of the law."

"You-" He shook his head, giving her a blank, incredulous look that she found satisfying. "You just made that up!"

"Oh, shut up," Strongarm snapped, before she threw her leg across his and pressed against him, scraping their armours. The femme held his arm easily with a trained hand, trapping the bombastic mech before she slid her exposed core across the front of his hips, virtually relishing the way his optics grew wide and he tensed beneath her.

"If I had my way, you'd be in jail," she purred, pressing her free hand against the glossy red plating of his chest. There was some very deep satisfaction in having Sideswipe helpless beneath her – even if she enjoyed how skilfully he touched her last time, it didn't change that he was an ache in her processor. If he wasn't flaunting the law she lived to upheld, he was usually ignoring every sensible thing she had to say. And now that the tables had turned, Strongarm was enjoying herself.

"A small cell with no visitors," she promised, her hand lowering towards the crux of his legs and his own panel. The more she drifted, the more he arched and pressed back against her. But she was strong, especially when Sideswipe was too busy fighting his own obvious arousal. Besides – they had their tiffs, but he'd never actually try to hurt her.

Not that he could, she mused, locking her optics with his own as she deftly opened and exposed him. She didn't need to glance down to know his spike had sprung free – she could easily feel the heat coming off him, or notice the tell-tale shifting beneath her. Strongarm kept staring up at him as she brushed her hand against him, her own smirk growing as Sideswipe's frame shook.

"Somewhere to teach you respect for the law," she hummed, curling her fist around the hot spike and teasing it, delighting in the shiver that ran through his frame.

"I'm a slow learner," he hissed, his arm growing weak and slack against hers. Strongarm had pinned him good and properly before – now she was giving him a slow and torturous death via teasing, of that he was sure.

"Yes, you are," she mused, using her hand to trace along the shifting metal from base to tip. "You'd need lots of one-on-one time." Her grip tightened, just enough to make him jump, to bring all of Sideswipe's attention on her. When she was satisfied she had that, the femme adjusted her heavily-armoured legs until he saw her core. Still exposed, but now so thoroughly slick from her own arousal. And if she were perfectly honest with herself, having this punk – her punk – staring at her like that was arousing in itself.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" he asked, voice a mixture of amusement and awe. Strongarm merely pushed him back against the pile of junk, her leg sliding across his.

"You're lucky there's no regulation for back-chatting," she purred, settling against his heavy spike before sinking on top of him, pulling him deep into her valve. Sideswipe's features froze, her frame shaking beneath her, trying to catch up with just how hot and aroused she was. But Strongarm didn't wait for him to settle, her hand moving back up to his glossy chest before she rose up and thrust back down onto him. The speedster hissed beneath her, arching against her frame as she rode his thick spike.

"Do you know what my first thoughts are when I come online of a morning?" she asked, even as her voice began to waver. She looked down at him with distracted optics, her hand moving up to his shoulder as she bucked against him. "It's you."

"Well, I am pretty awesome," he mumbled, his bravado dying as she tightened her armoured legs around his and ground against him. Metal scraped louder than either of them liked, but as long as she didn't stop, Sideswipe couldn't care less.

"I wake up and I wonder, just how are you going to drive me nuts today?" Strongarm rolled her hips as she ground out the words, leaving the mech shaking beneath her. Her body was too strong, her core too hot and slick and fantastic, and it was all he could do but lie there beneath her.

"You'd be bored without me," he countered, even as she leaned back and fell against him harder, thrusting in a way that stole any intelligent thought from him.

"Sometimes, you are the reason I function," she growled, and he couldn't tell if she was really so aggressive towards him or if her own exhaustion was starting to creep into her. "And I swear, without you I would have the easiest duty of any law officer, ever." Her optics shut as she dropped the hand that pinned him, grabbing his shoulder as she bucked her hips with desperation, driving her valve onto him with need.

Sideswipe was stuck – he wanted to sass her, to throw the bossy femme's words back at her. 'How horrible,' he thought sarcastically: pointing out how useless a quiet cop was took too much effort right now. But then everything took too much energy. All he was aware of was how hot her core was as he delved inside it over and over, and how her hands grabbed at him and held him still. And all of that was nothing compared to the shattering energy that was quickly building up from her moves.

The two Autobot's ground against each other in the darkened corner of the scrapyard, his hips bucking up against hers harder and quicker, all while Strongarm's hands moved possessively across his chassis. From his arm to his helm and back to his shoulders, her legs tightening up as she rode him towards her climax. When the quaking, overcharging ending finally shook through them both, Sideswipe's weak arm slipped up around her frame, keeping her still as she hummed and trembled and came apart on top of him.

His optics came into focus afterwards, watching her stare at him. Her features a mixture of confusion and hesitance, as if something permanent had just shifted between them. Sideswipe had the very sudden, heavy feeling that some great confession had just been dropped onto him. And even with the look of exhaustion on her, while he was still buried deep in her body, her look was unmistakable.

'So, what happens now?'