Stolen Futures Notes.

First off I want to point out that this chapter isn't required reading but could be useful. Second, This is an AU fic. It's an alternate universe, so please no flames saying he wouldn't do this this, or she say that, I know. This is an alternate timeline and this is my thoughts on how the characters would be living in this time. Also, this story will mainly focus on Nikki.

Setting: Medevil Times.


The Good Guys

Nicolet Jenine Franco.

Daughter of Lord Nicholas Franco, a military officer. Mother deceased. Gaurdian throughout most of the fic is her grandfather. Who is not a big mob guy here. She acts very proper in public but in private she is the complete opposite of a lady. Known as Nikki to friends and family.

Kay Simmons

Nikki's lady-in-waiting. Extremely clever. One of Nikki's best friends.

Tasha Dexter

Lady of rather high status. She is currently married to the Owl, who is currently believed to be dead. She helps VIP by helping protect their charges by hiding them at her place, but she is skilled in combat also.

Johnny Loh

Works with Quick Williams and Vallery Irons as travelling mercenaries and bodygaurds for hire. They call themselves VIP. (Go figure.)

Quick Williams

Same as Johnny.

Val Irons

Founder of VIP.

Maxine De La Cruz

Val's best friend. Occasionally seen traveling with VIP.

The Bad Guys


The Man who killed Lord Nicholas Franco. Hired an assassin to take out Nikki, who he had been watching.

Kiken Shosein

Assassin after Nikki,

Stoyline: Nicholas Franco worked as a military man and had come across information about Merrick which caused Merrick kill him in front of Nikki, then ran off. 20 years later Nikki is after revenge and close to finding the information on Merrick when she is attacked by his assassin to take her out before she does. She runs away from home and meets up with VIP. The last thing Merrick expects.