Chapter Six: Secrets Revealed


The next morning everybody was packing up their sleeping gear while Val fixed breakfast.

Nikki looked at the blanket Johnny had given her the night before and smiled slightly. She folded the blanket up and set it next to her gear. She stood up and brushed the grass and dirt off of her pants. She walked over to Val.

"That smells good." She smiled.

"Thanks." Val said.


After breakfast…

"So, where are we going?" Kay asked.

"To Tahsa Dexter's manor to have her look at Nikki's locket." Johnny answered standing up and shouldering his pack.

"Then let's go!" Val said. The group started walking towards their destination and started talking and getting to know each other.


About an hour later…

"Here we are." Quick said as they walked to the door. Quick rang the bell.

A few moments latera tall red-headed woman dressed in a dark blue gown answered the door.

"I had a feeling it was you guys, " Tasha said, she looked at Nikki and Kay, "I see you finally got some buisness."

"People aren't exactly lining up at your door either." Val said. Everyone went into the tea room and sat down.

Nikkie looked around abesntly wondering where the servants were.

"Anyways," Tasha began, ignoring Val, "Tell me about your new client."

"We think that the man man who killed her father because of some incriminating information is hiring assassin's to kill Nikki." Quick summerized.

"Nikki?" Tasha asked, Nikki rasied her hand a little sheepishly, "What's your full name?"

"Nicolet Jenine Franco." Nikki answred.

"Lady Nicolet Jenine Franco." Kay corrected, Nikki rolled her eyes.

"So your Lord Nicholas's daughter." Tasha said.

"You knew my father?"

"My husband did. But I think I understand the situation a little better now though. But why did they bring you here?" She asked.

Nikki took off her locket and handed it to Tasha, "The inscription on the left side confuses me. I think it has something to do with the information my father had. But Johnny thinks you may be able to understand it."

Tasha studied the locket for a few moments, "I've seen this before. It's on an envelope in my husband's study. It was from Lord Nicholas I believe, I'll go get it." Tasha stood up and went to the study. A few minutes she returned and handed the envelope and locket to Nikki.

"Thank you."

"I assume you'll be staying awhile so I'll show you to your rooms." Tasha said. The group stood up and followed Tasha.


In Nikki's room…

Nikki sat at the desk in her room staring at the envelope. Taking a deep breath she opened it and pulled out a thick stack of papers. A smalled envelope fell out of the stack, it had her name on it. She set down the stack of papers and picked up the small envelope and opened it. Taking out the paper she unfolded it and read the letter from her father.

My dearest daughter,

If your reading this letter I have been most likely been killed by Merrick. Who is Merrick is probably what your wondering, or maybe not, you always were a smart girl. I'll explain that in time though. But first I want to apologize for not being there to watch you grow up. I bet your beautiful just like your mother. I just want you to know that I always have and always will love you. But I suppose you want to know what's going on.

On a raid on a building suspected of harboring terrorists I came across the enclosed documents. Most of them can be used as blackmail against the royal family, but there are also some plans for an explosive weapon and strategical targets that could give him a lot of power. But one thing is for sure, Merrick cannot be allowed to use the explosive. I sent the documents to the Owl for safe keeping. It isn't….wasn't safe to keep them in the house or give them to the royal family both places where he could retrieve them. I hope this has helped you understand what is going on and how you can protect your self.

I know it may be too late or maybe even to early but Happy Birthday Nicolet.

With Love Forever,

Your father,


Nikki dried the paper that had gotten a little wet from the tears that had fallen on it. She folded up the letter and placed it back in the envelope. Standing up she went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face. Drying her face with the towel she thought about the documents. She pulled her hair out of it's ponytail and brushed it out before putting it up into a bun. Going over to the dresser she looked at the clothing that Tasha had provided she pulled a chemise and changed. She picked up the robe and wrapped it around herself before going back to the desk and going through the documents. After about an hour she pulled out some parchment, a quill and some ink and started sketching out something that looked like a map and notes.