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Hello and welcome to the sequel of Different Setting! Once again, this is a co-written work with Heidi, so be sure to credit both of us, please. This story will (hopefully) be updated regularly. And to avoid any confusion, just like the last story, this will not be entirely plotted with the game; some fates will be different, and there may be more or less people in the end.

If you haven't read Different Setting, we would advise you to do so before reading this.

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Six Months Later

"I will not tell you again. Drop it."

Lee Everett's voice was dangerous, and when his voice was dangerous, he meant serious business. He usually wasn't one for pointing a gun at minors, but when it came to protecting Clementine, he would do whatever he could.

Finally, the teenager obliged, setting down Clementine's gun.

"Good," Lee nodded his approval. "Now get out. And if I ever see you threatening to harm my girl again, I will not hesitate to kill you. Got it?"

The girl nodded frightfully, and fled the bathroom. Clementine, now nine-and-a-half years old, shook with fear, and ran into Lee's arms.

"Are you okay, sweet pea?" Lee asked, holding the young girl close.

Clementine nodded, clutching the back of Lee's jacket. "Yeah. I'm just a little shaky."

Lee patted her back a few times before letting her go. He placed his hands on his shoulders, making sure that she was unharmed. A few moments later, the door opened again. This time, though, it was only Omid and Christa.

"We heard noises, are you two okay?" Christa inquired. She was now heavily pregnant, and it looked like she could pop at any given moment.

"Somebody snuck in here," Lee explained. "Tried to rob Clem."

"Holy shit!" Omid exclaimed.

"She's fine, though, right, Clem?" Lee looked over to the little girl once more. Of course, this little situation wouldn't scare her much, considering everything else she had been through already. She was one tough girl, that was for damn sure, and Lee prided himself on helping her become that strong.

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Good," Christa said. "If this place is dangerous, then we'll have to find somewhere else to camp," she added.

"Nah, it should be fine now," Lee replied.

"Yeah, plus you need to get off your feet, babe," Omid added, looking over at Christa lovingly.

She scoffed. "I'm fine, Omid."

"Your swollen ankles say otherwise," he retorted with a small chuckle.


"What?" he inquired innocently. "I'm just looking out for you, and Omid Jr."

"There will be no such person," Christa scolded jokingly.

"Alright, then. I'm looking out for you and little Christa."

Christa rolled her eyes, but she was still smiling.

Lee couldn't help but chuckle at the little exchange and walked over to the bathroom door to lead everyone out. Their designated camp was only a short walk away, which was good for Christa especially. It was beginning to get dark.

"It's getting cold," Clementine noted, shivering slightly.

"It'll be fine, Clem," Lee reassured her. "Good thing I found you that jacket, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm glad." Clementine gave a short smile and a nod.

Ever since the events in Savannah, the group of four had been moving almost nonstop. This was mainly because Christa told them that it was too dangerous to stay in one place for too long, and if not for the downfall of the motor inn, Lee wouldn't have believed her.

Unfortunately, they had never managed to find Carlos, Lilly, and Sarah, so nobody knew if they had made it out safely, or if they were even still alive. They were brought up in conversation from time to time, mostly since Carlos was a doctor and was no longer here to help with Christa's baby. Clementine also still missed Sarah sometimes.

"Let's build a fire since it's getting dark," Omid suggested, once they were back outside. Being left in the dark was one of the worst possible things that could happen, so Lee obliged to building a fire. They could use it to keep warm, too, since it was beginning to get colder after the sunset.

"Do you still have that lighter, Clementine?" Lee asked.

"Yup!" she answered, reaching into her backpack and pulling it out. A lighter sure was a lucky find, it helped them build fires easier.

"I'll go look for wood," Christa commented, until Omid grabbed her shoulder.

"You're going to rest, I'll go look for the wood," he told her gently. He was always looking out for her and the baby. After all, he didn't want her to exert herself. With no doctor around, they didn't want anything bad to happen to Christa or her unborn child, because they wouldn't know what to do. Omid kissed her on the cheek. "Be right back!" he said, before walking slightly into the small woods to collect some fire fuel.

Christa sighed. "I swear sometimes I want to kill him."

Clementine couldn't help but to laugh slightly. "It's only because he really really loves you."

"I know," Christa replied. "But he's really annoying sometimes," she joked.

"He has to be the gentleman," Lee added with a smile. "I would know." He paused. "He's going to make one interesting father."

"Don't I know it," Christa said, shaking her head.

They all knew, though, that Omid would become even more protective once the baby arrived. They had begun looking for supplies that it would need, and they had only managed to find a few things so far.

It wasn't too long before Omid returned with some wood that hadn't quite been burned out yet. "I'm back!" he announced, setting some of it into the growing fire. He placed some aside, just in case they would need it for later.

He turned to his girlfriend. "You feeling alright, babe?"

Christa smiled. "The same way I felt ten minutes ago - still fine."

"Are you sure you're fine?" Omid questioned once more.

Christa sighed once more. "Omid, I love you, but if you don't shut up there will be consequences."

"I'd listen if I were you," Clementine told Omid with a small smile as she helped Lee prepare the fire. She stacked up the wood that Omid had found in a neat pile, and watched as Lee gathered a pile of old leaves to help ignite the fire. He switched the lighter on, and she watched as they went up in flames, and then ignited the wood.

"There..." he trailed off. "That should keep you warm, Clem." He smiled down at the young girl.

"Thanks, Lee," she replied.

"I'll have to teach you how to make a fire someday," he trailed off.

"I'd like that," she said simply.

It was quiet for a moment until Omid spoke up. "I'll take first watch tonight," he volunteered.

Lee nodded. It was usually he or Omid that took the watch shifts, although Christa and even Clem had volunteered to do so. "Thanks, man," he acknowledged him. He was agreeing tonight, since he had done watch for most of the previous night.

A little bit of food was rationed out to each of them, with Christa getting a bit more due to her pregnancy. It was getting late, so Lee, Clementine, and Christa decided to turn in for the night. This was becoming routine, but by now, they were almost used to it.

If only they knew the changes that would soon come along.

Just to be clear, these first few chapters are going to revolve around Lee and Clementine, but that'll change soon enough. ;) To be continued...?