This can't be happening, no it's not. My mom can't be dying…she's not like that.

"I'm afraid there is nothing we can do now, all we can do now is keep her stable and comfortable… maybe you should take her home an" The doctor said calmly.

"No don't you tell me there is nothing you can do, okay, there has got to be loads of other treatments you can do!"

"Care" Stefan said trying to calm me down.

"I'm sorry Miss Forbes, I really am" Then he doctor turned and walked away with not a care in the world.

"Come on Care, let's take your mom home" Stefan said calmly.

"There we go; you have your water bottle, blankets, cup of coffee, fruit and last of all your T.V remote" Caroline said as she tucked her mom in.

"I am perfectly fine, Caroline" Liz said looking awfully pale. Liz could see the worry in her daughter's eyes as she looked down on her with a fake smile, she could not bear the thought of leaving her Caroline alone in the world but she was tired of her life, all Liz could do is hope Caroline would be ok.

"Well, good night mom" Caroline said who could not look at her mom without worry filling her heart.

As Caroline turned to go to bed; not knowing what tomorrow would bring her mom called "Caroline, come sit with me for a while, sweetie" Liz called her back. Caroline turned reluctantly; with tears ready to spring down her face, but she still turned and sat on the edge of the bed.

"My sweet little Caroline" Liz repeated as she stroked her daughters face, Caroline leaned in as a tear ran down her face; pulling her daughter in for a hug Liz smiled through her tears, her little Caroline all grown up…so beautiful.

"You're going to be just fine, honey. Do you know why? Because you're strong, so strong. What you have been through in these past couple of years proves that… and I couldn't be more proud of my little baby, I am so lucky to of had such a beautiful girl, Caroline. I am content and happy with my life, no matter how short or sour it has been… and that is because of you… just know sweetie that I am so proud of you and I love you"

"I love you too, mom. I am so sorry; I wish I could take it away. I'm so sorry. I love you so much, I am glad I had you mom." Carole chocked out.

"Shh honey, I know, it's going to be okay" Liz said. Liz moved over on her bed so that her daughter could get in.

"I love you Caroline"

"I love you too, mom"

Caroline woke up cuddled up to her mom, last night had proved to her not to give up hope; she would find a cure for her mom. Leaning up on her arm she used her left hand to wake her mom calmly.

"Mom, come on, I'm going to make you some of my classic pancakes, you know the ones with the strawberries that you like" Caroline got out of bed, going around to the opposite side of the bed kneeling down beside her mom.

"Now you're just being stubborn, mom come on" Liz didn't move a muscle, her jaw dropped a touch.

"Mom! Mom, wake up. Mom! Come on! Mom! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Mom! Please, no, no, no. This can't be happening. Please wake up!" Caroline cried her heart out until there was no love left.

Caroline sat in her black dress; thinking about her mother, memories, loving times, bad times even funny times. But the memories were too much. They had all buried her beloved sheriff Forbes this morning… her mother had left everything to her; the house, money, car's even an offered position as the new sheriff but the memories haunted her more than pleased her.

So she was leaving. Caroline didn't know where she was going or when she will be returning but she did know one thing. She had to get away. Now.

Packing up all her clothes and items, blood bags, family picture in boxes and a few of her mom's things. Caroline was not going to fit anything else in her boot.

"Do you have to go?" Stefan said leaning against her front door.

"Stefan, I can't stay… please understand that" Stefan simply nodded with a concerned look on his face.

"I will keep in touch, promise. Anyway if you ever need to escape the life of mystic falls, give me a call" Stefan smiled.

"Are you sure you have a focused mind to just go" Stefan asked

"Don't worry about me; I need this. If you really want to help will you keep an eye on the house for me, please?" Caroline asked as she locked the door and handed the keys to Stefan.

"Yep sure, just stay safe" Stefan demanded softly.

"Don't worry Stefan; I am after all the most controlled vampire you have ever met" Caroline sighed getting a little annoyed that Stefan wouldn't ease of so she could go.

"Bye Care" Stefan said shutting the car door in on her.

"Bye Stefan, I will see you before you know it" Then Caroline was off: - away from mystic falls for who knows how long.

Caroline must have been driving west south for about six hours now; she was shattered. A café was opposite the petrol station, well I guess she was hungry, a bite to eat never hurts anyone.

Caroline parked her car and went into the 50's café which seemed just right not too loud or calm, only a few people around. I suppose it made sense with it being eight at night. Caroline parked herself at the bar.

"What can I get you?" A young waitress asked.

"Please can I have a coffee, if you don't mind could you tell me where bout's I am" Caroline asked.

"Well if you keep traveling the way you're going, you will end up in Tennessee" Caroline thanked the young girl. God she had been traveling far, maybe she might stop in Tennessee for a while, her grandma used to live there before she passed away… Oh mom I miss you.

Rebekah Michelson had been traveling from Chicago down south; she was being chased by some crazy ass witches who just wouldn't give up. Sometimes Rebekah didn't understand why people wanted to kill a baby, honestly don't they have feelings; she's a vampire and she would never hurt a child never mind want to kill one. Now that is saying something… more like they have no consideration or for a matter of fact no humanity! God she was fuming!

Hope started screaming at the top of her lungs, she sensed her anger.

"Shh Hope, don't worry. We are ok." Rebekah doesn't know why she talks her niece makes her seem mad but her words always seem to calm the child. "We will stop for a while, that sounds nice… you must be hungry anyway"

Just as she said that a 50's café made an appearance in the distance, I guess this will have to do Rebekah thought silently to her; in case Hope sensed it, it's not like she needed her to scream any louder.

Just like her Father. Great.

Rebekah parked up the café for precaution; hopefully the lunatics won't notice them. Rebekah picked up Hope in the seat carrier, sitting as far away from the window as possible, Rebekah finally took that moment to calm down and breathe. Looking around to check the quirky café. They were safe.

Wait is that, no it can't be. Oh god it is.


As Caroline drowned in her thoughts a familiar voice echoed her name. If Stefan had followed her, Caroline's top would blow of faster that he can run. Her head turned to see who…

"What the hell are you doing here?" Caroline marched over to Rebekah.

"I could ask you the same question. Now sit down, your drawing too much attention" Rebekah said slouching down in her seat. Caroline did as she said then acknowledged the small baby girl next to her.

"Rebekah, what's your game!" Caroline shouted quietly.

"Please Caroline, I will explain later just help me." Rebekah nodded to the door as four men and a woman came in dressed in shady colours, looking over to Rebekah again; she was shielding the little girl away from the men. Rebekah's eyes quaked with fear; face as hard as stone… she was scared. Oh what the hell.

"I have a plan… let me take the baby out, they won't know me and…" Caroline said.

"And what?"

"Well that's all I've got so far, but it's better than nothing"

Rebekah agreed to this 'plan' but as long as hope was out of this café; that's all that mattered, she didn't know why she was trusting Caroline but it was either this or Hope gets hurt. Caroline walked out the café with Hope, leaving Rebekah to beat the living day light out of them.

Making herself known Rebekah got up with her hand on her hip. "Hello Boy's and random woman with a poor fashion sense" Rebekah sympathised.

One man aimed for her but Rebekah threw him across the room while ripping out his heart.

"Who's next?" She asked in with a lick of wit, the remainder of humans deserted the café before anyone could scream but the shady lunatics still stood tall.

"Where's the child?" The woman asked.

"She's otherwise engaged" Rebekah served with a smile, and then the two men behind her fell to the ground. Revealing Caroline holding their hearts.

Before the remaining man and woman could react Rebekah cracked their necks.

"Where is she?!" Rebekah shouted.

"She's in my car, would you mind explaining. Now." Caroline shouted after Rebekah as they made their way outside to see Hope in a ford focus. Rebekah checked her over then walked around to the back of the café… Caroline still following.

"What do you want Caroline?"

"Hmm let me think, an explanation would be nice" Rebekah strapped Hope back in her BMW.

"Fine. Hope is my niece, she is in great danger and it's my job with me being the girl out of my idiotic and very rarely considerable brothers, to keep her safe. Happy?" Caroline was stunned how is this even possible?

"What? I mean how can is this possible?"

"Oh come on you know how sex works don't you Caroline... I guess Nik couldn't keep it in his pants" Rebekah saw the hurt in Caroline's eyes but her face gave nothing away. Just like her brother. "He would have saved me and Elijah the blood shed if he hadn't slept with Hayley… but in some ways it's a gift, despite all of this"

Caroline understood now; Hayley was a werewolf, Klaus was a hybrid so he was part werewolf so it is possible, and true. He had moved on.

"Thank you Caroline for what you did in there; you saved Hope and I couldn't have done it without you. I won't forget it" Rebekah was getting in her car when Caroline said…

"Wait, let me help. We worked well together and it's not like you don't need a hand now and again."

"Don't you have other places to be going and your friends need you, don't they?"

"Please Rebekah you would be doing me favour."

Rebekah didn't know, Klaus would kill her if he found out but it's not like he doesn't trust her…

"I don't know Caroline my brothers would kill me if I let someone help."

"I already know everything and I have already helped you; look how well that turned out."

For once Rebekah agreed with Caroline she did get lonely from time to time and Caroline wanted to help anyways Rebekah is the one looking after Hope.

"Okay" Rebekah agreed with a half-smile and so did Caroline.

"Well seeing as we are partners in crime now… we should take my car"


"Because the chasers will know you have a BMW but they won't know you have a ford focus" Caroline said wisely.

"Good point. How do you know about all this?" Rebekah face grew curious.

"T.V" Both girls nodded in approval as they emptied the BMW and took Hope's belongings and Rebekah's to the Ford. As they lifted the boot they could just about fit a few bags in the boot so they slid some of the bags onto the spare seat.

"What's with all of the boxes" Rebekah questioned. Caroline looked down with tears in her eyes. "My mom died." Caroline said for the first time. Rebekah didn't say anything just put her head down in respect; she wasn't going to say sorry because that was just annoying. Caroline noticed and smiled appreciating Rebekah for the first time