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* * * * * *

A Taboo Curse
Chapter 1: The death

"Are you sure about that?" A very dark figure demanded. The other man glanced at the impatient man beside him and gave a resigned sigh. How on earth did they ever end up as a partner, he didn't know. Kenshin was the most impatient and short-tempered man he had ever met. And he, on the other hand, was calm and liked to think before act. Running a hand through his long blue-black hair, Zean pulled out a cigarette and lit it casually.

"Yes," said Zean shortly and he saw Kenshin's lavender eyes narrowed. "If we could get that blood, I can assured you that everything will go smoothly after that."

"And how the hell can I get that kind of blood?" Another irritating demand escaped from Kenshin lips as he folded his arms over his chest. "There are not many of them, nowadays, since all the demons had gone crazy, and if they are, they are not matured enough to fit your description."

"Don't worry, Kenshin," Zeon said calmly. "I have found our supplier." He, then, walked to the enormous mahogany table in front of them and picked up a neatly stacked paper. Then, he tossed the paper to the other man. Frowning, the man looked down and scanned it. Instantly, his expression turned ominous.

"Are you crazy?!" Kenshin roared and tossed back the paper to Zeon. "No demons have ever defeated them before. What makes you think we could?"

"Use your head, Kenshin," Zeon was trying hard to be patient. Sometimes, Kenshin was really testing his temper. "We do not want all of them. We just want him. Separate him from his friends and then he will easily be killed." Zeon pushed his hair out of his face and closeted the distance between them, until their face were inches away. "We just need his blood after all. Get him, Kenshin. Then we can go on with our life."

"Fine." With that the man in front of him vanished before his lips could touch him.

Sometimes, Zeon really wished Kenshin would understood every of his teasing movement. But the man was so daft!

* * * * * *

"Talk about stomach as huge and empty as a cave," Gojyo muttered as he watched Goku swallowed a pile of food as fast as he could. When he saw Goku reached out for his food as well, Gojyo smacked the greedy away. "Idiot! Consumed your own food!"

"But I'm hungry!" Goku whined and received a powerful smack from his master.

"Ouch!" He glared at his master as he covered his head. "What did you that for?" Sanzo just glared murderously and a familiar laugh from Hakkai rang out.

"Excuse me, sir?" A soft and unsure voice called from behind, causing all four of them to stop arguing and looked at her. There stood a very cute waitress with a tray in her hands. Gojyo automatically put up his infamous smile whenever a girl was around.

"Yes?" His voice was a caress.

"Which one of you is Sha Gojyo?"

Before Gojyo could declare himself, Sanzo narrowed a suspicious pair of eyes to the waitress. "Who are you to ask?"

The waitress blushed profusely when she saw Gojyo winked suggestively at her, that she almost didn't hear Sanzo's question. Hakkai saw this playful exchange and carefully concealed his displeasure.

"Um…" she snapped out. "There's… there's a man with raven haired and lavender eyes outside and he told me to give this to Sha Gojyo." The waitress took out a piece of neatly folded paper and gave it to Sanzo. The waitress still didn't know which one of them was Sha Gojyo.

"Where is he?" Gojyo asked instantly. All his intention to seduce the waitress had vanished and was replaced by a powerful curiosity about the mysterious man. As far as he could remember, he had never been in this town. Who could have known him?

"I don't know," the waitress said as she shrugged her shoulders. "He left as soon as he gave me this paper." The waitress was still eying Gojyo.

"Thank you, then," Hakkai said quickly before Gojyo lost his interest in that paper and started to ask the waitress out or something else. The waitress left, not before casting Gojyo another shy smile and Gojyo winked back. Hakkai frowned even more.

"So…what did the letter say?" Hakkai asked. The frown disappeared as quickly as a lightning. Sanzo just shrugged and tossed the paper to Gojyo.

Gojyo opened the paper and scanned it. Instantly, his face changed. Hakkai could only describe it as disbelief and worried. Then, Gojyo looked at the door, as if trying to have a look at the man who gave him the letter. Letting out a soft curse, Gojyo ran a nervous hand through his thick fiery hair.

"Gojyo?" Hakkai asked concernedly. Sanzo eyed Gojyo with a mixture of curiosity and mild concerned. Then, he gave himself a slight shake when he realized he was actually concerned over his companions. Months journeying with them made him felt sickly attached. Fuck it…

"Ch…its nothing," Gojyo muttered as he crumpled the paper into small ball. Damn it! Looks like I have to cut my time with Hakkai short tonight! Then he put back his usual expression and grinned widely. "So, how about a dessert?"

* * * * * *

As Hakkai shrugged off his outer clothes, readying himself for bed tonight, his eyes never left Gojyo. Ever since he had received the letter from a mysterious man, Gojyo kept looking at the sky, waiting it to turn dark. Hakkai was so curious about the letter's content but he knew that Gojyo would never tell him if he didn't want to.

He stretched himself on the bed, waiting for Gojyo to come. They hadn't been sleeping on bed for past few days and when they did, Gojyo never missed the opportunity to sleep with him. Hakkai admitted that he also had been waiting for this moment. He had spent days enduring Gojyo's teasing smirks and surreptitious touches and he intended to use tonight to pay back all those sexual frustration Gojyo invoked in him.

Although both of them agreed that the relationship that they had was solely based on sex and they were commitment free, Hakkai wasn't the man who had a great time in bed and forgot about it entirely the next morning. He couldn't detach his emotion from his physical and secretly he broke the agreement between them. He became possessive and absurdly irritated whenever Gojyo flirted with other woman, though he knew he shouldn't.

"Hakkai…" Gojyo whispered sexily as he lay down next to the gorgeous brunette that was smiling up to him. Gojyo intended to use next three hours to thoroughly make love to Hakkai. He had so much pent up sexual energy to spend on Hakkai. As he gave Hakkai his most breath-taking kiss, he had totally forgotten about the letter. When he trailed his kisses downward to Hakkai's slender neck, heard him groaned and feel his arms tightened around him, Gojyo didn't want to go anyway at all. So, he drew Hakkai closer and pleasured him an hour extra than he intended to…

Gojyo looked down at Hakkai, who was now sleeping peacefully. Beads of sweats from their previous loving tickling down from his pale body and Gojyo couldn't resist himself to just put his lips and licked it off softly. He wondered if he would ever be bored with Hakkai and as much as he wanted to deny it, he could never have a commitment free relationship as he had arrogantly told Hakkai at the first they made love. Sighing inaudibly, Gojyo stood up and shrugged into his clothes. He was already an hour late from his so-called appointment with some mysterious man with raven hair.

Quietly, he walked out from the room, where he had shared with Hakkai and made his way to the forest nearby. As Gojyo walked, he relived the content of the letter. It said that the raven-haired man had somehow captured his only brother, which failed to convince Gojyo. His brother wouldn't be that stupid to be captured by someone that wasn't famous. After all, they were both fighting on the opposite sides and Gojyo would be the last person he would ask for help. But to ensure that his brother was safe, Gojyo decided to go after all.

"Oi!" Gojyo called out and heard his own voice echoed through the silent forest. Gojyo cast a very cautious glance around him with his crescent staff in hand, alerted to every suspicious noise around him.

"You're late…" came out a very deep voice came out from behind, Gojyo swung around and saw a tall man with short raven hair, clad in black outfit. He wore a very annoying expression, clearly displeased with Gojyo's lateness.

As he walked nearer, Gojyo could see he had the most startling lavender colored eyes. "Sha Gojyo…" he spoke his name with a caress and Gojyo narrowed his eyes, obviously sensed something was wrong. "I'm Kenshin."

"Skip the introduction." Gojyo tried to be calm even though he could feel aura of danger threatened around him. "Where is my brother?"

Kenshin stepped a few step closer and Gojyo refused to let that intimidated him. "You obviously think I have your brother?" He raised his hand and automatically Gojyo leaped out from his reach. He gritted his teeth with a very strained anger. "I don't even know who is your brother."

"Then, I should leave," Gojyo said indifferently. Something about Kenshin made his skin crawled. Gojyo didn't know whether it was the way Kenshin's lavender eyes looked at him or the way his voice sounded when he spoke of his name.

Again Kenshin raised his hand and this time Gojyo didn't move a bit when Kenshin hand softly stroke his hair. "Hair with color of blood… Eyes that matched the hair… A taboo child…" Instantly, Gojyo stiffened.

"Who the hell are you?" Gojyo demanded.

Kenshin chuckled maddeningly. "And I thought a taboo child had only fiery hair and eyes. Somebody should have warned me about your fiery temper as well."

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Gojyo retreated a few steps so that crazy man couldn't touch his hair again. "If you don't have my brother, I have no business here." Turning around, Gojyo raised a hand a sign of goodbye. "So long…"

"I'm afraid that would be impossible, Sha Gojyo." With that Gojyo tightened his grip on his staff as if he was expecting Kenshin to attack him. As he watched Kenshin to make a move upon him, Gojyo felt a hard bash on the back of his head. Grabbing the bleeding head, Gojyo let out a curse as he realized that Kenshin didn't come here alone and the darkness began to consume him.

"Fuck you…"

* * * * * *

When Hakkai opened his eyes on the next morning, the first thing he realized that Gojyo wasn't beside him. He frowned. Usually, Gojyo would have his arms around him until morning and they would continue their loving. But this morning, Gojyo had left the bed before he could wake up. Could this a sign of Gojyo's boredom of him? Hakkai's heart gave away a squeezed with trepidation. Come on, Hakkai, Gojyo probably had gone down for breakfast.

When Hakkai went down, he saw Sanzo and Goku were already on the table with the usual pile of food. And no sign of Gojyo. "Good morning," Hakkai smiled, trying to hide the hurt he felt inside. Gojyo couldn't be bored with him. Last night, Gojyo made love to him with the same attentiveness and desire as if it was their first. There was no way a sex that great bored Gojyo! He could pretend, you know. An inner voice argued. That man changes his lover everyday. What makes you think you're different?

"Where's Gojyo?" Goku asked Hakkai and momentarily Hakkai stopped the battle inside of him.

"I don't know. When I wake up, Gojyo was already gone." Hakkai answered with a smile.

"Where did that man go?" Sanzo asked irritably. "We've got to go early."

Hakkai opened his mouth to answer Sanzo's question when suddenly a man burst into the inn's restaurant. "Oi, Ken!" The man called to the man behind the bar counter. "You wouldn't believe what I found in the forest this morning!"

Hakkai and Sanzo exchanged glances, both of them were curious as well. Ken, looked up from the paper he was reading, answered. "What?"

"There's man lying dead! I think something hit him hard on the head."

Ken looked utterly curious and put away his paper. "Who is he?"

"I don't know. I think it was one of the travelers. Red hair and red eyes. Don't think I have seen around, though." The man shook his head.

With that, Hakkai and Sanzo exchanged a shock expression and as quick as lightning Hakkai stood up and ran out. Goku, oblivious as usual, looked up. "Sanzo… what's wrong with Hakkai?"

"I don't think it's Hakkai you should be worried about," Sanzo said grimly as he stood and followed Hakkai's trail. Goku jumped out too and followed his master, couldn't decide whether he understand Sanzo's words or not.

"Hakkai! Slow down" Sanzo ordered as three of them made their way through the crowd that was surrounding the body. But Hakkai couldn't calm the hysteric feeling and continued pushing his way.

Three pair of eyes widened in horror as they looked at the scene in front of them. There, lay Gojyo with blood covered his face and neck, lifeless and cold and his red eyes looked at his companion. It was full of shock as if Gojyo didn't expect the attack.

"Gojyo…" came out an anguish and disbelief whisper from Hakkai's lips. Sanzo and Goku were to shock to even move an inch. Then, Hakkai screamed it.

* * * * * *

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