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** Telepathy/Psychic Bond **




"First part of a sentence / followed by another part", first person speaks/ flows into second (depends on the amount of backslashes and people speaking)

"Simultaneous Speech (replace with thought, yasai, etc.)", first person initialsecond person initial


Four years have passed since the monster that was Cell had been defeated. The world has since moved on and has flourished in scientific advancement. Bulma and Tights have revolutionised life as Earth knew it. And at the forefront of everything with them was Gokuu. Turns out the explosion Cell caused did more than give Gokuu his memories back.

And as For Gohan, he moved on to the next chapter of his life. He never did stop training, and after Goten was born, his father convinced him that this was even more reason to keep up his training. But of course, Chichi also got her way…


"Gohan! Lime! Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" Chi-Chi called out from inside the Son residence. The two were both nervous and excited, she noticed the morning they woke up. Gohan quickly got his backpack, said goodbye to Chi-Chi and Goten, and bolted out the door with Lime in tow. As he ran, he looked at his watch on right wrist. 7:42 AM.

"Better hurry." He called to his sister, before taking off into the sky. As they flew, Gohan watched the foliage shrink away to just a few trees and shrubs lining a small highway.

"Well we should land just outside the City." Lime said

Gohan looked back. "Why? We fly into West Capital all the time."

She pointed at a sign saying Satan City as she descended to the ground.

Gohan looked at the sign, "…What? Wait they renamed the city…after this guy?" He choked trying to contain his laughter before walking after Lime who had gone ahead. Realizing they would be late, he sprinted off picking up his sister and headed straight for Orange Star High, he didn't want his mother on his case today, or any day at all.


"Well that's the last of them." Videl panted, as she saw a police car heading over to her. The police car stopped in front of her, and a burly man stepped out the car.

"They're all yours officer." Videl said, and the police looked amazed, but nodded.

"Yes. Thank you Videl, you're just like your father." The man said, and Videl just frowned, but nodded.

"I have to go to school now, but if there's any more trouble, don't hesitate to call." Videl yelled out to the officer, as she ran down the street, and took a right.

Videl ran a couple more blocks, before the next block revealed Orange Star High School, were outside the gate were her friends waiting for her.

"Videl!" Erasa yelled, as she waved at Videl. Next to her, was Sharpener who simply nodded. As Videl walked over to them, she smiled.

"Long time no see!" Erasa said, and she hugged Videl who hugged back. Videl looked at Sharpener and nodded.

"What, no hug?" He said, and Erasa glared at him.

"Of course she doesn't want to hug you, you playboy! Who would?!" Erasa said, and Sharpener smirked.

"You know you want to hug, Erasa." Sharpener said, which pissed off Erasa and they started an argument. Videl sweat dropped.

"They get in a fight so easily." She said to herself, then noticed that her backpack wasn't with her.

"Damn it!" She accidentally said out loud, which brought the attention of her two friends.

"What is it?" Erasa asked.

"I forgot my backpack at home. I'll go get. See you guys later, okay?" Videl said, and she quickly ran. She turned to a block, and kept on running. But she noticed at the end of the block, two police officers, a police car that's siren was glowing, two men on the ground not moving and being hand-cuffed by the officers, and two teenagers standing some distance away.

Videl ran over, "What happened?" She demanded.

"O-Oh! Ms Videl!" The police officer jumped, since he'd never seen Videl in person, but then seriously answered her question. "Two teenagers stopped an armed bank robbery. Apparently, they're students at Orange Star High School, a blonde, no golden haired male and a silver haired female." He said.

Videl looked around an assessed the damage, the police cruisers were riddled with bullet holes, and there was an overturned pick up some ways down the street. She then turned her attention to the two teens.

**I thought I told you to stay out the fight! ** Gohan said telepathically, as he didn't want people to hear their conversation. He was angry that Lime joined the fight against those criminals, when he specifically told her not to. Lime on the other hand, was a stubborn girl.

**I didn't want you to fight alone though. ** Lime responded huffily, as she crossed her arms. She wouldn't back down just yet.

**You were the one who said we should to remain INCONSPICUOUS! No Flying, no ki, no nothing! ** Gohan said, as he clenched his fists.

**That's why we transformed! I can take care of myself Gohan.** Lime answered, and Gohan was about to retort back when he was interrupted by Videl.

"Hey you two!" Gohan flinched at the sudden, high volume hail. He turned around to see who Lime was peering at and came face to face with a short tomboyish looking girl. She stopped in front of them and put her hands on her hips.

"Did you guys see them?" She pointed the robbers who were now being carried in a police car, unconscious. Gohan and Lime looked at each other.

"See who?" GL asked, Videl scoffed, which slightly surprised Lime.

"Then why the hell are you here then?! This is a crime scene! GET LOST!" she got a little too close, her volume making Gohan step back. Lime steadied him and glared at the shorter girl. Videl scoffed again and stomped off.

** Rude bitch. ** Lime thought disdainfully

** You're one to talk- OW! ** Gohan nursed his cheek, "See? You just proved my poin- Whoa! Watch it!"

Gohan dodged another swing and bolted in the Direction of school, Videl was too busy collecting witness statement to see them leave.


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