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Perfect Sakura Chapter 1

The women posed seductively into the camera, with coy smiles and inviting postures. It sickened him. He was the owner of this multi-million dollar business yet he felt no satisfaction from what the models freely gave. The bright lights and camera's flashing burned his eyes and senses.

Immediately, as he let his presence known from the shadows, hordes of models rushed to him. Smiling the same damn smile and fanning there heated faces. He leaned slightly on one leg as he viewed the crowd. He was dressed in one of his personally created clothes, an elegant dark amber dress shirt and midnight blue slacks. His moon-white hair was tied to a low ponytail, brushing his thighs. A simple silver chain peeked out of his deep-colored shirt, as two rings rested on his chest. His face was expressionless.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, would you care to join me for tea today?" Kikyo voiced out. She was a beauty and she knew it. Her black bangs were cropped above her eyes and at her knees. She was wearing a skin tight red halter top with a mid-thigh black skirt. She deliberately hitched it up higher as she made her way to him. Her ivory skin was matted with sweat from the long hours in the bright light as her grey eyes were filled with lust.

He rudely brushed passed her and made his way to Jaken, the grotesque photographer.

Kagome sighed as she trudged through the heavy mud back home. It was the same cycle everyday. She would wake up Souta in there two room apartment and send him to school.

She would dress up in simple slacks and a comfortable sweater then make her way to her job. She was a fashion designer. She had entered a fashion school with a scholarship and a creation of a gold-medal design. But life had been bad. Her mother had died due to the grief of the earlier death of her father. But luckily, her parents had life insurance and Kagome was passed eighteen. She rented a simple apartment in a safe neighborhood and worked diligently on her job, but now she barely made enough to pay rent and feed her brother.

The problem was that she was never given a chance to show off the amazing work that she had created over some years. She was always brushed away, leaving her going nowhere.

Little did she know that all would change when she began a new job search.

He hated the newly made photographs. The photos of the women looked fake and whorish. The garish makeup blared out of the photos as some models looked fat from the skin tight clothes as others looked anorexic.

He furiously threw the pictures at Jaken.

"What is this shit?"

The little man gulped, "Well...it seems as though the models are dressed up too much so I had some parts removed and..." He droned on and on. The models were practically in there underwear.

"Shut up."

He ceased his babble.

"We will search for new models with fresh young faces...get everyone out of the studio. And we need new designs, find someone who has new designs that can sell."

With that he brushed off the insignificant Jaken.

It had been a two weeks. She had reread the article at least twenty times before she made her decision. She threw the newspaper down and began to file through her masses of folders, searching for her designs. Then she hurried into the shower.

On the table was a tiny article circled in red over and over again.

We are in need of young models and designers

Please come to the Sakura Studio

Bring clothes to model or fashionable designs

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