So this is my first story and anything written like this is my oc thoughts. Anything with " " are people talking.

Chapter 1 Morning routine

Luna awoke to the chill of the air. Evan though she has slept in so many layers she is still cold. I hate the cold so much. She mumbles to herself as she heard a knock at the door.

"Luna time to wake up! Hurry up we are about to dock on a new island"! I take a deep breath as I rolled out of my heated protection.

"I'm up Ace, I'm just going to get change. Give me one second". See Luna is part of the white beard pirates and that's Ace the 2nd commander banging at my door and also the guy I have a crush on. I know everyone has a crush on him and I am no better. I change into a pair of jeans, a black long sleeve sweater, fuzzy socks, and my long black winter jacket. I go to the bathroom to brush my black hair and wash my face. My bright green eyes looks back at me in my reflection and I nodded to myself that I look ready to go. I slip my feet into my boots and open my door to see that Ace was not there. I look around and he is nowhere to be seen. I swear he said he would wait for me like he does every morning. Then I hear a snore and look down at the ground. Jez Ace another narcolepsy attack. Ace is fast asleep on the floor wearing nothing but a t-shirt and his black shorts. Lucky bastard and his stupid devil fruit keeps him warm. I bend down and roughly shake him.

"Ace wake up". Nothing. I shake him even harder.

"Ace wake up or you will miss breakfast". That got to him because he sat up and almost knocked me over. Ace sat up and scratch his head and looked at me with his usual smirk.

"Good morning Luna! How are you today"? I look at him annoyed and irritated.

"Ace its cold and I hate the cold more than anything. I can't believe we are stuck on a winter island for a few more days". Ace just snickers at my attitude.

"I don't think it's cold. You must be feeling things".

"Ace it's fucking snowing out! You are so lucky you have that stupid devil fruit". We helped each other up and started walking to the mess hell.

"How is your back felling today"? Ace looks at me and gives me a warm smile.

"It feels fine. Just like yesterday and the day before that. You don't have to ask me every morning Luna. I'm fine". I look at him to make sure he is not lying to me. See a year ago we went and rescued Ace, who was going to get his fiery butt executed. We got him free thanks to his brother Luffy help but then Akainu was a real jack ass! Said some things, Ace got mad, they fought, Ace was down and Akainu decided to do a cheap shot and try to magma Ace brother. I could tell Ace was going to give up his life and he almost did. He got in front of Luffy to take the blow. But I got there just in time and used armorer Haki and stop he magma with me hands. My armorer Haki is one of the best on the whole ship but it's still magma. Sadly my arms got burn in the process but it slowed down the punch enough only to burn Ace back. We all lived through it somehow. After Ace and I left the sick bay we sort of have a morning routine. Every morning Ace would come wake me up to go to breakfast. As we walk down the hall I would ask the question about his back he would grab my arms and look at the burn that crawled up both my arms. Like the routine continue, Ace pulled up my jacket and his fingers gently slide along the burn marks until the rest of it hide behind my jacket. His warm hand left tingles behind his gentle touch. He push my jacket down back into place and looked at me with an apologetic look.

"How is your arms today"?

"Ace my arms are fine. They have been for a while know". He nodded and we walk through the door of the mess hall.

The characters of this story go to the one and only Eiichiro Oda. The only thing I own is my character Luna and the them of the story. Everything else is not mine. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter and I look forward to your comments. Have a nice Easter brake.