Chapter 2 The way of the snow

The smell of hot food makes my stomach growl but not as loud as Aces. His sounds like he dying. I snicker as I walk up to the lineup for food and Ace fallows and line up behind me. I grab two pancakes and pile a bunch of fruit on my plate. I smear he maple syrup and smile at how good it looks. This is going to be amazing! I love pancake days. They are so warm and soft and they taste so good. Luna started to drool at her plat of deliciousness as Ace plate is filled to the brim with everything. Man he eats as much as a small army. We sit at are usual table were Marco enjoys his coffee and Thatch is biting into a piece of bacon.

"Morning Marco". I smile at him as I put my plate down.

"How are you feeling Thatch"? Thatch gives me this huge smile.

"It's great Luna. It so beautiful today". He looks like a little kid who can't sit still for a second. Ace sits next to me and starts eating his pile of food.

"Morning pineapple head, Thatch". I watch as Marco grow a tick from Ace comment and I just role my eyes as I start to dig into my delicious breakfast.

"So who wants to go explore the island with me? Luna I know you're up too it"! I look up at Thatch with are you joking look.

"No way in hell am I getting off this ship! I hate the cold and snow and you already know that". Thatch face was shocked like he had no idea what I was talking about.

"How could you hate the snow"? I just shrug my shoulders.

"I do and always have since I was introduce to the stuff"! Thatch just looked down and then he got the I got an idea and I am not taking no for an answer. Shit. I know he is going to give me the look.

"Your coming. I need to teach you the way of the snow"! I raise my eyebrow. The ways of the snow? That is a new one. I hear Marco chuckle beside me and Thatch looks at Ace.

"Ace buddy, You will join me and Luna right"?

"Of course. It's a new adventure"! I groan since if Ace is coming there is no way I cannot go. I turn towards Marco with a devilish smile.

"Marco your coming". He put down his paper and gives me the no look.

"As much as I would love to go and learn the way of the snow but I got paperwork. Sorry".

"O no you don't Marco. Of course you are coming. If I have to go then you have to come and keep me company and to make sure you kids don't get lost". Marco just gives me the death glare as he looked at me.

"You owe me Marco so this is your payment. Pay up and come with us". Marco just huffed.

"Fine, I have no choice but this is how I am paying you back". Yes I'm not suffering alone! We put are plates away and walked out on deck to see it covered in the dreaded snow. Thatch started to prance around the deck and I just shivered as the wind nipped at my cheeks. Let's just get this over with.

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