Chapter 7.


I awoke to the sound of knocking on the cabin door. I cover my naked chest with the sheets.

"Who is it"? I yell hoping it is someone I know. I watch as the door opens and Marco and Thatch walks in. They stop as they look at us in the bed. I blush at them as they looked away and coughed in embarrassment. I blushed even more as I remember what Ace and I did only a few hours ago. I guess the snow storm stopped. I looked up and waved at them.

"Hey guys. What brings you here"? I ask in embarrassment.

"Well we got worried when you guys never returned to the ship. So after the storm stop we went to look for you guys. But from what I can see you guys are more than fine". Thatch gives us a smirk and I covered myself even more. I watch as Ace wakes up and see the guys.

"Hey guys. Seems like you found us. Can you guys go so we can have our fun". I looked at him annoyed and he just smiled back at me.

"Let me reface what Ace just said. Can you guys step outside so we could get dress". Thatch and Marco nodded and went out the door and I got out of bed looking for my cloths. Ace just huffs and mumbles under his breath and grabs his own. We change and leave the cabin. We all walk back to our ship and Ace and I held hands now that we are a couple.

"So it seems that you guys finally got together, yo. We were wondering when you guys would".

Ace and I smiled at each other and I couldn't help but smile as the ship came into view. "You know Thatch was right. Snow is awesome". I smile and Ace laughs.

"See, anything can happen when it snows." I agree with Thatch on that.

"Your right. Anything can happen when it snows".

So here is the last chapter to my short story. Hope you like it. One piece go to Oda always.