Chapter 1. Valentine's Day Surprise

It was a warm night, but not too warm. Occasionally a breeze would blow and it made the night great. But this night seemed different. Was it the pizza he had earlier? The atmosphere in the air around him as he slowly walked along that sidewalk, just gently moving one foot in front of the other? Or was it fate that something should happen on this night? It was Valentines Day after all. The day of true love and romance. Anthony DiNozzo didn't know what it was but he couldn't put his finger on it. Like his heart told him to keep walking along this lonely street, dead leaves blowing and crunching under his shoes. The sky was clear, almost a full moon with many stars shining in the black background. This surprised him, because the city atmosphere usually blotted out the small twinkling lights. "Heh...stars and light." He smiled grimly, putting his hand in his right coat pocket, feeling the familiar shape of a pendant on a neckless from a friend, a close friend. 'It seems so long ago.' He thinks as a lump comes to his throat. There was the occasional email, photo or text, but it wasn't the same. "Well, guess I better call it a night." He licked his lips and takes a deep breath, continuing down the path and onto the bridge over the Potomac, and off for his apartment complex. _

The elevator doors opened and DiNozzo walked down the hall to his apartment. He had just turned a corner when he heard knocking and paused at what he saw. There she was, suitcase set in the floor next to her. She took a breath in anticipation and nervousness as she waited, standing just as she did with her hair curly and down across her back and shoulders, just like the day he had to turn away and get onboard that plane. He watched her knock again then check her phone, looking at the time and put it away. He then calmed down and, taking a deep breath and praying to God he didn't screw this up.

"I'm surprised you're not picking the lock. I've seen you do it a number of times. Instead you're being all civilized." Ziva turned in his direction. He swore it was with a tad of a start but he couldn't hide his smile at seeing her, his Ziva, finally face to face. She was wearing a maroon v-neck long sleeve shirt, dark navy blue genes. She smiled back warmly. "I will admit I had thought about it. But I decided against it...Being a federal agent and coming to your apartment to find a stranger had entered your home." Tony stepped closer. "Hardly a stranger." Ziva smirked at this and- "Are you blushing?" He teased, moving a lock of hair from her cheek. " have you been?" She asked, breaking the moment of silence. Tony moved to open his door. "Not too bad. It had been rough for a while...not just for me." Ziva nodded as she follows him inside, suitcase and purse in hand. "I can imagine." She looked about his apartment. "You clean up nice." DiNozzo smiled grimly. "'re, just visiting or..?" Ziva licked her lips, pausing, trying to find the right words to say. She shook her head slightly in awkwardness. "I've...decided to come back, home."

I know I know, starting a new very detailed and multichapter Tiva story when my of the story 'The Joys in the Joruney' is barely off there ground. But hopefully it will be accepted. It was requested by a facebook friend and I hope it doesn't get too cliche. Read enjoy and review. /div