Warning: Language

Jordan was walking through school and she saw a group of her friends gathered at one of the bulletin boards on the wall near the entrance. "What's going on?" One of her friends looked to her. "The talent show is coming up. It's in two weeks! If you win, you get a trophy and a blue ribbon." Another girl nodded. "Not to mention, bragging rights for the year. And $50 in cash!" "$50 dollars just to win a talent show?" Jordan asked, now definitely interested. "Oo You should enter Jordan! You like to dance and sing." Jordan shook her head. "No I'm not good enough." Her friend Liz smirked. "Who told you that? I've seen you, you're better than any of us in dance class." Her other friend nodded. Come on, just try it out. You never know until you try. And plus there's a big surprise prize but no one accept the teachers know what it is." Jordan thought for a moment. "You guys aren't just asking me to do it so I'll give you some money if I win are you?" She asked, imitating her mother's eye squint. Liz and the others shook their heads. "No that's not it at all. We really think you can." "And we'll help you and root for you!" More thinking, then Jordan's smiles. span "Okay I'll do it!" The other girls got excited. "Yaaayyy!" The bell rang. "Come on kids, time for class." One of the teachers said. "Yes mam." She said and the group of girls went on to their classes. The entire day, Jordan thought about what she could do for a dance routine. It has to be something good obviously to draw in the crowd and have added flair and wow to win. Something popular. It would take a lot of work, and she wasn't even sure if she was going to make it. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to try. At lunch time they got together and talked, thinking about songs and choreography. "I still think you should do the song from Hanna Montana. It's popular." One of the girls said. "Well I think we have a lot of good ideas. Now I just need to figure out the best one to use and go from there." Jordan said at the end of the day. Her friends nodded. "Let us know if you need help." "Yeah I will. Thanks guys. I'll see you tomorrow!"

Tony sighed as he escorted Ziva back into the squad room, and McGee had taken the confirmed killer. "Hey, you never read me my rights." "How about the right to remain silent?!" Ziva responded back. Tony had his arms around her as he struggles to keep his soulmate from going all feet and fist at their caught suspect. "It's called freedom of speech bitch! Maybe if you read constitution you'd know that shit!" 'Uh oh.' DiNozzo thought as his wife froze for a couple of seconds. He dug his feet in. "Excuse me?! I am an American citizen! And for your information I have read the constitution you ass!" McGee gave a hard yank to their murderer. "Sir come on let's go!" "Sir?! He doesn't need any common courtesy!" Ziva had another go at it. "Hey! Honey come on. Let it go." "Don't honey me Anthony." "HEY! That's enough!" Gibbs walked over and just in time. He looked to Ziva and she stared hard. "You, go to your desk." Ziva stared again and Gibbs stared right back. "I'm not asking." He said with authority. Without another word she went. And the guy wouldn't let up. "Yeah that's right. Go back to your seat like a good girl!" POW! "Aagh!" McGee gave a nod of approval. "Thanks boss. He would not shut up." "You broke my nose!" McGee handed him to some officers and then went to his desk. "You should have let me punch him." Ziva muttered when Gibbs came around. "And I know the right spot too." "That's why I didn't let you, Ziver." He replied calmly. Ziva just scowled then stood and looked to her boss, leaning against his desk as the silver haired fox looked at his computer. "I mean really, can't I just let off a little steam?" Gibbs answered without looking at her. "And where would you have hit him?" "I would have pushed him up against the wall and then I would have broken his nose then flipped him over and then kicked him right in his-" A chocolate bar came into her vision right in front of her. Special dark. After eyeing it widely a few seconds Ziva snatched it and sat down. "There, that will calm you down for a while." DiNozzo said as he went to his desk, taking his seat. "I am calm." Ziva answered. McGee clicked at his computer. "Could have fooled me." He muttered under his breath. "What was that?" He swallowed and froze. "He said he has to pee." Tony covered for him as Ziva looked to Tim. "...Yeah. Yeah I gotta, go." He stood up and abruptly headed for the men's room. "I should have made some popcorn." "Oo! I'd love some." Ziva commented. Gibbs looked to DiNozzo who made a passing motion over his head. Gibbs just smirked. Ziva looked at him still chewing on a bite of chocolate. "What?" "Nothing." Tony smiles and Ziva squinted her eyes.

Tony DiNozzo was making spaghetti at home when he heard the bus. He turned the stove down to a low and went to the door and opened it. The kids all were walking down their driveway. He didn't like that it was getting darker sooner outside but that was the normal change of seasons. With Joshua being 17 and Danny 14, he knew they could handle themselves thanks to Ziva's training. Even Jordan knew how to throw a good right cross. "Hey kids! How was school?" Joshua shrugged. "School is school." Jordan was excited. "Abba! Abba!" The other kids got in and Jordan hugged her dad. "What is it princess?" He turned briefly from Jordan. "Oh hey kids? Your mom's laying down so we need to keep it quiet." Danny looked up. "Is Ima okay?" "Yeah, just got a headache and feeling tired." Lexi and Katie went up to their sister. "Guess what Daddy!" Jordan crossed her arms. "Hey, I'm gonna tell him!" "Shhhh!" Tony put his finger to his lips. "Girls, what did I just say?" Katie presses her lips together. "That we need to be quiet." Lexi answered and Tony nodded. "You got it cupcake. Got homework?" Another shrug as the twin girls nodded. "Yeah." And they turned and headed upstairs to their bedroom to do their homework. Jordan followed her father to the kitchen and he began stirring the pasta and turning the heat back up. "So what did you want to tell me?" Jordan smirked. "Well um, I met someone. DiNozzo froze. What did she just say? She's only 11. This was way too early. Jordan decided to spare her father but she loved the expression on his face. Satisfied she relieved him. "I'm kidding daddy!" Tony physically relaxed and a slight smile came to his lips as he let out the breath he seemed to have been holding. "You about to give me a heart attack princess." He gave a slight exaggerated cough. "So, what did you really want to tell me?" Jordan swallowed as she watched him stir the almost ready pasta. "Well, there's a talent show coming up in school and I decided I'm going to enter it...and I'm gonna win." Tony smirked. "You are huh? So what do you win?" Jordan smiled. "You win a trophy, a blue ribbon that says First Prize, $50 and there's also a surprise prize but no one knows what it is. Only the teachers do, not to mention, bragging rights for the year." Tony nodded. "Wow, $50 for winning a talent show...I'm not sure bragging is a good idea though." Jordan shrugged. "I know. I only said that cause that's what one of my friends said. What's the point in bragging anyways?" Tony smirked. "Don't know. But the only thing I'm bragging about is I have good job, a good home, and I have great big beautiful family." Jordan smiled. "Want me to help set the table?" Tony looked to his daughter. "Sure. You don't have homework?" His daughter shook her head. "Nope. I got my stuff done." "Good job." Jordan smiled as she and her father fist bumped and he handed her plates and silverware.

Before long dinner was served and everyone was eating. "You make the best spaghetti dad." Cameron commented. "Please pass the garlic bread." Alessandra asked. Joshua nodded. "Yeah, here." "So Joshua. How is Naomi doing?" Ziva asked her son. The young man paused before answering. "Well, uh, she's doing fine." He answered with a small smile. "You ask her out yet?" Tony asked with a smirk and Joshua gave a small expression of horror. "Dad!" This made some of the kids laugh, even Ziva gave a slight chuckle. "Josh and Naomi sitting in a tree!" Alessandra sang and the other kids began laughing. Danny spied his brothers hand forming a fist. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Joshua gave his sister a warning look. "It's alright Joshua, they're only teasing you." "Yeah, well, when it comes to me and Naomi I don't like being teased." He swallowed. "May I be excused?" He asked quietly but the parents could tell their son was upset and yes sensitive about this subject. Ziva nodded. "Of course...and take your plate." Joshua turned back after standing up, anger in his eyes as he stared at his mother and father. "I'm not hungry." Without another word he walked away to his bedroom. Tony and Ziva exchanged glances while the rest of the kids continued eating.

There was a gentle knocking on the boys door. There was a muffled "Come in." on the other side. Tony slowly opened the door. Joshua glances up from his gaming, of which he paused and took off his headphones. "Yes?" "Can we talk?" Joshua nodded and Tony indicated for him to follow. The young man got up and followed his father to the living room. He sat on the couch and Tony sat next to Ziva. The mother looked to her son. "Joshua..we know you're sensitive about Naomi. We know she means very much to you." Joshua nodded. "I love her...I want to be with her and when I'm not, I feel I can't breath." Tony smiled. "I felt that way when I first meet your mom." Ziva looked to Tony and made a face. "No you didn't." DiNozzo shrugged. "Okay okay. Not right away. But I did warm up to you." A loving glance passed between them. Joshua looked at his parents. "See, I want that, for me and Naomi." Tony grinned. "So, are you going to go out to eat or a movie then?" He asked, more calmly this time. Joshua thought. "I plan on it. But, I'm going to ask her father first...if I can court Naomi." Ziva's eyebrows rose. "Court." "That's old school." Tony commented. Joshua nodded. "Yeah. Grandpa Gibbs said it's the right way. The gentlemen's way...he told me other things are good to do as well. Like hold the door open, carry things for her, be firm and gentle, things like that. And to be genuine." Ziva and Tony smiled. Their boss doing this for their son. Not that Tony wouldn't have given that advice himself, but Joshua had asked his grandpa and he was okay with that. That's a very good way to follow. Like how Tony is the man of the house. It's a big responsibility. Are you up for the challenge?" Joshua stared at his mother and nodded with a smile. "That and more." "You take of her, she will take care of you." Tony said, Joshua nodding. He leaned back and stretched and Ziva smiles at her son. She stood and approached him. "Laila Tov my son." She kisses his forehead. "Laila Tov Ima." Joshua replies and he hugged his mother and father. "Goodnight Abba." Tony nods and hugs back. "Night kid." Joshua then headed back to his room. Tony yawned. "Bed time papa bear?" "You watched jungle book?" "Yesterday I did. I was board." Tony nods putting his arm around her, Ziva automatically leaning into her husband. "Well, I say we go to bed." Ziva nods. "Sounds good to me." She smiles and he smiles back, their noses soon brush each other and they kiss...and kiss again.

Did I forget? No. Motivation? None. Decided to do something about it?