I never thought that I would write anything other than a review on this site, but now's a good time as any. Apparently, if you write a stats sheet with a small one-shot at the end, it's not going against the rules so that's exactly what I'm going to do. People think the Narutoverse is stronger than DBZ and that's laughable. I'm going to show exactly WHY the Narutoverse pales in comparison.

There will be several instances where I'm going to have manga scan details so it's recommended that you keep a manga site open as a new tab. You can use whatever site you wish to view the DBZ and Naruto manga scans. This way, the comparison will become enjoyable to read and overview.

Commence the comparison!


Naruto's birthparents were Minato Namikaze (the 4th Hokage) and Kushina Uzumaki which alone is a silver-platter handed matter. From birth, he was handed unprecedented chakra reserves due to his mother's side of the family, while he gained an adeptness for battle from his father's side.

Goku's father was Bardock who was shown to be a low-class Saiyan and who was treated as a slave due to Frieza's ruling. His mother was a mere cook (from the manga: Dragon Ball Minus) so she had nothing to do with his godly reserves like how Naruto's reserves came from Kushina. Goku became the strongest Saiyan of all time because of his hard-work and training. He didn't inherit anything from his birthparents.

Naruto received a power-up from birth when Kurama became sealed inside him. He didn't work for that power. That was handed to him on a silver-platter just because he's the protagonist. No one else can handle Kyuubi chakra? It seems Minato did fine. Sora did fine. Kinkaku and Ginkaku did fine. You may go out of your way to say it isn't true, but it's all bullshit. Whenever the going went tough, Naruto utilized Kurama's chakra to one-up the situation. You may say that it's because he's a ninja? Well…I don't recall normal ninja being handed down chakra monsters as a secondary source of power. It happened in the Land of Waves, it happened during the Chunnin Exams, and it happened throughout the series.

Naruto VS Haku (Kurama BS power boost)
Naruto VS Orochimaru at Chunin Exam (Kurama BS power boost)
Naruto VS Deep canyon (Kurama BS power boost)
Naruto VS Neji (Kurama BS power boost)
Naruto VS Gaara (Kurama BS power boost)
Naruto VS Sasuke (Kurama BS power boost)

That's part 1 alone. Was any of this because of his own feats? Don't even get me started on Shippuden. Some people argue that Kurama didn't want Naruto to die because it would die. Wat? A chakra monster who's an embodiment of hatred but scared to die temporarily? Good job, Kishimoto.

Goku wasn't born from legendary parents. He didn't inherit any "awesome" genes. Goku's father couldn't seal a monstrous sized bijuu, nor could his mother subdue said bijuu with chakra chains. He acquired everything on his own. Goku never met his father in the mindscape to stop him from transforming into a giant-sized ape, however, that wasn't the case for Naruto when he almost transformed into the full-size Kyuubi. How convenient for Naruto. When Goku was born, he had a power level of 2 (And I quote: "Makes Bardock's son look like a joke... what is he, a 2?" cited from Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Super Saiyan), which is a power level lower than an average human that is a mere 5 PL.

Now when you compare that weak power level compared to baby Naruto's chakra reserves which were already godly due to the Uzumaki lineage, but counting Kurama's chakra…it's a damn charity. Naruto as a child was shown to outrun ANBU members. At the same time, when Goku was introduced in Dragon Ball, his power level was 10 (cited from the Dragon Ball Guidebook: Daizenshū issue #7.) and that's only twice the amount that normal humans have at their disposal.

M.A.T: Goku vs Master Roshi. (Goku lost)

M.A.T: Goku vs Tien Shinhan. (Goku tied)

M.A.T: Goku vs Piccolo. (Goku won)

Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz (Goku died)

Goku vs Vegeta (Goku won…barely)

Goku vs Ginyu (Lost because he got cocky)

Goku vs Frieza (Would've lost if it hadn't been for him becoming Super Saiyan.)

Goku vs Android 19 (Lost because of virus)

Goku vs Cell (Lost)

I could go on and on but the thing is...unlike Naruto, Goku never won a battle via asspull.

Naruto was handed the other bijuu on a silver-platter solely because he's the good protagonist. You may say that he earned the respect. Heck why does that matter? If I befriend a billionaire, should I expect to receive several hundred million dollars as a token of friendship? Dafuq is that logic. Every Shonen troupe character is treated in a similar manner. It's only a reason to justify the protagonist clause.

Naruto was gifted the Rasengan which was his birthright. He then used Shadow Clones to spam learn every jutsu and this jutsu conveniently is best suited for him. Wat? He had a Sannin for a godfather and he had the respect of the ninja populace. Jiraiya taught him for a period of 3 years and Kakashi taught him the idea on how to infuse wind chakra to the Rasengan. When Naruto learned that he had a Wind affinity…Asuma was conveniently the only Wind user in the village and was conveniently there to help out. Quite the lucky predicament. I don't recall Goku being presented with such hand-me-downs.

Naruto didn't have parents growing up! Well neither did Goku so your Narutoverse sympathy is invalid. While you can say Goku had an adopted grandfather, surely you can't forget how Naruto had Hiruzen Sarutobi as a surrogate grandfather. The matter is the same. Just the exception is the learning process and how Naruto had an everlasting stream of teachers that could've helped him. But Naruto of course was having wet-dreams on who he should prank next or learning how to master his Pervy Ninjutsu. That is the Child of Destiny right there. At least Goku had a better mindset and was serious regarding battle.

Apart from Roshi, a handful filed in for Goku's training. None of these teachers taught Goku how to control his Saiyan Powers. He ALWAYS did that training on his own. What he was taught were the basic foundations to martial arts which makes sense for a master to pass techniques down to the students. Roshi only trained Goku up to the first Martial Arts Tournament, and then Goku went over to Kami's lookout in order to train vigorously and earn his keep as a fighter. He was only given the training so he could defend the world against King Piccolo who was Kami's other half. No other reasons.

You may say that Goku received special treatment from King Kai when he was gifted the Spirit Bomb and the Kaio-Ken techniques. Those were not hand-me-downs. Krillin is also able to use the Spirit Bomb, and he is also able to use the Kaio-Ken. Naruto was handed the Yang Sage Powers from Hagoromo and then handed the powers of the other bijuu, solely because he's the protagonist. Not to mention his other tricks. Goku wasn't gifted with the knowledge on how to become a Super Saiyan. Naruto on the other hand ascended to super-ninja level solely because of his silver-platter handed bijuu powers and sage powers.

Naruto's lineage. If Naruto was born to an ordinary clan, would he have inherited the Wind chakra both his parents had at their disposal? Nope. Therefore, the Wind-Style Rasenshuriken would've never existed had it not been for Naruto inheriting these traits.

You may say that Goku was handed the power of being a saiyan? Oh…and Naruto wasn't handed the ability to wield Ninjutsu or being a ninja? Let's face it. Naruto as a ninja and Goku as a saiyan is the reason why those two are the protagonists in the first place. On the other hand, Goku as a child never showed attention begging traits. When Goku became friends with Krillin, the two of them were inseparable. Then you have Naruto who had the Ichiraku staff as his trusty companions and even then he remained stupid beyond belief. It's like he required even more attention. Kinda like a prostitute.

Naruto's bijuu. If you remove that from the equation, would Naruto have won against Haku? Would Naruto have won against Neji? Naruto spouted his declaration about working hard to overcome obstacles and that's true. However, when Neji blocked Naruto's chakra points…Naruto would've been defeated right there if it hadn't been for Kurama's chakra. How fucking convenient.

Naruto would have DIED during the extraction process when Kurama got ripped out of him in the events of the war. If it wasn't for his Uzumaki lineage, he would've died. Once again, this is a handed-down trait from Kushina, Naruto's birthmother. On the other hand, Goku's birthparents never parted him with a bloodline that helped him at the last moment. He was a Saiyan and that was it.

Goku didn't have people to train him control his Giant Ape transformation, while Naruto learned how to control Kurama's chakra with the help of Killer Bee. Let's not forget how Jiraiya used the seal tag to control the transformations. Supposedly people bring the reason of how Naruto learned to destroy his inner darkness. WRONG. He accepted his inner darkness, like how Goku accepted his dormant inner rage while becoming a Super Saiyan. That is no example whatsoever.

Now we move onto Jiraiya who was considered to be the strongest Sannin. Naruto not only was born with ungodly heritage, he also had a strong as hell godfather. Jiraiya not being there doesn't count. When Jiraiya took Naruto on that training trip, everything was left null and void. Jiraiya taught Naruto the Rasengan and improved his skillset.

Naruto was handed the Toad Contract solely because of his heritage. If Naruto wasn't the 4th Hokage's son, Jiraiya would've never let Naruto sign the contract. He didn't let Yahiko, Nagato, or Konan sign the contract all those years ago. Why would he do it for Naruto? It's because of the heritage. There is no "earned" factor. There's an endless line of things that Naruto got handed to him on a silver-platter.

Naruto had people looking out for him to make sure Kurama was kept in check. Hell the Hokage issued a law in which no one could mutter a word about Naruto's burden or they would be executed without question. To ensure this was kept under control, Jiraiya did that over the training trip, Kakashi overlooked that later on, and Yamato was present for the same reason. How convenient.

Naruto was conveniently handed the following kekkei genkai: Lava, Magnet, and Boil. Not to mention the fact that he was handed Fire, Earth, Water, Lightning, Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang release. His ONLY earned affinity was WIND. That is it. Everything else was handed to him on a silver-platter because he's the main "good" protagonist.

Goku's Spirit Bomb can be used by other individuals. They just have to be pure-hearted. This was noted when Krillin wielded the Spirit Bomb in the Saiyan Saga. This shows that Goku's ability to wield the technique is not focused primarily on him.

Goku never asked for anyone's support. He saved the world because it was the right thing to do. He was "programmed" to destroy the world. His brother Raditz came to Earth to destroy it. Goku defended the Earth over, and over, and over again. Did he receive godly powers because of it? No. Almost the entire planet was unaware of their savior's identity. Then when it's all over, Hercule comes around and grabs the fame. Unlike Naruto who becomes Hokage, Goku never fought for a title except the drive for him to be the strongest of all time and to maintain world peace. Pretty easy choice right there.

Naruto used the Reverse Harem no Jutsu on Kaguya Otsutsuki who was the super villain. Think about this for a second. Slooooooowly. Remove petty comic relief shit and focus on the mere thought of the situation. How fucking retarded was that decision? Say Kaguya (who actually flew back with a nosebleed from the attack btw) didn't have that reaction. What would've happened? Would Naruto have survived the counterattack? What a way to go! The hero dies while demonstrating a yaoi screenplay. FUCK.

Let's NOT forget about how Naruto said Obito was the coolest guy ever in the war. SHIIIIIIT. That's even more retarded than the Reverse Harem no Jutsu. Obito had the most dangerous role in the fucking series. Naruto…this fucktard is the reason why you were made an orphan. He controlled Yagura. He started the war. He's the reason why Yahiko died. He's the reason why Nagato became Pein and killed thousands of people. And people think Naruto's the most brilliant and logical thinker? FUCK. I bet Kurama was gagging inside the seal. Do you honestly see Goku doing any of that pathetic shit? No.

Why would Goku do anything of the sort? He's a brilliant tactician and doesn't have to resort to such fucking moronic tactics. I'm not downplaying Naruto. He has had many brilliant moments as well. That was observed during the fight against Neji, Nagato, and a few others. But when you take all of that and move into this SHIT, it comes off as pathetic. At least show that the blond reject had the decency to mature. A fucking brain dead perverted superhero. That's what Naruto came across in the war. It's like watching Issei from Highschool DxD. And people compare such garbage to Goku. FUCK.

Goku and Naruto are similar at the start.

Both of them have a lack of parental authority.

Hiruzen Sarutobi filled in as a grandfather for Naruto, and Gohan filled in as a grandfather for Goku.

Jiraiya filled in as a perverted teacher for Naruto, and Roshi filled in as a perverted teacher for Goku.

The Kamehameha wave and the Rasengan.

See the similarities?

Now place the similarities against the differences I've mentioned above and you'll start to see the fucking truth. Goku was offered to be the Guardian of the Earth by Kami in Dragon Ball. Goku rejected the offer because he wanted to save the world and not sit back and observe. Instead of having wet-dreams of acceptance, Naruto should've been content with the few allies he had when he was a kid. If Goku had Ayame and Teuchi as friends, he wouldn't have bothered to reach out for more. He's not selfish. Naruto went all yaoi for Sasuke when he had a REAL friend like Gaara the entire time.


Naruto's powers

Kurama (Reason: No reason dude. Just because Naruto's the protagonist.)

Rasengan (Reason: birthright)

Toad Contract (Reason: birthright)

Sage Mode (Reason: birthright)

Kyuubi Mode (Reason: Kurama got handed to him on a silver-platter.)

[All of this shit wouldn't have been handed down to him other than his heritage. Jiraiya wouldn't have given two shits about Naruto had it not been for the kid's parents. He would've given Yahiko, Nagato and Konan the contract if that were the case. It seems like Minato already had Sage Mode but didn't use it while fighting Kurama. That means Jiraiya did all this shit because of Naruto's lineage. Not to mention the fact Naruto received the strongest fucking bijuu from birth as an honorary silver-platter item.]

[Kakashi didn't teach shit to Naruto, neither did anyone else. Why should they? It's fine to teach a few things here and there but its silver-platter to hand shit like Jiraiya did for Naruto. Not even Tsunade taught Naruto anything. It just goes to show exactly how grand Naruto's heritage is in respect to Jiraiya taking the kid on the training trip. He didn't "teach" anything really. He handed down the items that he would've handed down later on. That is fucking disgusting. No hard earned shit at all.]

Moving on…

Powers from the other bijuu (Reason: Dafuq do I know.) Silver-platter shit right there.

Sage powers (Reason: Dafuq do I know.) Silver-platter shit right there.

Chakra (All except Wind chakra was silver-platter.)

Kekkei Genkai (3 of em, all of em from the bijuu. Reason? Dafuq do I know.)

Truth-Seeking Balls (Reason: He needed balls.) On a serious note, dafuq I gotta say about silver-platter?

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (I'll give Naruto this one. Even though it was a fucking hand-me-down. You mean you tell me that a 12 year old can welts into the Hokage's office and grab a "secret" scroll with the Hokage dozed off from a pervy ninjutsu? Good deal. What a leader. That means no security for the village whatsoever. Not even a single fucking Anbu stood around in the office? Naruto didn't EARN this jutsu. He fucking stole it and used it for himself. Doesn't matter. I've handed this shit to his arsenal.]

Rasengan (Even though it isn't a rightfully earned move, I've handed it over. I said earlier that Naruto wouldn't have received this jutsu if it weren't for his royal heritage. Still whatever.)

Rasenshuriken (I'll excuse the Wind chakra being an inherited trait. I'll give him the one and only original Wind style Rasenshuriken. All others are silver-platter shits. It took him more than a fuckton of time to gain this one ability. In the war, he suddenly pulls 10 different types of Rasenshuriken out of his ass. Yeah, that ain't fucking justified.)

Pervy Ninjutsu (All of em are included, meaning the Reverse Harem no Jutsu. That is rightfully earned and it'll be useful. Heck one of the dudes in the Reverse Harem no Jutsu looks like Sasuke and that received a lot of criticism online when it appeared. Maybe Naruto was doing more in the training trip than meets the eye. No wonder why he couldn't let go of Sasuke. Fuck.)

Nothing else is rightfully earned. There were a few things but they are anime only. If 'fairy tail dragon slayer' refuses to utilize anime material for DBZ and focuses primarily on manga facts, I'll going to do exactly the same thing for the Narutoverse. But unlike the biased Naruto fanboy, I'm using real facts to show how flawed Naruto is compared to Goku.

Naruto is a fucking thief. Plain and simple. Being good doesn't justify you being handed shit when it isn't warranted. You wanna argue that Naruto isn't a thief because he's a ninja? Then he should fucking learn that ninja kill to uphold peace. You ain't getting out of everything through the Talk no Jutsu. Idiot.

Goku's Powers

Kamehameha (Reason: Master/Pupil handed down technique.) There was no fucking birthright or nothing. This wasn't a hand-me-down. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Cell, Goten, Trunks, Buu (all forms), Uub, and Pan. ALL of these people know the ability. Check the stats for yourself.

Kaio-Ken (Reason: Master/Pupil handed down technique.) Another case of no birthright or hand-me-down. King Kai couldn't use this technique and hoped that Goku would be able to use it. Apart from Goku, Krillin and Yamcha are both able to use this. Once again, Goku earned the respect to be able to utilize such a power unlike Naruto who receives power on a silver-platter.

Spirit Bomb (Reason: Master/Pupil handed down technique.) King Kai taught Goku this technique to save the world from Nappa and Vegeta. This move is used by pure-hearted souls. Krillin is also capable of wielding the Spirit Bomb, as shown in the Saiyan Saga. This is a true case of where the master teaches the pupil without it being a fucking hand-me-down or because it's a birthright matter.

Instant Transmission (Reason: No clue.) I'm not sure if this can be considered to be a hand-me-down since the background is sketchy at best. Goku learned this from the planet Yadrats but it's unsure how he learned it or what really happened on that planet. A few flashbacks weren't enough to learn more about this. Cell knows this technique due to Goku's cells. At the same time, King Kai, Kami, Kobito, and a few others know a variant of this technique. It's up to the individual to accept the hard earned thing.

Super Saiyan (Reason: Hard earned work.) No hand-me-down or no fucking birthright. Apart from that rumored Super Saiyan that Vegeta told everyone in Namek, Goku was the first to show he became one.

Super Saiyan 2 (Reason: Hard earned work.) No one taught him how to ascend. He did this on his own during the afterlife training.

Super Saiyan 3 (Reason: Hard earned work.) The first Saiyan to achieve this level. No hand-me-downs.

Super Saiyan God (Reason: Meh.) This isn't really earned because it's a combination transformation requiring 6 saiyans around. So it's either or really. No one handed this to him so it's hard to say.

Goku Base: 3,000,000 (On Namek. Source: Official Dragon Ball Guidebook: Daizenshuu 7)

Goku SSJ1: 150,000,000 (On Namek. Source: Official Dragon Ball Guidebook: Daizenshuu 7)

When Goku arrived to Earth, his Super Saiyan form was outrageously more powerful than Trunks. When you consider how Trunks destroyed Frieza with a few sword slashes, you should REALLY consider how powerful Goku became when he blocked those same slashes with one finger. Regardless of those feats, Goku in base form was 3 million in power level. That's before he arrived to Earth. How powerful is he in base form on Earth? Super Saiyan 1 form? Super Saiyan 2 form? Super Saiyan 3 form? Super Saiyan God form? It's fucking insane is what it is. What is laughable is how fairy tail dragon slayer assumes that chakra level is comparable to power level. There's a reason why Saiyans are so fucking powerful. Whatever the case, you're basing ninja feats on assumptions. I'm going to go into detail below.


[A large portion of this is based on fairy tail dragon slayer's stat sheets. Since a majority are buying this shit, I'm going to target the most significant examples and prove them wrong.]

"You're so against the Narutoverse. You mean no ninja are hard workers."

I didn't say that. Did I say that anywhere in the general comparison? I said Naruto gets handed down more asspull tricks than a stripper gets handed down dollar bills on Juicy Wet Thursday. I did NOT say that every ninja are the same and that they don't deserve respect because that's wrong.

Gai and Lee are example are REAL hard-workers and who actually earned their skills. With hard work and determination alone, Gai was able to overpower godly Madara Uchiha. Itachi Uchiha showed his skill by learning shit on his lonesome. Kakashi became jounin at the age where kids normally joined the academy. I'm talking about before he got the Sharingan. Tsunade showed that she became a legendary medic at her time. Even without the Senju bloodline, she proved to be a fucking beast in chakra control. Tobirama invented the Hiraishin. Minato invented his own version of the Hiraishin. Mei with her deserved kekkei genkai. The Raikage for their skillset. Hiruzen for the Monkey contract. Jiraiya for the Toad contract. Orochimaru for his inventions and for his Snake contract. There are MANY other ninja that I'll give points for hard work and technique creation. They deserve credit where it's due.

Naruto stole the shadow clone jutsu.

Naruto got the Rasengan handed to him.

Naruto got the toad contract handed to him.

Naruto invented the Rasenshuriken. That is it.

Without Kurama, Naruto proves to be worse than useless. Gaara still had a fuckton of mastery over sand even with Shukaku snatched out of his gut. What does that tell ya?

I'm not showing any sort of resentment towards Naruto. What I want to state is that you're comparing ninja whose job description is assassination, interrogation, and killing, to martial arts warriors whose job description is to fight honorably and out of self-defense. Naruto invented Pervy Ninjutsu as a CHILD and that's used as comic relief? He would fucking fall off the nimbus cloud that Goku rode casually.

"The Elemental Nations is much, much bigger than the Earth!"

Care to quantify how it's larger? Did Kishimoto give you the exact Surface Area? Any sort of detail whatsoever? Unless he reveals this information, any and all "facts" are considered assumptions. I've seen people citing sources from a DeviantArt picture. Lol. Really? Unless the actual quantification rolls in, you cannot treat your assumed shit as the word of canon. None of the actual distances have been quantified from Kishimoto so that alone means you cannot arrive to any conclusions.

What you're trying to do is amplify your claims in the hopes to win people over with the utilization of a few mathematical calculations. Seeing how not a lot of people will be bothered to check the math themselves, they might even assume the calculation is correct, when in actuality, the person who wrote the 'factual' shit is a biased Naruto fanboy. It's a pathetic method to downplay DBZ.

"It takes a Genin 3 days to run from Konohagakure to Sunagakure. The distance between Konoha and Suna is about 5760 miles. They're UB3R fast!"

Right. And what's to say the 'genin' don't stop to rest? What's to say that they didn't walk? How are you coming to these claims when they haven't been made canonical? Only Lee and Gai were shown to have actually run from Suna to Konoha and the rest were fucking wasted from the run. In Shippuden, Temari was shown to have rested in a café during her travel from Suna to Konoha before she met up with Naruto and the others. It's laughable to see how people quantify shit while ignoring the basic facts.

I've completely ignored the 'calculated' distance because it's non-canonical, just like the rest of the distances you claim to have calculated in your own stats sheet. You've arrived to a bullshit assumptions by applying mathematics and physics to an anime world. Might I remind you that it doesn't fucking work that way. Unless it's been revealed by Kishimoto himself, you cannot make shit up.

"That would mean that the world Naruto is from is 16.2 times LARGER than the REAL Earth! Because of the fact that Naruto's Earth is made of the same stuff as out planet, it would have a gravity of over 16.2 times what our Earth has.

That means that a normal Genin, who can run over 80 mph, would be able to run 1296 mph.
A ninja that could move at the Speed of Sound, 768 mph, would be able to run 12,441.6 mph.
A ninja that could move at Lightning Speed, 224000 mph, would be able to run 3,628,800 mph.
Naruto, who can run NEARLY the Speed of Light that is 670,000,000 miles per hour can run at NEARLY 10,854,000,000 miles per hour.

Why if that isn't the most illogical assumption. How are you coming to these claims when Kishimoto himself hasn't leaked anything? A normal genin? You cannot assume that there's a 'fixed' range in which a person can run. Some are faster and some are slower. How are you basing the range? It's nonsense. Even Naruto was a GENIN but he got promoted directly to Hokage. You think Lee as a genin means shit?

Now you go on about how Naruto can run at nearly the speed of light? Has this been stated anywhere? You cannot use that the Raikage was that fast. I've proved that he's not. Even Bert and Jess in DBZ were said to move at the speed of light but this is fiction. You aren't supposed to take shit literally. Stop.

Your quantification of the derived Elemental Nations is also illogical. You cannot use a DeviantArt module and assume that the shit is canonical. FUCK. Even the DBZ world map isn't scaled to actual size. Can I use a fan-made Super Saiyan 5 Goku and declare it canonical? Nope. So how in the fuck does a map drawn by a fan become the Narutoverse canon facts? Kishimoto did not state this anywhere. Stop spouting shit and stop over-exaggerating your obvious biased views on the Narutoverse.

"Naruto's world has been stated to have the name Earth in The Last."

Well…there you fucking go. It's called Earth.

All of that bullshit of the 'Elemental Nations' being so much fucking larger is thereby left null and void. DBZ and Narutoverse are both based on the same universally decided planet Earth, just like a majority of normal anime nowadays. The only difference is that the Elemental Nations is considered to be a super-continent while there could be other places that haven't been used or won't be used either. There is no 16.2x gravity asspull calculation, nor is there any asspull calculation that it's 16.2x larger than Earth…because the fucking planet IS Earth.

Case closed.

"Naruto has God-like stamina!"

I love how clearly quantified this statement is and not vague in any way. You need to stop arriving to conclusions. The Uzumaki clan were said to have enormous chakra reserves. Nothing states how much chakra they have. You can assume they have much more than normal ninja but that's it. Stop spouting bullshit when you have no claim on the facts. Naruto's extra chakra source is from the bijuu he received via silver-platter. Once he runs out of chakra, he relies on secondary sources. Wow. How convenient.

What if Goku had a secondary source of power to draw from? Suppose he can use a nine-tailed beast inside him to regenerate his energy. He wouldn't need a Senzu Bean then, now would he? At least I'm not being biased to Naruto. I could've done the same for Goku but I haven't. Stop being a fanboy.

"The Juubi shot a Tailed-Beast Bomb across the continent!"

Master Roshi fired a Kamehameha wave from the ground which went out of orbit and destroyed the moon. That was in Dragon Ball. What the fuck is your point?

"Ninja are more durable than Saiyans. They're bullet proof!"

Sure. Let's ignore the fact Naruto's cheek got pierced by Anko's kunai during the second round of the Chunnin Exams (Naruto Manga Issue #45, Page #3), and say ninja are soooo durable. Meanwhile, Kid Goku got slammed on the head with an axe and the axe's blade shattered upon contact. (Manga Issue #5, Page #4) Shall also we ignore how Bulma shot a succession of bullets at Kid Goku in Dragon Ball, only to have them roll off? (Manga Issue #1, Page #13)

Do you want me to go into DBZ? What the fuck was your point? Ninja have clearly been shown to be redundant when it comes to durability. The only reason why Naruto was able to handle the strain was because of his silver-platter handed bijuu powers, Sage Mode, and sage powers. That's it. You cannot assume that he's godlike because of that shit. Naruto can still get fucked up from a kunai slash.

"Naruto fell from the moon in The Last and survived! He's soooo durable!"

Where? Where did you see that shit? Apparently you received a much different version of The Last than I did because I never saw that shit transpire. I've checked numerous sources and even the Wiki to make sure I didn't receive a blacked-out version. The only thing that happened was Naruto's Kurama Chakra Mode punches causing craters in the moon. Meanwhile, Master Roshi destroyed the moon with a single Kamehameha wave. Let's not even go to DBZ because quite frankly, it's not even worth it. DBZ pwns.

"Naruto learned the Rasengan in a week. He's much smarter than Goku!"

Let's reword this because to be fair, Naruto fanboys tend to be outrageously boastful about their hero's strengths. Naruto learned the Rasengan in a week but he could NOT learn how a form a one-hand Rasengan over a time-span of 3 years. Quite the awe-inspiring shit right there. What smartness.

Goku learned the Kamehameha wave by watching Master Roshi ONCE and performed the wave a few seconds after the demonstration. That was as a kid back in Dragon Ball. What was your point? The Rasengan took Minato 3 years to master. The Kamehameha took Roshi 50 years to master. Even in the early learning stage, Kid Goku pwns the Shippuden version of Naruto. It's quite embarrassing.

"Death means nothing in DBZ. All you need are the dragon balls to revive people. But in Narutoverse, you have to accept that death is a part of life!"

Illogical. Although I agree with the dragon balls fact, you're clearly missing something. What about the Edo Tensei? Surely how thousands of ninja got revived in the war is lost on you. If a ninja is trapped in the Shinigami's stomach, have no fear! A mask can revive them too. Let's also not forget how Nagato revived everyone that he killed in the Konoha attack. Stop with the blatant biased views. It's pathetic.

"In the blink of an eye, Naruto has shown to be able to move across entire battlefields."

Not quantification. This is hyperbole combined with undefined terms. How do you know it was "the blink of an eye"? Just because he was one place in one panel and another in the next? A panel is not a standardized measure of time. How big is an "entire battlefield"? This is meaningless without context.

If you want to talk about speed then, many DBZ attacks, using the manga only, have been calced at quadruple or quintuple digit Mach. Gotenks flying around the Earth was calced at over Mach 31,000. Do you know how fast Mach 31,000 is? That's 23,597,418.58 mph. Fuck, Kid Goku topped Mach 40 and that's 30,448.28 mph. Do you really want to continue this little back and forth? DBZ pwns.

"Sage Mode enhances reflexes and perception, in Sage Mode Naruto had been able to perceive and dodge the Third Raikage's strike. The Raikage that was able to kill off DOZENS of Ninja in an instant and had the ability to move at the suggested speed of lightning, proven when he arrived to the war with only a bolt of lightning flashing to show he arrived. Naruto had been able to predict, and then dodge and counter-attack the Third Raikage at the LAST possible second."

Sorry, but the manga said that the Raikage's synapses fired at the speed of lightning, not that his body physically moved that fast. And even that former claim is in doubt, considering that "lightning speed" is a common hyperbole and example of figurative language in fiction. When training with Mr. Popo, he told Goku that he had to move faster than lightning. (Manga Issue #164, Page #5) This was kid Goku back in Dragonball. No one takes that seriously, and no one should take this seriously either.

As for "proven when he arrived to the war with only a bolt of lightning flashing to show he arrived", maybe it would have something to do with the guy's ability to manipulate electricity, rather than his speed? A solid object moving as fast as lightning doesn't turn into lightning, Einstein.

"The typical lightning bolt moves at 224,000 mph, or about 3,700 miles per second and Naruto predicted, reacted to, and countered that in JUST Sage Mode."

Very deceptive statement. The speed of lightning varies with the atmospheric conditions and voltage. Electrical discharges traveling through the atmosphere move at a minimum speed of around 60 km/s. A stepped leader, the leading part of a lightning bolt before the actual return stroke (and all you would need to dodge to actually avoid a lightning bolt), moves at around 150 km/s. Of course this is all moot since Raikage isn't anywhere close to that speed, as explained above.

"Sage Mode increases durability, and Naruto is already one durable mother fucker, being able to take holes to the chest and get his body slammed through stone with ease before healing."

And your point is? Being slammed through stone was passé in the Pilaf saga of Dragon Ball. And regenerating from injuries is useful, but the fact that it takes a lot more to inflict said injuries on someone a lot more durable, like Goku, seems lost on Naruto fanboys.

Another example by fairy tail dragon slayer: "Pa is a toad that is many hundreds of years old, and stands at 25.3 centimeters. That is 9.9 inches tall, not even a foot. When Pa started to use Sage Chakra to increase his strength, he was able to lift Gamabunta up and throw him great distances. Gamabunta weighs over 3,050,415 pounds. That means that Gamabunta weighs over 1,525.2 TONS! Fukasaku: 9.9 inches x 4 inches (Pa is shaped differently) x 4 inches = 158.4 Inches Cubed. 574,992,000 divided by 158.4 = 3,630,000.

Sage Mode allows the User to lift up objects that weight over 3,630,000 times their own body weight when they have mastered Senjutsu. Naruto's recorded weight 50.9 kg, also known as over 112 pounds. 112 x 3,630,000 = 406,560,000 Naruto in Sage Mode alone can lift up and throw with EASE over 406,560,000 pounds. This is also known as 203,280 TONS!"

That is just the most illogical fucking statement of the century. You're comparing the feats of an elder toad to that of a human and merging them together. Might I remind you, dumbass, that Pa is a toad and not a human. Therefore your quantification is illogical. Even if your statement is true, you expect Naruto to lift over 400 million pounds? FUCK. That means he can casually lift up the Gedo Mazo and he should also be able to casually lift up Kurama. You also used the Rhino example which is fucking retarded. Naruto didn't lift the two Rhinos. He tossed them aside. FUCK. Even Kid Goku who tossed Giant Piccolo had a better feat than this shit. Your biased views are nothing more than severe mindlessness.

Did Kishimoto give you the actual quantification? You make shit up and then arrive to conclusions. You cannot assume that if a toad can lift "sooo much" that a human who uses Sage Mode will automatically perform the same feat. You then calculated Gamabunta's size which hasn't been stated by Kishimoto either. Your 'REAL' facts are assumptions. You then expect people to blindly follow your shit without a second thought when in actuality, you're overpowering Naruto feats and blatantly downplaying DBZ.

"Naruto is able to manifest Truth-Seeking Balls behind him, which can negate physical matter and energy that isn't Senjutsu related."

Blatant lie. They are able to negate ninjutsu, something that Goku doesn't fucking use, making them worse than useless. Not to mention they have a pathetic range limit of 70 meters, and their actual ability to do damage doesn't surpass the attacks in Dragonball, let alone DBZ. A simple kiai would deflect them, if Goku even felt the need to deflect such weak attacks at all.

Another example by fairy tail dragon slayer: "I didn't know Hercule was faster than light... because he dodged one of Kid Buu's attacks in Chapter 512."

Right. You can also assume that Videl was faster than Spopovich because she dodged his attacks for a period of time. It's called playing, dumbass. Before the androids came to Earth, kid Gohan was shown to block a variety of Goku's attacks. Does that make kid Gohan faster than Goku? Once again, it's not an all-out battle. It was a fucking spar. Vegeta blocked a few attacks from Perfect Cell. Does that make him faster? Cell was only playing with Vegeta at the start. Kid Buu knew Hercule was a fucking joke. That's why he played with him. Forget how Vegeta played with Android 19 at the start? Or how Super Vegeta played with Imperfect Cell? You're clearly delusional when you give such shitty examples.

I would also like to point out that the good Majin Buu was fighting from inside Kid Buu because of Hercule's presence. Even SSJ3 Goku who was a distance away was wondering why Kid Buu was acting like that. Then a panel later, it showed Majin Buu coming out of Kid Buu. The reason is because Majin Buu didn't want to see Hercule get hurt. When you hopelessly provide manga facts, make sure you fucking READ it yourself before posting it. Otherwise, you come off as a pathetic Naruturd. Blatant biased views from every corner and then you expect people to follow you blindly. It's fucking disgusting.

"The Elemental Nations have 16.2x gravity!"

Let's just assume that it's true which it isn't. But regardless of your illogical calculations, Goku learned to overcome 10x gravity before the arrival of Nappa and Vegeta on King Kai's planet. Goku trained at 100x gravity while traveling to Namek. And he trained in that gravity. (Manga Issue #270, Page #5) Vegeta at base form trained at 300x gravity before the arrival of the Androids. (Manga Issue #336, Page #11)

Now you mean to tell me that Vegeta as a Super Saiyan can't train higher than 300x gravity? What about Super Saiyan 3 Goku? Take it up to Super Saiyan God Goku. What I'm trying to get at is that your 'Elemental Nations' gravity feats are meaningless, along with being nothing but assumptions. Even if that amount is canonical which once again, isn't, the feat still pales in comparison to DBZ gravity feats.

"Saiyans can't survive in outer space!"

Bardock and hundreds of other saiyans were hovering outside Planet Vegeta when Frieza came to destroy the planet. (Manga Issue #307, Page #8)

Kid Goku travelled to the moon with his power pole. (Manga Issue #17, Page #15)

Goku and Beerus fought in the outer atmosphere in the Battle of the Gods.

Therefore your assumptions are meaningless. Stop making shit up.

"The Instant Transmission - A teleportation technique, sure it before using it he has to HOME onto an energy signature. Yes, teleportation is instant, but Goku's MIND is not instant. It will take him a moment to locate and home in on an energy source. Meaning that it isn't is good at the Hiraishin, which just needs a marker to teleport."

The description is correct, but the comparison to Hiraishin is laughable. Really, a technique that lets you teleport anywhere there is life (which is what generates a ki signature), even in other dimensions, and can even home in on dead people in the afterlife, is so inferior to a technique which requires you to physically place an object somewhere and then teleport to that object? That's just retarded.

Also, Goku only seems to need to go directly to a ki signature when using it for very long-range trips, as he has used it tactically in combat to evade and surprise attack enemies by teleporting short distances without there being someone at the spot he teleported to. Considering that he doesn't end up teleporting inside of people's bodies when he uses it, it seems reasonable to assume that he can lock onto a ki signature and then teleport anywhere in a certain radius from that signature, which should be at least a few kilometers going by what he has accomplished with it. Also, Hiraishin also requires a thought to use, and Goku thinks faster than Naruto characters, so he's ahead in that area as well.

"Goku, after the Cell Saga, when training on Grand Kai's planet, was shown to be able to lift 2 tons (4,000 pounds) on each limb rather easily. In Super Saiyan form, that is increased to 10 tons (20,000 pounds) on each limb."

The infamous 40-ton gag? As expected out of a Narutard.

Let me get something straight here.

In the Super Exciting Guide, Akira Toriyama states that there's a 'limit' onto how much a character can lift and that it's much more difficult to lift weights while flying. Go and debunk my statement now. Unless you read canonical facts, you're spouting bullshit. Either way, all of that is considered to be a low-end outlier because DBZ characters have far greater feats. Fuck even DB has better feats.

Want some proof?

Kid Goku lifted up a car with Bulma inside. That's at least 4 tons right there. (Manga Issue #1, Page #12)

Kid Goku lifted up a boulder and shattered it like glass by "hugging" it. (Manga Issue #3, Page #3-4)

Kid Goku carried Turtle on his back for 120 fucking kilometers. Turtle's shell alone is 50 – 100 pounds according to real life facts. (Manga Issue #3, Page #6 and onward.)

Tao Pai Pai, back in Dragonball, picked up and threw a large stone pillar 2300 km, then jumped and rode on it. That requires millions of tons of strength. (Manga Issue #85, Page #13-14)

Goku in the 23rd Budokai in Dragonball flipped over Piccolo in giant form, who would have weighed at least 100 tons, IIRC. (Manga Issue #187, Page #6)

Goku (in base form) kicked Freeza through two islands, causing them both to collapse. (Manga Issue #309, Pages #14-15)

Zarbon, piledriving Vegeta into the ground, created a crater kilometers across. (Manga Issue #263, Page #13)

Supreme Kai summoned Katchin which was the densest object in the DBZ universe and it was a fucking gigantic cube. Goku not only held the fucking shit up with one hand, but he also casually tossed it towards Gohan like a volleyball. That was Goku in Base form. Really? 40 tons limit? Fucking retarded.

SSJ3 Gotenks, slamming Buu physically into the ground, created a crater calced at 7.5 megatons. That's a near Grand Canyon like fucking crater. (Manga Issue #495, Page #12)

Base Gohan lifted a jet airliner casually with one hand. Think that's lighter than 40 tons? Fuck.

When Vegeta trained at 300x gravity, his body alone weighed 18 tons. (Manga Issue #336, Page #11) And that shit was in base form. So when you have a person who has a weight of 18 tons…what's going to happen when he lifts shit? Now think Super Saiyan and above. The 40-ton gag is fucking useless.

Super Buutenks physically deflected a ki blast from Chou Gohan that tore a hole right through the Earth and launched country-sized chunks of rock into space (some people say this doesn't count as a pure KE feat since it involved a ki blast, but it's certainly notable).

I could give more examples…but why the fuck should I?

What I WOULD like to point out is that…have you even taken gravity into consideration? Instead of being a little bitch and whining about Goku's supposed 40-ton gag scene? King Kai's planet was weighted at 10x Earth's gravity. That is a factual statement and it's already been proved.

You do realize that this shit happened on Grand Kai's planet which was described as a larger version of King Kai's planet, right? It's only plausible to assume that the 10x gravity rule applies here. Goku has trained WAY over that gravitational pull so that shit shouldn't even matter to him in the slightest. Now take into account that he's fucking flying while lifting weights. Do you really stand by the fact Goku can lift a maximum of 40 tons? When in fact, the dude was more capable in Dragon Ball? Fuck.

Delusional Naruto fanboys I tell ya. Always downplaying DBZ with absolute bullshit.

"DBZ Characters aren't Planet Busters but Narutoverse characters are!"

This is nothing more than a cringe-worthy statement. It's not embarrassing to read this shit, it's fucking horrendous because it's just that illogical and utterly retarded. You want me to prove that Narutoverse feats are less than worthless compared to DB/DBZ feats? Gladly. Prepare yourself, Naruto fanboy.

Master Roshi in Dragon Ball destroyed the moon with a Kamehameha. (Manga Issue #51 - 52) His MAX power level clocked at 300 - 315 according to Daizenshuu.

Piccolo destroyed the moon before the arrival of Nappa and Vegeta. His power level at the time was 329. (Manga Issue #208, Page #11-12)

So if Piccolo had a power level of 329 and destroyed the moon with a casual blast, you mean to tell me that Raditz can't destroy the moon? Anyone that's more powerful than Raditz can't do the same? You mean to say that Vegeta can't destroy a planet with his introductory power level of 18,000? Fuck.

Nappa effortlessly obliterated a city with two fingers. (Manga Issue #213, Page #6) A highly concentrated version of that attack did no harm to Goku whatsoever. (Manga Issue #226, Page #3)

Kid Gohan obliterated a mountain and the land behind it with a subconsciously activated KI attack. This is when he was first introduced in the damn series. (Manga Issue #206, Page #10)

Vegeta caused the sky to distort and lightning to surface just by powering up. (Manga Issue #229, Page #5)

When Vegeta charged his Galick Gun, he had more than enough power to destroy the Earth. (Manga Issue #231, Page #5) So what did Goku do? He used a Kamehameha wave and it was strong enough to overpower the incoming move. What does that tell you? Early DBZ Goku had more than enough power to destroy the Earth. But why the fuck would he want to do that?

Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta. (Manga Issue #308, Page #4)

King Cold tells Frieza that it's meaningless to waste time. A weak KI blast can destroy the planet Earth (Manga Issue #329, Page #15), which isn't farfetched. Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga was shown to be a planet buster and I've already provided the manga details for that information.

Super Saiyan Goku caused planet Namek to shake with a power up alone. Super Saiyan 3 Goku brought the entire Earth to shake and hurricanes and tsunamis to form. Gohan from Supreme Kai's planet sweated once he felt the power Goku held. It's that fucking hardcore. (Manga Issue #474, Page #5-7)

Cell had enough power to destroy the entire Solar System. (Manga Issue #416, Page #4)

Kid Buu casually destroyed planets. (Manga Issue #445, Page #13) whereas Vegeta countered and I quote, "We Saiyans could do that." And what was the reply? Supreme Kai stated "At that time, there were 5 Kai-Oo-Shins. Each were strong enough to destroy Freeza with a single blast." All of this is found in the manga which shows Buu wasn't just a planet buster, he was a galaxy buster. Also revealed later.

People argue that Toneri Otsutsuki had a moon cutting capability. Well that's nice and all but I wouldn't rate any of those weakass ninja above early stage Piccolo who can casually destroy the moon with a low-powered KI blast. One character considerable is Naruto (The Last) and even he's not a planet buster. The only character that is indeed a planet buster is Kaguya, according to her most powerful move feats. But even that ain't impressive. Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga had more power. Even if I'm generous with the power level, I wouldn't rate Kaguya any higher than Ginyu Force level. Pathetic.



You got more proof.

A quote taken directly out of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Movie Script. "Angered, Beerus punches Goku hard in the gut, then sends him flying through West City with a ferocious kick. Goku stops himself mid-air, but before he can do anything Beerus is already there and puts Goku in a headlock. Beerus quickly whirls around him, kicks Goku off into a nearby forest, and gives chase. Not able to see them, Kame-Sen'nin and the others run over to a Capsule ship and fly off after the two. Goku and Beerus continue exchanging blows in the forest, when Beerus sends Goku flying with another kick to the face. Beerus flies off after him and the two end up in a desert area with numerous rock formations surrounding them. Goku and Beerus charge at each other and their punches collide, sending out an Earth-shattering shockwave. They pull away from each other and a trickle of blood falls from a cut on Goku's cheek."

Super Saiyan 3 Goku casually PUNCHED through King Kai's planet in Battle of the Gods and smashed the shit out of it. This is NOT even about KI attacks any longer. It's a fucking punch. It's still a factor that King Kai's planet holds 10x Earth's gravity. While the planet is indeed smaller than the Earth, it doesn't make a difference to the calculation because as the gravity is higher, so is the mass. That is basic physics.

Now taking the fact that King Kai's planet has a gravitational pull ten times that of Earth's, so it would be 10g. However, it's physically impossible for a planet to have a gravity of 10g. Long before that point, you'd reach the point where the planet in question would collapse into a star under the force of its own gravity. It's mostly pointless to ascribe any sort of real-world logic to Kai's planet because something like that is physically impossible. Therefore, it can't be the same density and mass of Earth.

The simple fact that it has such a small diameter should clue you in to that. In order to have that kind of gravity, it would need to have a very, very high mass (as gravity is proportional to mass), which means it would be extremely dense. But like I said, there's no way that something like that can actually exist because of a lot of different physical constraints.

Without an actual measurement of the planet, it would be impossible to tell exactly how dense it is. There are things in the real world that can get that dense, like neutron stars, but they're a bit of a headache to explain and I'm not going to even bother with the ordeal. Obviously, though, neutron stars are made of plasma, not solid matter, so it's questionable whether or not the same rules would apply. Unlike fairy tail dragon slayer, I'm NOT going to make shit up and manifest FALSE calculations to further my presentation because it isn't needed. I've already destroyed each and every falsification.

I don't require a quantified amount to assert my case here. You've already realized through basic physics that because of the ten-time gravity pull, King Kai's planet is MUCH denser than the planet Earth and that's fathomable due to its small size. g=m/(r^2); that's as simple as it gets.

Now…where does that leave us?

Goku punched through a planet that's denser than the Earth casually. He didn't even seem fucking bothered. How would you feel when he uses a weakass KI blast? Are you still on the point of discussing Narutoverse feats? How fucking ignorant can you get? Dragon Ball Z pwns Narutoverse in so many levels that the very topic should become illegal because it's a fucking crime to even hold the comparison.

"Naruto blocked a moon-cutting strike!"

Well fuckidy-fuck-fuck. Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta with a one-finger death ball. When Mecha Frieza arrived to the Earth, he used a MUCH larger death ball on Trunks and he casually held it in hand. Even if you wish to debunk the statement and say that its anime only, then move onto the next part where Trunks used the sword to kill Frieza against Goku, who blocked it with one fucking finger.

When Raditz arrived to Earth, Piccolo shot the attack he used to destroy the moon later on and what happened? Raditz didn't even have a fucking scratch on him. (Manga Issue #195, Page #3) If Raditz can block a moon-destroying attack so casually, do you really want to get into higher-power DBZ characters?

Unlike many Narutards fail to realize, you have to see that DBZ characters have an ability to condense and focus their Ki attacks. This is why the explosions seem to remain roughly the same size throughout the entire series. The Ki attacks are still packing tremendous amounts of force, no matter how small they seem in appearance. Yes, even planet destroying amounts of force are condensed into small explosions. So seemingly small Ki explosions cannot be used to downplay characters with obviously high Ki capabilities that surpass that of known planet destroyers. If biased Naruto fanboys can't accept this, they shouldn't be discussing DB feats, etc. They should stick with their Dattebayo and Believe It.

I don't even need to get into more proof.

DBZ characters have greater feats than Naruto in the latest movie where he blocked a moon-cutting strike. Early stage Piccolo was enough to destroy the moon casually. I'm in a good mood so I'll place anyone that is Raditz level and above and deem them capable of smoking Narutoverse characters. The highest I'll go is for Kaguya but I won't put her past Ginyu Force level. I'm being fucking generous btw.

And this shit is at best mid-Namek saga. What do you think when Frieza rolls in? Androids? Cell? Buu? Beerus? FUCK. When you clearly downplay DBZ characters and try using illogical quantification, you only come off as a pathetic Narutard. No amount of your 'facts' will do the point any justice because all you're doing is trying to fool everyone with non-canonical mathematical calculations. Get over yourself.

"Goku's attacks have a longer charge time than Naruto's attacks."

Only when Goku is charging up an attack that is capable of harming someone on his level or higher. Against someone much weaker? DBZ characters don't even need to move to wipe them out. Naruto characters also take a long time charging their more powerful attacks.

The thing is, the strongest attacks from the Narutoverse are weak shit by DBZ standards. You're acting like it requires a multi-planet buster to put Naruto down. Kid Buu was able to fire off a planet-buster casually without charging, and Vegeta was able to deflect it just as casually. Goku is stronger than both of them, and an attack doesn't need to be anywhere near that strong to kill Naruto.

"Power up of Sage Mode, while at first it takes minutes to gather power, at the end of the war Naruto was shown gathering it in a second. By the time a DBZ fighter is powered up, Naruto is already in Sage Mode and ready for action."

Hypocrite much?

The same could be said of any DBZ transformation, once mastered. SSJ1 in an instant. SSJ2 in an instant. SSJ3 in an instant. SSJG power just in base form or SSJ1, not even requiring an additional powerup.

Goku took time to transform into SSJ1 for the first time in the fight against Freeza. When Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan when Trunks arrived on Earth…how long did it take? A fucking second.

Goku took time to transform into SSJ3 in order to stall some time for Kid Trunks to get the dragon radar from West City. How long did it take for Goku to transform into SSJ3 against Kid Buu? A fucking second.

Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan while dashing towards Cell at full speed. A fucking second.

These arguments are commonly found from most Narutards. They can write pages and pages on why Naruto is supposedly better, but into their lengthy research, they conveniently downplay DBZ feats and use that to their advantage. You need to stop spouting bullshit and stop being biased. Use the REAL facts that you claim to be using or otherwise, you come off as a mindless Naruto fanboy. It's pathetic.



"What in the fuck was that?" hissed Vegeta. He stopped fighting his arch nemesis completely. Goku shook his head and shuddered.

"I don't know Vegeta."

Even Vegeta shuddered once the second sequence of 'believe it' and 'dattebayo' echoed around them.

"Want to call this shit off until later?"

"But what about Buu?!" asked Goku.

"Screw the pink blob of trash." growled Vegeta. "I wanna kill this blasted orange shit."

Goku nodded. He wanted to teach whoever was responsible a lesson. Though he was never normally considered to be a hateful person, he couldn't help but feel outraged. After all…he could sense the culprit's location.

Naruto at this time was chowing down on numerous bowls of Ramen which had the words 'Goku's property' etched on each bowl. He didn't know how but he knew his time was up. Not even Kurama could handle the stress of the upcoming battle. He was an insect in comparison.


"DAATTTEEEBAAAYOOOOOOO!" squealed Naruto. He just fired up a GIGANTIC PLANET-BUSTER move against his opponent.

"OI!" hissed Vegeta. He didn't even have a scratch on him. This made Naruto very scared and the bijuu inside him were giving him their secondary power since he's the main character. "What the fuck are you even saying, you worthless peasant?"



"Be quick about it." said Vegeta. "We have to move to Earth after this."

Nappa nodded and pushed two fingers upward, destroying roughly two thousand ninja. Naruto was badly injured by the attack but his Sage Mode luckily saved him from dying. Plus he had his bijuu powers he got handed to him for no apparent reason. Not to mention the Sage Powers Hagoromo decided to give to him all of a sudden because he's the main character.

Vegeta got impatient and used his weakest KI blast to destroy the planet and the two Saiyans got into their spacepods to head to Earth.

That's how the 4th ninja war ended. By Vegeta's weakest KI blast destroying the planet.

Comparison Sheet ENDS here.

Yes that's right. Learn by example. I COULD have posted much more detailed comparisons, but I don't really have to get into it. What I said proves to be more than enough. The Narutoverse characters are peasants when compared to monsters like the DBZ universe characters. Narutards blatantly give pathetic examples in an attempt to overpower Naruto, and I've shown how pathetic that really was. I haven't pulled any of those DB/DBZ feats out of my ass. They are all factual and are all found in the manga.

Unlike fairy tail dragon slayer who blocks everyone who has a different opinion, I welcome every response and I won't be a bitch and delete guest reviews either. If you wish to challenge my facts, you're more than welcome to do so. But I highly doubt it'll come to pass. I've used REAL facts instead of making shit up. You may think that I've written this stats sheet to show up fairy tail dragon slayer. It wasn't my intention at the start. Everyone that had a different opinion than his stats were called dumbass openly and were ridiculed for having a voice. This is the fucking Internet. Does freedom of speech mean nothing to you? I've went out of my way to post the actual facts and I could've gone into more detail but I chose not to. I've posted this to get the facts straight and prevent all of this bullshit assumption from spreading. I do commend fairy tail dragon slayer for he does have dedication to be able to post regularly about the stats sheet. It's just the way he went about it is completely absurd and needs to be criticized. I wouldn't have written this had it not been for the blatant biased views and stats. It's fucking absurd.

Do I think Narutoverse is worthless? No. I never said that. Naruto feats are fucking insane compared to other anime. But when you go around and fucking compare that to DBZ, you're out of your mind. Anyway leave me some reviews because I fucking worked HARD trying to compile all of this shit together. I'd appreciate getting acknowledged for this shit. If you want me to post REAL factual comparison charts for Narutoverse and other anime, let me know in the reviews. If I get the time, I'll go ahead and compile the notes. I won't be biased. All of it will be actual facts.