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PROFESSOR: wizardkoli1


Please observe silence because class is now in session.

If you don't observe silence, I'll forcefully take you to the library, but wait…that ain't the horrific part so don't start crying just yet. What I'll do after that is tape your nutsack to our grandma librarian's desk and ask her to lick slowly and painfully. While this is going on, you'll also be receiving a rimjob from our rough bearded janitor. That's right. Pipe down, children.

The sex tape of Pamela Anderson riding Tommy Lee's cock, the viral video of Miley Cyrus twerking her chicken ass, or the video tape of Bouncy Titterson strutting around a family park completely nude…you can't watch any of this shit during class.

Wait till…later I guess.

And always remember to wear a poncho cuz Narutards be jizzing over a Naruto poster.

Class Motivational Speech of the Day.


"I fucked her. Believe it."

"Oh, okay, dattebayo!"

"If you guys think that Goku, Dark Schneider, EGD is sooooo powerful, where were they during the fourth ninja war? EXACTLY they were far too weak to be able to face madara. That's why they were not there. This only strengthened my point of how Naruto could solo the fictional hyperverse. He and sasuke were the only ones infiction who were powerful enough to defeat the likes of madara and Sasuke."

This is a quote by Narutothegodofall, a particular Narutard who reviewed one of my chapters. I don't normally call out reviewers, instead I only take material from the opposing stats sheet. Regardless, I couldn't help but copy-paste this specific review into my Doc Manager to edit.

I don't know how but somehow there's a level beyond 'going full retard' if that's even remotely possible. Where were Goku, Dark Schneider, EGD during the fourth ninja war? Well…you moronic byproduct of an alcohol binge gangbang seminar…those characters were in their respective anime/series. That's the same as asking me why the fuck wasn't Captain Underpants present in the DBZ universe when Oolong wished for a pair of underwear back in Dragon Ball.

Narutards like you and your fellow asswipe fairy tail dragon slayer is exactly why I wrote this stats sheet in the first place. I didn't have a problem with Kishimoto's anime until you Narutards got up and started over-exaggerating Naruto feats, going so far as to bash other characters who are obviously stronger which has been deemed canonical. Then you bitch and whine when people start standing up to defend what is obviously right, but go to the extent that you start denying others of their freedom of choice by removing their reviews and blocking them.

Kishimoto can't toss other anime characters into his series because he would first need to get the permission of the creators in question. If he doesn't gain the permission, it's a breach of copyright laws. So other anime characters not showing up in the fourth ninja war somehow strengthens the 'fact' that Naruto soloes other universes? LMFAO! Fucking retarded.

I lost IQ points from just reading your username, Narutard. Your post only 'strengthened' my point of view of why we need to persuade female crack addicts to stop doing drugs during pregnancy. If they can't quit drugs, smoking, and drinking, they should apply for abortion. Because such a delivery will result in filth like Narutogodofall ripping through the flappy vagina.

Case closed, bitch.

"In Legacy of Goku a dog kills Goku in three hits and you think Naruto can't beat that?" is the Shakespearean level question another fine gentleman asked in the reviews.

No. Goku didn't get killed in three hits, you got him killed in three hits. It's not our fucking fault that you fail in video games, Narutard. I would assume that the "Believe It!" engraved dildo you have shoved up your ass probably made it difficult for you to sit properly, thus making it difficult for you to operate the controller. So yeah, go and get your ass checked out.

This is the kind of shit Narutards dish out on a regular basis. Then they bitch and whine about why we, the logical thinkers, don't follow their bullshit blindly. It's fucking retarded.


Then why the fuck are you bitching about Dragonball Super episode 12? That was a canon episode and it aligns with the manga. In the manga, Supreme Kai gathered the Namekian dragon balls because of the fist collision between Goku and Beerus. That is NOT a fucking hyperbole and I already stated the facts in the previous chapter. Idiot.

"Goku 40 tons WAAH WAAH WAAH!"

Go fuck a goat.

Unless you're retarded, there's no possible justification for you holding such an assessment. I've already displayed in the first chapter how Goku lifts above 40 tons. And just to be make it clear, you piece of fucking trash, Goku was not lifting 40 tons.

Look at the manga scans.

Goku was floating. Take into account that gravity plays a hand here, and also remember the fact that the Grand Kai's planet is canonically depicted to be a larger version of King Kai's planet, which canonically states is a place of 10x earth gravity.

Goku was punching and kicking. NOT lifting. That's the main difference. He was not just flying, he was performing martial arts while being restricted by weights on his wrists and legs.

Cased closed, bitch.

""The Universe is in Jeopordy" Quote, but if you forgot just WHO Old Kai is an his personality, then you will remember that he OFTEN exaggerates! He has a habit of blowing things out of proportion."

And that's why Supreme Kai got the dragon balls BEFORE Old Kai made that statement?



Goku actually punched through King Kai's planet, demonstrating his planet-busting capability through just a punch. He's WELL ABOVE planet-busting. I have stated the facts throughout, you mindless reject.

Naruto has never once destroyed a planet nor is he anywhere close to planet busting. He was in his prime when he blocked a moon-buster. I would NEVER put him above moon-busting, which is what Raditz does CASUALLY.

Check my earlier chapters and see that shit for yourself.


Let me reiterate what I said back in the 3rd chapter.

Truth seeking balls negate NINJUTSU, not all forms of energy. This means although the "balls of death" or "deadly nutsack" if you will, are impressive in the Narutoverse, they don't do shit to anyone from outside the Narutoverse. Fuck, they don't even negate Senjutsu.

People bitch about the Edo Tensei, and by people, I mean fairy tail dragon slayer. He says the truth-seeking balls negate the Edo Tensei, but carelessly leaves out that the technique falls under the category of NINJUTSU. It's possible to disintegrate a reanimated corpse with that.

But screw that. The range is a weak 70 meters. LMFAO.

According to the 4th Databook, the T.S.B have the power to destroy a forest, which is impressive in the Narutoverse, but pathetic in DB, let alone DBZ. I mean Kid Gohan, at age 4, destroyed a mountain and a fuckton of land behind it with a simple KI blast. What does that tell ya?

You forget that chakra is NOT equivalent to KI so you cannot say the truth-seeking balls will affect any of the Z-Fighters. Truth-seeking balls negate every form of chakra aside from Senjutsu, and that's in accordance with the 4th Databook. NO WHERE does it say that these pathetic as shit balls do anything to someone who wields KI, but that clearly doesn't stop a hypocritical Narutard from making shit up and declaring his biased logic as canonical.

I'M GOING TO END THINGS HERE. I apologize for the lack of content but I have a lot of crap to deal with presently. I have to pay rent within the next three days, and continue working overtime to pay off $1200 in tuition. There's no time for me right now. Sorry guys but I'll try and make it up to you all in the next chapter. Now enjoy two beautiful one shots!


Naruto was excited. The excitement caused him to shit his pants, thus momentarily lowering his balls to the point that they were dangling, brushing against his kneecap. What he didn't know was that this would be a permanent change. He had old man's balls now.

"YOLO!" shrilled Naruto like what a hooker does while riding a client's cock. He ran FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT, though he actually ran as fast as the average ninja, which is pretty fucking slow.

Running at the "speed of light" (lmao), Naruto reached the Valley of End in minutes, when he should've been able to circle Earth a handful of times. So was it just an over-exaggeration made by an illogical fanboy? True that, homie.

"YOLO?" asked Goku, frowning. He was the blondie reject's opponent for some reason. "What in the world is that?"

Naruto, while running FASTER than the speed of light, PAUSED dramatically like he had ABS brakes installed in his filled-to-the-brim-with-semen ass. His face contorted into a pedophilic grin, making the Super Saiyan God turn serious because his Saiyan instincts demanded that he should watch out for any nearby children and protect them from the whiskered goon.

"You Only Live Once!" exclaimed Naruto. "You Dragon Ball tards are always reviving people with the dragon balls while we're only able to live once. HA WE PWN YOU GUYS!"

Goku sighed, vanishing behind the retard via Instant Transmission and in a second, he snapped the loser's neck, killing him casually. The blondie had no idea what happened because his reaction time was said to be FASTER than speed of light. Apparently, it was just an over-exaggeration made by a fanboy and because of the illogical claim, his life was now forfeit.

Suddenly, Sasuke, Naruto's devoted life-partner, came to his lover's side and activated his Rinnegan to utilize the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. He cried happily once his lover came back to life, while Goku simply shook his head, rubbing his temples in a frustrated manner.

"Urggggh." Spoke Naruto as he opened his eyes. "Dattebayo, dattebayo, dattebayo. Believe it."

"Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah." droned Goku, deadpanning at the reject. "You were saying we're able to revive people through the dragon balls. What the fuck do you call what your wife just did?"


"I'M SOMETIMES THE WIFE THOUGH!" Sasuke added with an Orochimaru like purr.

Goku just shuddered at the fucking dialogue. "Whatever." he said flatly. "Your reasoning is flawed so shut the fuck up. The next time you wish to argue against the dragon balls, make sure your universe doesn't have methods to revive people as well. Otherwise, it's hypocritical."

The Super Saiyan God then lowered his fist and punched the ground, causing shockwaves to swirl all around the Narutoverse, exiting the planet's orbit, coursing through space and reaching different dimensions. Even people in the afterlife felt the fucking insane tremor. Seconds later, every planet was reduced to ash due to the shockwave, including the Narutoverse planet.

Anyway, Goku appeared back to his home planet of Earth with the Instant Transmission, which CANONICALLY declares that he's able to travel through galaxies in a fucking second. He smiled as he looked at Vegeta, who smirked back, cracking his knuckles.

"So Kakarot. You ready for a spar?" asked Vegeta.

Goku grinned. "Sure am, Vegeta. The retarded whiskered cocksucker I just fought was so fucking weak that my kid-self would've casually beaten him to a bloody pulp."

"Nice choice of words Kakarot." said Vegeta amused.

Goku shrugged his shoulders. "What? I'm just Saiyan."

Goku and Vegeta shared a hearty laugh before turning Super Saiyan God form, making their hair turn blue. Of course they had to travel to a different universe to fight because their fists alone were CANONICALLY revealed to be near universe buster level. They should really find like a hyperbolic time chapter place that can handle their strength. Perhaps Beerus could help create a place for them to fight at full strength. If their fists alone were universe buster level, they would need like a whole new nebula to fight each other via KI blasts.


Goku and Vegeta were back with SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, and were enjoying an "all you can eat" buffet at the Creamy Cunt Diner. The Krusty Krab had lost a lot of business thanks to the Hard Cock Café, but now the Creamy Cunt Diner was making things worse. Everyone in Bikini Bottom were regulars at the fast (as in a hooker dropping her panties fast) food joint. The two idly wondered whether or not they should make a suggestion.

Juicy Wet Thursday would do wonders in this universe.

All of a sudden, an ORANGE wearing whiskered goon appeared. Goku and Vegeta sighed since they both unfortunately remembered who this stranger was. But since SpongeBob had a case of short term memory loss, he completely forgot about the reject.

"It's the Creampie Craving Dancer!"

"It's the McNugget Ass-Stuffing Prancer!"

"It's the Drag Queen Romancer!"

"It's the Orange Testicular Cancer!"

came the shrieks of SpongeBob SquarePants as he jumped up and down looking horrified as fuck. He recalled his coworker Squidward informing him about this dangerous man a while back when they were working a graveyard shift. This was not good…not good at all.

"FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME!" yelled Squidward. "It's the HASH SLINGING SLASHER!" he crossed his arms. "And that is not him. You got that?"

"Oh." muttered the sponge appreciatively. "Okay, thanks."

Patrick, on the other hand, was not as easy to convince as his best friend was. "MAGIC CONCH!" he took out a conch shell with a string attached to it. "Should we run away from this seemingly UB3R POWERFUL MAN?!"

"No." answered the Magic Conch Shell casually. "Yamcha soloes."

The starfish nodded eagerly. "THE ALMIGHTY CONCH HAS SPOKEN!"

Vegeta laughed his ass off, observing the look on the blondie reject's face as he heard the conversation. Even the magic conch knew how pathetic as shit the goon was. In the Narutoverse, perhaps the dude could be considered powerful, but in the other universes? NOPE!

"Hey, Naruto. Don't cry!" said Goku in the hopes to provide the sobbing catboy some comfort. "You never asked to be over-exaggerated!"

Naruto sniffled like a hooker in the midst of an accidental anal scene. "Y-yeah!" he exclaimed. "I know that I'm at best a moon buster and that I've grown weaker over time. I don't know why people keep thinking that I'm a CASUAL planet-buster."

"I guess I can give you some credit." said Vegeta with a scoff. "At least you admit how much of a peasant you are compared to the Saiyan race."

Naruto smiled. "Thanks for the encouragement, dattebayo!" he said happily. "Now I better get back to Sasuke. It's our anniversary. Believe it!" he then turned around. "Oh and Goku? Hinata was asking about you."

"Yeaaah?" asked Goku in concern.

"She was wondering when you plan to come back to our planet. It took her two years to recuperate from the hardcore fucking you gave her and now she wants more." answered Naruto with a proud smile.

Goku sighed. "That's why I had wished for Chichi's pussy to handle my cock through the dragon balls. I fucked her into a coma every time and she would hallucinate whenever I wasn't around."

"It's only natural." Vegeta piped in smugly. "Your punches are enough to be CANONICALLY declared near universe-buster level. Of course your cock will rip a human's pussy apart." He was very proud of Kakarot. The dude was acting like a real Saiyan.

Naruto nodded. "Well you impregnated Hinata two times already, Goku. Bolt and Himawari miss you, you know. They want to know when their father plans to return. And Hinata wants to get pregnant again."

Goku sighed again. "All right. I'll visit soon. Tell Hinata that I'm gonna fuck her in a spaceship this time. That way, not only will she figuratively see stars each time I pound her pussy, but she'll literally see stars since we'll be in outer space."

"SOUNDS GOOD TO ME, DATTEBAYO!" shrilled Naruto before concentrating his energy. "Okay I gotta go. Time for me to take it in the ass! BELIEVE IT!"

The room was silent but no one dared speak.

SpongeBob SquarePants was scarred for life after hearing about that conversation.

Patrick Star casually picked his nose with drool leaking from the corner of his mouth.

Squidward, on the other hand, just didn't give a fuck.

"That was some gayass shit." announced the Magic Conch Shell, breaking the silence.

Vegeta laughed. "True that." He suddenly turned serious. "Oye, what're you gonna do about that Hyuuga chick, Kakarot?"

Goku smiled. "Well I'll tell Chichi that I plan to bring Hinata into our home. After so many hospital trips, she said it's getting harder for her to endure my Super Saiyan fucking. She'll be very relieved to hear that another woman is coming into the picture. It'll be easier for her in the longrun."

Vegeta smirked. "Plus that Kaguya slut is waiting for you back home as well."

"I completely forgot about that!" Goku laughed. "Well I guess it's time for us to depart." He waved at the Bikini Bottom residents. "See ya later, guys!" He and his friend vanished via Instant Transmission which he casually uses to teleport through the galaxies.

SpongeBob cringed. "I will never be the same again."

"Uhhhhhh… when are we going to the bar, SpongeBob?"

"You're already there, you fucking starfish!" roared Squidward. "Did you just zone out again?"

Patrick shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the powerful Magic Conch Shell. "Whatever. I'm going home."


That's all guys.

I wanted to write more and debunk fairy tail dragon slayer's 40th chapter but I just don't have the time to get into it. I barely have enough time as is. I need to relax tonight because tomorrow is a full time college schedule and an overnight shift at my job. Again, I'll make up for this lack of content (or I'll try to) in the next chapter. Don't be surprised if I'm still unable to make things better in the next chapter. Things aren't really good at my end. I still need to speak with the police tomorrow about what the fuck is going on with the case. It should've been dealt with. Thanks so much for the support. Oh and I wanna give a shoutout to "Prof. WoW" for creating his new stats sheet. The dude's been a major support for my stats sheet. Give him the same love. I haven't checked out his fic yet but I'll get into it the minute I get some free time. Anyway, that's all I gotta say.