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【 1 】

« Isolation »

I wake up whenever my eyes open
With nothing to do, I just blink
In the eyes of the busy people passing by
I guess I'm not there, I'm not there

— A Lost Puppy

‹ ‹ ‹ › › ›

Amidst the year, a surprise awaits

Unlikely friendships are made

Hufflepuff teaches the snake,

changing for goodness sake

Slytherin breaks the ideal,

they are more than just cunning and evil

Gryffindor with their headstrong sphere,

do in fact have a plan to be clear

Ravenclaw value good education,

but what is it without friendly competition?

Perhaps this unity could be achieved

A force that is yet to be reckoned with

With one final line, the sorting hat finished its song, signalling for the students to begin their burst of anxiety. Chatter went amongst the different houses since they suspected something different was taking place this year. Nonsense about unity didn't sit quite well with them however.

Professor Buscuit Krueger cleared her throat, silencing the students for a minute, hearing hushed whispers hear and there. She read off the names in their usual, alphabetical order until she reached the E's.

"Ephicurus, Tessa."

A young girl with light brown hair, dip dyed with red, and brown eyes approached the stool, a mumbling mess. She kept murmuring to herself, hoping to be sorted into a house where she'd be accepted. Insecure whether or not she was smart enough, the sorting hat finally decided it was about time she shut her mouth and listen to what he had to say.

'Now, Miss Ephicurus, I assure you that you truly belong to a certain house, no doubt about it,' he told her, calming her doubt.

She nodded her head, putting all her trust in the hat especially due to what she's read about it. He always made the right choice, she assumed she wasn't the exception.


With a booming voice, loud enough that there was no need for a sonorous charm, the Ravenclaws clapped generously, welcoming their new addition. Tessa felt relief flood her as she made her way to their table. She sat down beside a somewhat scary-looking boy who looked to be in his sixth year. He had mid-length black hair and grey eyes. He sported a black scarf that covered his mouth. Tessa wanted to remark that he looked very depressing, not because of his excessive use of black but due to how his eyebrows would knit together as if he had a scowl on.

"Hello, my name's Tessa Ephicurus!" she introduced cheerfully, not wanting to judge the boy from his exterior features.

"Shove off," he replied, angrily.

His harsh tone made Tessa squirm in her seat and avert his eyes, praying that the others were a tad bit nicer compared to him. She decided to focus her attention on the next student in line to be sorted and found her eyes wide.

"Bloody hell, that's Gon Freecss!" she exclaimed loudly, covering her mouth from embarrassment.

"So we've heard," the dark-haired male grumbled.

"Aw come on, Feitan, all of us have only seen the famous boy from books and pictures," a blond man said, his green eyes glinted curiously.

"Shut up, Shalnark," Feitan hissed.

The blond rolled his eyes and turned back to the front, giving Tessa a slight pat on the back. Tessa followed his action and watched as the Boy-With-The-Christmas-Tree-Hair skipped to the stool and position himself cooly.

Gon brought his gaze curiously to what he could see of the hat.

'Well, well, if it isn't the young Freecss.'

The two exchanged polite words before the hat decided to announce the house of the boy, "Gryffindor!"

'Your parents would've been proud,' the hat remarked before he was plopped off Gon's head who was beaming at him.

Slytherins scowled in response, sighing in exasperation as the lions roared with laughter and shouts like they had won the Quidditch cup. Gon joined the group where they preceded to tackle and praise him, leaving him confused what caused all the attention he was receiving. He didn't find it necessary but at least he had friends.

"Silence!" Professor Krueger ordered, giving a stern look to her house though she silently clapped amongst them in her mind.

Many regarded as one of those who had an eye for potential and skill, she'd hoped the Ephicurus girl could end up in her house albeit she agreed with the hat's decision. Ravenclaw would indeed suit her well, perfect even.

"Le Vaste, Allena"

"Darn it, she didn't complete Allena's name. Allena Forte E. Le Vaste, how hard is that?" the girl called muttered to herself, trying not to correct the deputy headmistress.

The girl had black hair and heterochromic eyes, the right eye was gold while the other was a piercing red. She had one of those looks that made it seem like she could see right through you, literally. She put on a confident stride as she hopped on the stool gingerly, a toothy grin on her face. She knew exactly where she wanted to be sorted into. No, it wasn't Gryffindor, the so-called favorite.

'Hey Sorting Hat, put Allena in Hufflepuff!' she ordered.

'I see no other option, Ms. Le Vaste. So be it," he said.

'Ha! Allena knew it," she stated smugly.

'You wish to find something, don't you?' the hat inquired.

'Tsk, someone!' Allena corrected, her eyes narrowed.

'Of course.'

"Hufflepuff!" the hat yelled, waiting as he was lifted from her head.

Allena ran to the Hufflepuff table and sat beside an orang-haired boy who she assumed was a year older. He kindly made space for her and introduced himself as Pokkle, offering his hand to lock their acquaintanceship. She grasped his hand and smiled, swishing her legs under the table.

Her eyes curiously looked to the pale brunette who was next in line for the sorting. Her sea green eyes went from the enchanted ceiling to headmaster Netero then the silver-haired male at the far back. Allena noted how frazzled the brunette's braid was from her constant shaking and restlessness.

"Rule, Annon"

Allena was positive that she'd never heard that last name within the pureblood circles her family was part off. She shrugged Annon off as a muggleborn who was new to the wizarding world despite feeling that there was more to it.

'Ah, Miss Rule. Last time I checked the Rule family had isolated themselves from both the muggle world and wizarding world. Quite a pleasant face to see today, eh?' the sorting hat chatted with her fondly.

'Y-yes. I seem to have broken tradition, haha,' she chuckled nervously, once again eyeing the headmaster.

'You're very lucky only the headmaster and I know about your heritage. Not a single person here would believe you to be a pureblood, not a single book or mention of your lineage, after all,'

'..Yes.. I wouldn't want to be sorted into Slytherin, that's for sure. My mother had described it as the House of Prejudice. I never quite understood her paranoia,' she agreed scrutinisingly.

'That settles it then—,'

"— Slytherin!"

Before Annon could protest, the hat had made its decision final. She wondered if the hat was a sadist since her fears of prejudice began to resurface. She had to tell herself that judging the house would also mean she herself was prejudiced.

Her designated house exchanged glances amongst one another, not quite sure as to who the girl was. It was then that they categorised her as a nobody. One boy talked to her, he was well overweight and had black hair, coupled with beady black eyes to match.

"So Rule, what's your blood heritage?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm —"

Annon was cut off by their head of house walking towards them, his robes fluttering dramatically.

"Well, it seems we have a muggleborn in our house," Professor Shaiapouf remarked with a sneer before walking over to a tall, dark-haired male beside Annon who stared at her apathetically.

The boy who had previously talked to Annon grimaced, completely ignoring her.

"Revolting! A Zoldyck like me just addressed that inferior mudblood," he said it to the person next to him who snickered. His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Professor Krueger's lips pressed into a thin line, obviously insulted by Milluki Zoldyck's outburst. She'd have to scold the fifth year later, she reminded herself. She could see the enormous amount of magic around Annon and was impressed, mentally telling herself to have a quick conversation with the girl. She continued to read the names, shooting Annon a look of pity.

"Tempes, Amelia"

'Ah, another one with extreme potential,' she noted.

Amelia had red hair, it wasn't exactly ginger. It resembled the color of a red apple in contrast to the girl's emerald green eyes. She put on an air of superiority, flashing a glare at the headmaster who could only laugh with mirth.

'Miss Tempes, it'd be quite alright to lift that frown, don't you think so?' the hat suggested.

She contemplated it and nodded, keeping her face neutral.

'Let's see, similar to Miss Rule, you'd fit in all the houses yet the best is undeniably with the lions. Please do watch over that lot,' it said.


Gryffindors once again hollered gleefully and high-fived one another, bringing the girl in what you'd consider a manly embrace. She only stiffened upon the contact and promised to herself that she'd subtract points for such actions in the future, if she became a prefect. Headmaster Netero clapped respectfully as Amelia shook her head in annoyance.

More names were called, with a Zoldyck as the last. Professor Krueger raised her eyebrow slightly as the tension between the oldest Zoldyck and Killua was starting to make itself known. The two made it look like they were interrogating one another telepathically. Once "Zoldyck, Killua" was called, the eye contact was broken.

'Quite a devious battle there, Mr. Killua Zoldyck,' the sorting hat commented.

'Hm. Don't put me with him,' venom laced his words as he put intense emphasis on the word, him.

'Ah, I wouldn't dream of it. Your brother, Illumi would definitely agree that you'd fit in within Slytherin however..' it trailed off knowingly, contemplating.


Illumi Zoldyck kept his anger to a minimum. He wasn't the type to lash out lest he'd have strangled the mudblood that sat beside him. Despite his stoic reaction, Annon could feel the intense defiance his posture held. His eyes were a blank but they spelled out his thoughts completely, "Gryffindor? Rubbish."

If he had voiced it out then he definitely would've spat and broken his glass of pumpkin juice. Annon chose not to make a comment and simply followed the figure of the silver-haired male whom she noted was the only one with such a peculiar hair color compared to his siblings. He chatted with Gon Freecss who had given him a high-five. He'd glanced at the Slytherin table and caught Annon's eye. He shook his head and turned back to the annual feast.

'…So Gryffindors either pity or dislike me, seeing as some had an expression of contempt while I headed to the Slytherin table. The Slytherins on the other hand are disgusted. Thankfully, some are being quite civil,' Annon thought to herself as she took a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

There was significant space between her and the two Zoldycks at her side. Clearly, they were avoiding her except the redhead in front of her who eyed her like she was a piece of meat. Coincidentally, her elbow brushed against the eldest Zoldyck, earning a "tch" in return. Annon huffed resolutely and continued to eat, disregarding the isolation she was subjected to.