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Chapter 2: Devils and Dragons

Unknown Time, Natsu' Dreamscape

In what 'Natsu' was seeing, there was a large, grassy plain covered in what appeared to be the afternoon sun. In the middle of that plain stood what appeared to be Zeref with Natsu as a kid along Mavis and a little girl with long black hair and red eyes. 'Natsu' was pretty sure that people in front of him were Zeref, Mavis and himself but he had no idea who the last one is.

Mavis had a black marker in her left hand and a red marker in her right, and she was drawing something below Natsu and Zeref's right shoulders and the other girls's left shoulder, Natsu with the red, Zeref and the black haired girl with the black.

"And... done!" Mavis exclaimed. The three then looked at what Mavis had drawn.

"What is this?" Zeref asked confusedly as he looked at the weird drawing.

"The blazon of Fairy Tail! Do you like it? If you don't, too bad, cause I already drew it on my arm last night!" She rolled up her right sleeve to show a golden version of what she had crudely drawn below her right shoulder.

"It's cool, but before we give this to anyone else, can we get a better artist?" Natsu asked, earning a smack in the back of the head from the black haired girl. This caused 'Natsu' chuckled slightly.

"It's alright, Alice, I know my art sucks, so there's no need to get upset." Even though Mavis said this, she was crying a large amount of tears.

"You're crying again," The black haired girl, Alice said tiredly.

"No, I'm not." She retorted, wiping away her tears before back to her cheery mood. "Anyway, this is just the beginning. Before we know it, we'll have our own guild that will be unlike any other. It won't exclude you if you're weak, it will give everyone a nice meal if they're hungry, and, best of all... everyone will be family..." Mavis started to cry again, but the other knew that these weren't tears of sadness, so he stayed silent. "Hey, guys... promise me that... we'll always be friend, okay? The four of us, no matter what, will be friend forever, right?"

"Of course." Zeref said, smiling at the blond girl getting a nod from Alice. 'Natsu' who saw this couldn't help but seed few tears at this memory but he still confused who this Alice girl is.

"That's obvious, ain't it?!" Natsu exclaimed. "The four of us, you, me, Alice and Zeref, we're always gonna be friend forever…"

"…And don't forget about your promise to me Natsu." Alice told the pink haired boy who grinned at her as she holding his hand. "In the future, you promise to-"

Wednesday, August 18th 2010, 06:13 P.M, Japan, Tokyo, Vermillion Residence.

"NATSU, WAKE YOUR LAZY ASS RIGHT NOW!" Mavis yelled as she shook Natsu violently, causing his eyes widened as he get up from his bed.

"Oh shit! We're gonna be late school!" And that backfired on Natsu Dragneel as he ran towards his new school. He had totally forgotten to set the alarm before he slept. He woke up feeling disorientated and was confused why the alarm didn't set off. Imagine his shock when he saw the time, which was 17 minutes left until class starts. After having a quick shower, wore his school uniform and placed a piece of bread between his teeth, he ran off to his school without stopping along with Mavis. Natsu had told Mavis to go ahead to school first bbut Mavis insisted she waited for him, knowing what trouble he's gonna get on the way.

It has been a month since Natsu and Mavis's arrival in this new universe and Zeref hadn't made his appearance yet. During the week, Rias and his friends constantly approaching them, perhaps trying to get some information about them but the two always politely avoided them and told them they were busy. Hell, even Rias invited them to her Occult Research Club which they declining politely. During past month, Natsu and Mavis always training in mountain so no one would saw them using their magic but Natsu also thought their life just getting dull without some action. The only action they ever had was when a being called stray devil attacked them and Natsu annihilated her in one shot.

After what feels like hours of running, they finally reached the school gates. Regaining their breath and wiping the sweat off their forehead, they exhaled a sigh of relief as Natsu checked his watch, stating that there were 6 minutes left till class starts.

Time Skip

The ending bell sound resonated throughout the school and everyone got up and left. Outside, it was nice. The sun was overhead and it wasn't hot or cold, but fresh outside. Natsu and Mavis trekked through the greens aiming for the Occult Research Club building in the distance. They stopped though when they heard a group of whispers. Natsu and Mavis came across the three boys from their class. Natsu recognized them to be Hyoudou Issei, Matsuda and Motohama. From their position, it looked as if they were spying on someone; if that's true, they weren't doing a very good job.

"What are they doing?" Mavis whispered, narrowed her jade eyes. Natsu looked above to read the sign on the building. He smirked and shook his head with amusement. He tapped her shoulder, and pointed to the sign above. Mavis's eyes widened as she read it. 'Girl's...Locker room?'

"Why those little...perverts!" She stomped towards them to give them a piece of her mind. Natsu just stood there giving off a dark chuckle, oh he was gonna enjoy this.

"Yup I came across this the other day. Figured I should share my discovery with my bros." Matsuda said in a prideful tone.

"Excellent work Matsuda! Now we can see a bunch of these beauties naked at the same time!" Motohama was ogling the girls he could see through a peephole in the wooden wall.

"Oppai! So much oppai!" Issei grinned perversely next to Motohama.

"Ahem!" A cheery voice sounded behind them. The three yelled in surprise, froze from fear and slowly turned around to face Mavis. Their faces had the expression of true horror as they were met her smiing expression. They whimpered like cornered puppies as they huddled together, too afraid to move. The perverted trio don't needed to be genius to figure out that Mavis was utterly pissed. Despite Mavis was smiling, they could tell she was very VERY upset.

"What exactly are you doing? Are you peeping?" Mavis asked rather in cherful tone causing the trio cowered in fear even more. The girl's that were in the locker rooms came out dressed in training clothes and had bamboo swords. They stopped next to Natsu as they watched Mavis beat the living daylights out of the three perverts. Her thrashing ranged from ball-smashing and head-smacking.

"What's going on?" One of the girls asked the pink-haired boy and couldn't help but blushing ay his sight.

"Oh that?" Natsu pointed at the golden fury called Mavis. "Mavis caught them peeking into the locker rooms so she took it upon herself to 'punish' them." Natsu informed them as a chuckle escaped his mouth.

All the girls shivered as they watched Mavis's onslaught. This is her giving punishment? They sure do not want to get her angry. After a few moments they saw Mavis walking over to them with a satisfied smile plastered on her features.

"Let's go Natsu….there's something I want to show you." Mavis grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the girl and was about to leave the school. This was interrupted when both two students, named Toju Koneko and Yuuto Kiba came to them just before they leaved and this time they didn't ask if Natsu and Mavis would come with them, they insisted, rather rudely mind you, they bluntly told Natsu and Mavis that they would take the two there by force if either Mavis or Natsu refused to come with them.

This put both Fairy Tail's mages in a new situation, because as they had already contemplated on before, they would not flare their power, the attention simply wasn't worth the hassle. Mavis just sighed tiredly and gestured for them to lead the way.

As they walked to the ORC, many girls and male started shrieking and gasping as they now thought two most popular students, Natsu and Mavis were the new members of the ORC, jealous taunts where heard when they walked with them to the ORC, but again, Natsu and Mavis simply ignored it completely.

(Scene Change)

"Did you feel it Akeno?" Rias Gremory asked as she watched Natsu and Mavis walked towards her place from the clubhouse window.

"Ara Ara, is it love to that boy I see here Buchou." Himajima Akeno, Rias Gremory's queen said.

"I am serious here Akeno. They don't feel like any devil, fallen angle or even an angle." The red haired girl scolded. "Thought I'm 100% sure they are suppressing their power right now, I can feel they are easily at Ultimate class devil's level."

"Well they might be a stray or something like that hiding. Should we dispose them ?"Akeno asked curiously.

"No, we will wait until we figure out what he is."

"As you wish Buchou." Akeno said.

(Scene Chance)

Once inside the clubroom, Natsu and Mavis stood impatiently in the middle of the room, while waiting for Rias, who evidently JUST before they arrived had chosen to take a shower, with the sole purpose of trying to seduce Natsu with her feminine wilds. This again turned out to be a huge failure when she came out of the shower only to see Natsu unamused while he along with Mavis waiting VERY impatiently for her to say her piece so he could move on.

'And I thought Gray was a pervert' Natsu thought to himself as he brushed off Rias's attempt to seduce him.

He only interested to girl that saw him as a mere Natsu, a girl who love him to all of their hearts. And so far, Mavis was the only one who was fit in that category. He couldn't deny it anymore, he knew he likes Mavis. Mavis was a cherful girl but she could get serious if she wanted to. Not to mentioned she was beautiful, no, beautiful wasn't the right word, she was drop death gorgeous.

Rias after a slight loss of composure with a pout included, she straightened herself and went to her desk and sat on the front of it, revealing her panties to Natsu on purpose again in a small try to intrigue him. Then she started to speak.

"Welcome to the Occult Research Club Dragneel-san, Vermillion-san, I've been trying to get you to come talk to me for a while now, and I have a suggestion I would like to .." She was then promptly interrupted by Mavis by her raising her hand.

"Would you please cover yourself up, I find it very rude and very immature to talk with someone who doesn't even know how to cover themselves in the presence of people they don't know." Mavis stated with emotionless jade eyes, glaring directly into Rias eyes as the crimson-haired girl tried to seduce HER Natsu. Just like Natsu, she finally admitted it that she loved the pink haired dragon slayer with all her heart. She'd never thought it's even possible but a month in this new world without war against Zeref, she finally can have peaceful time she'd never thought she would ever get.

'Not to self, give Zeref less painful death as thanks.' She made that mental note as she continued glared at Rias.

The crimson-haired girl shivered at this as she tried closed her legs together a fidgeted with her skirt to make it hide the top of the thighs better. "I'm sorry for the immature display Vermillion-san" she stated with an embarrassed look on her face.

Natsu clearly lost all his patients and decided to interrupt. "Straight to the point, what are you all devils want from us?" Natsu bluntly asked, causing Mavis sighed tiredly. She was expecting this would come but she also tired being followed by Rias or his friends.

Rias and her Peerage of course widened their eyes a bit but they were expecting this. Natsu and Mavis are not normal Humans, so they shouldn't have surprised if they knew who they really are.

"I'm not gonna ask how did you know us being devil…" Rias continued. "…but I have an offer I would like to propose to you you, as I'm sure you already know, we are all devils, and I would like to ask you know, rather bluntly, would you like to become a devil, part of my peerage and my servant?" she ended her little speech.

Natsu and Mavis looked at her with emotionless eyes as the red head offered them to became her SERVANT, then they changed to a rather, amused look, and then "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" They laughed hard, holding their sides, pausing, looking up at Rias, continue laughing, both of them almost fell to their ass.

At this, kiba and Koneko flinched, someone was laughing at their master, rather rudely, after such a generous offer. Kiba then summoned a demonic sword, and vanished in thin air, were as Koneko simply cocked her fist back and launched at the two.

Kiba going for his throat and Koneko for his abdomen, Natsu and Mavis noticed this but they didn't stopped laughing. Natsu lifted his index finger up and a dozen black thorny chains suddenly erupted from the ground, the chains wrapped both attackers rather tightly, digging the thorn a bit into their bodies, completely bounded them.

This chain was one of his curses he possessed as E.N.D called Rensa no Juho [Chain Curse]. A Curse which allowed him to create a series of thorny black chains and Natsu was able to use this curse in various ways.

Natsu and Mavis stopped laughing as they felt Rias flared her aura as she witnessed her peerage were at Natsu's mercy. Natsu merely glared at her. "Try it…I dare you!" Natsu challenged causing Rias flared her aura even more but she widened her eyes in shock as Mavis released her own Aura that completely on different level.

At the meantime in the Student Council Room, Sona and her entire peerage finally was allowed up from the floor. They were breathing heavily and were looking at each other with a scared look, and the only thought that went through Sona's mind was.

"Rias, what in the world did you do?!"

Back to the other, Rias and her bounded peerage were on the ground currently crushed by the aura Mavis released while the room was completely in mess. Rias stared at the blond girl with scare in her eyes. 'H-How is this possible…how could a human is releasing an incredible aura like this. I had only felt this kind of aura from top class fighters like onii-sama when he was serious. No wait…this aura might outclass even him.' That thought was scare Rias to death, to think a human could outclass a Super Devil like her brother and Ajuka Beelzebub and the fact, there are two of them. Rias decided it was definitely not a wise idea to antagonize someone who standing above her brother's level. Hell, even Rias sure these two could take on two strongest being in existence like Ophis and The Great Red.

Natsu gazed softened before swatted his hand, causing the chains disappeared as he turned to Mavis. "That's enough Mavis." He told her. The blond slowly nodded before flared down her aura, allowing the devils to breath. Mavis still glared at Rias which the red head found was frightened her as Natsu continued. "We appreciate your offer…but we don't take order from anyone, not even from God itself."

Mavis raised her hand in front of herself. Suddenly a ripple occurring in front and shattered like glass. "If we detect any of you spying on us….that would be the last thing you remembered." Mavis threatened the devils before she and Natsu walked into the void, as they left the crack stitched back to normal, leaving Rias and her peerage in deep thought.

Wednesday, August 18th 2010, Unknown Time, Dimensional Gap.

Ophis was silently floating around the Dimensional gap, waiting patiently for the vast power to return to her. She still wondered about the four powerful beings that she had felt something a month ago, two in underworld and two in Human world. She's really interested to this being. That thought also confused Ophis, why did it refer to itself as a she, no longer a it? The Dragon God was genderless, but it felt like it had to be a she, and the only thought it, now she, could come to peace with, was that the vast power she was to claim, was a male, and she NEEDED it as her MATE and get rid the Great Red for good.


Speaking of devil….Ophis's eyes twitched as she heard the annoying voice again for the fifth time in the day, she'd never knew how much time had passed in Dimensional Gap, her former home before the Great Red took over it. She turned her head and saw her arc enemy doing stunt in the air. If only she could make him shut for a moment. She was surprise, thought she never show it when the colossal red dragon stopped in the mid air and looking at the distance.

Suddenly a ripple occurring not far from their spot before a crack appeared in the air. Two powerful being raised their eyebrow as a hand came out from the crack causing it shattered like glass before they saw two figures walked out from the shattered crack. In front of them was a teenager with spiky pink hair, onyx eyes wearing a male school uniform and white scaly scarf accompanied by a blond haired young woman wearing a female school uniform.

Ophis eyes widened in a form of shock and surprise as she felt their power that resembled the vast power she felt a month ago. Though it was far smaller in power since they are currently suppressing their powers, she was sure, it was them, one of them is her target. Now normally Ophis does not care for her form and size, but she now had this feeling, that she needed to be something that would attract the boy she was searching for.

She was currently in the body of a small girl no younger than 10 years old, with a Gothic Lolita outfit on, but this changed drastically as her body began to glow white and the change was instant. Instead of the little girl, was now a women at the age of 19. Long pitch black hair that went to her waist and a very slender figure with a very amble bosom. Easily at the same size as the blond woman beside the boy. She had black emotionless cold eyes and a very pale complexion. She also grew to the size of 5´9, slightly shorter than that pink haired boy, this she chose on pure instinct.

'He will be mine, he IS mine, MINE!' Ophis thought, looked down herself and with a satisfied small smiled, but before she could do anything to the boy. The Great Red got in her way, Again.

"What are you Humans doing here?" The colossal dragon grumbled in question as he eyed the two in interested. Nothing can survive within the Dimensional Gap without magical protection. Anyone without such protection dies within a matter of seconds after being exposed to the "nothingness" within the Gap.

But somehow…these two are exceptions.

The pink haired boy looked up to the gigantic dragon and grinned as he felt his power. The Red Dragon was easily at Acnologia's level. This is perfect, being a battle maniac as he was, the pink haired boy could test his power on him since the red dragon was possibly one of few most powerful being in this universe.

And he liked it.

"Well my name is Natsu Dragneel…" Natsu introduced himself, before pointing at the blond girl. "That's my friend Mavis Vermillion. I'm here because Mavis want to show me this place but who thought I would find someone strong enough to my sparring buddy."

The Great Red narrowed his eyes, sure the boy was strong along with that Mavis girl over there who eyed Ophis in interested but how could a 'Human' possessed so much power before he felt something familiar about the boy.

'This feeling…could it be?' The Great Red thought, still not sure if what he was thinking was true but he decided to give it a try. "Tell me something Human…Does the name of Igneel sounds familiar to you?" The Great Red asked, causing Natsu and Mavis widened their eyes in shock while Ophis only raised an eyebrow at that name.

"You know Igneel?" Natsu asked curiously.

The Great Red nodded his massive head. "Yes…it a thousand years ago…"

(Flashback Start)

The Great Red was lost in thought as he flew around the dimensional Gap. Only one word he could describe about this place…..Boring. There is nothing he could do here except flew around the endless space.

The Great sighed tiredly. 'Another boring day.' He could actually spend his day by annoys Ophis but she was not in Dimensianal Gap at the moment and the Ouroboros Dragon always ignored him, probably still angry at him took her home.

But when he was about to fly back to his place, the Great Red felt a powerful Maryoku [Magic Power] from distance. He grinned before flew to the source in high speed. When he arrived, he saw a giant bright light, easily at the same size as him. He raised his eyebrow, what the hell was that. But imagined his shock when he saw a Dragon came out from the light.

The dragon was big, almost as big as the Great Red. Its body covered with dark, red scales. The dragon's lower body, specifically its belly, the inner portions of its long tail, and legs, was beige in color. It also has noticeable scars on it belly and neck, with the largest one, which was X-shaped, located around the center of his body. His back has numerous black spikes, reaching down from the back to the end of its tail. The dragon has a triangular head with horns, a pair of large, round eyes with yellow sclera and a sharp horn pointing upwards just above its nose. The red dragon also sports very sharp canine teeth, and has claws with long, sharp, red nails. Its large bony wings resemble a bat's, with rippled tips. Additionally, it has four legs.

"Damn you Zeref….throwing me to that damn Eclipse Gate!" The unknown Dragon grumbled angrily. The Great Red raised his eyebrow wondered who was the other dragon talking about. The smaller red dragon looked around, trying to figure out where the hell Zeref has sent him. "Now, where the hell am I?"

"Who are you…fellow dragon and how did you get here?" The Great Red asked, hopping this dragon wasn't as stoic as Ophis since it's so boring without someone you could talk to.

The red dragon perked up to saw a colossal dragon, a bit bigger than him descended from the air. He narrowed his eyes in suspicious, normally he wouldn't answer to stranger but the thing is Zeref has sent him to unknown location and perhaps he could get some info about where he was now and how he could get back to Earthland.

"I'm Enryuo [The King of Flame Dragon] Igneel." Igneel replied with booming voice. "As for your second question, I was sent here because that bastard Zeref threw me at the Eclipse Gate!" He continued before he asked the Great Red back. "Now…tell me, who are you and where am I now?"

After introduced himself to Igneel, The Great Red told him that he was in Dimensional Gap, a place that existed between the three worlds. Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld and was considered a void world. The Dimensional Gap also can be used as a means of traveling between world and Great Red asked if Igneel was come from Earth. To much his shock, Igneel informed him that he was from a different world called Earthland, a world where not only supernatural being that possessed Magic but humans as well. Igneel told Great Red about Zeref who was known as the most feared mage in his world even Dragons feared him, he also didn't forget to tell Great Red about Acnologia, a Dragon whose power beyond Igneel.

The Great Red was interested about the world Igneel came from and wanted to go there but he knew he couldn't, afraid he would interfered the history of that world. In exchange of telling his story, The Great Red also told Igneel about the world his world. The Three Factions of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels warred against one another under the leaderships of the Biblical God, the Four Great Satans, and the Fallen Angel organization, Grigori, led by Azazel, in a conflict which came to be known as the Great War.

They decided to spar a bit and sparred for three hours, The Great Red was cornering Igneel before Igneel forced The Great Red to accept a draw result. As the friendly fight over, a giant bright light from before appeared again. Igneel knew that's his cue to leave before the light disappeared again.

"Well, that was fun Red, but it's time to say good bye!" Igneel grinned at Great Red who grinned back at him and began to walk towards the light.

"Likewise…I'll never forget about you, Enryuo Igneel!" Great Red said with respect in his voice, he finally found someone he could respect and looked at him as other Dragon not as the strongest being in existence.

Ignnel nodded before continued walked into the light before he disappeared from Great Red's sight, leaving the colossal dragon with unforgettable meeting with a dragon from other world.

(Flashback Start)

"That's how I met him. He was and still the only one I respect" Great Red finished his story, Ophis was speechless about this. Never in her wildest dream Great Red would respect anyone aside himself. Natsu was also speechless about this, Igneel never told him about this, he didn't know why but remembering the one who raised him from child make him seed few tears since Igneel is no more. "By the way…How is he doing over there?"

Natsu was about to broke down in tears but if Igneel saw this form heaven (from his world) then he would be disappointed at him and scolded him 'I didn't raise you to be a whimp' and threw him off the mountain he lived.

"Igneel is death, killed by Acnologia!" Natsu told Great Red who widened his eyes, couldn't believed from what he just heard.

"Igneel died?" Great Red murmured and silently mourning to the king of flame dragon. He thought Igneel was kidding when he informed him about Acnologia being far stronger than Igneel. "I'm truly sorry about that."

"Enough mourning…" Natsu wiped his tears and back to his cheery self again. "…Let's fight, old man!" Natsu challenged Great Red. Mavis only shook her head at his antic while Ophis watched the scene silently in interested.

This is his chance to prove himself to be a worthy mate for the Dragon God. If he could defeat Great Red or forcing Great Red to trying, he passed her test. Ophis however wondered about this Mavis girl beside her, She was a mystery. She looked and seemed human for the most part but she radiated a power that easily matched her own and Great Red's.

Ophis decided to aside that thought before back her attention to Natsu. 'Let's see just how strong you really are Natsu Dragneel.'

"Fine we will….spar" Great Red then released a massive roar to signify that he was battle ready. "Prepare yourself…Son of Igneel!"

"I'M ALL FIRED UP!" Natsu declared while his body began covered in red scale, indicating him entering his Doragon Fosu [Dragon Force]. "Karyu no Hoko! [Fire Dragon's Roar]!" With a shout, Natsu unleashed gigantic quantity of golden flames from his mouth on a direct path towards Great Red, destroying the ground underneath it as it sped towards its target.

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