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-----CHAPTER ONE: "Trust me."

A young lady smiled happily to herself as she heard the birds chirping away in front of her window. She loved how the sparrows had a sweet pitch in it, unlike bluejays that had a slightly different tone. She opened the glass plane with care and sighed softly as she breathed in the fresh morning smell that had a dash of morning dew inside. The sunlight gently shined down on her and bathed her into a mystical warmth and comfort. Everything just seemed so wonderful, so perfect. She could feel something special was going to happen today.

A young man, older than her, came into her room while she was humming while brushing her auburn locks with care. "Ohayo, kaijuu~!" He greeted playfully. When he noticed her smile, he commented, "Someone's in a good mood today."

"Oniichan! I am not a kaijuu!" She denied firmly, her lips pouting. Her older brother grinned and ruffled her hair. "Ek! Now you ruined my hair!" As she patted down her long hair that cascaded to her waist, she noticed that her brother was looking at her.

Grinning, she got up and turned him around, marching him out her room. "You can go now," She suggested with an overly innocent smile on her face.

"Oh, can I?" He mocked, using his sister's tone.

"Baka Touya!" She retorted, sticking her tongue out. "Now go. I can manage myself you know." She added, closing the door gently behind her. Touya smiled as the door closed.

"I guess she'll never change." He said softly to himself. "But it took her a while to stand up again," He stopped in mid-sentence and looked at the closed door where Sakura's humming was once heard again. "I hope she's fine now." He prayed and walked downstairs where his mother and father greeted him.

"Ohayo, Touya. Is Sakura up yet?" her mother asked, her bright eyes shimmering worriedly. Touya nodded and sat down at the breakfast table in front of his father. The three placed the morning breakfast on the table and waited for the last member of the family to join them on the bright Saturday morning.

"Ohayo!" A cheerful voice chirped.

All three didn't have to turn to see who it was. "Ohayo, Sakura." The three responded in unison. Sakura giggled and slid into her seat behind Touya with a little difficultly. Touya reached out to help her, but only to be frowned at by Sakura. Touya shrugged and sat back. Nadeshiko smiled softly at her daughter's actions.

"Mm! Waffles and syrup for breakfast? I knew today was going to be a good day!" Sakura exclaimed as she breathed in the smell of her warm breakfast.

"Someone's in a good mood today," Fujitaka commented. Sakura grinned at his direction.

"Yep! I just feel that something's good is going to happen." She replied. "Besides, Touya mentioned it when he came into my room as well." Sakura thought this over again and smiled again.

"I guess today is going to be a really special day." The family of four laughed at her comment and as far as things were going, it was beginning to unfold as a really special day indeed.

* * * * * *

"Yo, you boy!" A large man with dark black hair and eyes shouted to a young man who was watering flowers outside. The man looked up from his job, his face clearly showing confusion. "Yes you! I'm talking to you boy! No, don't look the other way!" He yelled as the boy looked around himself to see if there was anyone else.

The large man laughed, his deep chuckle surprising the young man. "Aye, aye. I was talking to you, my lad." He said, calmly down while he clasped a heavy hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Oh. What did you call me for?" He asked, looking up at the man of six feet. It was hard to imagine him as a flower shop manager with all his muscles, but that was probably why he offered to make fences and simple carpentry for buyers.

"I need someone to watch the shop today. That partner of yours, Xiao.. Xiao whatever his name is, is working back at the shop with the carpentry stuff. You take care of the flowers and orders, you hear me?" the boy nodded, shaking his brown hair.

"Good, good." The man commented. "I'll be back by four." The manager eyed his employee skeptically, before laughing his booming laugh again.

"Don't drown the flowers, boy!" He called before he walked down the street, clad simply in overalls and a white shirt. The young man quickly looked down and lifted the watering pot before the peonies were swimming in a sea of water.

"Good morning sir," A voice greeted him. The young man looked up from his writing behind the counter.

"Good morning miss. How can I help you?" he replied with courtesy, putting down the pen he was using to write down the address the earlier customer had wanted its plants to be delivered to.

"Hai. I would like a fresh bouquet of flowers; it's for celebrating my daughter's seventeenth birthday. Perhaps you could decide on what kind of flowers?" She asked, smiling. "She's a bright cheerful girl."

The young man smiled back. "Of course," he replied. As he went around choosing flowers of dashing and lively colors, he commented, "Seventeen's a lucky age. How lucky of your daughter to have lived so long and so beautifully."

The woman laughed, tossing her light gray hair over her shoulders. "You say sweet words, young man. You must not be old yourself."

"I'm eighteen." He replied smoothly.

"And a handsome one as well." The women quipped, her eyes dancing teasingly. The young man shrugged.

"It has its problems." He replied, not really caring. To his surprise, the lady giggled.

"I hear you." She replied. "Thank god I found the man of my dreams at an early age, or else I've never would have been able to live so long." She joked. The young man smiled wryly as he carefully chose out a few yellow and pink Coreopsis with its dark brown centers.

"Oh! That's so lovely!" The woman gushed, looking at the rainbow of flowers in the young man's hands. The young man of eighteen smiled.

"The Coreopsis mean always happy," He explained, pointing to the bright small flowers of pink and yellow. The woman nodded enthusiastically, urging him to go on. "The white Camellias means adorable. And those blue-purple ones are Morning Glories, meaning affection."

"Kawaii~!" The woman exclaimed. "That's so perfect. Are you sure you don't know my daughter?" She joked. "That's the most perfect bouquet of flowers."

The flower shop's assistance shrugged. "They are just some of my favorite flowers." This woman was quite. energetic. He watched as the woman studied the flowers in fascination. After a moment, he coughed. The woman looked up from the flowers sheepishly.

"Gomen. It's just that the flowers are lovely," She replied.

"Don't worry about it." He replied. "I do it all the time." He took the flowers over from her and began wrapping them carefully in a light purple and pink paper.

"Here you go miss." The young man handed the flowers over to her. She smiled brightly and gave him the money and happily left.

"That was interesting." He commented to himself as he went back to work. After taking down the orders, he called to his partner to deliver them.

* * * * * *

"Sakura!" Nadeshiko called as she entered from the door. "I've got the most wonderful surprise for you!"

"Really?" Her daughter exclaimed. "I'm coming!" Nadeshiko giggled excitably as she hid the flowers behind her back.

"You got me flowers?" Sakura exclaimed in wonder when she smelt their wonderful fragrance before she even saw them.

"Hai!" Her mother replied. She handed the bouquet to her daughter. "Happy Birthday, sweetie." She said, giving Sakura a tight hug.

"Oh, arigato." She replied, hugging her mother back.

"The young lad working there got you wonderful Morning Glories, Camellias, and this C something flowers." Her mother replied, forgetting the name of the pink and yellow flowers.

"Coreopsis?" Sakura asked, inhaling the wonderful smell of flowers.

"That's the flower's name!" Her mother exclaimed. "Tomoyo should be coming over soon, don't you forget. I'll put these in your favorite vase, okay?"

"Arigato." She replied swiftly and headed for her bedroom to get ready when Tomoyo would come over.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Tomoyo declared happily, as she walked into the Kinomoto's house. Sakura giggled happily.

"Tomoyo!" She declared, getting up with her arms open. Tomoyo laughed and hugged her friend tightly.

"I've got the best present on earth for you," Her friend continued excitedly.

"Let me guess. a dress?" Sakura asked with amusement.

"Not any kind of dress, Sakura! It's my greatest one of all I believe." Her friend answered unfazed by her answer. "Come on, I'll help you change. Then we can go and spend some time together under the Cherry Blossom trees."

"Oh! No wonder I thought today was going to special. Cherry Blossoms bloom in April!" Sakura exclaimed.

"And also because its your birthday today," Touya interjected. Sakura turned her head in the direction of the speaker and stuck her tongue out playfully. "Once a kaijuu, always a kaijuu." Her brother mumbled.

"I heard that!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh, come on, Touya. It is her birthday today." Tomoyo replied, supporting her best friend. Touya raised his hands in defeat.

"All right. Happy Birthday Sa-kur-a." He replied, dragging his sister's name longer.

"Touya!" She fumed. He grinned and tossed her a parcel without warning. Although she didn't see it coming, she caught it with ease. Tomoyo smiled at her friend's talents.

"Oh! This is so pretty! Thank you Touya!" Sakura called once she discovered the present was a necklace. Her nibble hands examined the pendant and smiled when she noticed that it was a Cherry Blossom.

"Welcome, Sa-kur-a!" He called back, dragging her name once more. Sakura just giggled and slipped the necklace on her neck.

"Come on. Let's go to that picnic." Tomoyo suggested. Sakura nodded. The picnic was only for the two of them, something they did since they were small. It kind of became a tradition after all those years.

Her family bid her goodbyes with brief hugs and kisses on her cheek as Sakura, dressed in Tomoyo's gift, a light green sundress with daises cut out on the bottom hemline of the dress, and Tomoyo who was dressed in a pastel purple dress walked out the door.

"Oh! I can smell them from even here!" She exclaimed, as the fragrance of the flowers floated around her. Tomoyo giggled and clasped her hand over her friend's as they walked to the nearby park where Cherry Blossoms would be best.

Tomoyo kept her eye on her best friend, not wanting to get lost in the crowd that was celebrating a party on the street. In order to reach the park, they had to pass the crowd.

"Sakura! Sakura! Where are you?" Tomoyo's voice filled with extreme worry when she noticed that her best friend was nowhere in sight. Oh, how could she be careless? Searching around and not finding her, she quick dialed back to Kinomoto's house while she kept on searching for Sakura.

Sakura could feel herself getting lost as she walked along. She knew Tomoyo was not around and despite her loud callings to her friend; the loud blaring music of the parade covered her voice. Even though she was supposed to worried, somehow she felt at ease. Sometimes she disliked it when she had to be watched over every single second. Now, while she was alone, it felt kind of good.

And the Cherry Blossoms just made everything smell wonderful. She unconsciously was walking farther and farther away from the blaring music, following her senses and letting the unique fragrance leading her away.

The young man who was working in the flower shop was drumming his fingers on the desk bored when his head jerked up when he noticed a beautiful girl with long wavy auburn hair cascaded to her waist standing under the falling petals of a Cherry Blossom tree in front of the flower shop with her eyes closed. He could just feel his heart drop at the amazing beauty.

As if in a trance or whether the Gods made him do it, he found himself walking over to the young lady. With her back turned to him, he found that she was around his height and her beauty was almost too amazing to behold.

"The Sakuras are wonderful, ne?" he asked in almost a whisper, as if afraid to break his dream if it were one.

"Hai. They're lovely." The girl replied. Her voice was so musical.like trickling water over stones of a small stream.

"Indeed." He replied. Gods, he hoped that he wasn't going to wake up from his dream anytime soon.

The girl slowly turned around and the first thing he noticed was the smooth attractive smile she had on her face. Its brightness made her beauty glow.

It was then he noticed. And perhaps it was then he knew that he wasn't dreaming. The girl he was talking to was.

The girl smiled, but her smile contained some sadness. "Surprised?" She asked softly, her voice containing amusement and sadness at the same time.

He quickly shook his head. "No, no!" he denied quickly. That just drew a smile out of the girl. No.. she was still perfect. "I was just not expecting it." He finally said.

To his surprise, the girl giggled. "Isn't that the same thing as surprised?" She asked. The young man smiled slightly.

"I guess." He answered. "Here, I'll make it up to you. Why don't I get some drinks from the vending machine?"

"That's extremely nice of you to do so," She replied politely. He just shrugged and led her to a bench next o the shop. Fishing out a few coins from his pockets, he went over to the vending machine nearby the bench.

"What would you want?" He called.

"Orange juice would be just fine," She replied. He nodded and got two orange juices. He unconsciously threw the bottle of orange juice at the girl when it hit him once again that she was blind. He quickly reached to catch the bottle to find that he was holding the girl's hand.

The young lady had caught the bottle of orange juice. He just stared at her.

Her giggle broke his staring and quickly pulled back his hand in embarrassment. "Gomen," he apologized quickly.

"It's okay," She replied. "It was interesting. Why don't you sit down? There's shade under the bench." She asked. He shrugged and ending up sitting next to her.

"That was. amazing." He commented, trying to make conversation.

"My older brother taught me to train my other senses when I became blind." She replied simply. "It comes in handy here and there when they forget I'm blind."

"How.. Did you become blind?" He found himself asking. "I mean! I mean, if you don't mind me asking that is." He said quickly when he noticed how impolite he was acting.

"I became blind when I turned twelve. I was out shopping with a few friends of mine and while we were crossing the street, a drunk driver came driving up to us," She started, recalling how scary that day had been.

"There were three of us that day. I managed to push one of my friends out of the way but my other friend died a few days later in the hospital. Although I didn't get direct impact, I got blinded by the whole thing." She smiled sadly.

"Can't you get an operation? To see again?" He asked softly. She turned her head in his direction and looked down to her hands.

"It is possible that I can get an eye operation, but I'm afraid." She whispered. Her hands were shaking again. "I'm afraid that when I open my eyes I still can't see a thing. I don't think I would be able to stand that."

Suddenly she felt a warm pair of hands cover hers. He turned her hands over and held hands with her. "What is there to lose? You can see again."

"But." She started to say. His hands held hers a bit more firmly.

"There are no buts," He said, shaking his brown hair. "Trust me. Go get that operation. You just might be able to see again. Don't you want to?" He asked softly, wondering if he had hurt her emotions.

It was then the girl turned her face to him. "Arigato." She replied softly.

"Sakura!" A voice called, breaking the moment between the two. The girl's senses perked up and she got up from the bench. The young man reluctantly pulled his hands away from hers.

"Tomoyo! I'm over here!" She called, waving her hand. A purpled hair girl with lily colored eyes rushed to her friend, hugging her tight.

"You had me so worried!" She cried, blubbering. Sakura smiled and soothed her friend. "I don't ever want to lose you again. I feel bad enough that it's you who got hurt and not me during that accident."

"Oh Tomoyo. Don't think about that. I'm not sorry one bit that I got blind. I'm happy that you, instead were well." She replied. "Come on, don't we still have our lunch date?" She asked. The young man was amazed at her open heart.

Tomoyo nodded, wiping her eyes off the tears. Sakura turned to where she felt the man was standing and bowed lightly to him. "Thank you for your drink." She thanked.

"Not at all." He replied. "Trust me," He repeated, his gaze firmly on the girl.

She nodded. "Arigato." She whispered.

"You welcome. Have a nice day ladies." He nodded to Tomoyo and walked back into the shop.

"Who was that?" Tomoyo asked when they settled down at the park with Cherry Blossoms in full bloom around them. They had called Sakura's parents to tell her that she was okay and were now enjoying their picnic. Sakura just smiled secretively, a finger absently tracing the rim of her mug.

"Sakura?" Tomoyo asked, persistent. "What did he mean by 'trust me'?" Her friend smiled. Ever since the accident five years ago, Tomoyo became incredibly closer to her, as close as sisters or even closer. Sakura obviously didn't want to answer, so Tomoyo quit asking. The two just sat there in silence for a brief while, admiring everything that was happening around them.

"What's the probability of success?" She asked suddenly. Tomoyo looked up, surprised at her question.

"Of what?" Her friend asked, bewilered at her sudden question.

"Of the operation," She whispered, her face looking down.

"Operation?" Tomoyo repeated. Sakura didn't reply. Tomoyo just sat there, thinking a while before she knew what she was talking about. "The eye operation?" She asked softly.

Sakura nodded her head.

"About thirty percent." Tomoyo replied. "What's with the sudden interest? You refused it every time we mentioned about the operation." She asked, curiously. Although Sakura's head was still down, she could see that a faint blush had crept on her sister-like friend.

Tomoyo laughed lightly. "We'll talk about this to your parents tonight and we'll see what we can do, Sakura."

"Arigato." She mumbled gratefully, her lips curled up into a small smile.

Tomoyo smiled brightly. "Meanwhile, lets' celebrate this day, shall we?" Sakura's smile matched her friends as they talked wonderfully about what they were going to do in the last quarter at school. (It's spring break right now, for about two weeks.)

* * * * * *

Touya opened the door to find no one there. Confused, he found a pot of lovely white flowers. There was a card in an envelope attacked to the pot. Picking the elegant yet simple clay plot with care, he found that the letter was addressed to Sakura. Thinking that it was from a friend of Sakura to wish her happy birthday, he put the plant in his sister's room.

Sakura, her family and Tomoyo and her family went to a nice birthday party at the girl's favorite Japanese restaurant. When she got home, it was late and Tomoyo decided to sleep over that day.

"Hoe?" She exclaimed lightly as she smelt a distinct flower smell. "Tomoyo? Who gave me these flowers on my desk?" She asked, touching the flower gently.

"Oh! Those are so lovely!" Her friend exclaimed.

"I found them on our steps addressed to you, so I brought them in your room," Touya answered from the doorway. He was heading for his room when he heard their conversation. "There's a card, kaijuu. Anyhow, I'm going to bed. Don't talk too long, you guys." He said as he ambled off.

Sakura looked helplessly at the card when she found out that it wasn't written in brail. "Tomoyo? Could you read the letter to me?" She handed the letter to her best friend, in which she could trust her in anything to keep things secret.

"Okay." She took over the letter. She quickly scanned the short message before reading it out loud. "Sakura, snowdrops mean hope. Happy Birthday."

Upon hearing those simple words, Sakura smiled. She knew that it was from that mysterious guy who had talked to her and had convinced her in simple words to try the operation. She couldn't wipe her mind away his warm hands. The way he held her hands was probably the thing that made her trust him.

She knew deeply in her head that she wanted to see again.

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