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----- EPILOGUE: We start, only to begin

To love is an act of courage. Indeed, when we do love or care for someone, we're opening our hearts and thus making ourselves vulnerable. Like Sakura said, the price of love is high, especially how are heartaches when our loved ones leave. Yet it's the choice of loving, instead of hating, that makes us feel alive.

To tell the truth, things didn't change dramatically after Sakura found out that Syaoran was the one who she really loved with her whole heart because she always had, from the beginning. That's something that will never change. The love of someone never will change.

One can only love more, not less.


However, there are many puzzle pieces yet to be put into place.

It turns out that Long and Amaryllis became a very sweet couple, and she transferred to their school just to be with Lei. And me? I'm cool; after all I have Syaoran. Anyhow, she became great friends with everyone and turns around to be a pretty awesome girl. Amaryl's bit more on the quiet side, but she can be quite, uh, spontaneous sometimes, which makes us laugh out loud, especially Meiling who loves a girl who dares, like herself.

Lei Long and I had a really long talk (with me beside his hospital bed. He stayed there for quite a while.). It turns out that he knew Syaoran and my talk on my birthday because he happened to be a passerby. He had followed me from the moment I was lost and had wanted to talk to me but that was when Syaoran came. In the end, somehow the two of us end up laughing about the whole thing. I know with my whole heart that we'll remain best friends no matter what.

Tomoyo finally plucked up the courage to tell Eriol that she liked him with the great urging of Meiling and me. It was the most kawaii scene I ever saw in my whole life. In fact, I have it on tape. Here's just a small little clip of what happened:

----- Upon my idea, Tomoyo had decided to sing a song dedicated to Eriol on a school wide concert. With Meiling's help, Tomoyo was in a long glittering purple spaghetti strap dress with her raven hair up in ringlets and light slivery eye shadow. (I mean it; she's a professional. I'm surprised why those music people haven't picked her away and slam her into the musical world yet.)

Meiling and I, who were backstage, gave Tomoyo an encouraging smile before the girl glided on stage. Smiling nervously, she spoke into the microphone.

"Before I start my performance, I would like to thank this special someone who this song is for. I would like to thank him for all the encouragement he has given me along the way."

A soft music floated into the auditorium, a familiar sound. It was a pity that Tomoyo had to sing the song alone; after all it was to a duet. Our star gave a trembling smile and started to sing.

"Never knew I could feel like this. Like I've never seen the sky before. I want to vanish inside your kiss. Every day I'm loving you more than this. Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings, telling me to give you everything. Seasons may change, winter to spring. But I love you until the end of time."

As she continued to sing the chorus, "Come what may. Come what may. I will always love you, until my dying day," She didn't notice someone walking on stage beside her.

"Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place," A male voice sung from behind her. Tomoyo whirled around slowly, her eyes meeting a bright azure. "Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace."

"Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste." They sang together, Tomoyo's eyes glistened with tears.

"It all revolves around you." Eriol told her with a quite smile as he tapped her nose playfully. Tomoyo smiled and together the two finished the song together, their hands tightly clasped together.

"But I love you," Eriol sang quietly as the song ended, repeating a previous line.

Tomoyo turned to look at him. "I love you," She replied softly, as if an echo.

"Until my dying day." The two voices lifted and harmonized together perfectly. The audience burst into applause, but the two were lost in their own world as Eriol bent down and gave Tomoyo and deep kiss, which she moved into, her arms tightening around him. -----

That was their song, "Come What May," for it tied the two together forever. Since the first time they sang the song on stage, they were already in love. Both of them now take singing classes together (how kawaii) and are even considering being in a musical in the future. Yep. I can definitely picture the two of them doing just that. Imagine, seeing their names in Broadway.... Yeah, I sure can!

Meiling's still finding a guy of her own, but she has her eyes on a certain guy with spiked red hair with its tips died a dark brown. They've gone out on their fifth date just a few days ago. Quoting Meiling's words, "He's damn hot." No one us dare object that he is "damn hot," but then again, you have admit that he is once you see him. And of course, he has this exuberant, daring, wild side to him, which just matches Meiling perfectly if you know what I mean.

And as for me? I can only say the world is only getting better from here. Oh, and before I forget, did you know what I found out the other day? I just found out that Syaoran, my Syaoran, is actually Takuro Li at Mikomi Sono! And he didn't tell me! He kept that hidden until one day I went over to the shop to find "Takuro" with a nametag that read "Syaoran Li." He said that it was because he didn't want his family to know what he was doing, but he still should have told me earlier! Argh! Sometimes I wonder why I'm in love with him/

But then again, I'm crazy in love with everything about him.

Hm. You must be wondering whether I married Syaoran or not, and how many kids I had with what names and which traits. Sorry, but I'm not that far in my love life. I'm pretty much contented with hugging and kissing Syaoran whenever I want, although Meiling loves to tease me about it.

Anyhow, the gang and me are now seniors. Perhaps you might want to know about prom, which is tonight.


The four of us were up in Tomoyo's huge room, helping each other to dress up. Of course, Tomoyo was helping the most, since having the most sense of fashion with clothes designing, which is now only a hobby now after she decided to pursue in singing. And there was Meiling who knew just the perfect makeup. Even Amaryllis knew some things about hair. Thank Kami they're my friends or I wouldn't know head to tail of what I was supposed to do.

"Definitely the red dress." Tomoyo stated, placing the dress against me.

Amaryl eyed the dress from where she was helping Meiling with her hair. Apparently, everyone else had decided what to wear. I was the only one left, choosing out of Tomoyo's abundance of clothes she made for me.

"Hm. The Sakura petals the swirl down from the top seems to match our Sakura." She agreed. "It'll match the "crazy in love with you" theme well. I could easily place small hearts into her hair. Meiling?"

Meiling glanced over at me from the corner of her eyes so she wouldn't ruin her hair. "Whatever happened to the emerald one you told me a few days ago?" She questioned Tomoyo. "That would definitely bring the colors of her eyes out. My dear cousin would definitely love that. But then again, just give him a kiss when you see him and he won't even notice the dress."

I blushed deeply. "Meiling!" I complained.

"What?" She teased. "I can't believe your dating my cousin for five months now and you still blush! You've kissed in front of us, so why bother?"

Tomoyo and Amaryl laughed as I tried to hide my deepened blush. "So, which dress?" I asked lamely, trying to change the topic.

They tortured me for a while more before Tomoyo came to my rescue, which she often does, or Amaryl. "I still say red," Tomoyo reasoned after a while the two others had stopped laughing. "It'll match the theme. Besides, it's already decided that Saku's wearing an emerald green one on their anniversary remember? We don't want Li to think that green is the only color Sakura wears. I mean, if he decides to buy her clothes one day, he'll definitely choose green. We don't want that misconception here."

Meiling nodded. "Good point. Red it is then."

"Hoe? You guys even decided what I'm going to wear for our anniversary? That's still more than six months away!" I asked shocked. "Besides, what's wrong with green?"

The three gave me the "and your point is?" look. I just sighed. "I'll go change," I announced, trudging towards the bathroom. I could still hear them laughing.

To tell the truth, the dress actually looked really pretty. It was tight on the top and followed smoothly down after the waist. Pale Sakura petals swirled down from my chest and trailed to the bottom of the dress where it pooled around my feet.

"I knew it would look fantastic on you!" Tomoyo crowed, rushing over to me.

Meiling nodded her head in agreement. "Definitely. Syaoran's going to give plenty of mad dog glares tonight!"

"Hoe?" I asked as the Chinese girl dragged me into her seat so Amaryl could do my hair for me. Meiling just grinned evilly, patting my shoulder before giving some advice on colors for Tomoyo's makeup.

Amaryl saw my questioning face in the mirror and smiled. "All she meant is that Li's going to be extra protective of you tonight since you look absolutely spectacular." She told me with a smile.

"Oh." I guess that would explain that.

"So, what will we do with hair?" She asked cheerfully, Amaryl's eyes dancing with excitement.


Touya was downstairs in Tomoyo's living room "visiting" with Aunt Sonomi, but I knew better than to think that he was just coming to visit her. I knew he was here to make sure I wasn't wearing anything scandalous and to go over the "date rules" with me for the 98th time since I told him about the dance a week ago.

"Oh, here are the four belles!" Aunt Sonomi cried, her eyes twinkling much like her daughters. "Don't you all look kawaii?" She asked Touya.

"Hm. The three of you look absolutely gorgeous." Touya admitted, giving Tomoyo, Meiling, and Amaryllis a gallant smile in turn.

"Three?" I asked. "Aren't they're four of us?"

Touya turned to me. "Well, kaijuu, you certainly took your time." He told me with a teasing smirk. "Couldn't pull the zipper up huh?"

"Touya!" I shrieked, wanting to stomp on his feet if I weren't so unstable on my high heels.

"Yes, Touya, that was awfully mean of you," Aunt Sonomi announced, taking my defense. I gave her one of my best smiles.

Touya just laughed. "All right, kaijuu, you look absolutely spectacular." He told me with a smile.


"Really." Touya answered. "You'll have that gaki's eyes roving all over you just like all the other men of the population." He said sarcastically.

"Touya! I thought you said you liked Syaoran." I pouted.

"I do!" Touya defended. "I love that guy. It's the other guys I'm worried about."

"Don't worry, Touya. I know all one hundred and five rules by heart, okay?" I said. "Besides, Syaoran will watch over me."

"Yeah, he sure will." Meiling agreed. "He'll probably murder the first guy that even thinks of looking at Sakura."

Tomoyo laughed. "Yes, our Li-kun can be quite possessive at times, huh Saku?" She teased.

I could feel myself blushing again.

"Well, I think we should be going," Amaryl suggested with a slight smile on her face. "Our men," She wagered her eyebrows expressively, "are waiting for us."

Meiling burst out to laughter and slung an arm around the Chinese girl that was usually the quieter one of our group. But like I said, she's quite spontaneous and is absolutely fun to be with. "I would never imagine you saying that Amaryl. No matter, but you're absolutely correct." She said with a wide grin.

The four of us got into Tomoyo's car driven by a chauffer before Touya could interpret what Amaryllis had meant by "our men." I don't think he would the fact that I was Syaoran's or he was mine. Either way, I'm sure he would have probably gone to our dance to see what we were doing.

As we approached the hotel I was beginning to feel nervous. But before I could worry more I heard Meiling's voice whoop.

"Ryoko, you look damn hot today!" She yelled out the open window when she spotted her boyfriend standing at the entrance. He saw her and gave her a whistle back.

The rest of us just dissolved into laughter. The two really had such an interesting relationship but they matched just perfectly.

When the car parked, I noticed Ryoko, Meiling's date, was standing in front of the entrance in a white tux that made him look wonderful.

"Where are the others?" Meiling asked, after giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"They're inside. I thought that I'd greet you out here, considering how embarrassing it would be for you to yell those words across the dance floor." Ryoko joked.

"Right. It'd probably just make your ego even bigger." She retorted.

Ryoko just smiled and put an arm around her waist, pulling her close. "As I was saying, you look like a goddess today." He told her, gesturing to her black halter dress that had a diagonal cut at the bottom so the right side was higher than the left.

"And I've told you how hot you were today right?" She teased back.

"Enough for all of us to hear." Tomoyo assured. Meiling shot her a dry look that Tomoyo just smiled back at.

Soon, we were entered the ballroom where the dance was going to take place. Walking out the elevator, a long winding staircase led to the dance floor. I could see three guys talking beside the stairs. They raised their heads once they heard us coming down.

It was like some fairytale, Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast or something. My eyes were locked upon Syaoran's amber eyes that shined with love.

Tomoyo reached the end of the stairs first where Eriol bowed lightly to her, kissing her hand. She smiled elegantly before taking Eriol's extended arm.

"My lady, you look lovely tonight." He told her with a smile. She had on a dress like the one at her performance where she had told Eriol that she loved him but this was a halter dress and it was a shimmering light shade of lavender.

"Likewise, my knight in shinning armor." She replied. Eriol then gave her a single white rose from behind his back.

Amaryllis came next, in a cerulean blue dress that had a slit on the left side of the dress where a lighter shade of blue came through.

"You're more beautiful than you'll ever look." Long teased, pulling Amaryl over to give her a light kiss on the lips. She laughed and went into his open arms for a hug.

Now it was my turn. Looking up, I met Syaoran's twinkling eyes.

"So, where's Touya?" He asked, a teasing smile on his handsome features.

"Syao!" I complained.

He gave me a quick smile and pulled me close to me. "Just kidding Saku." He told me, his voice making me melt into his strong embrace. After a while, he pulled me away slightly so he could look at me.

"You look dazzling," He whispered into my ear then cupping my face to give me a lingering kiss on the lips.

"Arigato Syaoran," I whispered, a slight blush on my face.

Beside me, Meiling chuckled lightly. "Girl, I can't believe you're still blushing."

"Give your girl a kiss, Kai. She's getting a bit jealous there." Syaoran commanded Ryoko in a playful manner.

"As you wish." Ryoko replied, dipping Meiling down and giving her a deep kiss dramatically. Meiling even wound her right leg around Ryoko's left leg. People were hooting and cheering nearby. When Meiling stood back upright away, her eyes were twinkling. The two bowed and was greeted by another wave of applause.

"To my dear cousin, I thank you." She joked as she gave me a wink. I laughed.

All of us entered the dining room where we would be having dinner first before the dance. In every aspect, it was a night to remember. Tomoyo and Eriol, upon the demand of everyone there, went on the small stage to sing the theme song of prom, beginning the dance. Meiling and Ryoko were hosts and were given a loud cheer of delight when they walked upon stage. Their dramatic jokes, enthusiastic movements of great exuberance made prom much more interesting. And their jokes over the dinner were exceptionally funny. Later when another pair came up to take their place, they were given another round of applause.

Being a member of the school's student council as well as Amaryl, we had to finish dinner early and go help out. This year student council had planned a "love delivery." Depending on the person, they could choose a male or female they wanted to "hire." This hired person would give the person directed a single red rose and a message if wanted. I was one of those asked to walk around to ask for orders.

When my shift was almost over, I sneaked over to Syaoran, who was looking very bored since he declared that he would dance to no other girl except me. However Meiling did coax him to a few dances, which was quite amusing to watch actually.

Walking up to him, I asked, "Sir, do you want to place an order?" I asked.

Syaoran turned, his eyes shinning in amusement. "Yes." He replied, eyeing the red rose I was holding in my hands.

Never looking away from my gaze, he told me, "I want you to tell Sakura Kinomoto that I love her with my whole heart and that I'll always will. Tell her also that she's the most beautiful angel I've ever met in my whole life and I wouldn't be surprised if was in Heaven right now."

I raised my eyebrow. "Is that all sir?"

"No." Syaoran's amber eyes bored into mine seriously. "Give her this rose as well."

"Anything else?" I asked smiling.

Syaoran smirked and leaned close to me. "Give her," He said, bending down and capturing me into a deep kiss, "that kiss and tell her that she'll get more when she's done with her stupid love delivery thing."

I laughed. "All right, I'll remember to tell Sakura Kinomoto that." I replied. "But first, I have a message for you from Miss Kinomoto."


"Mm." I affirmed with a smile. Looking up to him, I saw an amused smile lingering on his lips. "She wanted me to tell you that she loves you even more than you do. She claims that you're her guardian angel and you're all that she asks for."

"What else?"

"Oh, and that she's done with her stupid delivery thing and now she's wondering what else she'll get now."

Syaoran chuckled and wrapped me into a tight hug, his head resting on mine. "Gods, I love you." He told me with feeling.

"And I, Syaoran." I told him, looking up and giving him a dazzling smile. "Now what was it you were going to give me?"

Syaoran eyed at me. "Can't wait, can you?"

"Nope!" I replied cheerfully.

He grinned. "All right. Let's go outside to the balcony and I'll give you something." He led me across the dance floor where Tomoyo and Eriol were mirroring each other's moves perfectly in a waltz to a slow song while Meiling and Ryoko were clearly doing their own dance. Amaryl and Long were simply hugging, swaying to the music.

"Oh! The stars are so bright here." I whispered as I folded my arms around me as a cold drift blew at me.

Syaoran nodded in agreement as he placed his jacket around my shoulders. Then he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my head as we watched the busy evening streets below us together. We stayed like that for a long time before I could finally contain my excitement any longer.

"What were you going to give me?" I asked, trying to block my curiosity from my voice.

But I could feel Syaoran smiling into my neck when he nuzzled it playfully, brining a contented sigh from my lips.

"You're so impatient." He scolded, pulling away briefly to bring out a velvet box from his pocket. "When you were walking down those stairs, I noticed that you were missing something."

"Hoe?" I asked. "Tomoyo, Meiling, and Amaryl practically treated me like a Barbie doll the whole day."

Syaoran grinned at my complaint. "Patience, my dear." He took out something glittering softly under the moonlight and clasped it around my bare neck.

I lifted the necklace to find a sliver heart to find an emerald heart embedded inside. "It's lovely, Syaoran. You didn't have to give me something so great." I whispered, my eyes brimming over with emotion.

"Shh," He soothed, wiping my tear away tenderly with his thumbs. "I wanted to. I never asked for anything in return Sakura. Having you with me is more than I asked for in the first place."

I smiled up to him and tilted my head to give him a deep kiss, my arms wrapped about his neck as I moved closer to him. He moaned into my mouth and tightened his grip about my waist. His tongue lightly danced on my lips, drawing a slow sigh from me before caressing my tongue with his.


And that's basically what happened on prom, other than the fact Tomoyo had caught that whole footage of me and Syaoran outside on the balcony in film. Oh, and Tomoyo and Eriol did a stunning performance of tango that they had learned later during the night much to everyone's amazement. Of course Meiling and Ryoko totally ruled the dance floor during fast songs and Amaryl and Long were having the time of their life as Long challenged her to drinking contest (non-alcoholic drinks of course). It was really quite interesting to see the two laughing and challenging each other. Loser, of course, had to drink more.

Meiling and Ryoko were given the position of prom punk god and punk goddess much to everyone's laughter. It was not much of a surprise that Syaoran and I were given the position of prom queen and king. It was too bad that Tomoyo and Eriol didn't belong in our school, for I'm sure they would of made the better queen and king. They seemed much more elegant and royal sometimes.

Me and the gang, although Amaryl and Long decided to go home first since Amaryl was wanted home directly and she was a bit tired from all that drinking, went to a night stroll in Ryoko's awesome convertible, being the rich guy he is. Meiling really knows how to choose her men well. Anyhow, we went off to a firework show that was late at night. I never knew that they had fireworks so late in the evening but it was wonderful watching the bright colors dancing in the sky with Syaoran's arm around my shoulders comfortably. It was also exceptionally romantic when the six of us singing a love song that Eriol and Tomoyo had written recently. And later Eriol suddenly pulled out bottles of sparkling champagne with stylish wine glasses. I could never have asked for more than I received that night.

A few days later, I found out from Meiling that Syaoran had actually thought the idea of the fireworks. He had contacted the people and Ryoko had paid for them, well most of it. It was divided between the three, but of course the one with most money often is stuck with the greatest amount. Anyhow, the three guys had planned it in secret, which was quite amazing. That's how everything was so perfect, with the champagne as well. I love of all, Syaoran being number one.

Now I'm smugly in my bed, glancing at a slender plain sliver ring on my middle finger of my left hand. I had bought us matching rings a few days ago since I wanted to return him for buying that necklace that I wear on special occasions for the two of us. The rings aren't marriage rings or promise rings if that's what your thinking. They just represent our love for each other.

And that's enough for me.

And I think that's the end of my story here. Well, not the end. A story never ends. Yet the other puzzle pieces are for you to find and put them together. In some cases, you'll just have to imagine the holes, like my wedding gown and if I had a quadruple wedding or not. You'll also have to figure out what my future kids will look like and all that. Some things are more fun when you have the chance to stab at the unknown.

The only thing I can say is love. Although loving causes us to be vulnerable, that magical piece of true love makes everything worthwhile. That glimpse of the perfect world is just so wonderful that sooner or later we venture out and being to love again.


------ So, how was it? A basically Sakura telling the story type of epilogue. I hope it's all right with you guys (not stupid and too idealistic) since I'm writing this pretty much under a huge pressure. I'm beginning to wonder in awe how I survive day to day with less than six hours a sleep a day (usually less than five). And I still have so much to do. Even the weekends to replenish my sleep isn't helping because weekends are needed to study and college applications.

Argh. Enough with my nonsense complaint. (All you seniors out there, I feel for you.) I hope you have enjoyed this story immensely as I had writing this piece of work. It came out to be much better than I imagined it to be and it was truly very fun. That's why I'm also writing another fic, as you might now that's also a CCS, although I may consider changing another anime like Inuyasha or Shaman King in the future. That's just a thought however. Yep. My new fic is called "Sort of a Fairytale." Please check it out!

I love you guys all and you are truly the best people out there!

Rainbow dreamer/Iris Dreamer.

Any suggestions for college/universities??