A few years later after Genesect moved into Slateport City in the Hoenn region and after "Delta Episode," a majestic meteor shower show has started in the horizon. Just then, Genesect comes out of his house; he is watching the meteor shower in the night sky. He strolls to the sandy floor of the sand at the Slateport beach.

Abruptly, a group of robotic alien fighters soar down in the sky shooting out dual photon lasers at the people. An alien invasion has started that the people were panicking, but Genesect analyzes the fighters and identifies them. The group of fighters is called the Twinhook B type; Codename: Faker. "They are ruining the meteor shower festival. What are these fighters of live weapon doing here; destroying some innocent lives?" Questioned Genesect.

Above the sky, an Armanda of battleships were hovering about while they are shooting missiles and lasers at the buildings that killed innocent people. The battleships and the fighters are considered themselves as live weaponry. Genesect code names these species the Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species; also known as the U.I.M.S. "How could you... You spoiled the ending of the 'Delta Episode,' and left me behind with these aliens." Muttered Genesect. He folds into his high speed flight form and flies to the Twinhook B type fighters.

The Twinhook B type fighters shoot lasers at Genesect, but he avoided the lasers. Genesect shoots back with his lasers from his limbs at the Twinhook B type fighters being destroyed. Five battleships are attacking the city containing two Hammerhead battleships, a Deltanose battleship, and two Duck-Bone battleships. Genesect launches a smart bomb at the two Duck-Bone battleships and destroyed them. Red Hunter fighters flew behind him and moved in front of him. They shoot at Genesect mercilessly. A huge eagle sized fighter known as the flagship Commander floats above the three Red Hunter fighters while it cackles. "Do you think you can compete with me? I am the Commander; the leader of the U.I.M.S. In the outer orbit of Earth, my fleet and the big battleship called Iceberg will destroy this planet to crush all humanity." Declared Commander.

The Sub-Commander fighters followed the Commander and they launched missiles at Genesect. Genesect shoots out lasers at the missiles with his limbs to counter it. "They're getting away; I have to engage extremespeed!" Commanded Genesect to himself. He used extremespeed to chase the Commander and the Sub-Commander fighters above the Hammerhead battleship. Genesect unfolds to normal and he uses Techno Blast by firing a green laser beam of energy from its cannon directly to the Hammerhead battleship's missile launchers and guns that leads to the battleship being destroyed. Then he folds back to its high speed flight form.

Unfortunately, the battleships and the fighters left out of Earth's orbit to enter into space. However, Genesect follows them too. In space above the Earth, the Commander launches missiles at Genesect. "Target... Locked!" Said Genesect. He clenches its limbs together and forms a ball of energy and launches homing missiles to the enemy missiles from the Commander. "Very well, come and catch me suckers!" Bragged the Commander. The Commander, the three Sub-Commanders, and a couple of Twinhook B Type fighters hyperspaced and warped to the asteroid base. Genesect used a hyperspace warp drive to chase the U.I.M.S. to the asteroid base too.