In the flat and mechanical surface of Iceberg, Genesect and Red Genesect chases the Commander. Three Sub-Commander fighters followed the Commander to guide him. The Large Cannon Towers from "Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon" are aiming at Genesect on the horizon. "Destroy the cannon towers and aim at the head, no matter where we are." Commanded Genesect. "What is this, Star Wars and the Death Star?" Commented Red Genesect. "Never mind that, Red Genesect." Small Cannon Towers roused out of the surface as well. They shoot out energy balls at Genesect.

"Destroy the energy balls from the Small Cannon Towers to counter the attack." Advised Red Genesect. "Thanks for the advice." Replied Genesect. Red Genesect clenches its limbs and forms up an energy ball while locking on the head of the Small Cannon Towers and the Large Cannon Towers. Then he launches homing missiles at the Cannon Towers. "You're more cunning than I thought, pesky little bug. But how about this! More Large Cannon Towers." Declared the Commander.

Large Cannon Towers sprouted out of the surface and they start shooting out three pulse shot lasers on each Large Cannon Towers. "Look out!" Exclaimed Genesect. Two Genesects avoided the lasers. Now that they evaded and passed through the defenses of Iceberg, the two Genesects enter the trench run of Iceberg.

In the trench run, the Commander shoots out lasers and knocks Red Genesect out. "You're on your own, be careful." Said Red Genesect. The Blue Fly fighters from "Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon" soar about and confronts to Genesect and shoots lasers, but Genesect performed a barrel roll to deflect the lasers. "How is that possible?! How can you deflect lasers?!" Questioned the Commander rhetorically. The Sub-Commanders launches missiles and hurls to Genesect. He shoots lasers from his limbs to destroy the missiles; he even shot the Sub-Commanders and they were destroyed.

Eventually, he engages extremespeed to increase speed and to come closer to the Commander. "Say your prayers, Commander." Said Genesect. He pummels the Commander upwards; tossing him up in the air. Then Genesect launches a smart bomb at the Commander, completely destroying it. Even though the flagship Commander is destroyed, the U.I.M.S. fleet is still alive. Genesect decreases speed to disable extremespeed; Red Genesect flies to Genesect. "There it is, the air vent of the Iceberg. I'll go alone from here." Notifies Genesect. "Good luck and be careful." Praised Red Genesect. Genesect soars above the trench run and he enters to the vent.

As Genesect flies through the duct, a gate closes in front of him. There is a solution to breaking into the duct; he shoots lasers from his limbs at the gate as hard as he can go. Luckily, the gate is destroyed; however, Pipe Bee fighters and Violet Bee fighters from "Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon" confront to Genesect and they shoot out lasers and star lasers at Genesect. Fortunately, Genesect shoots out lasers at the star lasers. He unfolds to normal and slashes the Violet Bees and the Pipe Bees with metal claw in half that destroys them. Then he lands on the vent floor.

Genesect turns right through the vent to proceed, but there is another gate closing in front of him. He runs onto the vent floor to slash it with metal claw. The gate is still closed and it is not very effective. However, he used Techno Blast by firing a green beam of energy at the gate door, which leads to destroying the gate. He folds into his high speed flight form and used extremespeed to pass through all of the vents and the gates as quickly as possible.

Finally, Genesect is at the control center of Iceberg. It is a dark energy chamber room with a center pole and some projections floating on the center pole while they charge nuclear magnetron fusion bolts. The top and bottom energy generators are spinning and it looks like saw blades made of energy. He confronts to the center pole and shoots lasers from his limbs to destroy all of the projections. Now that all of the projections are destroyed, the center of the center pole opens a source; the power stone. Genesect launches a smart bomb at the power stone; completely destroying it that leads to the generators being powered down.

The center pole falls apart and causes Iceberg's energy output to decrease and stop. Genesect used extremespeed to quickly exit though the vent; the explosions follow behind Genesect while flying through the vent. He successfully escapes out of Iceberg and he watches the battleship to explode. Red Genesect flies to Genesect unharmed. "Mission Acomplished. Good work Genesect for saving the world." Congratulated Red Genesect. The U.I.M.S. admitted defeat and Genesect forces them to retreat from the war.

Two Genesects used extremespeed while they are in their high speed flight forms and they enter a hyperspace to enter the Earth's orbit. In the orbit of Earth, two Genesects descend to the planet. "Heat shield activated." Said Genesect. They activated their heat shields while they descend to Earth unharmed.

Meanwhile, back in Slateport City in the Hoenn region. The citizens of Slateport City celebrated the defeat of the U.I.M.S. that the two Genesects brought peace on the Earth and the Hoenn region. They see the two Genesects landing on the beach of Slateport City and they unfold into their normal forms. "They are the one who destroyed the U.I.M.S.!" Exclaimed the male citizen for joy. Everyone cheered for saving the Earth and they continue to celebrate the meteor shower show at the night. "Bye Red Genesect, thanks for helping me fight against the U.I.M.S." Said Genesect. "You're welcome." Replied Red Genesect. He folds into his high speed flight form and he leaves the Hoenn region. Genesect moves back into his house at Slateport City to have a relaxing rest at home.

The End.