Azusa and Funaho have son Yosho

Asuza and Misaki have daughters Ayeka and Sasami

Yosho and Bha-Alm have Daughter Xan Pu, son Ro Ghan and daughter Ko-Lon

Yosho is the grandfather of Nodoka Masaki

Yosho and ? have daughter Achiko Masaki

Achiko Masaki and Noboyuki have son Tenchi Masaki

Ganglot Morrigar and Ro Ghan have son Razor Hibiki

Razor Hibiki and Cybelle have daughter Atsuko Hibiki

Razor Hibiki and ? have daughter Kennou Hikibi

Razor Hibiki and ? have daughter Jun Hibiki

Razor Hibiki is great grandfather of Naomi Nakamura

Naomi Nakamura and ? have daughter Rachel

Jun Hibiki and ? have daughter Akiko Hibiki

Atsuko Hibiki and ? have daughter Ryomi Hibiki

Atsuko and Genma Saotome have son Ryoga Hibiki

Ko-Lon and ? have daughter Xain Pu

Xain Pu and Chuin have daughter Comb

Comb and Har Bus have daughters Xain Pu, Lin-Lin, and Lung-Lung

Happosai is uncle to Lotion the Elder

Lotion the Elder has grand daughter Silk and grand daughter Balm

Balm and ? have daughter Lotion the Younger

Silk and Soun Tendo nave daughter Kachu

Kachu is married to Dr. Tofu Ono

? and ? have son Soun Tendo and daughter Mariko Tendo

Soun Tendo and Kimiko Tsukino have daughters Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane Tendo

? Tsukino (female) and ? Masaki (male) have daughter Nodoka Masaki and a son

Happosai and Shinko Nanamiya have daughter Junko Nanamiya

Shiryo Saotome and Junko Nanamiya have son Kurima Saotome

Kurima Saotome and ? have sons Genma and Hinoma Saotome

Genma Saotome and Nodoka Masaki have son Ranma Saotome

Happosai currently engaged to Hinako Ninomiya

Ranma Saotome married to Xain Pu and Nabiki Tendo

Hinoma Saotome eloped with Mariko Tendo

Kimiko Tsukino and Nodoka Masaki are distant cousins

Ranma Saotome, Tenchi Masaki and Usagi Tsukino are all cousins

Nauru Tsukino is clan Patriarch