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Chapter Eleven:


Kirito whipped his head around. There standing next to the tree in its shadow was the figure of Silica. Kirito cursed loudly and the screens were dismissed.

"Silica…." He managed to say after fumbling for actual words to say.

"Kirito? Is it really you?" Silica's voice was cracking, like it was on the verge of tears. Kirito didn't understand.

"Yeah. Yeah it is. Wh-"

Kirito was tackled, Silica crying as she hugged him. He stiffly hugged her back.

"I thought you were dead. We were told you were dead. That Akihiko Kayaba allowed a glitch and you and the original commander were killed by it." She said through her sobs and Kirito's shoulder.

Kirito pushed Silica off. "What?"

Silica blinked then rubbed her eyes. "I- we were told you were dead."

Kirito was shocked, his mind whirling as Silica sniffled. They… they thought he was dead. Suddenly a fist knocked into his face.

"I thought you were dead and then you abandoned us!"

Kirito stared at Silica, surprised by her change in mood. She was still sniffling although now she looked angry.


"Oh no, I'm going to let Asuna talk to you-"

"Silica-" Kirito tried. She raised her voice.

"And she's going to give you a heck of alot of crap-"


"Don't even get started on Klein-"

"SILICA!" Kirito yelled at her.

She went silent.

He sighed. "Just… let me explain, alright?"

Silica nodded timidly.

So Kirito went on explaining what had happened in the last few weeks. He found himself telling her a lot of things, not his feelings but more along the lines of what actually happened and things she didn't understand. She asked questions, a lot of which related to events before the one he was trying to explain but in the end it enlightened her. Plus Silica was a good listener and when Kirito was done, she was silent save for one question.

"So basically you're Kayaba's errand boy?"

Mutely, Kirito nodded. The two, sometime during his explanation, had taken to sitting against the wall looking at the village. They were watching their two familiars play together. Flare was, somehow, winning against the feathered dragon. Her chirping noises that occurred when Pina was flying were pretty amusing though.

"I'm sorry for punching you." Silica said. "You didn't deserve it."

Absentmindedly he rubbed his cheek. "Nah, I did."

"No. It's not fair to you."

He looked at her, puzzled.

She mumbled something about the story he told her and how she assumed his grandfather's treatment of him. Kirito gave her a half smile and a small chuckle.

"Don't worry about it Silica. Look, right now, I need you to not tell anyone what I just told you. I'd lose my ability to play with everyone again." Kirito told her.

SIlica protested, "But Asuna-"


Silica caved. Kirito nodded and changed his avatar back to SaoKakk. Silica watched in awe as the fractals twirled around him. Offering his hand, Kirito helped Silica up. He clicked his tongue and Zeal looked up from her position on Pina. Silica called Pina who happily pushed Zeal off. Moodily, Zeal trotted over to Kirito and climbed up his coat to his shoulders to chew on his hair. Kirito muttered incoherent words in annoyance but let it slide.

"Let's get back Silica. No doubt, Asuna will be worried about you." Kirito said nodding in the direction of the rising sun.

"Yeah…. Beware, she might take her wrath out on you. We did almost die out there."

Kirito inhaled. "I know. That was sort of the point."

Silica furrowed her brows. "Huh?"

"Asuna was catching on. Like Klein I assume. So I had to throw her off. Do something the real me wouldn't have done. And trust me, I hated every step of it."

Silica was quiet, her head down. Kirito tried to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut. He'd just gotten her to trust him again and now...

"Now I know why you said you deserved that punch." Silica finally stated.

Kirito exhaled out his nose in slight amusement. "Glad we're on the same page."

Zeal started purring and Kirito heard a light chiming sound. Confused he looked around until Silica giggled.


"Moonlit. She, uh, chewed off a chunk of your hair."

Kirito blinked. And kept blinking. Mostly in disbelief. "Wha-Really?"

Silica laughed and started walking towards the village. Kirito relaxed and shrugged, following after Silica. Watching her, he realized something. Her smile was different. She was playing with Pina but that always brought joy to the girl. Kirito pondered the thought until what she said really hit him.

Everyone thinks that 'Kirito' is dead.

Silica was so joyful right now because he wasn't dead. Asuna was cold because she had to go on and not cling to hope that he was alive. Klein was suspicious of him because had he have been dead, no doubt Klein would've used the revive item he had. Who knows how it affected his other friends. Plus he was one of the strongest players in SAO. How did Asuna rally their efforts after his "death"?

"Silica… I need you to tell me what you were told."

There you have it folks! Silica is the first person to know of Sao's real identity. Will she give it away? How will Asuna chew Kirito, sorry, SaoKakk out for leaving?

What were the players told?

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Chapter Twelve: A Switch