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"The Desert Rose! Aha! Alas!" Anzu smiled. "A pretty gem of a rose for the Desert Rose herself!" Anzu Mazaki twirled the emerald/ruby/gold flower in her hand.

The famous Desert Rose, Anzu Mazaki, was known everywhere for her fascinating beauty and how she could rob people with just one line of her slick, honeying voice. Her ocean-blue eyes looked at the vast Egyptian desert upon her. She looked beautiful, her chocolate-colored hair swinging in the wind. She only robbed for the poor, but she the jeweled Rose was beautiful. She was a loner, and everybody was out to get her.

The poor respected her. The rich hated her. She often let the handsome guards of the Pharaoh's palace catch her, only to escape easily, taunting them with her honey voice and beauty. She had never met the Pharaoh, or his royal advisor, the High Priest.

She headed toward the village, wearing her beggar's clothes, and leaving her horse to her hiding spot. Her beggar clothes were soft and leathery, worn from when she was younger. She was seventeen this year, and men were taking looks to her. When she was younger, she only had rags. She only dressed in rags, to give her a look of innocence. She didn't wear any makeup. She was a fierce loner. And she thought her clothes were perfectly fine. She didn't realize that her worn leather rags gave the perfect look for her curves, and added extra spice to it, and her rag skirt was short, revealing perfect long legs. She walked barefoot, her feet sinking into the sand.

Many of the village man, all young and handsome, smiled at the girl. She paid them no heed. Anzu Mazaki was a loner, and the only friends she had were the desert, her horse, the animals of Egypt, and two more friends.Isis and Malik Ishtar. She walked to their little hut. The brother/sister were very poor, and the only ones that knew this village girl was the Desert Rose, and that her name was Anzu Mazaki.

Malik was handsome, tall, and had blond hair, bleached by the high Egyptian sun. He had once asked Anzu how she kept her hair so brown and chocolaty. "It is my natural hair color, Malik. Besides, I think you look fine blond." Malik had a secret crush on the young girl, and his sister often scolded him for it.

"Anzu is a loner, Malik. She's you-know-what. And I know she's gorgeous and all, but you'll find your match someday." Malik just stared at Anzu, and even in her raggedy clothes, she looked beautiful. Isis flipped a length of her long raven-black hair back. "I don't know about you, Malik, my brother, but I've got my eyes set on that boy, Ryou."

"Don't be silly, Isis. Ryou is personal advisor to the Pharaoh, along with another one of those snobby high priests."

Isis smiled dreamily. "I met him once. He was very kind to me."

"He only wants you for your beauty."

Isis snorted. "If he wanted beauty, he'd take after Anzu."

"Shush, here she comes. I see the sun gracing on her heavenly body." Malik smiled to himself.

Isis bonked Malik in the head (Malik isn't right for Anzu!). "Hi, Anzu!" Isis smiled sweetly. The entire village knew Anzu as Anzu. Anzu Mazaki on a horse, with a lovely red rose in her hair and in boots and a skirt saw her as the Desert Rose.

"Isis, Malik." Anzu nodded, afraid to be cheerful or bubbly. She wasn't going to be hurt. By anybody. Nobody would find out about her past.about her father. A gold necklace glowed at her throat. It was her Millennium Tauk, given to her by Isis. Isis had told her that it was Anzu that rightfully possessed it. "The Tauk looks beautiful on you." Malik commented hopefully.

"Don't push it, Malik." Anzu replied, laughing. "Here's a few coins a snagged for you, Isis." Anzu whispered, pushing sixteen gold coins towards Isis. "Buy yourself something new for Ryou." She lowered her voice once more. "I heard by the guards that Ryou has met someone 'new and invigorating.' Good luck, Isis." The two giggled under their breath.

"Malik.Anzu and I are going to the market to buy some bread and cheese for midday lunch." Isis called to her brother.

"I should come.and protect you." Malik puffed himself up. "I'm sure I'll be okay, Malik." Isis nodded.

"Not you." Malik narrowed his eyes, and raised his Millennium Rod, "Anzu." "I'll be fine.Malik. You're forgetting who I am and what I have." And Malik saw the Desert Rose, with the blooming wet red rose tucked in her hair, short skirt, magnificent horse, and the Millennium Tauk that lay at her throat. The two disappeared, and Malik watched Isis leave in her innocent long white dress that Anzu had specifically bought for her, and Anzu in her sexy, two-piece outfit that showed much skin. He watched as the girls walked gracefully, barefoot towards the heart of the city, where he knew that the two of them would trap many hearts.

* * *

Yami looked up at his two high priests, the most trusted people in the world, Seto Kaiba and Ryou Bakura. "Who is this Desert Rose you talk about?" He asked sternly. He had heard of the famous, lusciously beautiful thief. He and Seto had saw her once, rose tucked in her magnificent chocolate-colored hair, eyes brimming with the sun in her eyes, creamy complexion, and wonderfully smooth long legs. He had gotten close enough to breathe in the fragrance of her rosy perfume, to look deep into her eyes, eyes that had seen forever. Their hands had touched, and the moment seemed forever.

"She's entranced our guards more than once. Even when Ryou has his Millennium Ring." Seto replied. He remembered the beautiful young girl, and when he gazed into her eyes, her look was glazed back at him, deep and meaningful. Yami had touched her, but Seto could've touched her mentally, not physically.

"And you, Seto? Have you seen the woman before?" the Pharaoh asked. He was only a mere man of eighteen, like a boy king, but he was wise.

"She is a mere girl, my lord. Around your age, I believe. Sixteen or seventeen, and," Seto looked pointedly at Yami, "a virgin."

"How is that? There are many thugs around Egypt that I've tried to stop that would rape a girl at once."

"She's fierce, Pharaoh. Fierce, slick, and smooth. She can mesmerize a man with her beauty, and if she had no beauty, with her fists.and she has magic. She possesses magic. A Millennium Item, if I am not mistaken. You have your Puzzle, me my Ring, and others possess the Millennium Key, Rod, Tauk, Scale, so on and so forth." Ryou explained.

"She has become a problem?" Yami couldn't see why a mere girl of sixteen or seventeen would rob so many people and get jailed purposely and escape the very same day."

"Rumors from the peasants say that the peasants are in glory. The Desert Rose steals from the rich and gives to the poor (I know, like Robin Hood). Our wealthier class is getting quite angry, I must say." Seto added.

"Well, find her, and when you find her, you must bring her immediately to me. She's still stealing, whether it's for good or bad. Bring her unharmed, and anybody else that accompanies her. I'll teach her a lesson." Yami was ruthless. He knew the balance was poor with the rich and the poor, but stealing was stealing. "Catch her for me." Yami's eyes blazed.

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