It stills haunts me to this day, the last time I saw him…

For my 12th birthday I got a simple drive and a picnic in his Desoto, which I thought was a lot more awesome than the traditional picnic. This birthday present turned into a nightmare all too soon. I was sprawled out in the backseat while my annoying older half-brother Connor took the front seat and Spike was in the driver's side. Connor was hogging the chips and in defense I kept back the chocolate kisses. I knew they were my brother's favorite.

Then I dropped them as a chill went up my spine. Spike looked at me as my brother lunged for the kisses mid-air. "Luv," he said, "Are you okay?"

I shook my head, "Something's wrong," I said answering him, my voice in a whisper. Connor looked at me, his mouth in mid-chew. With our father being a vampire and my mother, Cordelia, being part demon, my half-brother knew to take my feelings seriously.

Spike grabbed the blanket from underneath his seat and said to us, "Okay you two call your dad and have someone come get ya, but until then stay put. Run if ya have to."

Before I could stop him, he opened the car door and ran outside with the blanket covering him. "Spike wait!" I yelled, trying to stop him. I could sense danger of the extreme variety and I was worried for him. He didn't hear me though and took off anyway. Connor called Dad, though Cordy came and picked us up.

Later that night, when Spike didn't return we went back for him. He wasn't there though and neither was his car. He didn't answer the phone, no matter how often we called him.

Waking up from this memory…this nightmare once again, I got ready for the day. Leaving the Hyperion before anyone else was up I went out for a run. My feet hit the pavement as I traveled LA on foot, covering my usual route which passed by the boardwalk. Heading towards an abandoned part of town, I stumbled across some old warehouses and one looked to be a temporary location for a chop shop.

Peeking in the window, I saw this one dealt with mainly classics in red and black colors. I looked around to find a way inside for a quick peek before calling the cops. You see since Spike went missing, if I stumbled across something like this I took a peek to see if I could find his car. I figured I find his car I might be able to find him. Dad had stopped looking, so it was up to me.

Climbing carefully through a broken window, I snuck a look around, trying to see if his car was here. Too bad I was caught. Hauled to my feet from my hiding spot behind a tool chest, a grease covered brunette said, "Looking for trouble Chica?"

"Nope not trouble, just a Desoto. You got any?"

"You got a mouth on you girl."

"Well, you got bad breath Idiota," I replied, my 9th grade Spanish class accent rolling off my tongue, not to mention my attitude and wit making itself known. From the look on his face, I could tell he was pissed. Just as he was about to reply, the LAPD busted in. Moving away from him and taking up another hiding spot as the cops arrested everyone, I thought I was home free. That is, until a cop pulled me out of my new hiding spot and pushed me towards someone.

"Hey, this belong to you?" the cop asked a lady.


"Hey Kate."

She shook her head. "Your dad's going to be pissed," she said as she put me in the backseat of her car.

As she locked the door I said, "Wouldn't be the first time."