Chapter 1

It was a quiet night on All Hallow's Eve. The trick-or-treaters had gone home long ago and were asleep in their beds. Not one was awake at this time of night except the Potter household. Lily Potter was busying herself in trying to put her 1 ½ year old son to fall asleep. She had hexed both her husband and his friend Sirius Black for allowing Alexander to consume such a large amount of candy. Luckily her daughter Roselyn did not and was currently sound asleep in her crib upstairs. Lily smiled at the thought of her daughter. She was very wise and smart for her age. She also seemed to have excellent control over her accidental magic. She thought back to her thoughts drifted as she remembered the cookie jar incident.


It was a normal day in the Potter household and Lily was feeding the twins when she suddenly heard a noise from the living room. Knowing it must be James and Sirius up to their usual shenanigans she left the twins in their high chairs. When she left the kitchen the twins must have gotten the idea in their heads that they should have cookies instead of baby food. So the twins wiggled out of their high chairs and onto the counter. When they got to the cookie jar they accidently knocked it off the counter and poor Alex fell along with it crying. James, Lily, and Sirius rushed into the kitchen to find out what the crash was. James rushed to pick up Alex and Lily did the same with Roselyn. Lily was just about to perform a healing charm on Alex when the glass shards suddenly moved out of his skin and his cuts started to heal. While Lily and James observed what was going on with their son Sirius said,

"James, Lily look at Roselyn".

James and Lily turned their attention toward their daughter and gaped at what they saw. Roselyn arm was out and she was summoning the pieces of glass. When she finished she vanishing the glass shards and summoned a plate levitating the cookies onto it and sent it over to her brother. Alex immediately stopped crying when he was the plate of cookies in front of him and happily took one. She also summoned the one for herself and both of their bottles and started to eat happily like three adults just stood there trying to comprehend what just occurred.

End Flashback

Lily smiled at this memory because it made up for the fact the she and James had spent almost two years in hiding since Dumbledore had told them their child would likely be Voldemort's next target. She looked back down at her son who at last was sound asleep. Though it did not last long as her husband came bursting through the front door shouting, "LILY HE"S HERE TAKE THE TWINS AND RUN!"

to be continued...