The meeting she is pulled into is very hush, hush. Somehow seeing Thor standing in Coulson's office in civilian clothes is oddly comforting, like he's human and not some god-like, alien humanoid.

She stepped into the room and points out rather dumbly, "I thought he was supposed to think you were dead, sir."

"That is a battle for another day, Lady Jemma. The Avengers requires your assistance." Thor answered.

"I'll help in any way I can." She replied dutifully.

"We need you to jump into another reality."Jane Foster, one of Jemma's personal idols of whom she would be fangirling over in that instant, as Skye would call it, if she wasn't so taken aback by the statement she just made from beside the God of Thunder.

"Come again."

"I have it on good authority that a threat capable of disbanding and destroying theAvengers is coming to Midgard to render all of the human Avengers useless with the abilityto deactivate their powers-" Thor expounds further.

"So, we need you and an otherworldly Fitz to neutralize the threat." Jane finishes crossing her arms and eyeing Jemma.

"I'm still stuck on time travel." She retorted dryly.

"Oh no, you aren't time traveling, though that is in theory possible. You're simply stepping into an alternate timeline." She stepped up to the board. "We as humans are taught to experience time in a linear fashion." She drew a straight line. "But in fact it's much more complex and flexible… each choice you make forms your life but say…"

"I make a different choice the line alters and so on and so forth until my reality is different." Jemma puzzles it out herself.


"Then there could be thousands of alternates."

"Indeed, andI have stepped into one such alternate Midgard and will guide you through to the other side. There are weak spots in the time fabric as Jane calls them… melds where we sometimes see the other reality or experience déjà vu. I will tear open a meld and you will step through to retrieve the other human named Fitz. Who is not dead as he is here."

The idea of a living breathing Fitz makes her heart race for that reason alone, she abruptly shouts, "I'll do it!"

She then paused. "But how will I return to …here?"

"I will give you a portal creating device from Asgard." Thor said shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans.

"So I just have to retrieve alternate Leo and hurry back to eliminate threats that don't exist yet but will?" She clarified.

"I have encountered the threat before in the other world." Thor answered. "When I accidently stepped into the world, it was in midst of a battle with another alien race known as Cullers. They release a contagion into the air that renders all humans into drones." He paused for breath. "That world thus far is the only one within the thousands of timelines to withstand battle. That is thanks in part to you and Fitz. The other world is far more technologically advanced. Most if not all of the humans had biotechnology in them created by you that rendered them impossible to co-opt. We need you to figure out what in your technologies made them mostly immune to the Cullers devastation." Thor finished looking intently at her. "They have laid waste to thousands of timelines Lady Jemma."

"And if that Fitz is nothing like this… my Fitz was?" She asked looking to Foster.

"That's a chance we have to take Simmons." Coulson shrugged.

"And if I run into my alternate self and create a paradox?"

"That will not be a problem as alternate you has been removed from the equation." Thor said. "Hence needing your help from this world." He finished.


Jemma's guts twisted as Thor opened a portal. "Simply step through Lady Jemma and you should be in front of your New York City Habitation." Thor said placing a pocket watch in her hand. "This is the device that to bring you back. It is a relic of Midgard one of the first portal makers. Simply stand in the place you wish to return to and wind it." He explained.

She nods afraid speaking could lead to vomiting. She stepped through. This world is dingier more battle worn and crumbling. She walked to a news stand papers hailed the inauguration of President John Garrett. The thought makes her blood run cold so she kept looking about.

Some vehicles float in the sky. It is an eerily silent place as a result. Some drive but the engines only make a quiet sputter.

As she looked skyward though she saw two major differences. The Twin Towers are still standing and Avengers Tower simply bares the Stark name. "Different choices." She murmured to herself walking up the steps.

Dr. Foster had warned the jump would make her groggy and she started to feel tiredness descend on her. She hurried inside before she fell asleep on her feet.

When she unlocked her apartment the walls are the same sedate blue as her own living room. The same orderly book shelves. Then something catches her eye children's toys are strewn about one corner. A tiny shopping cart holds a baby doll and Barbie dolls litter the floor.

She is no longer fatigued as it is taken over by fascination.

Alternate Jemma must have a child. Suddenly curious she wandered the apartment looking at photos. There's one of who she thinks of as other Fitz holding a baby standing next to a young woman who looks uncannily like her. There are various snap shots with the child. Though none of them contain Jemma herself there is one photo of Jemma in the entire place. It's above the mantle she is standing on a beach in a gauzy white dress smiling brightly in the arms of Grant Ward. Panic seizes her. She was married to Ward! What in the fuck all kind of universe is this that she has married a man like Ward?

She went directly to the kitchen and armed herself with a steak knife. No version of Ward can be trusted in her mind after all he is responsible for Fitz's death.

She does a farther sweep. Very little of other Jemma's belongings remain but for her lab coat hangs rather hauntingly on the coat rack. She finds the girl's room painted an orchid kind of purple. The name "Laurel" spelt out above the bed.

Its pin neat but all other feminine presence is gone but for this room,

She wondered idly if she is dead to this world as Fitz is to hers. Because her world is darker with the absence of Leo's gorgeous blinding spark. Her life is infinitely less than what it was before. It is excruciatingly less without him finishing her thoughts and sentences. She is less. She is less of herself. Only half as smart as she was in the moments before he'd professed to being in love with her. Loving her so much deeper than she knew was logically possible. He loved her enough to sacrifice himself. Quite literally giving her his last breath.

Yes, she must be gone she thinks as she looks at a picture of this other Leo and tears prick her eyes. It is only fair that she is gone from this world. Cosmic balance clearly being a true and real thing.

The door knob turns and she gripped the watch tightly in one hand while she stashed the knife behind her back with the other. She hadn't heard anyone coming. She took a steadying breath.

When the man walked through the door his visage the exact same as his dopple ganger from her world hair a bit too long and his face is sporting the same scruff.

He doesn't see her standing there. He's looking down at the little girl chattering next to him.

She clears her throat. He looked up and jumped back from her on instinct. "Holy shit."

"Daddy that's a bad word. Real bad." The little girl informed him helpfully.

Utter shock covered alternate Ward's face and Jemma felt badly for it wishing there was an easier less jarring way to do this.

He inched closer to her and for some odd reason Jemma felt no fear. The eyes she's staring into are not filled with darkness and hardship. They're starting to fill with tears though. His jaw ticks as he holds himself in check. He looked peaky as well.

"How? What did Leo cook up I told your sister I didn't want a holo-partner. I want the real thing or nothing at all." He said sounding slightly hysterical talking more at her than to her.

"You should sit." She offered gently.

"I'll stand thank you. Fucking thing…made to look like my wife! How dare they!" He snarled bitterly.

"Daddy she has a knife." The little girl says as she has crept around Jemma in curiosity.

In his surprise at seeing his dead wife he'd obviously forgotten Laurel's presence entirely. "Go to your room." He barked.

"But Daddy-"

"Damn it!" He cursed yet again as if he had to do something he would like to avoid.

Then in a flash he has her arm twisted up and the knife clattering to the floor. "What the fuck are you!" He growled in her ear.

He definitely sounded more like the Ward she knew in her fear she dropped the watch it fell to the hardwood floor with a crack that was deafening to Jemma's ears as it sounded like fate saying. "You've lost your way home."

She shook off the morbid thought "You'd best ring Fitz. It's complicated Ward. Let me go please I mean you no harm Grant. I swear. "She stammered nervously. This Ward isn't as dark and deadly but it is well within his wheelhouse.

"No harm just heart break right?" he releases her gently. He slumps down on to the couch. "You died in the culling battle. How are you here?" He said so morosely Jemma wanted to weep for this strange Ward. "Three years and now…" He muttered to himself.

The little girl stepped forward and pinched her. Jemma startled slightly. "You're real. Are you my Mommy? You look like my Mommy?" She asked looking up at her with Ward's eyes set in Jemma's own face from her younger years. Her hair is inky black matching her fathers. It's unsettling how beautiful and smart the child is.

"Oh I'm so going to muck this up." She lamented as the girl prattled on.

"Hi Sorta Mommy Person! I'm Laurel. I'm three." She offered her hand.

Jemma shook her delicate hand. She wore a little gold ring Jemma recognized. She had the same one. It had been her grandmothers. "I'm Jemma Simmons and I'm twenty eight." She parroted back quickly. As she tried not to get lost in her thoughts.

She bent to pick up the seemingly unharmed timepiece. She took a relieved breath of lavender scented air.

Other World Ward sighed and stood. "I'm going to call Leo and Ruby before you give my daughter a complex or something." He said lowly.

"Really she's handling this best of all. The mind of a child can comprehend more than you might think. Their thought processes are much more elastic I wouldn't worry too much. It's likely once I leave this time line that the world will right its self and reform to delete my existence." Jemma informed him

"And it even rambles nonsense I only half understand like Jem. Lovely." He muttered as he walked to the kitchen stopping to pick up her discarded weapon.

For the first time in her life Jemma is completely out of her depth it is the single most unsettling feeling she can recall experiencing.

"So Kinda Mommy," Laurel said conversationally. "Wanna play til Aunt Rue and Leo get here? Daddy is boring he don't like Barbie's."

"Doesn't sweetie." Jemma corrected ever the teacher. "He doesn't like Barbie's. Which is a travesty I agree. Playing would be nice…relaxing." Jemma decided. "Lead the way Laurel." She held out her hand as she awaited the next step in the adventure.

AN: So I took a basic head cannon of weasleypotter's and expanded on it much more than she likely ever wanted me too but I hope she likes it anyway. This heavily influenced by Fringe and my love for the show but I'm sure it could be called an AU so much as inspiration for some parts. I own nothing Fringe or AoS related I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge my beta's PixiesNReedus and Sapphireglyphs! Thanks so much for all your help girls! If you liked it please tell me. There will be more!-MM