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~ To Love a Master ~ Chapter 28 Heart of Sword ~

Severus was drug to in front of the portrait that his rooms lay behind.

'Well,' Voldemort spoke. 'Aren't you going to invite us in?'

'I refuse to hand him over to you,' Severus said.

The two death eaters who had been dragging him held him as Lucius and Peter both began to use their fists to beat him for a matter of minutes before Voldemort stopped them.

'Are you ready to tell us your password yet?'


Lucius reached into the inside pocket of Severus' robes and pulled out what he'd been looking for. A small crystal bottle of veritaserum that Severus carried with him. He opened the bottle and with the help of the other death eaters forcing his mouth open poured it down Severus' throat making sure he swallowed it.

They waited for a few minutes for the veritaserum to take effect. 'What is the password to your chambers?' Voldemort asked.

'Green eyes,' Severus said. The portrait opened and Severus cursed himself for carrying the veritaserum around with him. The death eaters threw him into the room on the ground where he crawled over to the couch, which he used to stand up and gain his balance again. He was still bleeding from the beating he'd received earlier. Harry came rushing into the living room from the bedroom where he'd been.

'Severus, is-' Harry froze at the sight of Voldemort walking through the portrait hole. 'You,' he whispered.

'Yes, my boy. You've deceived me one too many times,' Voldemort said.

Severus stepped over and stood in front of Harry. 'I won't let you have him.'

'And why is that, if I may ask, my truthful friend?'

'Because I love him and he's more important to me than even my own life,' Severus said.

'Severus, don't do this,' Harry whispered from behind him.

'You should listen to the boy,' Voldemort said. 'Crucio'

Severus fell to the ground screaming and convulsing in pain. 'Severus!' Harry screamed, kneeling to the ground where he took Severus into his arms. Tears began to stream down his face. Harry kissed Severus on the forehead and whispered to him, 'Goodbye, love.' He then stood up, wiping away his tears and then looked Voldemort in the eyes. 'If you want to kill me, then do it already. Don't put me through torment when you're just going to dispose of me anyway. Do it already before something happens. Dumbledore does know everything that goes on in the castle. It's only a matter of time before he gets here. Don't miss you're chance when you're this close.'

Voldemort smiled his evil smile. 'You have a point.' He raised his wand. 'Avada Kedavra.'

Harry closed his eyes tightly knowing what was coming when he felt someone use him like a climbing post. He opened his eyes to see Severus, still in pain desperately clinging onto him for a brief moment before a light hit them both. They stared into each other's eyes. Harry felt no pain from the light surrounding them both now. Harry suddenly felt like his head was going to explode, and he felt something wet on his forehead, which he came to realize as it dripped down his face was blood. He grabbed onto Severus, and put his head on top of that of his fiancé's, since Harry was holding him up and the other man was not fully standing. Harry tilted his head to the side for a moment to glimpse at Voldemort, when the world went black and he passed out, falling to the ground, Severus on top of him.


The light which was supposed to have been green was for some reason white, and shortly after it struck the two men, it burst back a shockwave of white light that blew the death eaters to the ground and made Voldemort no more than the pile of clothes he'd been wearing, the light and its force rushed through all the hallways of the Hogwarts castle and burst out onto the ground outside, knocking everyone within the castle boundaries to the ground. (a/n: kinda like in lord of the rings when after the ring it cut from Sauron's finger, there's a big suction inward then a large outward burst that sends everyone to the ground)


Harry rolled over in the bed before he opened his eyes to officially wake up. He saw Severus lying in bed next to him. He leaned over and lay his head on the sleeping man's shoulder.

'Ah, I see you're awake Harry.' Harry rolled over to see Albus sitting beside the bed. The old man, handed Harry his glasses, which he promptly put on. He looked at his surroundings to notice he was in Severus' bed. 'I don't know quite how it happened,' the headmaster began to speak, 'but somehow the two of you defeated Voldemort. Once and for all this time.'

'What happened? Is everyone okay?'

'Not, quite everyone,' the headmaster said sadly. 'There are some faculty members I'm going to have to find replacements for and some very distressed parents knocking at my door every waking hour.'

'Are Ron, Hermione, and Draco alright? What about Sirius?'

'Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasely, and Mr. Malfoy are all fine, as are the rest of the Weasley's if you wanted to know. And Mr. Black is recovering well. He took a nasty blow to the head when part of the castle wall fell. He should be along in an hour or so for his usual visit.'

'Usual visit?'

'You and Severus have both been unconscious for a week now,' Dumbledore explained.

'You said something about distressed parents? Anyone I know?'

'I'm afraid so. It seems as though both Mr. Finnigan and Mr. Thomas from Gryffindor both fell in battle, along with Mr. Finch-Fletchy and Ms. Abbott from Hufflepuff, and Ms. Patil from Ravenclaw. Sadly all the seventh year Slytherins aside from Mr. Malfoy were fighting against us,' he explained.

Harry sat back against the headboard of the bed, tears streaming down his face. 'What about their funerals?'

'They've already been held.' 'I had some questions to ask you about what happened, but seeing as I've just brought you news, I'm sure you wish you'd never heard, my questions can wait for another day. When you have the chance and start moving around, make sure and see Poppy. She said she had something she needed to examine you more thoroughly about, but she wouldn't tell me,' Dumbledore said getting up from his seat to leave.

Harry nodded in acknowledgement and continued to cry, knowing all the students that had died for the past seven years of his life. He knew they'd been brave in what battle had taken place, and he still hated that he wasn't along side them during the fighting. He knew Severus locked him in his rooms for his own protection, but Harry hated the fact that Voldemort had come for him and others died because they were brave enough to protect their friend. He hadn't asked what professors had been so unlucky, but he was just thankful knowing Severus was alright, and just unconscious.

The End


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