Meanwhile in the operating room that Marshal was in things were going very well the doctor had begun the surgery by putting a clamp in to hold open his mouth and began by taking his adenoids out, not that Marshal ever had problems with them he was actually one of the control patients in the study. The Doctor had taken them out because he judged them to be fairly sizeable. Next he moved on to his tonsils and carefully removed them using a technique that would be relatively painless for Marshal when he woke up. The anesthesiologist was monitoring him closely and said "he's doing good so far everything looks fine"

Once the Doctor was finished with the Tonsil and Adenoidectomy with Marshal another Doctor came in and said "we just finished doing the belly exams on the other three and I'm ready to move onto him."

One of the interns in the room was then sent to go speak with Marshals mom well he was being prepped for surgery on his belly.

*- in the waiting room -*

Both Simon's Mom and Marshal's mom were sitting in the waiting area waiting for news about their boys they had already seen a couple of the other boys moms get news about additional exams being done on their sons and then being told they were in recovery. Two of them had already left to be in there sons rooms with them. As the intern came in he asked for "Mrs. Teller?"

Marshal's Mom approached him and was taken to a small room where she was told "everything has gone well with your son's Tonsillectomy the doctor decided to take out his adenoids as well because they looked a little big in him. Now as you may or may not know from some of the other boys moms we are doing an additional abdominal exam with a small incision in the area of your sons umbilicus or belly button and we will then put a camera in to check the abdomen and remove the appendix for study as well."

Marshall's Mom then said "if he has the additional surgery will it affect when he goes home?"

The Intern then said "yes will probably keep him over night until at least Sunday afternoon maybe longer depending on how well he is doing."

Marshal's Mom then said "I think I'd rather make sure everything is ok with my son then wait to see if something else happens to him. I think I may have had an uncle have some problems with cancer in his belly when I was a kid."

The intern then said "that's good I just need you to sign the consent form and will perform the procedure on him."

She then signed it and the intern picked up the phone and called to the OR Marshal was in.

*- Back in the OR -*

The Doctors and nurse were waiting to get consent for the belly surgery well they began getting ready for it. The Era Nose and Throat surgeon had just finished up with the tonsil removal and had removed the clamp from Marshals' mouth. The anesthesiologist then secured the berthing tube just in case they were going to continue the surgery. One of the nurses' answered a phone in the room and said "we have consent."

The general surgeon who had come in then said "alright let's get this kids belly prepped well I go scrub in to do it."

The nurses then pulled the sheet off of Marshal and took his gown off they also removed his pants and underwear they put them in a bag that they sorted with the bed that he was going to be taken to the recovery room in. Another nurse put a catheter into Marshal's penis and said "I always find they go in so much easier with a circumcised boy then one who isn't." The other nurse who was prepping Marshals' belly by shaving some peach fuzz he had around his belly butt said "tell me about it one of the other boys we did today was fairly difficult to do. I had to have a doctor come and circumcise him before I could put it in him."

The nurse who had put the tube in him said "the other boy I did this with today wasn't circumcises either but it wasn't too bad to get it done and I didn't have to get it done to him."

The nurse who was prepping his belly had now moved onto putting some iodine on it before they draped him again and said "apparently the one I had was having some difficulty with it and was going to be having one done anyway."

The anesthesiologist announced that Marshal was still perfectly stable and still under.

* - The OR next door -*

Meanwhile in Simons OR thing were going well with his Tonsillectomy. The Doctor had decided to leave his adenoids as unlike Marshals they didn't seem as big. They completed his surgery as another Doctor came in to get him ready for the abdominal surgery as well unlike with Marshal he had been able to go and get consent as the patient he had done before was in the recovery room getting ready to wake up. He also happened to be the boy that had to be circumcised. Simon was prepped in the same way as Marshal but didn't need to have any body hair shaved.

*-back in Marshals OR- *

The Doctor doing the abdominal surgery on Marshal had decided to make a small incision just below his belly button as it had been hard to open up. He then connected a small tube to it to inflate it with carbon dioxide to begin looking around it with the scope after he was finished he then began to remove his appendix vi the same incision. Once that was done he closed him up after doing a final inspection and a nurse put a small bandage over the incision. The anesthesiologist then discounted the brething tube from him and coveted one with a bag that would just give him regular oxygen well he woke up. Once in the recovery room they took the tube out of him and put a mask on him to help him wake up some more.

* - In Simons OR - *

Things went much the same as Marshals and he was taken out in the same way as his best friend had been.

*- in the patient room of the first boy - *

He had just woken up from his surgery and his mom and the doctor informed him of the additional procedures done on him. His mom also told him that they did the circumcision on him so he didn't have to worry about coming back for it another time.

The boy then said "that cool now I don't have to be embaresed around my friends in gym class who are circumcised. So I guess I need to spend the night in the hospital now because I had the extra surgery done I wonder if any of my other friends who came in today had it done."