Student of Chaos


Chaotic! Insane! Perverted! Naruto x Terra


Story Start


If Naruto could have gone back in time when that crazy old man offered him candy, he would have said no and ran away. Of course seeing as he was only five and the majority of the village ignored him, he wasn't taught the necessary things a small child should know; like don't talk to strangers, don't take candy from strangers, and most importantly don't get into their flying vans. And of course that resulted in him becoming a student of Chaos. Of course for some contrived reason his sensei wouldn't allow him to use these powers during his career as a shinobi; a testament to how much of an evil bastard the man was.

The former Master of Chaos, Gregorio, which Naruto was sure wasn't the man's name, not only because he did not look like a Gregorio, but the fact the obvious fact of having dark skin reason and the fact people called him various other names. Tamal as he called himself on Tuesday liked to endlessly tell his student stories on how awesome he was and how everyone worshiped and loved him. Despite being a very conceited bastard who wrote many autobiographies detailing his greatness with many sex orgies and unmatched badassery Jimmy was quite the douche-bag.

So of course when the man died of a heart attack despite all his epic stories about defeating gods and making Death bow down before him it was oddly fitting. So yeah the crazy man trained Naruto into the powers of Chaos like his master before him who suspiciously sounded like the Sage of Six Paths. Anyway Naruto did have the bad-ass power to create things with his mind; though the power seemed to only really kick in when not in battle or only when it was funny which was pretty damn inconvenient.

Naruto wasn't sure when he had started to lose his mind. Maybe it was the fact that Chaos masters were immortal and everyone he knew and loved grew old and died. Yeah, that sort of thing tends to leave someone mentally fucked up. So after many years of wondering around aimlessly Naruto decided that it was time to take up a disciple. After all it was the responsible thing to do; oh and that hold destiny and balancing the seven paths craziness his teacher told him.

''Magical Crystal of Chaos! Lead me to the chosen one of this Earth!'' Naruto commanded of the jewel that looked suspiciously like the Silver Chaos Emerald. Unfortunately Naruto would learn he should have paid more attention to his crazy teacher. If he did he would realize he botched the phrasing slightly. The mystical gym floated out of his palm as it shot out of his hand and clear through the sky. ''Huh? This is interesting.''

''Oow!'' a voiced cried out as something hit her head. The girl let out an annoyed huff as she turned to glare at whatever hit her head. ''What's this?'' she asked picking up the gem. She tried gnawing on it but to no avail it wasn't eatable. The stomach of the young girl growled as she held her hand against it. ''So hungry...'' she let out a whimper as she continued to trudge through the desert. She was still quite a distance from Las Vegas. 'Stupid U.F.O. freaks and their conspiracy theories. How the hell do you associate someone who can move earth with crop circles anyway?' the girl was starving and had little to no money. She was a drifter, traveling from place to place with little rest as she couldn't afford to stay in any one place for too long. Wherever she went disaster struck and went super beings and meta-humans being born every day, more and more people quickly put two and two together. Her arrival and the incidents always commenced and now it seemed like word was getting out; a reputation she didn't need or want.

It just frustrated her so much and when she was frustrated the Earth moved. When she became upset an Earthquake occurred and when she became angry Landslides occurred. Forests, snow covered mountains, and even deserts were not spared from the pull of her power. She had no friends and family...she couldn't turn to them. She had ran and never once turned back. God she was hungry. She could hardly think, her ribs poking out and both her arms and legs were incredibly skinny and bony.

''Hey you!'' a voice shouted, causing the girl to nearly jump in fright.

'Not again! Why can't people just leave me alone?' she thought as he suppressed the urge to cry. She just didn't have the energy to run she just felt so tired.

''Want some pockey?'' the voice asked from in front of her this time startling her. The girl moved her thin yet long blonde hair from her face. There in front of her stood a young man quite a bit older then her. He was relatively tall with golden blond hair, sky blue cerulean eyes, and remarkable build. He was wearing one of those Black Gi outfits she heard about in Anime. ''I got plenty if you want some. I prefer Ramen.''

After hesitating for a moment the girl tore the thing from his hand and began woofing it down. She was just so ungodly hungry she didn't care. ''Hey you found my gem of awesomeness.'' the blond said happily. ''Hey I know let's go back to my place! As my journey is over I will cook up a huge feast!''

The promise of food was all the girl needed to hear; ignoring the fact a random stranger was inviting her to her home and she had no way of knowing if he was some sort of sex deviant that planned on abusing her. A few hours had passed and the girl was stuffed. She was brought back to his home which was a simple one bedroom apartment. To her annoyance the man had her slowly eat bits of food over a course of time. He said he didn't know the exact specifics, but mentioned he read about something resulting in a starving person's death because he stuffed himself after having spent days starving.

''My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My full name is The Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze of Awesome and yoman meister the crowned prince of Worcester sauce.''

''Uum yeah...okay,'' the girl asked moving away from her fellow blond a few inches. ''My name is...Terra.'' she said as she looked down at the empty bowl. It was just twelfth one the girl had eaten that moment. She had probably eaten more if the blond hadn't padlocked his fridge.

''Nice to meet you Terra. Today is your lucky day as you're my destined student.'' Naruto proudly stated.

''I'm your what?'' she reacted as she stopped licking the bowl in her hands.

''My destined student and I am here to train you in the arts of Chaos. My awesome gem led me to you, meaning I am destined to train you to master your gifts.''

Terra was shocked into a stupor. This person...could teach her how to control her power?

''But you have to be committed Terra. No running away or anything and you got to give it your all. Chaos power isn't something you just causally take an interest in; so yeah what do you say? I mean I found you in the desert after all, so what do you have to lose?''

The mysterious man was right. What did she have to lose? She wasn't going to miss the lonely cold nights and rough unforgiving ground. She didn't want to have to run away anymore and live not knowing if one day her powers would go out of control and she wouldn't be able to stop them. She wasn't sure about this whole student of Chaos thing it wasn't like she had much of a choice. ''Alright, I'll be your student then.'' the young girl said as the young man smiled brightly at her.

''Well get some sleep.'' he said as he stood up from the table. ''If you need me I'll be on the couch.'' he informed her as he exited the room to leave the girl to her thoughts.


Chapter End


So yeah for Terra I wanted to draw a more Teacher x Student/ Sempai x Kohai relationship like I do for my Naruto x Aqua stories, but more relaxed and this whole their really good friends sort of vibe. A whole a student no longer and is now a good friend who would pull pranks with him and they involve into a more casual childhood friend sort of thing.

And yes Chesire (Jage Nyugen) will be Naruto's Catwoman in one story I plan on doing.

Bumblebee (Karen) - Multishot lemon story. Basically Naruto and her relocated to an island because their Pheromones are affecting the opposite sex but not each other...for the time being. Any other scenarios with the remaining girls are welcomed.