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Unknown Location...

"I couldn't believe it even after you told me to met you here!" One of the two figures walking alongside the various other hooded or masked participants. The two figures in question were royals like all the others but they wanted to remain anonymous. Figure two "Will you relax this place has tons or rare stuff for good prices." The first figure glared as another participant brush into their shoulder.

Figure one "Look I only came here because you said it would be interesting. I need old world stuff you know things that humans had? Or did you forget that?" The second figure shrugged to answer, "Never know what these dorks find. Just have to show up with a lot of coin. Plus it helps when you have royal status. So come on their starting the auction." Making their way to some free sets the two sat and watched as the green furred cat began the auction. Auctioneer "How are you all doing this fine evening? And welcome to the monthly Sling auction."

Purring the cat went on to say "Today we have a fine number of tools, weapons, and tech from the old world. Also sadly we only have one slave but he's so rare that we had to place a reserve on him. And to all you young ladies you might want to hold back cause he's young and he measures up. If you know what I mean?" One of the two figures chuckled while the other glared at them for their inappropriate thoughts. In time the auctioneer sold almost all of the items that were up for sale. A couple of computer parts, a few designer clothes, a kind of good human weapon that was called a handgun. But now came the final item a live slave.

Auctioneer "Ok now then lets get things going... I give to you a living human!" With that gasps when all throughout the room as everyone watch a young thirteen-year-old white skinned human be brought into the room. He had a slave shock collar around his neck, his hands and feet shackled, and his mouth restrained with a gage. Two auction workers had to shock the young human slightly to keep him from fighting. The second figure hummed saying "I think its time I bought something." The auctioneer had the workers turn the human around. Then ripped off the young mans shirt.

Auctioneer "As you can see he's clean no wounds, scars, old ugly birth marks. Also he's got a clean bill of health from our doctors. But a word of caution it took our guys ten sleepless nights to catch him. So my advice keep that collar charged and on at all times. So now then lets begin the final auction!" With that the auctioneer saw number paddle fly into the air. Shouts and laughs were going off around the room. The first figure even saw their friend raise their paddle. The first figure saw the fear in the humans face even though it was hidden behind the ocean of shiny blonde hair.

Auctioneer "I've got seven thousand who will give me eight?" The numbers keep rising and rising and that's what made the human even more afraid. That was until a furry paw of the Naylor wolf tribe went up. Naylor wolf, "Fifteen thousand gold." The boy eyes widen on seeing the large wolf she even licked her mouth at him. Baring her teeth at him the young human began to shake. He even tried to back up but the workers kept him in place. One worker even flashed the control remote for his collar warning him not to move. The second figure said "Seventeen thousand."

Just like that back and forth the Wolf and hooded figure went back and forth with bids. Until the hooded figure went up to thirty thousand gold coins. The auctioneer began to count as the human shook in fear at what was happening. The wolf and her friends glared at the figure on the other side of the room. Auctioneer "Sold to paddle number twenty four. That's all for this month dear buyers have a good night and remember to pay the ladies." With that all the buyers moved to another room to pay and tell where they wanted their items dropped off. The two figures were given a special audience with the Sling's boss.

He was a fat green colored cat with black strips. Smiling he said "Hello glad to see you paying up front also got to warn you about that human. He's a slippery little bastard wounded five of my trappers. And clocked one of the workers right in the eye but I sent him straight with a lot of shocks. So remember you don't want him to run keep the collar charged." The two nodded and followed the boss to a side room. There the workers were spraying the human down with cold water. Stopping the boss walked up to the humans cage to say, "Now boy be nice these two ladies paid a good deal for you." The human spat at the floor to say, "I won't bow my head to anyone."

The big cat chuckled saying "You won't bow no boy you'll be begging them for mercy." Laughing the second figure told the boss where to drop him of and who would be there. As the two figures got far enough the removed their hoods to reveal that they were princess Bubblegum and her lover the vampire queen Marceline. Princess Bubblegum "What are you going to do with that human Marcy?" Marceline "I'm going to turn him into a pleasure slave. I'm going let Simone, Cake, and a few friends in the Naylor clans have some fun with him too."

Princess Bubblegum "Marcy didn't you see how afraid he was? Maybe we shouldn't do that." Marceline grabbed Bubblegum by the hair and turned her to face her. Marceline "Don't forget you place Bonnie I didn't brand your ass with a M cause I felt like it. I did it cause you're my slut and you love every night I treat you like one. He will soon beg and love being my little toy. And he'll feel loved just like I love you. Now no more questions or will I have to use the punishment strap on tonight." Bubblegum's eyes went wide shaking her head her eyes begging for anything but that. Marceline smiled and forced her princess into a French kiss. Marceline roughly groped the princess through the pink sleeve sweater. Bubblegum knew after all these years of being the queens whore she loved it when she kissed and pleasured her.

Breaking the kiss Marceline watched as a trail of spit ran down the side of the pink princesses mouth. Looking into her queen's eyes she knew that even she couldn't escape from this life. She remembered how she met Marceline. Marceline and Cake the cat were traveling killers and adventurers. Cake had come in with a bounty but when Marceline saw Princess Bubblegum she knew what she wanted. That night Marceline had Bubblegum strapped to her bed her legs wide open moaning in pleasure as Marceline thrusted into her with a strap on. After two weeks on teasing, toys, and slight public spankings Bubblegum broke and begged Marceline for more.

Marceline was happy and even whored Bubblegum out to her sister Cake and her aunt the Ice queen Simone. Cake used her shape shifting powers to tease and pleasure Bubblegum for hours. Bubblegum couldn't walk straight without falling to her knees after having sex with Cake. Then there was Ice queen she used her powers to create frozen toys to shove, melt ice onto Bubblegum's body, or smear lotion onto her body. But overall Ice queen was gentle even though she liked to leave bite marks as she fucked.

As Bubblegum walked alongside Marceline all she could think about was what would happen once Marceline began her torture of the young human. Bubblegum "Marcy please don't break him like me. Please be passionate when you break him." Marceline turned to her pet eyeing her over to ask "Why?" Bubblegum saw her queen questioning her intention and knew she had to make up a lie. A lie that would save the young human from being abused to the point he couldn't stop crying for mercy. Bubblegum "Because I want to fuck him with some dignity. Also if you give him a motive to stay loyal them he'll be more passionate then any other guy." Using as much sexuality she could to sound slutty for her queen.

Marceline smiled saying "Your right if he breaks willingly we'll get him to be even a greater fuck. Ok Bonnie I won't break him too hard but your have to take his virginity. And I'm going to watch and get involved every now and again." Bubblegum nodded knowing full well that she had to do this. If not the human boy would cry and fear them for the rest of him life.

Human's POV

As the cart rattle and bumped around me I knew that I wasn't going to get away. The cat people that sold me told me sternly that the person that bought me was not a nice woman. She was know to break her pets and used them like sexual objects. To think five weeks ago I was walking around the mountain range ten miles or however far from here looking for dinner. Next think I know these large humanoid cats were trying to capture me. I didn't know how they knew I was human it must have been when I was taking a bath. I thought I was alone until everything got too quiet and I heard a bush rustle. I grabbed my handgun and was ready to fight. But it turned out to be a mouse.

I thought it was nothing but I should have known better. Looking out from inside the covered cage I saw the lush green grass of the area. I wanted to run around and play in the shiny green sea. But a swift bang on the cage told me to back away. The cat warrior glared at me to say, "You're lucky someone bought you or we would have skinned you alive." Giving him the finger he pressed the shock collar causing all the volts to hit me at once. Laughing as he kept pressing the button my relief came when another warrior punched the one with the controller. Second warrior "Knock if off you fool if he dies we loss the money. I don't care if he killed your sister she should have known better then to rush a human. For Glob sakes they wiped out themselves with weapons that could destroy mountains. What would you have expected?"

Soon the cart came to a stop and I was pulled from inside the cage. In time a person with a hood rode up on a rainbow unicorn. As the unicorn stopped the person flashed a yellow card and I was handed to them. The cat warrior handed the person the remote and nodded. The cats left and the figure began to pull me along side the horse. Figure "Now before we get to your new home I need to tell you the rules. Queen Marceline is a vampire so she can bleed you dry with little care. So just speck when she allows you to, do as she says, and please don't insult her unless your playing a game with her."

I turned to the figure "Please let me go I don't want to be a slave." Figure "I know but think of it this way she will provide you a home, fresh food, and things to wear. But most of all she promised if you obey and behave she won't be so rough with you. She loves to break her pets like she did with me. But she promised the princess in charge that if you were good she'd be gentle with you. She even said that she would allow you to impregnate a woman when you're old enough. She also hinted that you could marry too. But I'm not sure." I was beside myself a lifetime of obedience with no freedom. Or try to escape and risk the wrath of a vampire. I heard from old books they even humans with all their advanced weapons feared the dark that vampires came from. Sighing I followed with my head down. After a half a day of travel we can to a colorful kingdom.

Figure "Welcome to the candy kingdom. The princess is called Princess Bubblegum she very nice. Ok when you get inside bow and stand only after the queen allows you to. She'll flick her tongue as a sign." The figure walked to the side and I was left standing in front of the large doors. In time the doors opened to reveal a long room leading to a seat. Walking forward the doors closed behind me and I saw another person enter from the side. Walking further into the room I saw the gray blue skinned women on the bigger throne. She had black hair, violet eyes, and sharp teeth. That had to be the vampire queen standing next to her was a pink skin women with an odd looking crown.

She must have be the princess of this kingdom. Getting close enough I bowed and waited. Looking up the queen flicked her tongue and I rose. Queen "Hello my little slave are you happy to call this place your new home? Or are you angry that you have no say?" I didn't say anything I let my tears talk for me, the princess gasped as the queen laugh. Queen "Now don't do that I promised to be gentle with you. And I will keep that promise." Floating from the throne she stood over me at nearly six feet tall. Parting my hair she laid her hands on the sides of my face to say "I keep my promises boy... behave and you'll love being here." Kissing my forehead she floated back to her throne and the princess escorted me out the room. Princess "What is your name my young friend?" I looked at her with watery eyes to say "Finn... my name is Finn"

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