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So yeah lets find out what our fun family of sex is up to...

Fire kingdom Hospital Bonnie's POV

I'm smiling ear to ear right now. Why cause after four years Finn's becoming a father. Phoebe's in the delivery room pushing out their little baby boy.

Thanks to my computers I was able to find out what gender their baby is.

From the screams that Marcy, Cake, Betty, and I are hearing she's not taking it well. But after two hours in labor the nurses tell us we can come in.

Walking in we see Finn standing next to Phoebe as she coos to their baby.

The little guy has a small tug of gold fire hair and skin like his mom. But his gem royal head gem showing to be a brilliantly shaped ruby.

Finn smiles to us and we smile back. Betty says how cute the little guy is. And makes a little dog out of ice for him.

Finn walks around to hug Marcy and me. Finn says "Thank your for being my family." Kissing us I'm feel close to tears as Finn rubs my round belly.

He's going to be a father again in a short time. I can't wait and neither can Marcy.

She hasn't used her cock on anyone is the last six months. And I think I know why. But I don't want to say just yet. All I can do is smile, as our family grows bigger. And it's all thanks to our sexy little guy Finn.

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