Couples: Ikki/Erika, Ikki/Alex (You'll see what I mean later ^_^'), Koji/Karin, Medabee/Brass

Everyone is 2 years older than in the show...(Ikki, Erika, Koji, ect. are 12 instead of 10)

Baka = Idiot

Missing...But Am I Missed ?
By: Ryoko Lover 4-ever
I don't own Medabots.


It was a cold, wet, December day. The kind of day that you should huddle up with some one special. Which...most couples took advantage of. Little kids, grown adults, old people...just stayed inside. But not the teenagers....they had a blast staying outside, mainly so they will get sick and not have to go to school the next day. But another reason was, one word, Robattleing......

The teenagers loved fighting....and what not a better way to do it. This story is no different for our group....But of course Ikki and Koji would LOVE to be inside huddling next to the fire with....Karin.

They paid no, I repeat NO, attention to the robattle before them. Instead they watched Karin's nose get redder, and asking if she felt sick or blah, blah, blah. Sumilidon and Medabee were the ones fighting....or at least they were. They stopped when they heard no more commands.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU 2 BAKA'S DOING! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING GOOD SHOTS HERE! AND I CAN'T IF YOUR MEDABOTS AREN'T FIGHTING...Even the Referee is starting to fall asleep. Come on...I WANT ACTION !" yelled took awhile but she was able to snap them out of it...after about 10 min.

"Due to some *coughboringcough* events. I declare this robattle...OVER !" said the Referee "I need to lie down....been out here too long without a coat...or long-sleeves at that..." He then started...wobbling away...

"If you boneheads don't mind....I'm going to the 24 Hopmart" said Erika....but they were still paying attention to Karin.

"Give it up, Erika." replied Medabee "While it's cold and she's don't have a chance of getting their attention or anything else for that matter."

She just grumbled.

"Hey, why don't we go to the 24 Hopmart. It's probably warm there and I'm freezing." said Karin all of a sudden.

Erika stood there....looking in shock...She said she was going there but they didn't listen....then Karin said it and they jumped for joy. After Karin said a flash...they were gone....they left a very stunned Erika, Medabee, and Sumilidon, wondering how they could go that fast...

"I don't get it....Why does every boy like Karin ? Sure she might be rich but so are most of the boys that like her." Erika said flatly.

"Who knows why ? Maybe it's just a faze." replied Medabee

"What am I going to do ? I said I would have some action shots for the paper by TOMORROW !" she was becoming distraught.

"This is my BIG chance."

The Tokyo newspaper had seen some of her works, masterpieces as she calls it, and asked her if she could get some really good photos and a great story and if she did that she could age 12. That's unheard of but they thought her works were great (wonderful as she calls it). She already had a story on robattles and why kids like them. She only needed some REALLY good pictures.

They arrived at the Hopmart to see Dr. Aki, literary, breathing the chocolate pudding in to his system, Rintaro fighting with Henry over...something 'Most likely about the robattle 10 years ago' she thought, and Ikki & Koji talking with Karin...or should I say flirting.

"Hey Karin, Do you want some hot coco ?"

"How about a cupcake ?"

"Some tea ?"

"Coffee ?"

"Muffin ?"

"HEY !!!" Koji and Ikki turned to face Erika...who had a death glare on her face....


"I would like a chocolate milkshake please." Karin said to Henry....everyone was staring at her now...

"Milkshake ? Are you sure ?" Henry replied...

"Yeah Karin, I thought you were cold ?" said Erika...calming down a little...A LITTLE....

"I am....but Coco, Tea, and Coffee would only make me colder..." everyone did an Anime sweatdrop....

"One chocolate milkshake coming up..." Henry said...very unsure.

After they all got what they want, Erika went to talk with Koji and Ikki...who...of course....were talking with Karin.

"Okay....I want some robattle pictures...NOW !"

"We're busy right now, Erika. Ask again later..." Ikki said.


But they just ignored her.

"FINE !!! I'LL FIND SOMEONE ELSE !!!" at that she left the store

Erika looked around for about 2 hours for someone else who would help her. She found a few other people who were robattleing but they just weren't good enough...not like Medabee and Sumilidon. They were great...not like these newbies...

After looking around for another hour, Erika returned back to the Hopmart. To see everyone is still there...still doing the same thing as when she left.

"Hi, Erika ! Find anyone else for your pictures ?" asked Rintaro....who seemed like he had too much sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The look she gave said, 'Ask me again and your going to be sorry'

She was getting really annoyed....she wanted answers to why everyone liked Karin...but she kept finding more questions....

She was going to go crazy...unless she already was....She really didn't hate Karin that much.....She just hated that she got all the attention....Mainly from Ikki.

Yes, she has a crush on Ikki...since the end of the WRC....but Karin always got in the way. (A/N: I'm NOT going to do anything BAD to Karin no matter how much I want to)

And with Karin around, Ikki paid no attention to her. It broke her heart...

She was going crazy...she stared at the scene in front of her....Koji and Ikki kissing up to her....Try to impress her with all that they could do...

Erika's eyes started to get watery....'What ?' she thought reaching up to wipe away the water...'I don't cry'

The scene in front of her was to much for her to take...

"Um....I've got to get home...It's getting late and I need to finish my article for the newspaper." she said really quickly, she then turned around and ran home....Crying all the way.

"K, bye." Koji and Ikki said together. Karin didn't know what was going on, Medabee and Sumilidon...heard her too but didn't see her leave...They were busy playing a video game, Sumilidon winning. Dr. Aki was still...uh...breathing in the pudding. Henry and Rintaro were the only ones that saw her cry. They just shrugged and thought it was stress.

*Meanwhile...with Erika*

She ran into her house...It was 7:00pm....Brass was with Neutranurse...somewhere and her mom was out shopping....or said the note that she left her...

Erika ran upstairs and cried herself to sleep.

*Back with Ikki and Medabee who were walking home*

"Hey Medabee ?"

"Hm...what is it ?"

"What happened to Erika ? I thought she wanted to take some photos"

"Ikki ? Are you that dimwitted ? She was trying to take pictures but you were to busy going gaga over was Koji. And we can't fight without Medafighters. And she went home...Remember ?"

"No not really..."

"Then you really are stupid...You have the memory span of a goldfish."

*Back With Erika*

Erika had just woken up by her mother who was calling her down for dinner.

"Coming Mom." she yelled the best she could....

She then went to the bathroom to wash up...She had an idea of what she was going to do...but she wasn't sure if she should go through with it...(A/N: No it's not killing Karin, or kidnapping Ikki, or killing herself)

After dinner...Erika went back to her room and began working on the newspaper article....Yes she was done with it....but it just needed to be typed and edited....

About 20 minutes later Brass came in.

"Hi, Ms. Erika. Did you get your photos that you wanted ?"

"Hi, Brass. No I didn't...Ikki and Koji were to busy flirting with Karin to do any robattleing...."

"Maybe tomorrow will be better..."

"Yeah right..." Erika said under her breath....

Brass was worried about her Medafighter...She knew that she liked Ikki....but she was afraid that Erika might do something drastic.

*That night*

Around midnight...Erika got out of bed and packed a bag with clothes and other items.

"I can't believe I'm going through with this." she said to herself....

After she was done packing her bags....she went to her table and took all of her money and her news article. She was about to leave her room when she forgot something...

She went back to her table and took off her medawatch.

"I'm sorry...Brass" she whispered and started crying. "Don't forget me...and take care of my mom and everybody too." she let out a small smile...

She went down the stairs...and whispered a good-bye to her mom.

With that she left the house and started walking to the newspaper company. She slipped the article under the door and headed toward the airport.

*The next morning*

Everyone was at the 24 Hopmart talking about robattles and other Medabot stuff....everyone as in, Henry, Karin, Koji, Ikki, Rintaro, Dr. Aki, and their Medabots.

"Hey has anyone seen Erika, this morning ???" Henry ask all of a sudden...He was worried by what happened yesterday.

Just then Brass came walking in...very slowly, holding something in her hand.

"Hi, Brass." everyone said at the same time. She looked at them with a sad face....or as sad as a Medabot face could get.

"What's wrong, Brass ???" asked Medabee...who had taken a special interest in her not to long ago.

Brass showed them the thing in her hand...

"What are you doing with Erika's medawatch ?" asked Rintaro

"she's gone..." she whispered

"What did you say ?" asked Koji

"Erika's gone..." said again

"WHAT ?!?!?" they all said at once.