By Kalio

I: Prophecy

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An aging woman lay nearly delirious at her deathbed. Sweat glistened in the shallow light of the lantern as it slid down her wrinkled skin. Her eyes were wide with fear and she stuttered with terrified urgency. She grabbed the arm of her teenaged son as she stared at the blank ceiling.

'Yo-you m-must s-s-see it, sh-surely you d-do? I-it is coming for m -me - f-for us all!'

'Mother, you don't know what you're saying. You do remember where you are, don't you?' He had hoped that she wouldn't lose it in the end, but she just didn't want to go peacefully.

'Oh, I kn- know wh-where I a-am, alright. B-but I c-can see it. Everyone- s-so much danger! St-strange looking p-people... T-that g-girl? W-will she s-save us?' She looked at her son, with eyes so horrified, that he almost took a step back. Her long, pale finger stroked a line in between his eyes. 'Her eyes... l-like yours.' Her eyes rolled up, as if listening to a disembodied voice. 'S-she sp-sp-speaks...' She looked at him again, her eyes crazed, when she went disturbingly calm, her normally wisps of white locks matted by sweat. 'Lith esgoreth miachmech a domerenth istill.' Her eyes resumed their terrified demeanor, abandoning their quiet confidence, and she croaked her last breath. 'It is coming...'


'AAAHHHHH!' Akane woke up in a cold sweat. Unable to shake the dead feeling creeping all over her skin, she jumped out of the bed. She stumbled to her door, suddenly overcome with extreme dizziness. She held her head, as she nearly fell to the floor, trying, and failing to hold onto the door frame. She would have hit the floor if the whole household hadn't heard her scream. Consequently, even if Ranma didn't catch her, she wouldn't have collided with the floor.

'Whoa!' The whole family looked at her worriedly, as Ranma put her down. 'What happened, Akane?' She held her head, and wobbled on her feet, so Ranma helped her back into her room to her disheveled bed, for her to sit. 'You okay to sit?'

'I- I'm fine. Just dizzy that's all... I had a strange dream.' Everyone looked at her nervously.

'You sure you okay, sis?' Nabiki inquired.

'Yea, she said something, funny, though, I can't get it out of my head.' Kasumi looked at her curiously.

'She ?'

'The old woman in my dream... she said... "Lith esgoreth miamech a domerenth istill." It was creepy... I feel like I should know what it means...it's so familiar... but I have no idea, I can't place what language it is.' Soun paled.

'What did you say?'

'I said I wish I knew what it was.'

'No, the phrase.'

'She said: "Lith esgoreth miamech a domerenth istill." Do you know what it means?'

All the remaining color drained from his face. 'N-no. I've heard- nevermind...'

Akane stared at him, having recovered from her spell. 'Where-?'

Soun shook his head. 'Nevermind... I must be mistaken...'

Ranma looked suspiciously had Soun out of the corner of his eyes. He had never seen the 'crying man' be so hesitant about his emotions, and he was obviously holding back. Whatever it was, he knew something and he wasn't sharing. And to top it all off, he was starting to leave the room, shaking.


'Hmm?' He stopped, but didn't turn.

'What is it? Are you alright?'

'I hope so, Akane. I hope so.'


Soun entered his room, and shut the door quietly. He walked numbly over to his desk and took out a neatly framed picture. It featured the old woman in Akane's dream, only she was not frightened, she was smiling freely, with her son next to her.

'Why did she dream of your deathbed? Mother...'

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