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They get caught, by of all people, Roy.

They're leaving the foundry one night through Verdant. Oliver stops at the bar to say goodnight to Thea, and Felicity goes to the bathroom, and they meet back up in a dark hallway off the dance floor.

"Hi," Oliver says softly, hovering over her as she backs up into the wall.

"Hi," she whispers.

Oliver looks at her intently, eyes on her lips. She inhales sharply and he bends down, cups her jaw with those long fingers.

He kisses her and she melts against him, lips parting easily. Every kiss is like a miracle to her still - for so long she thought this could never happen. It seems so incredible, that anytime she wants, she can walk right up to him and kiss him.

He's trailing kisses down her throat, one hand sliding up her torso, when her eyes drift open.

Roy stands frozen five feet away, looking horrified.

"Oliver," she whispers, and when he keeps kissing her skin she whacks him on the arm. "Oliver!"

"What?" he frowns.

"Um..." She looks pointedly over his shoulder.

Oliver turns around and immediately heads towards Roy, who backs up a little with his hands in the air. Oliver puts a hand on his shoulder and says something that she can't hear, but judging by the look on Roy's face it's a threat.

Oliver comes back to her and wraps a hand around her wrist. "Come on."

"Where're we going?"

He gives her a heated look that makes her stumble in her heels, and he wraps an arm around her waist to steady her.

"We're going to your apartment."


As soon as they get through her front door Oliver kisses her senseless while simultaneously waking them through the apartment and into the bedroom. Oliver walks her all the way up the edge of the bed and then releases her, stepping back.

"Sit down," he says, in a voice that's soft and demanding all at once.

She complies, her legs shaking. She's thought about what he would be like in bed, if he's be as much of a control freak as he is in real life. If he'd order her around, or pull her hair. Make her say things she would never dream of saying.

Oliver stands in front of her, immobile but looking at her with laser-like focus.

"Take your top off," he instructs.

She pulls the silky polka dot blouse over her head, revealing a plum lace bra.

"That too."

She reaches behind her to unhook the clasp, shrugging the straps off her shoulder. Oliver licks his lips, and she shivers as cool air hits her breasts.

"Spread your legs," he says thickly.


"Do it," he says, his eyes hooded with arousal. "Please."

She opens her legs, leaning back to rest her elbows on the bed. He stands between her legs and then drops to his knees, kneeling in front of her.

He takes one breast in her mouth, making her gasp. He grazes her nipple with his teeth, licking and sucking until he's pulling moans from deep inside her. He switches breasts, giving it the same treatment until wetness pools between her legs and she's panting.

"Lay down," he says, and she leans back, hair fanning out around her face and her legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

Oliver unzips her pink skirt and she raises her hips so he can pulls it down, dragging her panties down with it. She raises her head off the mattress to see him hook his hands behind her knees and place her legs over his shoulders, a predatory expression on his face.

"What are you doing?" she whispers, her voice trembling.

"Reciprocating," he murmurs, turning his head to kiss her inner thigh.

"Oh," she says breathily, heart pounding in her chest.

He parts her with one hand and then stops, just to look at her exposed to him.

"You're perfect," he says hoarsely, and then his mouth is on her.

She cries out as his tongue hits her flesh, swiping up to lick her with the flat of his tongue. Her fingers clutch at the bedspread as he traces wet circles on her clit, making heat spiral up her body.

He pulls it into his mouth and sucks. He nibbles at her clit with his teeth, not enough to hurt but enough to make her entire center throb.

"Oh my god," she moans, lifting her head and reaching down to run her fingers through his hair.

The image of Oliver's head nestled between her thighs makes her almost come on the spot. She feels like she might faint, nerves and desire swirling in a torturous wave of arousal.

She's making these little uncontrollable moans that sound absolutely obscene when he puts two fingers inside her.

"Ohhh," she sighs deeply, as the combination of his tongue swirling over her and his fingers inside her makes the soles of her feet tingle, a warm rush of energy flooding her veins.

Her hips start to buck, something incredible building inside her until it's almost unbearable, like she might die if she doesn't come soon.

"Oliver," she starts to babble, "Oliver, I need...ah, please, please, holy shit, oh fuck, I think I'm gonna-"

She comes with a scream, her back bowing off the bed. He pulls out his fingers and licks her clean, working her down with his mouth until her cries quiet to slow relaxed sighs.

Oliver crawls up her body with a sly grin on his face, pulling her up with him so she's fully on the bed.

"You talk when you come," he says, eyes twinkling.

"Can't turn it off," she says weakly, unsure if she should be embarrassed.

"It's hot," he murmurs, leaning down to kiss him.

Felicity pulls at his shirt, and Oliver sits up, yanking it over his head.

"Everything," she says, waving a hand at him. "Off."

He makes quick work of getting naked, and it's only when he's kneeling between her legs, long and hard over her belly, that the nerves really kick in.

"Hey," Oliver whispers. "Look at me."

She does. His face, so often shuttered and locked, is wide open, vulnerable and shining with emotion.

"Hi," Felicity whispers, reaching up to run her hand over his cheek.

Oliver smiles. "Hi."

He leans down to kiss her and she moans into his mouth when he comes in contact with her wet core. He groans, rubbing against her, until she's panting, her fingers wrapped tightly around his biceps.

"Where're the-"

"Nightstand," she says.

Oliver plucks a foil packet out of the drawer and rolls on a condom before settling between her legs.

"Okay?" she says softly, when he lines them up but doesn't enter her.

"I keep waiting for an explosion," he explains wryly. "For a bomb to go off or the building to explode."

"The universe can't ruin it for us every time," Felicity says. "That's statistically impossible."

"Nothing's impossible."

"Improbable then."

He nods, looks down where he's poised at her entrance.

"It's okay, Oliver," she says gently. "It's your choice, remember?"

Oliver nods, one finger sneaking down to press on her clit, making her wiggle against him. "Let it be easy, right?"

"Right," she says breathlessly, and then he pushes into her.

"Fuck," Oliver curses, dropping his head to her shoulder.

Felicity strokes his neck, breathing hard as she adjusts to him, inside her. He braces his weight on his elbows and pulls out before pushing back in with a groan.

"You're so wet," he murmurs and she nods helplessly.

She's so turned on already, and now he's inside her, on top of her, and she feels so full, so complete, that for a second she's afraid she's going to cry.

He finds a slow, steady rhythm and she rocks her hips up to meet him, her breath coming in short sharp gasps as he finds a spot deep inside that makes her toes curl.

"Oliver," Felicity pants.

He grasps her wrists in one hand and pins her arms above her head. Her muscles clench around him and she cries out.

"You close?" Oliver suckles on her throat, making her moan.

"Yes." She's flying, Oliver pushing her higher and higher as he pounds into her.

"You're not talking," he mutters, and reaches down between her legs.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod," Felicity begins to chant, knees falling open.

"That's better," he growls, hand rubbing frantically as he speeds up, moving inside her at a dizzying pace.

"Oliver," she whimpers, clenching down hard. "Oh god, ohhhh."

"Come," he demands raggedly. "Come on, Felicity."

He does something tricky with his fingers, a little flick and roll over her clit and she explodes, her body going rigid under him as a string of fuck yes oh god I love you I love you leaves her mouth.

Before she can even process what just happened he's flipping her up and around so she's kneeling in front of him, and pushes into her again.

"What are you doing to me?" she moans. She feels boneless, her nervous system stimulated to levels she had no idea were even possible.

"Making you come again." Oliver pulls gently on her hair so she's leaning back against his chest.

"I can't come again," Felicity pants, even as she cries out when he thrusts deep.

"One more," he demands. "I'll come too."

His fingers return to her clit and she sobs as wave after wave of pressure builds until she's writhing in his arms.

"Ahhhh, Oliver," she cries as his arm tightens around his waist. He's panting hard, his warm breath in her ear, instructing her to come for him, now.

She shrieks, a string of unintelligible syllables slipping past her lips as he shouts her name and shudders against her back.

Later, when they're naked under the covers and she's dozing with her head on his chest, he whispers, "Felicity?"


Oliver pushes hair out of her eyes and hover over her. "I don't know if this, you and me, if it'll ever be easy. If I won't always be worried about you, what it could mean to be together."

He brushes his lips over hers in a ghost of a kiss.

"I hope there's a but coming," Felicity teases.

Oliver nods seriously. "But I love you. So it's worth it."

He's right. It's not always easy. But every day, it's worth it.