Thanks to MX for the feedback. You are right that something appeared to be missing from the ending. I usually try to wait 24 hours between writing and posting, but folded to pressure. Now I regret it. I hope this is what seemed to be missing:


Beth gazed up at Adam as they swayed gently with the sensual sound of the saxophone. The
dimly lit dance floor held other dancers, but neither seemed to be aware of anyone or anything
but one another.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into flying half way around the world from Cassie and the twins."
She laughed nervously.

"Duncan and Amanda will be fine." Adam assured her. "And there's always your family when
they need to call in the cavalry." He added with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Ryan's probably screaming and Joey probably needs changing." She worried, not sharing his
optimism or humor.

Adam captured her chin gently in his hand and leaned in close. "The children are fine. Duncan
and Amanda are fine, and for the next 10 days I want to share with their mother the proper
honeymoon we should have had more than a year ago."

Beth's frown spread into an almost shy smile. "Forgive me for my momentary relapses?"

Adam kissed her on the forehead and pulled her closer. "Always."

The twins were 6 months old now, and Beth had finally agreed to take this trip with Adam ...
without the children. Adam brought her to a private villa he owned on one of the Greek Isles.
She'd asked him once where he had hidden away when they thought he was dead, so he
decided to keep his promise and show her. It was close enough to a resort town where fine
dinners and dancing were available in abundance, but secluded enough for them to simply enjoy
one another. They'd never really had time like this and he didn't want anything to spoil it.

Beth slipped her hands inside his jacket and around his body, leaning her cheek against his chest
as they continued to dance. She'd thought the beautiful red dress she'd worn on their wedding
night had been ruined, but her sisters managed to find a cleaners who could remove every trace
of the eye pencil note. Adam asked her to bring it on the trip and tonight she could almost feel
the almost 2 years since she last wore it fall away.

"What are you thinking?" Adam asked as he looked down, feeling her sigh against him.

Beth looked up, knowing he'd see if she tried to hide her thoughts and hoping he wouldn't be
upset. "I was thinking that this is more how I wish our wedding night had been than ..."

Adam silenced her with a kiss and then leaned to press his cheek close to hers as he whispered
in her ear. "Then that is what it will be. I declare this is our wedding night and that all the bad
things magically disappear. They never happened."

Beth smiled and leaned back to look up at him. "You are more wonderful than I could have ever
dreamed a man could be."

"I hope I can live up to half of the love I see in your eyes." He replied. Looking down, his fingers
slid across her shoulder and down to capture the heart shaped locket around her neck. "You
know you have my heart Beth ... such as it is."

The back of his knuckles brushed the swell of her breast above the bodice of the dress and she
shivered. "And you have mine." She whispered, her eyes half closing as she longed for more of
his touch.

He knew what she was thinking, but felt the need to say more before granting her wish. "I don't
ever want you to be sorry you loved me. I can't promise what our future holds, but I can promise
I'll do everything in my power to make sure you and the children are always safe and always feel
my love."

"I'll never be sorry." Her eyes misted over as she looked up at him. "I only wish that ... "

Her chin tipped down for a second and Adam somehow knew she needed a second or two to
finish. He pulled her close and slid his hand into her hair, anchoring her head to his shoulder.

Beth's voice broke as she finished her thought. "I only wish that it never had to end ... I know it's
selfish considering what we've been given ..."

"A day with you is more than I deserve, and we have more than a lifetime ... maybe 2 if we are
lucky." He told her. "It may not be forever, but it's as close as anyone can get. And no ... it still
won't be enough for me."

The song ended and the band took a break, but Beth didn't move from his arms.

"Never let me go." She repeated the promise she'd asked of him when they were finally back
together more than a year before.

"Never." Adam replied. Their eyes met and both knew what the other was thinking. He led her
to their table, tossed a roll of bills on top and draped her shawl around her shoulders, stopping
long enough to plant a kiss on one tip before covering her skin.

A driver took them back to the villa where they spent the rest of the night and most of the next
day making love and whispering their devotion, dreams and desires. Their time together would
be long, but they didn't intend to waste a precious second.

For the next 20 or so years they would devote their lives to raising the three precious children that
waited for them at home, but for the next 10 days and as often as they could, Beth and Adam
intended to make the most of their private time. Life held so many possibilities and opportunities
to show one another the depth of their love, but even as they lost themselves inside their passion,
a century still seemed a thousand years too short.