Fox sat there Hurt and thinking of ways to escape but each time it seemed hopeless. The lady and guys walked back into the room. "you're still alive? I'm surprised most would have died by now." The lady said with a grin.

Fox smiled and said, "Why don't you go fuck yourself bitch." The lady laughed and picked his head up and slammed it in the tub of blood and held it down,laughing and yelling at him. Fox stopped moving,and acted like he drowned, the lady pulled him out and threw him on the ground. he kicked her in the leg and she fell.

she walked out of the room,and told the two guys to watch fox. "so you guys take orders from that bitch?" fox asked,one of they guys whipped fox,and then kicked him in the chest. "geez...i was only...trying to start a convensation with you." fox said,in pain. The guy pulled out a knife and pressed it against fox's throat. "listen kid, i will fucking cut you." fox smiled,and head butted the guy,grapped the knife,and stabbed the guy in the throat.

the other guy ran at fox,who dodged him,and stabbed him in the chest then held his head under the blood till he drowned. fox walked toward the door and that's when he heard and felt Explosions everywhere. he fell off his feet and landed on the ground hard and the thing of blood spilled and covered him in it.

Fox smiled, 'must be sarah and them...' he thought. He opened the door and stabbed a guard and took the AK-47 and ran. he shot every person he saw,and finally ran out of the base's gates,where sarah hugged him,and kissed him. "I was so worried about you." she said crying. fox hugged her back, "hey it's alright i'm fine now." he said.

"then let's get out of here." maxie said. They ran to the helicopter and got on and went back to base,where leo called fox into his office. "SEE WHAT HAPPENS FOX WHEN YOU DISOBEY ORDERS! LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! YOU DESERVED IT!" Leo yelled. "leo, don't fuck with me right now." fox replied.

"you getting a temper with me, bitch?" leo hissed. fox's vision got blurred,and he started to get dizzy. "look...i don't feel like argueing..." fox replied. " THEN FUCKING LISTEN TO ORDERS!" leo yelled. fox collapsed on the floor,and Sarah picked him up.

"way to got leo." she said carrying fox away and laying him down. she started to pet him. "poor fox..." she muttered. Fox sat up and looked at her. "i'm fine." he said then went back to sleep.