Hey umm this is my first official fan fiction story so please don't criticize me I'm only 11 and I'm going through some tough times. Also I don't own Mulan but I do own the characters I am going to add in

Mulan Pov

What was I thinking? Joining the army I'm going to be exposed and killed. I'll never be except, they'll see right through me.

"Ok so I don't think I have to change my voice because people have said I sounded like a guy but ill lower it just in case right?"

"Yeah sure" says Mushu not paying attention at all.

"MUSHU! If they see through me it's going to be your fault."

"Okay okay… and that singing habit of yours yeah that's got to stop ok maybe when there's no one round but really"

"Oh okay"

As we start to walk toward the camp Cri-kee starts to chirp insanely

"What, what's wrong" He chirps again.

"Mulan hurry up there checking if everyone's here and there almost done"

I jump on my horse and ride toward camp when I got there I jumped of and acted like I was there the whole time.

When the man gets in front of me he looks really familiar.

Is that? It can't be… can it? Omg it is! He's changed so much he so much more handsome now and buffer and taller…

"Shang!"Everyone looks at me and I start to blush.

"Captain Li Shang to you" He looks at me and his eyes go wide.

He noticed aw man he noticed…

"Mul-err… umm…I mean what is your name solider?"

Why didn't he expose me? Does he remember me?


"Ok everyone go eat supper Ping come with me"

We start to walk towards his office and I wait in the front.

"So Ping can you take of your hair tie for me?"

Why does he want me to take off my hair tie? I take it off letting my hair flow.

"Just as I thought… It's been a while Mulan" He says making that smile that makes my heart melt.

I run up to him and hug him tightly making us fall to the ground. He laughs hugging me back.

"You look so different well at least taller and more buffed"

"You think I look different your hair use to be us to your waist now its up to you neck, but why are you hear if anyone finds out they'll kill you" I get up and brush the dirt off my shirt.

"I know…" I hang my head. Shang lifts my head.

"Don't worry I'll help you keep it a secret." He leans closer.

What is he doing?

His lips brush mines making me go like crazy. Not being able to hold that pose I seal kiss softly but he deepens the kiss holding my neck to keep me close. His tongue slips into my mouth and his hands move to my waist while mine go around his neck we stay there for a minute then break apart.

"Umm… well I'm going to go eat you want to come"

"No I'll be there in a sec"

"Ok" I take my hair tie and go out side.

I bite my lip wondering… does this mean I'm his girlfriend.

Shang's Pov

I can't believe that Mulan still remembers me.

Okay so tell me what you think and I will continue if you guys like it