[center]A Falling Star

"You're Earth Ponies, what do you know about space..."[/center]

[i] This is an imaginary story, isn't this always the way..

No...wait, let me rephrase that statement. This is a story based on someone's life, one of how friendship and love were brought back into a world of racism and hatred. This is a story filled with bad times and good times, hatred and love, and sorrow and humor. This story will make you laugh, cry, and cheer. But hopefully, this story will entertain you. .

Maybe I should start at the beginning...[/i]

Once upon a time, there were two worlds: Unicornicopia and Equestria. These two worlds were ruled by kind and just rulers. These two rulers of seperate worlds were united by a bond of eternal love, seperated by space and time. After a thousand year of seperation, the two lovers were reunited by the destruction of thier two kingdoms. And where there is destruction, also must come creation. Or so goes the saying.

The two rulers, when reunited, banded together and fought back against the darkness and in turn, created United Equestria, which was protected by the brave ponies of Starfleet and the ponies that were the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Through loss and victory, they have won many battles and protected their world.

Yet, all things, whether good or bad, will eventually come to an end. Whether they know it or not, their greatest battles are soon to begin. For so it is written in the prophecy of Conquest.

[b]"When stars fall and friendship dies, Conquest will rise. The chosen few will faw to the dark and will fade away. Thus, darkness will envelop the five lights-"[/b]

Rainbow Dash let out an annoyed grunt as she woke up from her nap, Celestia's sun beginning to shine through her window, "Uuuggh, stupid dream! Five lights? What is all that about?" She grumbled to herself as she sat up and stretched with the rising sun. Though she had been working with Starfleet for a while and had to get used to a military-esque time-frame, she was not a morning person. Getting herself out of bed, she looked at her naked body in the full length mirror and smirked, "Messy bed-mane, tired look in the eyes, and my body looks like hell-," then she spun and did a pose with her fist up in the air, "-but still looks awesome!"

With her ego properly boosted, the cyan lady walked to her dresser to pick out her clothes for the morning. She stopped for a moment when she saw a picture on the top, a picture of six mares gathered in a group hug, "Hey girls," Dash said, a depressed sigh escaping her as she looked at the photo. A feeling of sad nostalgia always arose when she looked at it," The last time we were ever...normal. It was just after Twilight's coronation and before we got these stupid things!" she growled, looking at her five digits. While it was true that three years had gotten her used to having five fingers instead of a hoof, she still missed having them. "We were fine being ponies. Why can't Grand Ruler and Princess Celestia see that?" Dash asked out loud.

"Just what is the point of these things anyway? I haven't really done anything with them that I couldn't already. Jeeze, even Twilight couldn't figure it out!" frowning, she went into her drawer and began to pull out her clothes to wear under her armor. "I guess having hands is just one of the benefits of living in United Equestria, for a 'better tomorrow'. Better tomorrow, WHAT A LOAD OF MANURE!" She angrily growled as she put her appropriate clothing on. Turning to walk down the stairs, she noticed a photo of her and the Starfleet ponies.

Except one.

"If this is supposed to be a better tomorrow, then why isn't Twilight alive? Where is she? Why is Flutter-" she stopped herself, looking at a photo of Fluttershy on her wedding day, noticing the happy look on all of them, except the blue lady in the back.

"Why is Fluttershy with such a chump like Rhymey?" Dash asked, turning to the stand that held her armor and put it on. The armor was magically enchanted to meld into the clothes underneath. The end result was, essentially, an invisible suit of armor. With a quick turn, she walked out the front entrance of her home.

With a few quick stretches, she took a deep breath of air and flew out into the bright blue sky, letting the air flow over her feathers and wings. As she flew through the sky and around the clouds, she let out a big blast of laughter as she continued to pick up speed. The air moving through the fur on her arms and wings just continued to make the freedom of flight all the more beautiful for her. Another deep breath and a joyous shout gave her some motivation to speed up. Looking down, she thought she saw Applejack below her working on the farm, "There she is, working hard again. Geeze, does that mare ever sleep?"

Down below, Applejack gave a tree another roundhouse kick. As the fruit began to fall, the orange female began to pant. "Just two more and then I'm finished. Just two more...And I can do something to help me forget that dream."


[b] The darkness will consume the five heroes and will bring a downfall to the-[/b]

Her eyes opened wide in horror at the reminiscence of the 'dream' hit her again and she punched the tree hard. It very nearly fell over from the blow.

"Woah," Applebloom said as she used her exceedingly impressive sneaking skills to come up behind Applejack, just in time to see the tree rattling. "Big sis', you okay?"

"Ya," Applejack said, turning to the younger girl. "I'm fine, Applebloom. I'm' uhh, just...letting off some steam."

Applebloom smiled meekly and nodded once. "Oh, so you ate breakfast already?"

The bigger sister nodded. "Ya," She began, turning back to the unfinished tree. "Now get back inside, sugarcube."

"Okay..." Applebloom sighed, walking back to the house. With a skip and a jump, she got to the porch quickly, but stopped when she noticed a mulberry mare walk out. "Miss Cheerilee? What are you doing here?"

"Ummm...just talking about grades with your brother," the mare said, a blush on her cheeks as she ran off to the school, leaving a dumbfounded Applebloom.

Applejack watched the sight from a distance and gave a sigh when she turned her head to look at the leaving Rainbow Dash. Looking down, she clentched her fist, her mind thinking about her friends, "Twilight, Ah'm trying, Ah really am. Ah know the team rarely gets together anymore, and Ah'm sorry." growling, she walked out of the farm and frowned, "But Ah won't let that dream come true, Ah promise."

Rainbow Dash, having seen Cheerilee leave the farm, let out a chuckle. She was one of the few in town who knew of the school teacher's affair with the eldest of the Apple children. She was sworn to secrecy on the whole affair, which didn't bode well for her gossip-inclined ways . "As many times as those two go at it, I think it's only a matter of time!" she laughed as she flew away from the home of her orange friend and to a very familiar cottage.

Hovering above, Rainbow Dash let out a sigh as thoughts of Fluttershy and her jerk-husband filled her mind. She wanted so badly to fly into that house and slap some sense into her, but for the sake of her friendship, the cyan mare just shrugged. "You can't help who you fall in love with," she said to no one in particular before taking flight, aiming for anywhere else.

[b]Weakness will cause Darkness to eclipse the five lights, and all will fall...[/b]

Fluttershy shot up in the bed, a cold sweat covering her face. Next to her, her husband sat up and rubbed her arm. "Fluttershy my dear, have no fear," He gave a concerned look into her gentle eyes. "Please tell me my dear, was it the nightmare?"

Fluttershy sighed as Rhymey rolled out of bed, trying her best to recollect the images she received while asleep. "It was about this...darkness. I couldn't make out all of the details," she said before trying to get out of the bed.

"Tut tut, dear Fluttershy. No need to trouble yourself or I," the yellow pegasus said, rolling off the bed. "I will make you breakfast with some cereal, no need to do something so trivial."

"Okay, maybe then I could look after my animals. They do nee-"

"No, my lady love, you stay in bed remember? You should be in there to get better," Rhymey said, walking away.

"I'm not sick, and I need to do my job and be with my friends," Fluttershy tried to argue, but only met the wall. A depressed sigh escaped her lips, and she looked to a photo on the desk. "I miss you girls."

"And add a bit of crystal here for flair and voila!" Rarity cheered, looking over her blueprints. "These designs are going to be perfect! Don't you think Spike? Spike?"

"I'm not coming out," Spike said, his voice said with a tinge of sadness.

"Oh Spikey," Rarity tsked. "It isn't that bad."

"I look like a dork," Spike yelled out, hiding behind the cutain.

Rarity let out a chuckle as she pulled back the curtain, revealing Spike in a frilled shirt with a turned up collar. His pants were well trimmed and even had a cane, "Well, it's not my best work, the customer did as for a mid-4th century look. And I must say, that on you, it does highlght certain," she smiled and rubbed a finger along Spike's pec, "aspecs."

"Well, um...maybe so, I mean-" the dragon began to babble, a red blush coming to his cheeks.

"Awww," Rarity pouted, "My big dragon is flustered. How adorable. I'll have to remember to work on my teasing later."

Spike nodded, walking quickly to the shower to cool himself off.

And, outside Rarity's establishment, a very distinct chuckle could be heard from any person listening- which Spike and Rarity were not.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, and flew on, leaving them to their flirtatious ways.

Her pratols always brought with her a feeling of happiness and sadness. While she loved the feeling of freedom in her wings, blowing past her, she hated what she saw below. The Unicorpians were all smiles as they walked around, holding an air of superiority. The native born Equestrians, on the other hoof, were heartbroken. Even though they could not show it, for fear of reprcussions, they walked around with frowns and a beaten look.

Dash let out a sigh as she looked at the house of Raindrops, her former second in command at the weather starion and currently unemployed. She remember how she had to let her go because of her attidude, "What did that even mean?" she asked herslef as she landed. When she saww Raindrops step out, she waved high, "Hey Drops, how's unemployment."

" "Fine," Raindrops said with a frown, "Did you know that they're increasing the standards of learning? Soon, my little brother might even not be able to go to school anymore. Then, guess who'll have to pay for homeschooling, mom and dad."

"Drops, you know I-"

"Yeah, I know," Raindrops said with a sigh, "It aint your fault. It's the government. You appearently have to have the right, 'attitdude' and 'mentality' for them before you work. Even though, I was a pretty damn good worker."

Dash let out a chuckle, "Yeah you were."

"You know, I aint the only one who feels this way," Raindrops said, pointing to a nearby home, "Ditzy has been visited by the child protective services a few times."

"What, why?" Rainbow Dash asked, growling.

Raindrops looked a little curiously at Dash, "Why do you care?"

"Dinky and Sparkler, they're my godkids," Dash said, "Fluttershy and Ditzy, I always kept them safe from bullies and I helped Ditzy out when she was pregnant. So, yeah, I make it my buisness to know."

"Sunstar," Raindrops said, frowning, "Ever since her husband died, they've been trying to delcare her unfit to raise the kids. Just because of her eyes."

"Have they been successful?" Dash asked, punching her palm.

Raindrops shook her head, "No, thank goodness. Just like they haven't gotten Snails. Not that it would ever happen."

Rainbow turned to look at Raindrops and smirked, "Drops, if they try, I'll be right with ya kicking ass. Job be darned."

This earned a hoofbumb from her fellow pegasus and a wave as Dash took off. The more she kept flying, the more she began to be reminded of how much she loathed Starfleet. A small town that once was filled with ponies walking and smles, were now filled ponies who were constantly reminded that a war could break out any day and that they were inferior. She could see it in their faces, of how they were reminded of the facts about Starfleet's strength, speed, and enduracne. Letting ut a growl she was ready to give anything to be the one to bring back the Equestria she once knew.

Looking down, she saw Lyra sitting on the becng, frowning. She quickly remembered how often the jubilant mare would be ostrasized by the new regieme and how they did not like her for her...preferences. She shook her head and flew towaerds a large tree, "I'm sorry Lyra."

Her mind continued to think about the state of her world and what went wrong until she looked at the library. She sighed sadly as she landed in front of the door, the memories quickly flooding in.

"Are you a spy?"

"Ah, that was a long time ago,"

"Please spare her!"

"Twilight- about the wedding-"

"You are the best, Twilight."

"Dashie?" Pinkie Pie asked, coming up behind the rainbow-haired female and, quite literally, plastered her with a hug.

Dash's eyes, needless to say, bulged. "Hi Pinkie." she gasped out.

"Hi Dashie!" She said happily and frilly.

"What's with the hug?" Rainbow Dash asked, just before mentally face hoofing- or palming. Pinkie didn't need a reason to hug.

"You looked sad," Pinkie smiled, and then looked back at the library. "I miss her, too."

"Stupid Starfleet," Rainbow mumbled, staring at the tree house. As though it was a deliberate response by nature, the wind blew.

Pinkie frowned, if only for a moment. She looked at Dash with a recurring smile. "The past is the past," She said. "We can't change that."

Rainbow bit her bottom lip furiously. "Twilight died, yet the Starfleet claim to be all sorts of badass. Always right, always winning, always 'perfect'."


"It's bullshit! We're serving under, "I am so great because I suck The Grand Ruler's dick," Lightning Dawn."


"What makes them better than us? Nothing! Absolutely nothing...Just...Ugh..." Rainbow turned away and looked to the ground.

Pinkie decided to hold her tongue, less another quick outburst came up. They usually hap-

"Who the fuck is Lighting Dawn anyway!? Nopony! Why can't Twilight have some fucking holiday or something, huh!?"

Pinkie put her hands together and patiently waited.

"Her anniversary is in three days, and you know what?" She turned to Pinkie, who gave a bemused stare. "Celestia and Luna are the only ones that give a shit-"

"-And us," Pinkie chimed, looking down.

"Right," Rainbow continued with significantly less drive. "I just...miss her. A lot."

Pinkie stepped forward and pulled Dash in for another hug, this one with more affection than the last. "I know, Dashie. I know..."

Rainbow huffed, giving the library one last longing stare before fulling immersing herself in the hug. Then, they released and looked at each other. "Thanks,"

Pinkie grinned and said, "I don't like sad friends. Or sad people. Or onions. Or burnt toast. Or-"

"So," Rainbow started. "Want to fly a bit?"

Pinkie's mouth went agape. "They found a way to make earth ponies fly!?"

Rainbow gave a very confused stare before shaking her head. "No. I mean your wings, remember?"

"Oooooooooooh!" Pinkie giggled and shook her head. "I gave them away!"

And then the confusion left, was replaced by shock, then more confusion, and finally a groan. "Wait, what?"

"They were itchy. So, I found a surgeon to get rid of them, easy peasy."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. "Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised." She then gestured for the pink female to get in her arms. "Come on. Let's go to Headquarters."

"You mean Grumpyville?" Pinkie asked cheerfully as she got into Dash's arms.

"Yep, same thing." Dash chuckled as she picked the pink mare up and flew off towards New Canterlot.

Lighting Dawn looked at his armor, trying his best to make sure everything was in place. Ever searching for a speck or blemish, he looked at his formal wear with an expert eye. Smiling, he straightened up and nodded. Slowly he turned to walk out the door, "Starla, you coming?"

"Oh, no you go ahead," Starla said, giving out a fake smile. "I'm just going to stay here and maybe look over some things. I'll be back when you come home."

"Right," Lighitng said, walking to the door, ignorant of the sadness in his wife's tone. Spreading his wings he began to take off, "See you tonight."

"Sure, tonight," Starla said frowning, "Just like always, and never mind me...it's not like I was hoping we could go and watch the stars. But, you'll be too tired again to spend time with me." she let out a sigh as she walked around the house, "Would you even miss me if I was gone?"

Lighting flew through the sky, smiling as he looked upon Ponyville. There was a certain feeling he had watching all of his civilians look up and salute. Each one seeming happy to have him flying above their heads. Holding his head up, he kept on flying towrds Canterlot.

Down below, in a house outside of Sweet Apple Acres, Buddy Rose felt a little something jump onto his belly. Looking out from the bangs of his hair, he smiled as he saw a plate of honey biscuits and tea. Holding it, was his little cousin who had a big smile on her lips, "Morning Buddy!"

"Why miss Daphine," chuckled Buddy, "What ever is the ocasion that you would make me breakfast in bed?"

Daphine smiled a little as she put her hands behind her back and said, "Well, I was thinking, if Grand Ruler lets you have the week off, maybe you could take me to the flower festival?"

"Hmmm, maybe," Buddy said, patting her on the head while biting into one of his biscuits. When he saw her frown, he pressed his forehead to hers and rubbbed his nose to hers, "I kid, I will."

Daphine let out a happy cheer and rolled off the bed, running down into the kitchen. Buddy sighed, letting the sounds of his beehive keep him awake as he relaxed in the sunny day. After finishing eating his breakfast, he walked down the stairs and put on a pink frilly apron. A chuckle escaped his lips as he tried his best to not imagine some of his teammates mock him for being so girly. Looking back at the kitchen and saw Daphine waiting for him to make breakfast. Nodding, he quickly began to work.

"Buddy, do you think I'm special?" asked Daphine as she watched her cousin begin to work.

Buddy looked a little confused at this, "Daph, of course you are special. You are the only Daphine I know, and that makes you-"

"No, I mean, really special," Daphine asked. "I mean," looking down, she shook her ehad, "Forget it."

"Daphine, if something is-" a doorbell ringing caused him to snap out of his questionarre. Walking to the door, he was approached by a yellow mare with bushy orange hair, "Um, excuse me, and you are?"

"Oh, sorry, you probably don't know me," Carrot said with a sigh, "My name is Carrot Top. Your land was requistioned from my farm when you moved in. I was wondering if I could borrow some of your flowers."

"My flowers?" Buddy asked, looking back at his outdoor grden, "Why?"

"Well, you have some rare breeds and I would like to use them for some tonics I was thinking of making. A part of me was kind of hoping to sell some at the market," Carrot said, rubbing her arm and smiling.

Buddy looked a little confused, "I thought you were a carrot farmer."

"Not many of you Unicorpians buy many Carrot products, I'm afraid. So, I need to use my other favorite hobby, botany, to pay the bills." she said, and then when she noted Buddy's frown, she added, "Oh, don't worry about me. I manage...fairly well."

"Why not quit?" Buddy asked, looking back at his garden.

Carrot sighed and shrugged, "Then I wouldn't have a place to go and it would take me away from the ponies I want to help. You can understand, right?"

Buddy looked back at the young Daphine as she ate, "Yeah." looking back to Carrot, he said, "Pick what you need over there, free of charge."

"Thanks," Carrot said, walking by Buddy and tot the flowers, "Ih, and love the apron. So...pink."

"It's lightish red," Buddy argued, putting his hand on his hip and frowning.

On a rooftop, not too far away from the main building of Sugar Cube Corner, Artie was painting the rising sun. In his painting, he had a picture of many pegasi lining the sky, all in the air and flying towards the heavens while below the earth ponies and unicorns were watching above. There was a curious look in his eyes as he looked at the addition he made to his massive painting, that of a pair of more demonic eyes looking over the city, as if it wanted to burn it to the ground, "What on earth? Why couldn't I draw Twilight's eyes?"

Ignoring the ill feeling he had been getting from his own painting, he took off from the roof and flew towards Canterlot.

After a few minutes of flight, they had landed in front of the giant castle, the flags of the new kingdom flying high. Rainbow Dash let out a sigh as she looked to them. "I really miss the old flag."

"Me too, sugarcube," Applejack stated as she walked next to Rainbow Dash. "But sometimes we gotta deal with it."

"That seems all we have been doing for the past few years! Dealing with it! We had to deal with our home getting blown up, being turned into these...things, and dealing with-"

"We all know, Rainbow Dash," Rarity said, walking up with Spike at her side. A sad sigh escaped her lips as she walked to them. "Grand Ruler Celesto doesn't even give us the time to mourn our losses, calling it 'weak' he says. Then he expects us to get over it in a day, or expects us to enjoy those," she let out a shudder, looking back to where her wings were. "It's been hard on all of us." she finished saying, looking over to Pinkie Pie, who for a few moments was begging to frown.

Rainbow Dash loked down, "That isn't the only bad thing we have to deal with."

"Yeah," Spike said, looking down and rubbing his arm, before reaching out, "Girls, look me and Rarity, we're sorry that we haven't been able to meet up outside of meetings like this."

"It's fine Spike, really," Applejack said, looking down and then leaning against the wall, "You and Rare have a wedding to prepare for, you've been busy."

"We've all been busy," Dash said with a sigh. "When was the the last time we all just met up like friends?"

"Too long," Applejack said, frowning.

"Ok, that's it! We are done with moping, I say tomorrow we all just have a big get together at Sugar Cube Corner," Dash said, "and I mean all of us, where's Fluttershy?"

"If there is an emergency with health or need, I will bring her here with great speed," Rhymey said as he looked to the approaching bearers as he stood with his team.

"Fluttershy is one of us, whatever the Grand ruler needs to say, he can say it in front of all Sev-six of us," Dash looked to where Twilight would often stand- right in the middle. The center, pivotal piece of their friendship.

"I am her husband, I know what is best. If you wish to put my authority to the test" Rhymey began, only for Lighting's voice to silence him.

"At ease major," Lighting said, walking to the group, "I do not know why you two are arguing, but it will stop now."

Rhymey smirked at Dash, making the mare growl lowly at him. With a sneer, Rhymey looked to Lighitng, "And where is your wife? Are you cutting her out of your life?"

Lighting laughed, "No, I figured tht his is only a small meeting, so no real need to bring her."

"Shame," Artie said, flying in with Buddy close behind, "Would've liked to see her today."

Buddy looked back at the five mares and one dragon, holding up his hand to say hi. Upon seeing the looks in their eyes, he pulled back nd frowned, looking away from them, "Is it alway going to be like this?"

"Myte, wait up," Dyno said, panting s he followed his brother.

Myte could only smile s he waved, "Come on! Maybe the boss has said it's some time for good ol RNR!"

"Myte, we are just having a meeting with the rulers, calm down," Dyno dismissed as he watched his brother run to the door.

Myte let out a chuckle and smirked, "Oh come on, brother! It's been, what, months since Dark King attacked? And what have he had since then? Skirmishes, little annoying gnats once in a while? We are do for a real vactation."

"Starfleet takes no vacation, you should learn that lesson," Rhymey said, walking ahead of the small group.

When the massive doors swung open, there sat Grand Ruler with Celestia by his side. It didn't take much for the former bearers of the elements to note that Celestia had the perpetual frown on her face that she had when she was with her husband. Gone was the calm and gentle leader, replaced by one hurt by too much loss. A small smile did come to her as she looked upon the her student's friends and she welcomed them with a curt nod.

Grand Ruler leaned back, the golden light from his horns shining like the sun behind him. Speaking wiht a regal tone, he spoke, "In the past few months since Dark King's defeat last November. Thanks to the power of our team."

'A team consisting of a lapdog, a whimp, two dweebs, and a rhyming freak who doesn't even deserve flimsy toilet paper.' Dash grumbled to herself in her head. She then turned to the Grand Ruler. 'You aren't much better, freak. You're an utter monster, you practically make us all your slaves and Celestia just sits back and watches!'

"We seem to have entered an era of relative peace. As such, I am giving you all a week-long vacation. You are free to do what you want," the Grand Ruler said, smiling down on the two teams.

"Yes sir!" the teams said in unison before running out of the throne room.

Pinkie Pie let out a cheer at this and ran out the doors, causeing all of Starfleet to roll their eyes in exaspiration. The others began to walk away and out the door, following Pinkie, "There it was again." Applejack whispered as she walked with Dash.

"That feeling that Pinkie was annoying and not funny?" Dash asked. "And that we should've shunned her and treated her like shit?"

"You've gotten that feeling too?" Rarity asked, shuddering, "It always happens around them and Grand Ruler. Normally, I have no qualms about Pinkie's antics, but when I am near them, it's like I want to dismiss a small child."

"Ah know the feeling," Applejack shook her head, "Ah have no idea why it happens. But, Ah do feel better when Ah'm away from them."

"Less talk, RNR starts now!" Rainbow Dash shouted, fliny overhead, "And I think we should go and meet Pinkie at Sugar Cube Corner tomorrow for some much needed us time!"

"Indeed," Rarity said with a smile at Spike, "After all, I do suspect we are all finished with our duties at the shop and friends are important."

Spike smiled softly and then look back at the doors, "Wonder what they are doing?"

"Probably confused on what to do when they hear the words, break and vacation," Rainbow Dash joked.

Rarity then turned to Rainbow Dash, narrowing her eyes, "Rainbow! That was very rude."

"Is probably right though," Applejack said with a sigh, "Almost feel bad for 'em."

Inside the throne room, Buddy was ready to fist pump the air in excitement. Instead, as he saw his friends remaining stoic, he held back and nodded at the ruler, "Thank you sir." he said, before leaving the throne room with the others. As they walked Buddy was the first to ask, "So, what ar-"

"Guys, I don't know about this free time," Lighting said shaking his head, "What if something happens? I am just going to train for a bit and then head home later tonight. See ya."

Artie lightly placed his hand onto a frowning Buddy's shoulder as he said, "There's an art expo, maybe I could take one or two of you?"

"I choose nay

I will be too busy with the cafe." Rhymey said, looking away and walking. Then he turned to look at Buddy with a glare, "And perhaps Mr. Rose, you will clean yourself of your woes. Wearing a flower, the mood it tends to sour."

Buddy removed a flower from his ear and remarked, "Daphine thought it looked nice. So guys, want to-" before he could ask, the rest of the team left to their own seperate ways, leaving the Starfleet member alone in the room.

Starla sat at her dining table, dressed in a red dress that showed off much clevage. There was a heavy frown on her lips as she looked at the table at the empty chair. With the ticking of the clock, she could feel her agitation growing. Putting a fork into her meat, she let out another depressed sigh and ran a hand through her purple mane, "Hey Lighting, want to go look at the stars? I found this interesting constellatioin that was absolutely fascinating. 'No, I don't. I am too tired from trainign and filling out reports. I go nappies now." there was a loght bit of venom in her voice as she said this and she shook her head.

Upon hearing a knock on the door, she turned her head up to look,"Lightning, is that you? You know the door is unlocked."

"A bad idea," a deep baritone came from behind the door before it slammed open.

A black alicorn humanoid with a flying red mane strode his way into the room and, with a quick glance around, claimed it, put taxes on it, turned it into an orphanage, sold it, then burned it to the ground- or so it seemed with his horrid red eyes.

He smiled a sharp toothy grin as he looked at the curvaceous white unicorn. "So sorry my dear, but it seems that your beloved is running a little late. Allow me to entertain you."

Trembling, the white unicorn backed up against the dining room wall, feeling the black magic radiating off of the intruder, "W-who are you, and what do you want?" she whispered, feeling immense fear as she reached for her badge.

"Ah, my favorite part; the introduction," He then stood up proper and took a single, unnecessary breath.

"My name is Dark Conquest, although I much prefer the name given by the public, "Oh god, please stop." A little long, but i like it," Conquest chuckled as he walked closer towards the unicorn. "As for what I want, well...it's my job to conquer worlds and universes that have proven themselves too weak to continue. Either they are too filled with hatred or fear to go on, or they are just plain rotten. Yours is one such world. Oh, the hate I feel from this place is exquisite! It's a literal banquet here!"

"Not this world!" Shouted Starla Shine. "Starfleet will stop you! STARFLEET magic!" she screamed as her body became engulfed in pink armor.

Dark Conquest had himself a deep laugh again. "My dearest Starla...it's what I pray for."

"Starlight Arrow!" Starla shouted, firing a golden arrow at Conquest, only to watch in shock as it did nothing. Again and again she fired shot after shot at the slowly walking beast, only to witness it fizzle against his bear chest. She couldn't help but notice his psyshique, and the fact that he wore only a pair of underweare and boots. All of this began to intimate her. In despiration she began to fire again and again, only to look on in absolute horror as the arrows dissappated.

As she was preparing another spell, the black alicorn grabbed Starla by the neck and slammed her against the wall, "You know what my favorite conquest is? Besides the murder and devastation of all living beings, of course."

"W-what?" Starla asked, trembling as she felt Conquest's hand slide up her leg and to her breast plate.

"Sexual," he smirked, grabbing her right breast through the platemail and deactivated the armor.

The unicorn's eyes opened wide in horror as she looked into the dragon-like eyes of Conquest. "N-no, you can't- I mean...! No, please, not that! Oh god, please no!"

"Ah the magic words, I love it!" Conquest said as he looked Starla in the eyes, his red eyes pircing her soft violet ones. He then chuckled as he continued to squeeze slowly, "Now, if you could do me a favor and please beg. I love it when they beg and hearing their prayers to god makes me feel like I am doing my job right."

Starla could only let out an ear pircing scream as she felt herself dragged into hell.

Lighting walked towards his house outside of Ponyvill with a warm smile. There was a certain feeling he had from working out that made him feel alive. Looking up at the moon, his smile quickly turned into a frown as he realized how late it was. Turning his head to look at flowers in his hand, he began to wonder "I wonder if this will make up for it."

As he stepped closer to the front door, he stepped back as he noticed it was wide open. Narrowing his eyes, he began to walk into the room with caution, his eyes looking over the place with anger and trepitation. That was when he saw with shock and horror at the torn clothes and shattered armor around th dinning room. Littering the floor were small traces of arrows and something else.

When he stepped down, he quickly noticed that it was a red vicious liquid that littered the floor. Gasping, he whispered, "Blood?" he had also noticed that there was a clear liquid on the path leading to his bedroom. When he ran a finger along the fluid, he pulled away as he recognized the scent of his wife's femine juices, "STARLA!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

That was whne his ears picked up the faint sounds of pleas and begs, plus a very rythmic thumping from above him. Eyes opening wide in utter horror, he ran up the stairs and morphed into his armor. As he made his way up to the stairs, he saw a sight that would forever be burned into his memory.

Starla was laying in bed, with lacerations, bites, and cuts all along her curves and most feminine of places. Above her, thrusting and grunting, was an alicorn with a well tone psyique, and wings spread as he dug his claws into the palms of Starla's hands. His lady beneath him, her body writhing and shaking with each thrust.

Upon earing the entry of her husband, Starla looked at Lighitng and whimpere, "LIghtning," trying to let out a sob through her pain. She was trying to hide her embarassment and brokeness from him, trying to be strong as she felt every painful blow.

Dark Conquest shrugged and smiled at the appearence of the stallion, "Oh, I know where this is going! Lightning will see his bride being raped viciously by the main villain. Heroically he'll try his attack and stop me," and with that, he waved his hand. "The problem is, I am the director, producer, writer, and founder of this porno. And Lightning old bean, you..." Dark magic enveloped around Lightning and bound him to the wall, tightening against his throat. "Are not a knight in shining armor."

"Staaa-hrruughkkk!" The white unicorn was unable to speak as the chains pinned him by the throat.

"Oh, Lighting, could you please hold off on your heroice bull until I finish inside of her?" Laughed Conquest as he ruthlessly pounded her.

Eyes wide with fear at the connotation, she began to scream, "NO! STOP! D-D-Don't!"

Ruthlessly, Dark Conquest continued to pound away at Starla as she screamed until her voice was a hoarse cry. Within minutes though, it was soon over as Dark Conquest began to near his limit, "Oh, yes! Time for the fun part- I am going unload in this bitch with all my righteous, pent up fury!"

"No! P-pull out, please! PULL OU-AHHHHH!" Starla screamed hoarsely.

With a small chuckle, he rolled off of the white unicorn, but not before punching her hard in the stomach and teleporting her away.

Putting his pants back on, he walked to Lighting and tucked his chin. "When you wake tomorrow, tell Grand Moron that this world is about to watch it's final days. Everything, will change starting today. Without a single ounce of remorse, hesitation, or stitch of cautiousness, Lightning was slammed against the wall and became unconscious as a result.

Having his fill of fun, Dark Conquest then left the house.


That night at a humble little cottage, a buttery yellow pegasus sat down with her best friend. "Thanks for coming to visit me while Rhymey is with his sister."

"Hey, no prob Flutters," Dash smiled as she took a quick drink of her cider. "Damn fast metabolism, I'm not feeling anything from this."

"No, really, thank you so much," Fluttershy smiled softly. "I haven't had much of a chance to see the girls lately. I kind of miss you."

"Us too, Flutters," Dash said, looking into her friend's blue eyes. "So, how is the married life? Cause the idea scares the shit out of me."

"Oh, um...its great, really," Fluttershy said.

Rainbow Dash looked at her oldest friend with a concerned stare, noticing an all too familiar vibe in Fluttershy's blue eyes. "Really, Fluttershy?" Really?"

One look into Rainbow Dash's magenta eyes quickly reminded her that she could not hide anything from her best friend. Eyes watering she pushed her head into her friend's shoulder and began to whimper. "No, it isn't! It's been horrible," the yellow girl racked a sob. "He keeps me here like I'm some sort of fragile doll that has to be protected. He barely lets me out anymore or to see any of you!"

"But Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash said, draping her arms around the shoulders of her friend. Slowly, she began to run her hands along Fluttershy's back and to the edges of her wings. "You did say you were weak and helpless..."

"Yes," the pink haired woman said, whimpering. "But I want him to remember that's there more to me! Like what you girls do. He-he acts like I can't do anything for myself, he won't let me even tend to my animals! I love going to my animals and taking care of them, but I haven't done it in weeks!"

"Oh, Fluttershy," Dash said, pulling her closer and holding her friend tight.

Fluttershy, in response, wrapped her arms around her best friend and cried a little more into Dash's shoulder. "He wasn't like this before we got married. I-I-I actually thought he loved me, that he loved me for me. Then when we got married...he started to treat me like I would break if he breathed wrong on me! I feel like he doesn't love me, just sees me as a trophy to show off because I'm pretty." She then looked to Rainbow Dash with fragile eyes. "I'm not just a trophy!"

"Of course you're not," Dash said, holding Fluttershy's head in her hands. "Flutters, When you put your heart into it, you are the second most awesome pony out there!"

"Second?" Fluttershy asked.

"Next to me," Dash grinned stupidly as she let her friend rest her head on her shoulder. "Hey, how about we watch the fire together and then head to bed. Maybe tomorrow I could help you with the animals?"

"But, you and my animals don't always get-"

"Hey, we all have the week off, and I want to spend all of it with my friends. I don't care what it is! I'll be there, even if I have to go through some...horrible things. Like shopping for fabrics with Rarity." She shivered at the thought.

Fluttershy giggled and replied, "Going to the spa and looking nice for Rarity? Oh, I'm sorry was that-"

Dash immediately turned to rub her nose against Fluttershy's and giggled back. "Even that." With another laugh, Dash sat back onto the couch and let her friend rest up against her. Gently, the cyan girl took Fluttershy's hand and put it onto her lap and began to run her fingers through Fluttershy's hair lovingly.

As time wore on, Rainbow Dash began to notice her friend falling asleep, "Want to move to your bed?"

"Nu-uh," Fluttershy said, fighting a small yawn.

Rainbow Dash smiled softly and let out a sigh of content. "Fluttershy, Rhymey doesn't deserve somepony like you. You need somepony who will understand what a great and strong mare you are, what a powerful heart you have. You need somepony like...me."

Rainbow Dash gulped. "Fluttershy, I know you are with Rhymey and I won't do anything to ruin that, but I-...I-..." And now that Rainbow got to spend time with her longtime friend after such a brutal wait, her words became stuck in her throat.

Until, of course, she blurted out, "I want to be that mare."

She waited patiently, stoically for a response.

Still waited.



Fluttershy snored.

Rainbow Dash giggled and stroked Fluttershy's mane. "I...Another time, I guess." She said, defeated by exhaustion. "Good night, Flutters."