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Title: Café Encounter

Pairings: Gray x Lucy, slight Lucy x Loke and maybe Lyon x Juvia

Genre: Romance, Humor, a little Mystery and Drama

Rating: T

Summary: Dates are stupid. Why did he even agree with Lyon to do this? He doesn't want to go to another one… Too late; Lyon already got him another girl. An annoying one, too. He just wants to lay on his bed in his house. Fortunately, he didn't expect something good to come out of this date. And it started in a simple café. "She sure is an interesting lady, a hooot lady,"

Disclaimer: My name's not Hiro Mashima

Chapter 1: The Hot Waitress

It was another one of those evenings when Gray Fullbuster came home frustrated. He lazily sauntered toward his bed, which he oh-so-loved so much. He plopped himself on it and although small, he found a way to feel comfortable. He stared at his ceiling thinking what he has done wrong to deserve all the torture he's undergoing for the past weeks. Maybe next time he would just lock himself in his apartment and sleep forever. But of course, he won't do that because he knows that there are many interesting things in the whole world. It would be such a waste to not witness the beauty of nature, life… and what the hell is he talking about? He's starting to sound like a girl. Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed heavily. In just a spurt, his eyes began to close, but not before his phone suddenly rang. He groaned and shifted on his bed. His phone still didn't stop making nettlesome loud noises. Sighing in defeat, he picked up his iPhone carelessly.

"What?" The tone of his voice came out tersely and tiredly.

"Dude, you sound exhausted. Lemme guess, another date gone wrong?" For a moment, he looked relieved after recognizing the voice. Not long, he sighed exasperatedly again.

"No chiz. The girl was annoyingly talkative and girly! She kept on dragging me from place to place I don't wanna go. Not to mention, a crybaby," Gray rolled his eyes at that, reminiscing the time they went to a haunted house.

The man on the other line chortled, "Man, you must've looked like a mess handling the 'crybaby'. How did the date end?"

"I told her we wouldn't work out; she cried even louder! So I bought her ice cream and drop her at her house,"

"That's it? Poor lady,"

Gray snorted, "Poor lady? Poor me! I think my ears were bleeding when I drove home. I don't think I can survive with another date like that. I give up. This was your idea in the first place, anyway."

"Aww, c'mon, man! This was only your third time. Just give it a try one last time,"

Gray paused. He agreed with Lyon to do these ridiculous dates with girls. He hasn't been in a serious date before, that's why. He's just simply not interested with it. But he thought since he has exiguous knowledge with this kind of stuffs, why not give it a try? But then again, three times should be enough. He doesn't want another psycho ruining his night and weekend. Sighing for the umpteenth time of the day, he simply said, "Nah, I think I'll pass."

There was a brief silence. Gray swore he could feel Lyon shaking his head in disapproval through the phone.

"Gray, Gray, Gray. You, my man, are wasting the time of your life. You're still a young man, a handsome one, at that. Live for a while," He sounded like a father there for a second, but then he continued, "Don't you think it's time for you to get your butt off that dumb bed of yours?!"

Gray's eyes widened and his eyebrows scrunched, "Okay, that's offensive! No one calls my beloved bed dumb!"

"You're getting off topic!"

"Well, you called my bed dumb!"

"Okay, fine, I'm sorry!"

Gray gave a curt nod, albeit Lyon can't see him, "Good."

"Alright, going back. There's this girl I know—"

Gray scoffed, knowing where this is going, "Look, Lyon. I don't wa—"

"Stop interrupting!" Gray jolted up in shock at his sudden outburst, and sighed in relief that it's nothing serious.

"As I was saying," Lyon continued, "There's this girl I know who can sing, act and swim. She's pretty, too and is just your average high school girl. I say she's the perfect girl for you. I don't know your type of girls, but I guarantee you'll like her. Her name's Juvia Lockser. I'll call her later, and both of you can go out tomorrow night."

Gray rolled his eyes and chuckled deeply in which you can sense slight bitterness, "Hah, you guarantee? Yeah, right, she's more likely your type and it seems like you do like her."

Lyon flinched on the phone. He doesn't need to know, he thought. "If I like her then I wouldn't call her FOR YOU," he tried to cover up. That should do the trick.

"Lyon, I don't want to—"

"Nonsense! I'll call her now,"


"No buts!"

"I really don—"


*Beep, Beep, Beep*

Great, another loser, Gray thought. He decided to forget about it and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Gray glanced at his watch. Only thirty minutes has passed since his date started. He can't wait for this to end again. Juvia, his date, is according to what Lyon had said. She can sing well, that's a fact, but not good enough for Gray. She also goes to Fairy Tail Academy, Gray's school. Oh yeah, he thought, she's the I-want-to-be-a-pop-star girl, booriiing. No wonder she's wearing a sparkly blue halter top with a big gold star on the middle and a white shiny pants. What, are we going to the disco or something? Don't get him wrong; he likes Juvia, kinda. Okay, fine, she also annoys the hell out of him. She's pretty, nice, talented, and better than the other girls he dated and all. But she's not Gray's type. It's either that her interests are too overrated or too cliché as a girl—nothing's unique. In the eyes of most boys, she's the perfect girl for them. But Gray's not most boys. Same with his type. He doesn't like most girls. He likes someone with a unique and special aspect.

One thing he hates about Juvia is her nosy attitude and she's too clingy for his own good. Whenever Gray receives a text message, Juvia would always take a peek on his phone. Like seriously, she isn't even his girlfriend! He was snapped out of his trance when he felt Juvia tugging his arm toward a nearby café. Once inside, Juvia scanned the whole room for a table and found one, which was near the large window. They made their way to the small rounded table with two chairs.

Waiting for a waiter was awkward for Juvia. Gray just has his head on his hand watching bystanders and passersby on the window. Oh gosh, Juvia nervously thought blushing, Gray-sama looks bored. What's taking the waiter so long? Juvia simply sighed and started to rummage through her purse. She took out her face powder, lipstick, and eyeliner.

Gray glanced at her direction and squinted his eyes wondering what she was doing. He rolled his eyes when he realized she was going to reattach her makeup. Typical girls.

Seconds later, the waiter arrived—correction… waitress. She was wearing a baby blue short-sleeved button-up shirt that hugged her curves tightly, and a white pencil skirt that ends just above her knees. Her heels were black and her blonde hair was tied in a messy bun. She looks about their age and she wore a stoic face, but she's still nonetheless gorgeous.

As soon as she approached them, she only tilted her head as a sign of taking their orders with the still same expression. Her eyes traveled from Gray to Juvia. Seeing as Juvia is busy putting lipstick in front of her compact mirror, she turned to Gray again, head still slanted to the side.

Gray was confused as to why she wasn't talking and why she looked like her eyes were boring unto his soul. At first he thought she was checking him out. Understanding her raised eyebrow, he shook his head and ordered.

"I'll take the hash brown patties and coleslaw,"

The waitress nodded and took a small pad out of her breast pocket with a pen attached to it. She turned to look at Juvia. The girl is still too busy to notice anything. Gray can tell that the waitress was getting annoyed. Her emotionless look turned to a grim expression. She exhaled rather hardly like a bull ready to attack a red blanket. She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath to hold back her anger; she doesn't want to cause a scene.

"Miss," she smiled a little too sweetly that could be mistaken as sarcastic and fake.

Never mind. It is sarcastic and fake.

Juvia still didn't look up. Of course, this aggravated the waitress. She repeatedly took deep breaths slowly to release her rage. Gray noticed the waitress' impatience. He tapped Juvia's arm and she brought her gaze slightly at him—her main focus is still on the mirror.

"Yes, Gray-sama?" Juvia asked not paying much attention to him.

"Uh, Juvia. It's your turn to order," Gray awkwardly said.

"Oh, Juvia will have the same as Gray-sama's,"

Gray looked up at the waitress, "Make that two," he smiled apologetically.

The waitress took a quick look at him then back at the paper, "I'm not deaf. I heard her, raven-haired moron," she clicked her pen close.

Gray smirked amusedly, "Moron, huh? Is that how you treat your customers? I have a name, you know,"

The waitress put her pad back on her breast pocket and crossed her arms before facing Gray uninterested, "Well, for stupid strippers like you, yes. Put your clothes back on! You're scaring the customers!" Gray shrieked looking down at himself and picked up his shirt on the floor.

"And keep your name to yourself. I don't need to be reminded of another idiot," The waitress added. She took a glimpse at Juvia one last time as she turned her back from them, "And I seriously remember this to be a café, not a movie studio for a horror film," she muttered quietly, but loud enough for Gray to hear; his smirk widened at this. And with that, she strode away.

Gray leant his head back on the chair. He lost again to a stranger in Online Scrabble. Was he really intellectually lacking? He blew his messy hair—all the thinking drove him crazy—from his face. From the corner of his eyes he saw that Juvia has just finished with her makeup. She put back her eyeliner in her purse and faced Gray. She smiled sheepishly and asked if she looked okay. Gray analyzed her face carefully, and boy, she sure did put a lot of foundation and eyeliner. "You look fine," was Gray's bored reply.

A little while later, the same waitress was walking towards their table holding a tray of their orders. She still has the same face a while ago as she put their food down. A scowl formed on her face that was barely noticed by both of them when her eyes briefly moved to glance at Juvia.

She turned around, and just when she was about to take a step away from them, Juvia frowned, "Umm, please excuse Juvia but Juvia is pretty sure this wasn't what Juvia ordered,"

Of course, being a feisty waitress she is, looked over her shoulder and retorted, "I'm sorry. Maybe if you weren't focused on turning yourself into a zombie, your little brain would function properly to realize that I served you right,"

Juvia was provoked by her sharp answer, but she shrugged it off reminding herself that she's Juvia, goody two-shoes Juvia. Juvias don't fight back.

The waitress was half way through the table of the customer who has just come not long ago until Juvia called out to her again, "Wait!"

She stopped in her tracks and Juvia paused. She came back again and Juvia could tell she's annoyed by her expression but she doesn't care about that right now.

"What?" she replied rather harshly.

"Juvia asked for bagels and fra—"

"Look, if you can't shut that pretty little mouth of yours from complaining when I gave you exactly what you asked for then don't even bother coming here at all,"

Juvia's eyes widened and gasped, clearly offended. The long-forgotten Gray watched in amusement as he took a bite of his hash brown patty. He has never seen an employee argumentative as she is to the customers. Usually, they would just ignore the fact that they're right and give them what they wanted because as they always say, The customers are always right, and they don't want to lose their jobs. But knowing where this is going, he needs to put a stop to it.

"Uhh, Juvia, you said you'll have the sam—"

Juvia abruptly stood up, considering that was the last straw, forgetting that she's Juvia for a while. She said, "Juvia doesn't like your attitude,"

"I don't like you," From the background, you can hear Gray snickering.

"Okay, that's it. Juvia is calling the manager. Juvia will reprimand you," Juvia picked up her coleslaw to show the manager that she served her wrong. She took one step but her foot slammed against the leg of their table. She unintentionally let go of her coleslaw, which landed unto the waitress' shirt.

There was complete silence throughout the whole café. All pairs of eyes were directed to them: parents, children, couples, grandparents, personnel, etc. Juvia was frozen from her spot. Gray was gaping at them and the waitress… Well, she doesn't look please.

"Oh, it's on," She spoke lowly and the next thing they knew the waitress pounced on Juvia pulling her hair out.

A lot of customers backed away from the scene and some left the place. Gray tried to pry the waitress off of Juvia but to no avail.

The kitchen's double doors bursted open, and the manager and other workers came out, "What's going o—holy cow! Lucy!"

Juvia managed to escape her suffocating grip. She grabbed Gray's arm tightly and pulled him out of the café. Gray looked back to see that Lucy, according to the manager, was following them barefooted with a speed of ten times faster than both teenagers. Finally, the two of them reached Gray's car. Juvia pushed Gray unto the driver's seat as she quickly slid in the passenger's seat.

"DRIVE! DRIVE! C'mon, Gray-sama!" Juvia kept on slapping Gray's arm, which made him have a reason to get annoyed by her even more.

"Alright! Alright!"

By the time Gray started the engine, Lucy stood in front of his car, "Hey! You two are never getting away with this! It's bad enough that you ruined my shirt; I just bought it and it was expensive! But if you don't pay for your food I'll stab you nonstop using my sharp keys and bury you to the ground! My boss will charge me for this!"

For a while Gray just sat there, completely shocked from Lucy's extent to explosion. She really was an interesting girl, he thought. He opened his door from the side, and got out of his car. Lucy was glaring at him harshly, which made him smirk at her. Her tough attitude entertains him. He came close to her—too close, mind you. He had invaded her personal space. He leaned into her right ear and handed her a paper-like object; she didn't see what it was and her mind was bothered by the fact that this guy was close to pressing his body to hers.

"Keep the change," he whispered to her ear, soft and slow that made her feel a shiver through her whole body blushing crazy like hell.

Sensing the unexpected quiver and red face of the fierce waitress, he created some space between them and smirked, once again, in victory.

They just stared at each other for a minute, neither of them breaking the contact. The moment was ruined by the café's owner calling out to Lucy. She looked away from Gray and turned her attention to him. She sighed knowing what'll happen next.

"Lucy! Have you gone mad?! What were you thinking?!"

Lucy lowered her head ashamed of the scene she had caused and apologized to her boss. She was embarrassed of herself because this was the first time it had happened since she started working in that café. She was just so tired since she's been living like hell for a few weeks now with all the stress she's been going through with school. And she was on her period of the month. She had no control of her temper when she's on her period. She didn't even realize that she was being rude to her customers.

While Lucy was busy being scolded by her boss, Gray only stood there watching their argument unfold. He took his time to observe the owner. He looks like he's in his early forties. Hmm, he looks like he's one of those fancy rich men. He was caught up in examining the owner that he didn't notice him looking at him.

"I'm sorry, sir, for what happened earlier. Is there anything we can do for you in return for the unpleasant incident?" He asked, looking genuine with his offer. At the background, he heard Lucy grunt. Yes, despite Lucy being guilty with her actions, she still finds him annoying with all his smirking and acting all cocky with her. A very, very tiny piece of her told herself that she doesn't regret being rude to him a while ago. A tiny piece only. He's still her customer after all.

"No, no. It's fi—Oh, wait," a smug smile was plastered on Gray's face, "Actually… there is," He said slowly with a hint of mischief. He took a quick glance at Lucy to which she widened her eyes and squeeze her eyebrows together as if warning him not to go through it.

This went unnoticed by the owner and went on, "And what may that be?"

"I can come to your café once every day and you have to serve me my order for free,"

"Okay, continue," the owner doesn't seem to look fazed by the idea of giving free food. Gray scoffed inwardly knowing that he was right about him being wealthy. Obviously, he's one of those cocky businessmen, he thought.

"And I want her," Gray pointed to Lucy, "to be my waitress,"

The owner flinched a bit that wasn't conspicuous… but not for Gray. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion, but decided to ignore it.

"Uh-Okay," He seemed reluctant.

"And," Gray added, "She has to wear a maid outfit,"

Both Lucy and her boss' eyes went wide as saucers, "What?!" Lucy looked irritated.

"You heard me," Gray still wore his smug expression.

Lucy bolted towards him, but was held back by the proprietor. She tried to fight him off her, but since she might get in a much bigger trouble, she calmed herself down. He let go of Lucy and turned to Gray collecting his cool; he doesn't want to look dubious to his customer who became his vicious worker's victim, "F-Fine," Oh chiz, I just stuttered. "But only for two months"

This made Gray look at him more suspiciously. He's bound to find out what's going on. And Lucy, she disregarded the fact that her boss stammered and looked more annoyed than earlier, "WHAT!? No! I don't want to serve him and wear a thing that annoys me just as much as that guy named Dan Straight!"

"Trust me, I don't, too," was what he wanted to say but instead, he sighed and warningly said, "Lucy,"

While Lucy and the owner were discussing "matters", Gray was thinking, Dan Straight? Where have I heard that name before? Wait, isn't he the weird kid in my school that wears an armor for no reason?

"Okay, that's enough! Since you're being stubborn and you caused a random man," (Gee, what a thoughtful man, Gray thought), "to pay nothing for my food, this is coming out of your paycheck. You won't be getting your salary for two months! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to my office and have a word with my son,"

"No! You ca—"

"LUCY! My decision's final! Be happy I didn't fire you and this is all I did. No more second say,"

Lucy pouted (Gray found it cute) and crossed her arms under her chest, "Fine!"

And with that, her boss strode away.

Lucy glared at Gray intensely, "You! Whoever you are—"

"Gray. The name's Gray Fullbuster,"

"Okay then, Cray," she paused, "What kind of name is—"

"Gray! Gray with a G!"

"Fine! Grraayyyy," Lucy said, making sure to emphasize his name hardly, "I'm warning you. You're going to regret this. You messed with the wrong person." With one last scowl, she walked back to the café. Gray watched as her hips swayed and wolf whistled. She's one interesting lady, a hooot lady, that's for sure.

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