Previously, in "Letting You Keep My Heart", all of Oliver Queen's "family" – including his best friend Tommy, now divorced from his ex-wife & mother of their daughter Mallory – discover that Oliver is alive. Laurel slaps him for cheating on her.

Chapter Two

No one ever explained how bumpy the road to find love could get, but what if someone wanted to find love again? Would it be easier then? Darcy and Tommy ignored the looks they got from the others gathered in the kitchen at the Queen's grand mansion. Darcy's lips were slightly swollen, like they had just been kissed, and Tommy was adjusting his shirt back into his jeans. Only Mallory didn't suspect what they were up to as she happily munched away on a chocolate chip cookie, supplied to her by her godmother Laurel.

Ten Minutes Ago...
Tommy grabbed Darcy's hand and pulled her toward the stairs. She followed, suppressing a giggle as they made their way into the bedroom – among many – but still a bedroom they'd once called their own. Moira had let the newlyweds live with her during the first two years of their marriage until Tommy & Darcy signed a lease for a two-bedroom loft apartment. A deep, throaty moan is released from Darcy's lips when she felt her ex-husband turn to push her up against the solid wooden surface of the door, effectively shutting it. "Missed you earlier," he whispered against her lips before claiming them in a ravenous kiss.

Keeping up his actions, Tommy then began to unfasten the buttons of her red flannel shirt and soon revealed the slender upper half of her gorgeous body. After he had peeled it down her arms, the businessman stepped back to give her room to breathe. Walking backward, Tommy sat down on the queen-sized bed but didn't scoot back right away as he watched his ex-wife perform a little striptease dance for him. "For the record, I miss you every single time you leave for work," she murmured, approaching him in nothing but her bra and underwear. He pulls her to stand between his legs, wrapping his arms around her bare mid-section and burying his lips in the valley between her breasts.

Darcy panted heavily as he began to lavish attention on the sensitive skin of and around her breasts, reaching back and inhaling sharply when he only smacked her slender hands away. The muffled and nearly incoherent "no" had her letting a smirk curl her lips; she loved the dominating side of him. His own hands pull the hooks free, the satin-and-lace material sliding down her slender frame and onto the floor. Her gaze lowered to his as she lowered herself onto either side of his lean, muscular waist. Darcy absolutely loved that he'd gone the extra mile when she was pregnant with Mallory and exercised with her: Zumba, jogging, yoga and Pilates; he was in amazing shape.

One at a time, she began to unfasten the buttons of his dark-colored dress shirt then squeaks when he switches their positions so that he was the one on top. Tommy removed his shirt then guided her hands to the waist of his jeans. She smirks and works to release him from the tight confines that his jeans provided, pushing them down once the button and zipper had been loosened. He kicked them aside then lowers himself back down over her, hovering above her on the palms of his hands. "Not fragile, Tommy," she mumbles against his lips after bringing him down against her by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. Tommy smiles at her as he complied with her silent demand before working to get both of them out of their remaining undergarments. Once they were both completely nude, Tommy pushed into her warm, tight heat; a moan slipping free from Darcy's lips as she eased her legs further apart until she had welcomed all of him into her. A brief twist of his hips had Darcy moaning a second time before he was easing out of her and then slamming back into her, smothering the next cry she planned to utter with a slow, sensual kiss.

Downstairs, an angry Malcolm Merlyn stood waiting outside the front door while Walter slowly approached the double-door entryway. The two men stared each other down in an intense contest that lasted until Malcolm broke the silence by asking, "Are they all here?"

"Yes. Yes, they are. And no, you will not be allowed to take the child off of our hands, Malcolm. You will have quite the fight on your conscience, and I don't believe you want that," Walter said before making an attempt to shut the doors in the other man's face.

Malcolm simply smirked and reached out with one hand to stop the taller of the two men from closing the doors. "Charlotte will be coming home with me," he said.

"No, she will not be, Dad," Tommy said as he and Darcy came up behind Walter, holding hands. "Thanks to one of your drunken stupors, I now have full custody of my sister."

Darcy then chimed in to add, "And until she & Thea are of legal voting age, they'll be staying with Moira & Walter."

Malcolm scowled at her. "Just because you've won my son over by giving him a child that may not be his after all the whoring you've done doesn't give you the right to my daughter as well."

Darcy refused to cower at his words. "How noble of you to try and protect a son that you abandoned when he was eight years old, Malcolm, and leave your daughter behind too. Charlotte has had more of an upbringing with the Queen family than she did with you, the father who disappears from her life for a fairly large chunk of years, and to what? Come back now and expect to have them welcome you with open arms? Not by a long shot from where I'm standing." And then she turned to storm off to the kitchen while Tommy stayed behind as he turned back to look at his father.

"Leave, Dad. And don't bother us again," Tommy said in a low warning tone before turning and following his ex-wife to the kitchen, where he found only Moira, Thea and Mallory. "Where's Laurel and Ollie?"

Moira smiled. "They decided to take a walk down to the old guest house for a bit." Tommy nodded in response. He knew all too well what the guest house was: a perfect place to sneak away to during the lavish parties Robert & Moira threw. Oliver & Tommy both had taken Laurel & Darcy to the guest house when both couples wanted privacy to have heavy make-out sessions that usually ended when they got caught as the parties were winding down.


"It's been a while since I've been back here." Laurel's quiet statement interrupted the silence that they'd had during their walk to the guest house. Oliver nodded and smiled. It had been quite some time since he'd brought her here; not even Sara, McKenna or Helena had been brought to the guest house.

His thoughts were interrupted by the soft caress of her fingertips on his chest and Oliver glanced down to see that Laurel had managed to be sneaky in unfastening the buttons of his shirt. Letting out a low growl, he grabbed her gently by the waist and pushed her up against the closest wall before capturing her lips with his own. The kiss left the innocence they once knew behind and he plundered his tongue deep while tangling it with hers and his hands into her hair. "I need you," he murmured in a hoarse tone as he worked to get her out of the navy blue blazer she wore over an ivory blouse made of silk.

"I need you more," she murmured in response, parting his shirt. Areas of puckered flesh greeted the deep hazel gaze of her eyes. "Ollie, what happened to you?"

"Nothing," was his muttered response as he all but withdrew away from her, buttoning his shirt back up before taking a step back from her. Laurel frowned and attempted to step back into his personal space. "Leave it alone, Laurel."

"I waited for you for 5 years, Oliver!" Laurel practically yelled. "I car…" She cut herself off, shaking her head before buttoning her blazer back up, turning on her heel and stormed out of the guest house. Oliver growled before chasing after her, grabbing her arm and whirling her around into the hard contours of his body. "Let go, Ollie."

"You know I won't do that, Laurel," he ground out, holding her squirming body in place against his and locked her wrists behind her back in a firm grip. Laurel attempted several times to escape but Oliver refused to let go before he once more captured her lips with his own, and Laurel was given no choice but to surrender to his kisses. Holding her wrists behind her back with one hand, Oliver brought his other hand around to unfasten the buttons of her soft cotton navy blue blazer. Parting it, he eased his hand inside then guided the silk blouse up out of her matching suit pants. "I made the mistake of letting you go once. I won't do it again." Laurel tears up at the words, unable to form words of her own as her throat dried up like she'd been thrust unexpectedly into the Sahara Desert. Oliver smiled at her like he understood her silent need; plunging his hand deeper beneath the silk blouse.

She let out a low moan at each stroke of his fingers over the warm, supple and smooth skin; the slow and sensual caresses sending each little sensation into a high fever pitch. Oliver walked her back toward the entrance of the guest house and, once they were back into the front entryway, helped to navigate their way toward the main bedroom. Clothes were tossed aside during the trek they made, denim blue mixing with navy blue and black lace with solid black. The former couple landed on the bed in a tangle of limbs with no clothes to separate them as Oliver worked his way down her chest with soft, nipping kisses; Laurel moaning at the action. When Oliver reached the opening of her thighs, his tongue darts out to boldly & briefly press it into the tight channel of her moist folds. "Oliver…" she finally managed to utter out and he smirks then repeats his actions, driving his tongue deeper into her moist folds. Laurel continues to moan loudly, the sound echoing throughout the room and the guest house but Oliver didn't stop or slow down the gentle driving force of his tongue. Not until her moaning turned into loud cries of his name and her hips bucked up against his face then went slack did Oliver ease back, moving to hover above Laurel.

"It's always been you, Laurel," he murmured before guiding himself slowly into her and remaining completely still to allow her time to adjust. Then, as he peppers her lips with soft & stirring kisses, Oliver eases back out of Laurel then slams back into her tight heat. His kisses moved toward her cheek, allowing Laurel to grasp at what little air was still in her lungs from the gentle way his chest crushed her breasts.

Oh, it was an incredible feeling; the two of them lost in familiarity of holding one another in the throes of passion. Lost in the feeling of kissing, exploring each others' bodies with gentle & persuading kisses. Neither of them wanted to forget what it felt like either.

Happy endings were meant for everyone, right? The powers that be truly hoped so – they weren't going to give up until all those residents of Starling City who deserved love had one!

Author's Note: Coming up: Charlotte & Thea encounter Roy during a trip to visit their brothers.