I stand stone silent,
Ready for battle, as I always am.
I hear him call my attack, and I do.

Dark Magic Obliderate!

I sit quietly in my soulroom,
Sealed up in a card.
Waiting for the chance to fight again.
Beside you.

For my master.
For my king.
For my pharoah.

For our pharoah.

I watch in stubborn silence,
I see your pain, I sense your loss.
I put a quiet hand on your shoulder,
And you lean into my warm embrace.

'You know he's just in his soulroom,' I say.
'I know,' you answer back.
But I know how you feel,
To see your crush destroyed again and again.
Because I see the same in you.

But you'll never know, will you?
You'll never know how much I love you,

Because I'll never tell you.

You two are my best friends,
And I treasure you both, in different ways.

Rest assured, my Dark Magician Girl,
I know how much you love the Celtic Guardian.

And I vow to you,
Here and now,

I, Dark Magician, will never come between you.


Draco (My Dark Magician): *gives WSJ a side-ways look* What the hell?

Fiona (My DMG): *blinks* ME? And, oh Ra, CELTIE!? What are you on?

WSJ: -.-;; Do you really want me to answer that?

Celtie (My, of course, Celtic Guardian) *still blinking at the poem* What made you deside to write this, anyway?

WSJ: A combination of stress, gingerbread, and the knowledge that I'm getting a C in Bible class... A C!!! *sighs* I really don't want to show daddy my mid-term... But he's gotta sign it... *groans* I wonder how long I'll be grounded for this time...

(See, I really don't care about my grades. They mean nothing to me. My Lord, my writing, and my art are what mean the most to me. My DAD on the other hand... He thinks he's perfect, and that I should be as well...)

Fiona: *pats WSJ on the back* Poor gal... She doesn't own YGO!