"I can't find a single one." Conan grumbled as he checked under the sleeping Mouri's bed. "I've checked everywhere, and they're all missing, even the ones from when Mouri-san tried to do the laundry and got turned-"

"-pink, white, pastel blue, even the ones with the ribbons on them." Ran put her hands on her hips, an exaggerated frown on her face as she surveyed her room. "Really. They couldn't have ALL-"

"-Disappeared!!" Hattori checked under his bed, the rest of his room in shambles from his frenzied search. . "This makes no sense! How could all of them-"

"-vanish like that?" Kazuha growled as she tore through her dresser drawers. "Even my new ones, the ones with the-"

"-black and red bats on them." Akako sulked in her large mansion as her servant quivered after reporting the loss. "Well, at least they're tasteful, not some stupid pattern like-"

"-argyle!" Hakuba ran a hand thru his hair. He hadn't brushed it yet and it was sticking up every which way, making him look like some sort of mad scientist. "Where could the argyle ones Mum just sent have gone? I was going to wear those to-"

"-school! I'm late!" Aoko wailed as she ran around the house. "And I can't find any of them anywhere! Wait! Maybe there's some in the-"

"-washing machine devours and house elves adore." Nakamori read the Kid's latest message for the billionth time in less than a day. "This makes less sense then his usually messages! Argh! And why are my feet are starting to-"

"-Freeze!" The little hand puppet bearing a remarkable likeness to the Inspector shouted. There was a slight pause as the pipe in its mouth was shifted and then it continued it's mini tirade in a flawless imitation. "I've got you now, Kaitou Kid!"

The Kid snickered at the puppet on his hand, then fell back on the soft mound of that night's heist, laughing. It hadn't been easy, but it had been worth it, at least in his opinion. And was fun to throw the detectives and everyone off-guard occasionally.

And he'd give them all back later tonight, all washed and clean. Really, what in the world was he going to do with a giant pile of socks?