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It was horrible.


Aoko had never seen such a garish collection of clashing colours and shapes before.

It was making her queasy just looking at it. The temptation was great to simply attempt to stab her eyes out with her eraser.

She knew better than to ask 'why' however. Asking 'Why' brought around evil smirking grins and questions about sanity. 'What' and 'How' brought around similar responses. Actually, 'How' simply made her head hurt and she'd long ago given up trying to solve that one, having long ago realised that it was easier just to sweatdrop and nod.

Which left one relatively safe question she could ask.

"Where the heck did you find such a terrible Hawaiian print shirt?!"

Kaito, dressed in the hideously tacky Hawaiian shirt over a sleeveless muscle shirt, Bermuda shorts, and flip flops lifted the sun glasses from his face from his place on a beach chair in front of the classroom heater. Plastic Palm trees, a painted canvas ocean scene, beach towels, a cooler and a few beach balls completed the image. "Aoko!" He beamed. "Wanna lei?"

The question was just enough to throw her off guard long enough for him to toss a necklace of flowers around her neck. Roses, she noted. Trust Kaito to put his own spin on things. She raised an eyebrow. "You do realise that it's pouring rain outside, don't you?"

He just grinned, motioning to an empty beach chair next to him. "Care to join me? I can have you changed in a second."


Hakuba and Akako paused behind her. "Do we really want to know?"

Aoko's response was immediate. "No."

The rest of the class seemed to find it amusing, and cast several looks in their direction, giggling. The sound of steel drums whispered out from behind the palm trees, adding to the tropical atmosphere.

"Is that a pina colada?!" Akako inquired, pointing to the coconut with the paper umbrella he held in his hand.

He beamed. "Yup!"

"Ooo!" Her face lit up. One brief billow of smoke accompanied by the sound of a thunder clap later, she was reclining on the beach chair next to Kaito dressed in a tight black form fitting one piece bathing suit.

Kaito didn't blink, just simply passed her a coconut of her own from the cooler.

"Oh, dear." Hakuba rubbed his forehead like he had the start of a headache as he turned and headed towards his desk. "He's contagious."

"No, I think the weather has just gotten to him." Aoko insisted as she followed him, the lei of roses still around her neck.

Kaito simply grinned, settling back in his chair to wait for the bell to ring before returning to his seat. He still had a few minutes after all.

"How long did it take for you to set this up?" Akako inquired softly, sipping her drink through the straw that stuck out of it.

"About a week." He admitted, his voice equally soft, pitched not to carry. "The hardest part was smuggling it all here without Aoko noticing."

"I'll bet. The prop trees and the background from the drama department are a nice touch." She commented, reclining back in her chair. "It's a welcome distraction from the rain we've been having, but it's missing some of your usual flair. I'm wondering where the trick is."

"Give it time." He smirked, slipping his sunglasses back on his face. "I'll have Hakuba in one of these shirts by the end of the day."

She laughed quietly in return, lifting her glass in a silent toast.


Okay, yeah, its stupid and not quite as funny as some other fics, but sometimes the plot bunnies won't go away.

And the mental picture of Kaito lounging around in a tacky hawaiian shirt with a beach background and props had us snickering.

We're still trying to picture Hakuba in a tacky hawaiian shirt... o_O (yet somehow it works if we dye his hair green... )