Thor and Loki mated all afternoon and all night and did not return home until the following morning. They awoke in the glen sticky with sweat, semen, and other fluids reeking of sex. They both bathed as well as they could without soap in the creek nearby. Loki's pristine scent was gone, but in its place was the new combined scent that marked him as Thor's mate. Loki had nothing to wear. His pants, which had been drenched with his slick arousal dried up and became crunchy. Thor's cape was just as disgusting. Only Thor's dirty tunic and pants were passable. They decided to have Thor put his pants back on and have Loki wear Thor's tunic. It fits Thor perfectly, but on Loki it looks like a short dress.

They flew back to the palace and landed on the front steps. People that spotted them openly starred and pointed at them. Feeling possessive and protective, Thor picked up Loki bridal style and carried him into the palace for all to see. Loki let him. He felt vulnerable, even though he knew not even Odin could flout the ancient laws of Alpha and Omega. Their bond is a permanent binding thing that no man can tear asunder. Loki reminded himself repeatedly of this as they passed many courtiers and guards to return to their chambers.

Thor took Loki to his chambers and placed him on the bed. As the Alpha it is customary for the Omega to move in with him. Thor called out to a servant for assistance.

"Yes My Prince." A young girl answered.

"You will gather all the servants that tend Loki's chambers and begin the process of moving his things into my chamber. Also, have breakfast brought here as well."

"Yes My Prince." The girl gave a brief glance to Loki before running off.

"We'll be the talk of the kingdom for weeks." Loki smirks.

"I give a damn what the gossipers say. However, once we have bathed and eaten you know we will need to make an appearance at court."

"I'm surprised Odin isn't breaking down our door right now."

"For what? We've broken no laws. Besides father, I am the most powerful Alpha in the kingdom and the Crowned Prince. I can claim anyone I want and you are not my brother."

"You do realize that fact is not common knowledge. Right now everyone is talking about how you fucked your Omega brother."

"Yes I know, which is why you must show them that you are not."

"I thought about that all during our trip back this morning. I know it must be done, but I do not relish the sneers and insults that are going to result."

"The first one stupid enough to utter a cruelty will suffer greatly." Thor says darkly. Rarely has Loki seen this side of Thor outside of battle. It is the bloodlust he usually reserves for the enemy.

"Even if it is Odin himself? Your father did not want us to join together in this way." Loki says. Thor looks at Loki, noting the changed way he refers to their father. In public distancing himself will be necessary, but in private referring to Odin so impersonally catches Thor off guard. He can't help but wonder where this sudden hatred came from.

"He is your father too."

"He was never my father Thor. I was a bargaining chip, given over at the end of the last war as a spoil, a token, though to serve what purpose I do not know. He raised me as his son and yet I think he only kept me around as an insurance policy."

"Insurance against what?"

"You were an only child, and only in recent years did it become obvious that you would be an alpha and that I would be omega. As infants he had no way of knowing our outcomes. Mother was never able to conceive another child, and from all the accounts I read in the library you were a bit of a miracle yourself."

"Father told me he wanted me to mate with a Gamma to produce an ideal number of children, only two or three. He said having an omega mate meant having too many children which would cause problems later on with inheritance and succession."

"He would know. He had 47 brothers and 16 sisters."

"He what? How did you find that out? I've never knew that, and no one ever speaks of it."

"Because they are all dead Thor, save for a few sisters that managed to mate and marry outside the realm. I found something when I was researching my conception and birth in the library. While checking the healer's records I went too far back in time in the tomb and found a list of children's births. I also found a list with most of those names further on, under deaths. All of them died on the same day from combat wounds. Most were adults, one was as young as ten, but the healer's inscription underneath referred to the event as the reaping of the throne.

"Loki, are you saying our father was forced to fight his brothers to the death for the right to be named the heir?"

"That is what I suspect Thor, yes. If you had been a beta, or I a gamma our union might have been welcomed."

"It doesn't matter now Loki. We are together and there is nothing he can do about it. We are one and the child in your womb is sacred. Come what may we are united."

A knock at the door disturbs them from their thoughts. The servants have arrived with breakfast, a change of clothes for Loki and boxes full of Loki's things.

"I'm going to finish scrubbing up." Loki pads into the bathroom for a nice hot soapy shower. Thor digs into the meat and bread platter while he waits his turn. The servants continue streaming in and out of the room as they bring more of Loki's things in. When Loki exits the bathroom one of the servants screams.

Loki is in his Jotunn form. He scowls at the woman.

"Oh do kindly shut up!" He hisses at her. Loki's ruby eyes narrow at the woman. All the servants gawk at him.

"I'm adopted. Now you know. Thor is not a brother fucker and I'm not Odin's son. Go forth and spread the word." The servants keep standing there like they did not hear him.

"Did I stutter? Get the fuck out!" Loki screeches. The servants all practically run each other over to get to the door. As the last stumbling servant slams the door behind her Loki lets a chuckle roll out of his throat.

"Loki…" Thor chuckles with an admonishing tone.

"Get showered and dressed. I want this nasty business over and done with."

"I'm the Alpha. I give the orders around here." Thor snakes up to Loki's fresh clean form, sniffing his hair and grabbing his ass. He growls into Loki's ear.

"Just for that I'm going to tie you up tonight and tease you until you beg me to fuck you." Loki purrs as he wraps his arms around Thor's neck for a deep heated kiss.

"Norns you stink." Loki says when he pulls away. Thor grins and runs into the bathroom to get clean.


"Are you sure you want to go to court dressed like that?" Thor asks Loki just before they leave their chambers.

"I want everyone to see my blue skin and smell your scent on me, so yes." Loki tries to sound confident but Thor can see he is feeling self-conscious. Loki's hair looks like it has grown out some. It is down passed his shoulder blades. His sky blue skin is highlighted by his navy blue lips and dark blue cheeks. His ruby eyes are a deeper red than most Jotunns. Thor finds he likes the shade very much. Loki's navy blue nipples are also very sexy. Thor wants to lick them. Loki is shirtless, opting to wear a Jotunn style loin cloth in Thor's signature red color. Loki has never been one to wear much jewelry beyond a couple of rings. However, the Jotunn style is to wear many gold necklaces, usually emerald encrusted. He finds the color contrast is actually very flattering.

"Are those mother's necklaces?"

"Yes, her entire collection. Is it too much?"

"A little, but I think I like it. Are you ready?"

"No, but this must be done. So….here we go." Loki and Thor leave the room arm in arm. Thor is dressed impeccably in his ceremonial armor and escorting Loki formally with Loki's forearm resting atop his. Loki's posture is extra stiff, his chin held high. People gasp as they catch sight of the princes, Loki in particular.

Though his heat is over, Loki's scent is still pungent. Thor's smell is married to his, advertising to all other Alphas that he is mated. When they enter the throne room a hush falls over the people gathered there. Odin neither smiles nor scowls. In fact he looks defeated.

Frigga beams brightly from her position on the dais. The chastity belt had saved the day, buying Thor precious seconds and keeping Loki untouched. Thor and Loki stop at the foot of the throne to address the court.

"Father, I am mated. I have claimed Loki, who was once my brother. He now carries my child in his womb. He is Omega and I am his Alpha."

"Loki Laufeyson, I welcome you to the family." Odin says flatly, sounding almost pouty and bored. Muttering and gossip rumbles through the court. Loki's eyes go wide. He is a prince after all, just not a prince of Asgard.

"In celebration of your union and of Loki's name day I proclaim a feast be held in your honors tonight. Let the kingdom rejoice in the selection of the next Queen of Asgard." Odin says with faked enthusiasm. Loki could give a shit. He won.


Anticipation thrums through Loki's body like a tightly pulled guitar string. They kiss each other softly and constantly as they sit at the high table. They cannot stop touching one another. Loki has so much exposed skin. Thor's calloused hand runs along Loki's arms, jawline and lower back. Loki leans into Thor and sniffs him all throughout dinner. They can't stop smiling.

Everyone is watching the show. Thor is so gentle with his Omega. Loki is so affectionate with his Alpha. Whether they try to brush it off as leftover love from their brotherly bond or not, the people cannot ignore the love that radiates from the couple. Thor kisses Loki's neck, eliciting a moan from the cerulean man. Loki lunges forward into Thor's lap to straddle him. Usually Omega's want nothing to do with their Alpha after the initial coupling. Loki is eager for round two. Thor hand runs up Loki's exposed thigh and under his loin cloth to massage his left ass cheek.

Loki whispers into Thor's ear, "Fuck me. Fuck me right here in front of everyone." Loki pants.

"Loki, mother is sitting right there." Frigga is looking up at the ceiling pretending to be extremely interested in a crack in the plaster.

"Damn." Loki whines. He wants to rub his victory in the face of every Alpha of Asgard. A thought occurs to him then.

"Thor, would you mind humoring me on something?"

"What is it?"


"Kneel before your next Queen of Asgard!" Loki yells as he storms into the army barracks. He stands before the warriors with his hands on his hips like woman gloating about a new handbag. Still wearing nothing more than a long red skirt and a bare blue chest Loki dons an evil smirk as his eyes meet Gundirth's. The man's jaw is bandaged closed with a large strip of cloth tied around his head. His face is a kaleidoscope of bruising colors and swollen flesh. The men all just stand there with their mouths agape.

"You heard my mate. Kneel!" Thor booms. Dozens of men drop to bended knee. It shocks them. Alphas kneeling to an Omega, even a royal one is simply not done. Thor stands behind Loki and pulls the slender man's hips flush with his. Loki can feel Thor's hard cock pressing against him through the layers of fabric. He looks over his shoulder at Thor and shoots him a feral look of raw lust.

Thor reaches down and frees his cock from his pants and pulls Loki's loincloth aside in the back and thrusts in. Thor puts his hand on Loki's chest and presses his mate against him to keep him balanced.

"Yes! That's it! Fuck me!" Loki yells. He lets out a dark chuckle as the shocked soldiers watch Thor fuck Loki in front of them. They are standing, and though Loki's cock is still covered, they can see the outline of the harden shaft through the fabric and the naked skin of Thor's ass as it rolls forward rhythmically.

"Who is your Alpha?" Thor growls into Loki's ear.

"You are!" Loki is panting hard, moaning, and making high pitched whines as Thor pounds into his wet and eager opening. Loki's scent, though tainted by Thor is still alluring. Every man in the room has an erection. Loki makes eye contact with Gundirth as Thor fucks him, a positively evil grin on his blissful face. Gundirth is trembling in anger. He can do nothing.

"MMMM! I'm going to deep throat your knot!" Loki moans. "Fuck me on the throne at court Thor!" Loki yells for the benefit of the audience. Thor growls like a wild beast in Loki's ear.

"Come for me Loki. Come for me untouched like a true Omega." Thor's thrusts are merciless. He is pounding directly into Loki's pleasure center, giving the Jotunn no break from the onslaught. Loki does as he is commanded and comes hard in front of everyone. His loin cloth dampens in front, leaving a long wet stain down the middle. The men pant together for a minute, finding their breath and voice.

"I love you." Thor mutters into Loki's ear.

"I love you. I am yours. I was always yours my darling." Loki says softly. Loki lays his head back on Thor's shoulder and Thor dips his head forward to claim Loki's lips. Thor pulls out of Loki and tucks his cock back into his pants, letting Loki's loin cloth fall back into position. Loki addresses the men one last time.

"You may mock me for being Thor's bitch, but remember this: You are all my bitches now. I will spend my nights with his cock in my mouth…" Loki looks at Thor and licks his lips, "savoring every drop, and you will spend your days kissing my ass. That is all, gentlemen."