"I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public." was heard from behind Dipper as he focused on the task at hand. Giving into Pacifica's pleas for attention or insults wouldn't get the stupid statue exorcised any faster.

"Pacifica, look, I know the whole, 'oh I'm so popular! I have a meanness quota! Ohh look at me!' is a thing you pride yourself in, but I'm actually doing important work to help the people of Gravity Falls. So either stay and help or walk away because you're not wanted here."

"Geez Dip, something crawled up your arm, into your hat and into your mess of curly hair only to get caught and die there. Well, it's either there or up your ass."

"Well that, that was totally unpredicted, and one hundred percent original material work there Paz. Now stop talking about my ass and walk away with yours."

Dipper turned to see her for the first time since she made her presence known to him. She had a loud mouth and generally kept up her looks every day, so he couldn't imagine much would change on today when she started to talk- well, be rude and tease- to him. However, today seemed to not be in her favor, Pacifica looked rather disheveled, and she lacked a particularly trademark purple eyeshadow. Dipper stared at her once making these observations, not because she was stunning, which she always was, just because it was so odd.

For a moment Dipper forgot about their fight and his work freeing the spirit tied to the statue that kept terrorizing all that walked past it. The ghost was subdued enough for right now for him to talk. Well, should be subdued enough.

"Wow, rough day? No intense make up and you're resorting to talking to me. I mean I get that you and Mabel are now friends but I thought you still hated me?"

"Mabel was supposed to hang out with me today, but I got to the restaurant we were going to have lunch with and she had already strung up a date. The girl moves so quickly. So I was just walking back, or well, walking when I saw you and decided to see why the hell you wanted to look like more of a freak to the town than normal. "

"That's a sound enough of argument, but I really do have to get back to looking like a freak before this guy snaps. He's been way too pissy with me for wanting to be free."

"…Are you freeing the ghost then? He's just pissy 'cause his flowers all died, you don't really need to like free him. He'll just stick around if you do."

Dipper saw the dead flowers beneath his feet, he was standing as close as he could to draw the chalk around the base of the statue and set up the candles. He knew that ghosts could be possessive over their burial sites but, this was a statue, not a burial site, it couldn't be true. These sorts of things were completely different.

"Yeah whatever Paz, maybe if he had died here but he didn't so its not likely that he just wants flowers. Plus I heard that this guy was a real tough guy, and I doubt as a tough guy in that time included a passion for botany."

Dipper said this but soon found his chalk lines erasing and his candles blowing out and knocking over. Dipper looked up and sure enough the ghost was destroying Dipper's hard work. The ghost was a large burly man with a scowl on his face.

"Look Dip, I know you hate being wrong and all cause your hubris is taller than you, which isn't to say much, but you get the point. You know that since the mansions ghost when we were twelve that I can see ghosts all the time now. Just go to the market with me, we'll get some flowers and they guy will calm down! For God's sake, he doesn't want to be free! He's been erasing your chalk for the last half hour of you working on it!"

"Fine Paz. We'll do it your way and go get the man some stupid flowers. When it doesn't work though, you owe me lunch."

"Whatever Pines, you could just say you want to go on a lunch date with me. Lets go."

"That- That's not- That's not even remotely true! And you said I had ego problems…" He said it but he was red in the ears and his cheeks were the slightest bit pink.

She decided not to justify his statement with a response; she knew she had won if he brought up her ego. She knew it was larger than it needed to be, so he really wasn't teasing as much as stating the obvious, and that was boring. When she teased him, she brought up his height as well, it made more of a statement, plus it wasn't like it was true.

They walked to the garden store and Pacifica began picking out an array of plants. Sunflowers, Forget-me-nots, peony's, two tea rose bushes, and some pansies which she made sure Dipper grabbed for her.

Dipper had a basic understanding about how gardening went about, but the names and meanings of flowers that she was tossing about made his head spin a bit. It was like listening to Mabel talk about boy bands and their love affairs.

She also grabbed some gardening gloves and two little spades for digging, a bottle of Miracle growth was grabbed and she purchased the flowers. She took the cart with the flowers in it so they wouldn't have to carry all the plants that she purchased and then paid the woman at the register to forget about its existence.

They returned to the ghost muttering to himself which, as Pacifica pointed out to Dipper, he did often when he was waiting for something. Normally it was for a storm to come in off the mountain ridges or for children to climb off of the statue that he tied himself too, apparently they were special to him. Or, special enough to be muttered about, this was probably because of the promise of flowers.

Dipper and Pacifica got quick to work digging into the dirt around the base of the statue, making little holes for placing the smaller plants into and larger ones for the sunflowers and bushes. Pacifica put music on her phone and it played from her back pocket. It was mostly boy band stuff that Mabel listened too, but a BABBA song came on, and Dipper found himself singing along to it, hoping she wouldn't notice.

Pacifica did notice however and took measures to make sure he would keep singing. He wouldn't talk to her since they left the store and since she explained the ghost muttering. She turned up the volume on the speaker and sang along herself. It was boring without banter or teasing, so something to get him to talk to her again was welcome.

Sure enough, he kept singing, although a little bit louder now that Pacifica had joined in. The two smiled while they worked, and Pacifica ensured that the BABBA album was put on instead of shuffle so he would keep singing.

They got some weird looks, Pacifica more than Dipper, and a few came up to ask her why she was doing what she was. Specifically, a boy named Marcus Neiman came up to her, she knew he did this because his parents' wealth apparently told him he could be in her league. What a lie that was.

"Pacifica Northwest? What in all the heavens is a flower like you, doing, well, the maids work? It's just soo beneath you! Maybe not for the child next to you, but that's status for you! Ahaha get it?" The boy also liked the sound of his own voice, because even though she didn't answer his first questions he carried on.

"Well, this is just silly! Just so odd! Why not hire some one to do it? Stop it. Please I insist. I'll call around a man right now and have it finished for you. Just stop! You're an heiress, not a gardener! Stop!" The boy was frustrated as she continued to ignore him. He was interrupting her time trying to vainly befriend Dipper.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. You are so right! It is beneath me. Literally, I'm standing on it. Back the fuck off now. Call someone to come and I assure you my parents will hear about how you've invaded my time today. Go away now. And if you refer to Dipper as a child again, I assure you yet another thing. You will wake up somewhere other than your bed."

"Point made, Christ Pacifica, I was only doing as a gentleman would… What do you mean, 'somewhere other than my bed'?" He was trying to shrug off her now obvious distaste for him, and though a bit frightened by her in a now angry state, he needed to know what her threat meant to him.

"I mean you'll wake up, and you'll be tied to a tree in the middle of the forest. Miles away from help. And you'll scream, and scream for help, a butler, a commoner, any one. But no one will hear you. And do you know what?"


"You will be heard, though, not by humans. There are more dangerous things in the woods. Maybe wolves will tear you ligament by ligament as they pull you apart for food. Maybe the shadows will grab you. Maybe you'll escape your ties, but you'll be lost, no one returns from the woods alone. So now, I need you to repeat after me."

"O-Ookay Pacifica, but please, you're frightening me!"

"That's the point. Now repeat: I am the scum of the earth."

"I hardly think that's appro-"

"You'll wake up cold at this rate."

"I am the scum of the earth."

"Now say: I will never speak to Pacifica Northwest again unless either my life or hers depends on it"

"I will never speak to Pacifica Northwest again unless either my life or hers depends on it" he repeated.

"Wonderful. Now Mr. Neiman, I'm going to ask that you walk away and that you follow what you've just told me."

And so off the boy went, shaken scared and 100 percent unsure about how safe he really was.

Dipper was staring at Pacifica. She had gone back to planting as if nothing had changed since they were listening to BABBA. She was calm. Her ponytail behind her head bobbed as she dug into the earth with her spade. Dipper was not calm and could not focus on the plants. even though the ghost started muttering to him. That was a terrifying exchange.

"Um, Pacifica, thanks for defending me and all in that but, I'm pretty sure the guy's gunna have nightmares for a while because of that."

"I figure because the creep sought me out, which is obvious because he lives in the next town over, he's already dreaming about me. So if anything, I'd rather him have nightmares in fear of me rather than wet dreams where he fools himself into thinking he can disrespect me."

And so Dipper shut up. It was obvious that she was not calm. Even though her ponytail bobbed just the same, her grip on the spade was tight and she was practically throwing the peonies into the ground. Her words made Dipper consider new things though.

Of course she had suitors, he just never realized that she had the kinds that were so invasive and well- could be complete perverts. The fact that she knew what she was saying to him as she said it meant she probably had had to give the same spiel or something like it to other creeps. And considering how many people were after her, because of her looks, or her parent's money, or her skill in athletics amongst many other desirable traits, she must have to deal with it with frequency.

It had been around 1 o'clock when she found Dipper trying to exorcise the ghost man, and it was close to 3 when they finished buying, planting and then watering the statues plants. The ghost was gleeful to say the least. In his pleasant attitude, he pat Pacifica on the head and drew a symbol into the dirt for Dipper.

Dipper apparently knew what it was and started freaking out. He pulled his journal from his back pack and wrote it down with accuracy, and was soon documenting a whole page to the ghost. He even wrote down the flower types that they got.

"What are the pink ones again?" He looked up to inquire to Pacifica but she seemed to be talking to the ghost.

It was a whisper quiet conversation, so he couldn't hear what they said but it obviously meant a lot to her. She had tears in the sides of her eyes, and though they didn't fall, and wouldn't, they were still there.

Dipper waited for her to turn around and talk to him, and in doing this eventually went back to documenting so she could have as much time as she wanted. Soon enough though, she spoke to him.

"So Dipstick, Did you still want to do lunch? It's kind of late for it but I'm pretty sure that won't stop you."

"Huh? But I lost that wager. The guys happy where he is, he just wanted the flowers like you said. You were taking me to lunch if you were wrong I thought."

"Yeah, and because I was right, you have to have lunch with me. Duh. Terms and Conditions dude, or did you expect to be the only one to benefit with winning?"

"No, I just- Well I figured you'd ask for something else or for me to fuck off or something… You want me to have lunch with you then?"

"So highly you think of me then. If you thought I'd let you be wrong and then just tell you to fuck off. And actually, no I don't want to have lunch with you. You can go home and eat."

"Oh- okay then… Um, then what do you want from me?" Deals with open ends made him queasy.

"You're going to pick me up in that death trap of a car from my house at seven thirty on the dot and I'm going to take you to dinner. Bring your journal; I have some stuff you'll want to write down."

"Oh! Yeah I can do that! Um, we aren't going anywhere fancy are we?"

"That's the 'you were wrong part'. You get to suffer in a suit for a few hours stuck in a situation of social convention without escape until after we've eaten."

"Well, some sort of twist was expected."

"I'm going to go home then; I'll see you later tonight. Eat some lunch but don't fill up, dinner is going to be amazing as hell."

And so she turned and walked away, in the direction of the Northwest Manor. Her skirt was blowing the tiniest bit in the breeze, not that he was staring, and her ponytail bobbed up and down. Her purple outfit had slowly gotten less formal over the years, and the fashion she wore around town wasn't always the newest in Paris like when they were twelve. Her calves were killer.

Dipper, didn't really realize that he had been checking her out as she strode away, but he had done just that and then soon went to packing up his materials. He left a single candle for the ghost, having heard it was respectful or something, and took up the rest after putting out their flames.

He walked to the shack, humming to himself one of his favorite BABBA songs that Pacifica had played. He recounted their experience together and in doing that, found he was at the steps of the shack faster than he thought he would be. Had he been so zoned out the whole way home?

He quickly went into the shack; he decided to say hi to Soos and his older guardians. His Grunkle and Grandpa were bound to be still running the shop even though it wasn't a prime time for tourists at almost four in the afternoon

He was first bombarded with a 'Welcome to the Mystery Shack!' and then met a "oh it's just Dipper." Oh how good it was to be home.

"Hey guys. How're things in the shop today?" He asked, not really interested but knowing that his Grunkle would re-account some story of the day to be an epic and would start a fight with his twin over it."

"Actually nothing much champ, oh wait, except for practically robbing this one man blind! He was such an idiot! It was beautiful! He practically bought the shop! Tonight we dine on the finest pizza!"

"Sweet, but Gramps, how true is that? Are we really making more money than normal, or does Grunkle just not want to cook?"

"It's pretty true for once, this sad sap walked in freaking out about how a girl was going to string him up in the woods for the wolves to eat. He was screaming about needing supernatural help so we sold him a bunch of crap crystals and stuff. Naming our price as we went. It was pretty great, but I feel bad for the little dude, he was really scared." His grandpa crossed his arms and remembered all of this really rather fondly. Grunkle punched him in the arm lightly and they laughed together.

"Oh that guy. Yeah Pacifica threatened him and all that and- oh that's right. I owe her after losing a bet so I won't be here for dinner…"

"Wait, Blonde-y threatened him? The one with the money?"

"Yeah, was the guy kind of short and blonde?" to which they shook their heads in affirmation, ", Then yeah that's him. He was hitting on her so she got him to fu- to go away by scaring the crap out of him."

"Who knew princess had it in her. I always knew she was the scary type though, Mabel told me some stories about her and her ghost friends. Speaking of which, did you get that one exorcised?" Grunkle questioned Dipper, remembering that that was his reasoning for not being home in his room or working today.

"Oh, apparently the guy just wanted flowers. Paz helped me go buy some and plant them. He's chill now."

The old men shared a look. They first were just staring at each other, but then both smirked. Apparently in their twin speak, a decision was made.

His grandpa spoke first after he broke the look with his brother.

"So then, you seem to be spending a lot of time with this girl, to know all of this that is."

"Oh, I mean not really, just this afternoon. She came up to insult me and ended up helping me out with the ghost cause Mabel ditched her. I mean I'll have to spend time with her later cause I lost but… oh that's right I came in this way to go to the kitchen." Dipper talked and walked to the house part of the shack to get food, realizing that the old men were going to dig for answers to some questions Dipper didn't yet know.

The old men followed after telling Soos to watch the front once he finished fixing the lightbulb he had been working on. Dipper's grandpa then spoke.

"So you're taking the gal out on a date of her choosing tonight then?"

"What? No, no it's not a date. I just owe her for helping me and for losing the bet to her. That's all it is."

"Okay then wise guy, what're you wearing to take her to dinner. Since your just going as friends. I recall Mabel would wear her sweaters as normal when they would go out for pizza or for breakfast or whatever." Was what Grunkle Stan then inquired in Dipper's direction.

" I mean, she said we were going somewhere fancy, so I was going to wear a suit- Wait, no stop that. Stop grinning. Mabel's had to dress up to go to dinner with Paz before. I'm sure she has."

"No Dipper, I'm pretty sure she hasn't but," A car pulled up in the driveway making his Grandpa pause, it was Mabel's very pink Mobile, "Let's ask her right now!"

"Oh God, just give it a rest! I'm gunna go eat. I haven't all day and I'm starving…." But his elders who were obviously not going to let it rest, were practically running out of the house to see Mabel.

Dipper made his way to the kitchen at last and made a sandwich for himself. Even in the center of the house, he could hear Mabel squeal and run through the front door. She started screaming his name too, trying to locate him faster. He didn't respond.

"Dipper! Dipper! Oh my goodness! Are they lying to me? Or is it true!?" She found him and was jumping up and down inquiring very loudly about whatever the old geezers told her. In between bites he replied:

"It's a lie Mabel." And he went back to eating, even though he saw her deflate a bit. That only lasted a second before she seemed to perk back up.

"Okay that's fine! At least you get to have dinner with us then!"

"Huh? No I'm going to pick up Paz later and take her to dinner, what were you asking about?"

"So it is true! You and my bestie are going on a date! Oh my goodness I can't wait to talk to her about this! I should call her right now-"

"Awe come on! Mabel No! It's not a date! I just lost a bet to her!"

"Losing bets to Pacifica normally lead to horrifying or embarrassing situations, considering she's paying to feed you, I'm going to say I'm pretty sure it's a date. That and she thinks you're cute, so it just makes sense. Oh my goodness it's going to be so cute to see you and her all dressed up!" Mabel was over the moon, and didn't mean to dish out that Pacifica thought he was cute, but as soon as she realized that she had, she looked at her brother.

He his sandwich in hand, crums around his mouth which was held open and his cheeks and ears were red. Oh my god did she want to date him? HIM? WHAT?

Mabel could tell from the look on his face, that obviously enough he came to a realization and his brain was frazzled. Great now she had broken him. Mabel sighed loudly and threw her shoulders back. Her brother was such a dork.

He sat at the table, with his food in hand for a while, trying to figure things out. Maybe it was a date then? No it couldn't be, she really didn't like him, and especially didn't like him like, well, like that. She was always teasing him and even though what Mabel had said was really probably true, it just, it couldn't be… but could it?

Mabel was now talking loudly to him about something. He heard the words 'Summer romance' and zoned back out again. Maybe it was a joke? Maybe it was to keep Mabel off of her back for not dating. He'd never seen her walking around town with anyone, he always assumed she never dated. Mabel was flailing her arms, still talking fervently about something when Dipper decided to start eating again.

"Does that make sense Dip n Dots?" She inquired loud enough and directly enough for him to snap out of his own world and respond to her.

"uh yeah sure. Makes all the sense in the world Mabes." He lied to make her feel like he had paid attention. Unfortunately for him, she knew he hadn't been.

"I'm glad you agree, you know where to buy condoms right?"

He spat out his food. He hacked and wheezed tried not to choke on what little food remained in his mouth. What the hell had she been talking about?


"Ahaha, sorry I'm just messing with ya! Omg your face is so red! You could be used for like, demonic ketchup at this point! You're like a little human tomato!"

"Christ! Okay then Mabel! Let's just kill me with a heart attack early."

"You're such a drama queen Dipper! Chill out!"

"Yeah I would do that if you weren't constantly out for my life!"

"Oh shush, you're worse than time baby! Whatever have fun on your date! Say bye to me when you leave, I have a new boyfriend to go bother!"

"Tell him my usual threats, and will do."

And with a thumbs up, she stood and marched out of the room, phone already in hand and singing some song from the radio. He finished the rest of his lunch and decided not to think about it for a little while. He grabbed his journal and made way to his room, avoiding the old men that would badger and tease him worse than Mabel ever would. He got there but decided a nap was in order instead of reading.

This was a mistake however, because he then woke up to the pizza man ringing the door bell. Wait? What time is it? He pulled out his phone and saw that it was 6:45. It would take him at least 15 minutes to get to the manor and he had to put on a suit, FAST. He was scrambling around the room, finding the blazer, check, tie, check, pants, check and shoot where did his shoes go? Fuck.

With his dress shirt on and his dress slacks, he was rummaging around looking for his shoes. Checking his watch, crap it was 7, how did it take him so long to get that few clothes on? He finally found them mixed in with Waddles things out in the hallway in front of his room. Putting them on, then rushing back into his room to grab the suit jacket and the tie which he wrapped around his neck, it could be tied at a red light he decided.

He ran to the bathroom to groom his hair, which he realized then that he had to shave. Crap he was running out of time. No shave, but his hair was gelled slightly in place since he wouldn't be allowed to wear his hat, he ran out of the bathroom almost knocking over Mabel.

"Sorry Mabel! I've got to run! I can't be late or she'll have my skin!" He half shouted to her as he was running down the hallway and then down the stairs. He could hear her laughing even as he exited the back door.

He ran to his car, started it and put it in gear and was soon racing off. He was late, he knew it, it was 4 minutes passed when he needed to leave to get there on time. So he drove a little faster than what was protocol for the small town. Crap a red light. But then he remembered he had to tie his tie into a pretty knot. As soon as he finished haphazardly doing such, the light was green and he was doing 20 over the normal speed limit.

Dipper rushed through the small town, and made it up the hill and he finally looked at his watch again, he was 3 minutes early to her gates. What a fucking relief.

He pressed the gate button from his seat in the car, spoke his name and the gates opened. They were expecting him then?

He drove up to the round about that was at the top of her drive way and parked his car in front of the massive front doors. A butler was standing there and as Dipper got out of his car the Butler came to meet him at the bottom of the steps from the front door.

"Mr. Dipper, I presume. Yes, unfortunately, Ms. Northwest has told us that she is not to have any suitors come to the house. When you spoke to the gate man, he was confused because you have helped the Northwest Family with, situations, in the past. But I will have to be clear in telling you that Ms. Northwest has both refused suitors and that Mr. Northwest would not approve of, one such as yourself, attempting to win her over. I'm afraid I must send you on your way. Now." The man couldn't be clearer. So she hadn't told him that he was coming. He looked down at his watch, at I was just now 7:30. Like clockwork, quite literally, Pacifica appeared in the front door before Dipper could argue against the butler.

"Mr. Paul, unfortunately the rest of the normal threats will not be necessary tonight. I have already told the ladies in the kitchen not to set my place at the dinner table. I will be dinning out with Dipper. Give my parents the appropriate regards if you would. If he is particularly angry though, don't bother, I'll deal with him when I return. Don't wait up for me though, okay?"

"Ms. Pacifica, I- I'm so surprised! Yes I will do as you have asked, but do know I will be awaiting your return. Young man, she had better return at an appropriate hour of the night, or I and several other butlers here will have your head. Good evening to you both." And with that Pacifica kissed the older man on the cheek and went to the passenger side of the door. Dipper caught on quickly enough and rushed to it, opening it and closing it once she was inside. This whole ordeal had him so freaked out that he forgot who he was going just exactly who he was going to dinner with. It was a relief that she never changed, no matter who she was in front of.

He climbed into the driver's seat, gave a meek hello to his friend, and drove off down her driveway. The butler wrote down his license plate number just in case.

"Well hello yourself Dipper. Sorry, I didn't tell anyone but the gate man that you were coming to get me. Word would have traveled too quickly back to my father if it were any other situation. Bleh, the man's such a control freak. Thanks for coming to get me. It's a much needed escape."

"Yeah, I got the control freak kind of read from him. Any who were am I driving you too exactly?"

"Here I plugged it into my GPS on my phone; I'll set it up here on the dash, just follow where it tells you to. I set up a reservation so drive as fast or as slow as you'd like, the woman on the phone was super obnoxious so I don't mind pissing them off."

"Im going to go with slower, I raced over here and im sure if the police in this town actually worked, I would have like 3 tickets by now."

"Why'd you do that? I told you on the dot. You know how I am with punctuality, why would you want to be early? Antsy to see me?" She purposefully left the last question to be flirtatious but it was dipper she was dealing with. He was as flirtatious as a rock.

"Huh? No, I fell asleep and woke up too late, I was freaking out about being late, because trust me, I do know how you are with punctuality."

"Ha, it makes sense then. Hey! So much for slow, you're at the speed limit! Go like 20 through here, its prettier that way."

So he complied. He didn't know that he wanted to go slower anymore. He was going to have a panic attack, if he did, he could watch her if he went slowly.

She was wearing what Mabel would call a "lake foam" green party dress. It was strapless and her collar bones were making him turn pink.

"Nope." Was all the warning he gave as he dropped a lead foot and went from 20 to 70 in a matter of moments. Pacifica found this hysterical and laughed, quickly rolling down her window to stick her arms out. He started to laugh too, and speedily made his way to the restaurant. At some point the radio was put on him or Pacifica and they were singing at the top of their lungs to the songs that played. Finally though, they were both hoarse in throat from screaming, hair windblown from the windows being down at the speed they were going, and they had arrived at the seafood bar she apparently wanted to take him.

It was a complimentary valet, and the cars ranged from Mercedes to Porsches to other sports cars he could only dream of. His 15 year old hunk of junk was a white and orange sore thumb. It was a little embarrassing but he didn't really expect any less.

The valet, a kid maybe a little older than him, thought it was pretty funny though, and didn't give Dipper any crap.

He and Pacifica made their way in and the woman at the hostess stand was suddenly terrified to see that the Pacifica N. she had taken the reservation from was a Northwest. It was her fault for not realizing sooner though; it was definitely not a common first name.

They were seated immediately, despite being 10 minutes earlier than they were expected, though Dipper feared this was because they gave them another couples table.

"Dipper, I swear to god, if you make this painful, I will make you feel pain." She said to him once they were seated. He was obviously uncomfortable and after talking with Mabel on the phone, she knew he was nervous about it being a date. She could use this as an advantage though.

"Uh, sorry Paz. I'm just not- not used to this sort of dining! Yeah that's it. I'm just not used to the whole suit and tie business."

"Sure, that's why. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that Mabel told you this was a date."

"Oh uh, um, yes she did tell me that… uh?" and he was lost as what to say further. He didn't want to offend her, but he didn't want to say more than he had too. So saying nothing should work… And it did, because Pacifica finished the thought.

"Puh-lease Pines. If it was a date I'd be kissing you goodnight later. I'll leave you with that to think about in consideration to the fact that we're having fish for dinner."

So it wasn't a date then. It wasn't the biggest relief he had felt in his life, because he wasn't sure that he would have hated kissing her goodnight, but he felt that he could act more like himself at least.

They were soon greeted by a waitress to whom they gave their drink orders, and later their dinner orders, and later got the check from. True enough they had had fish for dinner. And for the price that it was, it lived up to Dipper's expectations for being the best fish he had had in his entire life. They had made peaceful conversation. Some about ghosts, most about the crazies around Gravity falls though. That also turned into Paz ranting about the different rich boys and girls she hated. Dipper found it really fun to listen to her rant about it though, and got to tell his own stories of jerks around Gravity falls and back home in California. It was easy getting along with her when she didn't make him an object of ridicule.

Pacifica declined getting desert, which Dipper wouldn't voice as being upset with, though he secretly was. He had a sweet tooth like Mabel, just not as extreme as Mabel had.

Soon enough, they were leaving. She had tipped the valet and the car was returned to them. Getting settled in his seat, and loosening the god-forsaken tie that he was wearing, he asked her what was next.

"So to the manor then? Fancy dinners are always way longer than they need to be."

"That was long for you then? Dip, that's like every night of my life. And no, I don't want to go back yet, and I still have stuff to tell you for your journal remember?"

He had not remembered. Crap. In his rush to get out of the house earlier, he had forgotten his journal on his bed.

She saw the guiltily look wash over his face. The one time she can actually contribute to what he likes. Goddammit Dipper.

"Wow, Dip okay then. Whatever, drive me to McDonalds, I'll tell you over a Mcflurry. You can write it on some stolen napkins and put it in your journal later tonight."

It was a sound enough plan, and was enacted with glee as he really wanted the sugar right about now. The peppermint he took from the restaurant no longer sufficing in getting rid of the fish taste.

They arrived, and went through the drive through to get their ice-cream desserts; he asked for a stack of napkins and received a stack of them.

"God these are so fucking yummy. I haven't had one in a year, and that was when I was with your sister after some break up of hers."

"That's weird to think about. Considering their available to literally everyone else at all times in the day and throughout the year." Dipper would never stop being surprised at how many limitations one had when they were that rich. It was amazing that they had power over the town but couldn't go get fries if they wanted to.

"Yeah well there you have it, but to business then. The ghosts around this town have been talking, and something cold is coming. Their word, not my own. They won't say much to me because I'm still mortal, but because I see them regularly enough and talk to them, I think their sweet on me. They tell me more than they tell you that's for damn sure.

"And any who, they're all really freaking out about it. Simon today, the one with the flowers we planted, told me more. Apparently a daemon is going to come in and fulfill a frost prophecy in the next month. He said it won't kill anyone but that the forest will be free of charms that have been put on it. Someone at some point put some spells on it to contain all the crazy beasties. God the mix of M&Ms and ice-cream is so perfect, like what the hell, this is so much better than anything."

"Huh, so we've got to prepare to keep all the monsters in and to fight a daemon? Man, I love this place."

"You are so weird. Anyway, I've got the ghosts of the town to help us keep the lesser beings out of the town limits; they can't scare some of the bigger monsters. But its some back up, which is better than none."

"I think I can get a couple people in tow to help us. My family is in, obviously, but I have a few allies in the woods. I also have people who owe me favors. So that'll be good."

"Who owes you a favor?"

"The entire Gnome Army, The Multi-bear, I've got the Man-o-taurs to back me once I tell them that Multi-bear is fighting, cause they'll want to show off. I can get a couple more with some more time and more strings pulled. I think we can make this work to our favor."

"You are so fucking weird."

"That's really offensive considering I'm going to try to save the town with you. And you're the one who asked! Geez, there's no winning with you."

"Nope, there is no winning unless I win too, or I want you to win."

She had taken off her heels, and since they were parked, stuck her feet out the window, the dress was puffy enough that he or anybody else wouldn't see anything anyway. He had reclined his seat back a bit earlier. They had finished their ice-cream a long time ago. He looked over at her after she made this statement. She said it like a challenge, but also with a bit of spite in her tone.

"But it sounds like a good plan right? I can also summon some stuff now too, so on top of my normal spells, I might be able to have a zombie army work for me."

"Hmm, yeah that does sound good. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful general of the brain dead."

"Whoa, okay those are fighting words. What the hell happened to the nice Pacifica that I drove to dinner and then too dessert? She was awesome and totally not that mean!"

"I was awesome then?" She had previously been staring at her feet out the window, but now turned and made eye contact with him. She pulled her feet back into the car.

"Sure, I mean I like hanging out with you when you don't try to verbally assault me like that. You're normally really nice but every now and then you get so aggressive and I can't keep up with you."

"Huh." And he turned away. She was so frustrating when she wanted to be.

"What now? What's 'Huh' supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, it's just interesting. I guess I really suck at teasing then. I only mean to joke; I guess I just don't know where my lines in the sand sit."

He didn't respond to her saying this. He believed her, she spent so much of her life just being ruthless that it made sense for her to not see where exact lines were, but he was still upset with her because of it. She didn't mean too, but he always was the one to get hurt from it.

"Dipper." She was frightened by him not responding. He wouldn't forgive her then, Maybe he hated her then. Mabel lied then, she had said that he liked her as a friend. That he was forgiving if given reason to forgive. Maybe she needed to give him a reason? Maybe she needed to give him incentive was all that she could think after being unable to come up with excuses.

"Dipper." She repeated and he still didn't look at her, but had moved his head to look at the steering wheel instead of out the window.

She shifted closer to the middle of the car, which wasn't hard considering how tiny the car really was. If he noticed her getting closer he made no change in demeanor to let her know it.

He started lifting his hand to the key in its spot behind the steering wheel, when pacifica reached out and un-gloved hand that cupped the side of his face farthest from her and turned him towards her and closer to her. She wasn't rough in turning his head, and once he was where she needed him to be, she was quick in placing her lips on his.

Dipper was surprised. No, he was shocked. No, he was ecstatic.

He was quick to kiss her back, much to her own surprise, and he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled him closer to him now.

Now Dipper's car was old. Older than it needed to be, but it was cheap and that's why he owned it. But because it was so ancient there was only one front seat, with room for a middle person, like people in old films would drive with. The air bags were sketchy and Dipper installed the seat belts himself. But when he parked earlier, both he and Pacifica had taken off their seat belts. And were now using the single large seat in ways they didn't necessarily show in the old films.

Pacifica was lying on top of Dipper making out with him, with the intention of not stopping until she had to. He was a better kisser then she expected him to be and this was not a problem.

Dipper was over the moon with Paz on top of him, kissing him like the world was really truly going to end. She tasted like cheap ice-cream they had both just eaten, and for whatever reason, also like strawberries. It was heavenly.

It could only last so long though, soon enough Pacifica's phone rang, interrupting the make out session of the decade for the two of them. It was Paul the butler explaining to Pacifica that her father had just inquired as to where she was and that he bout her time saying she was already returned and in the bath. Meaning she had to hurry home so as to not be punished by the master of the manor.

Pacifica wished she could be the teen rebel in the movies that said "Fuck it!" and ignored the warnings, but punishment would detriment Dipper as well.

So with a sigh, Dipper drove her home. She held his hand as he drove though, and she was content with that. It felt like magic under her fingertips, which she wondered what it felt like to Dipper who had cast spells before.

"Huh? Oh no, it doesn't feel anything as good as holding hands. It feels like you cut your fingers and blood was being pulled from them."

"Wow, Dip, you made my very cute question really gross ya know?"

"Well, I mean, I'm not going to lie and tell you it's like being Mickey mouse in that one old movie. The one with the mops ya know?"

"Everyone knows that one Dip, and I guess the truth is nice to know. I definitely don't want to become a witch anytime soon that's for sure."

He chuckled, and he got to her outside gate, but before he called for someone to open the door, he parked a little ways back.

"Uh Dipper? The gate is up there, you have to keep moving and call Paul."

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure Paul would kill me for this…"

"For what-"

And Dipper kissed her on the lips. It was sweeter that earlier, not short like a peck either; just a well-timed, and much appreciated goodnight kiss. He was doing fist pumps and cartwheels inside.

"So tonight was definitely a date then?" Pacifica asked this in reference to what she had said earlier in the evening at dinner.

"Absolutely. I mean, well, you want it to be right? I just- I assumed-"

"Dip shush, yes. It was a date then."

And with a cheeky grin he turned his car back on, pulled to the gates, dropped her off, waving goodbye from the car as her butler Paul hurried her off to a side entrance, and she blew a kiss.

With her gone, he had his time to drive home. Which was apparently not much time, considering it was one in the morning and his curfew was midnight. Whoops.

He drove home, taking his time though. He was already late, why not , besides he knew the questions would come flying as soon as he walked in the door. They were all night owls aside from Mabel, but what she couldn't do, she used Mabel Juice to make up for.

When he did get back to the shack, he walked in to see the night owls all asleep on the couch and Mabel in the recliner closest to the door. He was quiet to close the door, now knowing that they were all out. He also got the blankets from the side of the recliner and cover the three of them, four including Waddles who laid on the floor next to Mabel. He shut off the lights and went to his own room. Pacifica had already messaged him.

It was just the general 'tonight was fun' except she ended it with 'you dork' and some x's and o's. He messaged back, that even if he was a dork, she was the one to make out with a dork, he only made out with rich blondes.

She said something back, to which he replied, to which kept them talking until 4 in the morning when he passed out finally.

Even with an oncoming war against the woods, everything seemed so wonderful and right in the world. Dipper couldn't care less.

Life was good to him, even if the one he could feel himself falling for was ruthless and sometimes too mean.

It was only two hours later that Mabel woke up to find the family all covered in blankets and Dipper in his room asleep as well. She was content knowing he was home okay, but she was over the moon when she saw the faint sparkle of lip gloss on the side of his bottom lip. And it was in the ever expensive shade that only one girl seemed to wear.

Oh there would be SO much to talk about later. She could feel it in her match maker bones.

After all, she did love summer romances best.

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