Chapter 45 - Power Beyond Reason

Tullece was afraid.

He'd never admit it, but this celestial flame called Agmus scared him. He hadn't been afraid since he looked his nephew in the eye and saw true malicious intent deliver cruelty upon his body. When he obtained his saving grace by a seemingly divine act of providence by the Shinseijū itself, his confidence became renewed.

But this time, things were different. A strange being walked out of the fire and began to fight him with fire. This Tapion used a mystical blade, flames sweltered his body through his impressive aura of ki and the edge dug its way past the elastic armor Kinoko designed.

Blood spurt out, and Tullece gritted his teeth at the biting pain.

"Back," He sneered, his arm swelling up in a flex, "OFF!" releasing an elliptical blast that threw back Tapion across the flat mountain top. His body throttled through the flames of Agmus, harmlessly skidding across the air as he clawed a gloved hand and pair of bootheels against the atoms of the empty space below.

Swinging the bloody arm out, drops of blood stopped in midair, siphoning into blackish crackling orbs of ki that emitted bolts of reddish light around them. Tullece aimed to fire through the fire that concealed the visual of its chosen champion, growling out in loud proclaimation.

"Revenge Cannon!"

His howl complemented the interlocked kikoha, swinging out like chained cannon balls across the air in a rapid whistling sound. Tapion's unflinching glare stoically locked onto the spinning balls of light, his fiery sword raised in readiness.

Slashing in a single arc, a massive crescent wave of light discharged in stellar force, bifurcating the pillar of flame and emerged the other side to a surprised Saiyan.

Raising a hand he felt it collide into his gauntlet covered palm. He felt an intense pressure behind it, the roar of fiery energy bearing down on top of him. Gritting his teeth, his muscles bulged, blood spurting from his sliced gauntlet, and with a snarling shout he threw the massive lunar shaped discharge to his right.

"Too slow," Tapion whispered to his unguarded back.

Tullece whirled around too late to see a flare of fiery reddish-gold erupt into him. An explosion rocked the mountain, a fierce wave of hot air blistering down to a fresh forest aflame that doused it in a single gust.

Racing after him, Tapion left the mountain behind to pursue Tullece.

Leaving the pair of women to face their own materializing opponent.

It appeared to be an inverse of what Tapion's appearance is. The silhouette gave off a monstrous aura, with large tree thick limbs, gleaming red eyes and a towering stature over the two. Stepping out of the flames, came out something neither expected.

"Ah, so I can finally come out to play?" Black heeled boots stomped forth, quaking the mountain top. Rippling flames formed long, muscular legs dressed in black linen, a belt with a devil bull of platinum formed around the waist. A long red trench coat unwound from the back, whipping about in the updraft of the inferno behind the shaping figure. Exposed abs revealed up to a pair of muscular, scarred pecks, a metal manticle collar wrapped about the neck. Fingerless gloves squeezed experimentally, raising up into fists as a sharp featured, tanned visage with a broad sharp white smile formed. Angular blazer shades of black formed over red eyes, silvery-grey spikey hair formed atop his crown.

"I, the Undefeated Swartz, have returned to brutally destroy another few sad saps," He snarked aloud, looking down at the pair of red eyes women.

He stopped short.

"Uh," Macki nervously uttered, side glancing Chi-Chi nervously before leaning to the right and then the left. The ten foot tall man stammered above them, the sight of which began to annoy her. "You broken or something, spirit test guy?"

"B-B-B-Buh-Buh-Buh–!" He muttered out.

"Buh?" Chi-Chi inquires with a raised brow.

He suddenly leaned back, his hands clutching his face as he let out a high pitched shout.


Both women fell onto their backs, in exasperation and the sheer might of the spectral being's voice.

"I am, beyond confused," Chi-Chi blurted out, looking over at the mutually prone and visibly twitching Macki. "Why did the fire materialize this goofball?"

"Test our sanity, I suppose," She snarled, leaping back onto her feet with a glare at the giant man. Leaping at him, she threw a punch straight into his exposed waist-


A sudden blast of ki flashes from the muscles, repelling her to nearly barrel off the mountain. Skidding to a wobbling halt, she looked up, his face leering in front of her; the proximity repulsing as much as alarming her at how quick he appeared.

"Pleasure to meet ya, babe," He slid his shades down, his red irises gleaming with a wink of his right orb, teeth flashing at her. "What's your name?"

"I'm Macki of the Heeters," She responded with a snarl, throwing an arm to her right to form a sabre of ki with a hissing buzz. "And I'm already taken!"

"Is that so?" He replied. A fiery white light burst from the two halves of Swartz, stretching out and connecting in the middle. Pulling together with a crunch, a wave of mystical energy unfurled to mend the missing back of the coat, allowing the damage to be mended completely as he stood up to the recoiling women.

"What's the matter?" Swartz asked, wiping the blood off his lips with his gloved right hand. "Did I forget to tell you? Agmus didn't ever defeat me in battle. Want to know why?"

He put his hands together, his aura burning alight in silvery flames as he leered with a toothy grin.

"I'm immortal!"

Raising both hands over his head, he threw it down at the mountain top, releasing a massive eruption of white fire.

Throwing the two, awash in fiery ki, off the mountain.

Tullece's body felt pain. It had been the first time since he assumed mantle of emperor that this has transpired. Unopposed, he figured this would happen. He trained with his daughter, though it never went beyond sparring. His body never elevated beyond the given doses of the fruit he harvested.

Yes, he is leaps and bounds stronger than he had been over a year ago. The Super Saiyan that terrified him and nearly fought him to his last breath wasn't a threat anymore.

But not only Agmus seemed a league of difference between his power of galactic control, but this Tapion held a vast power within himself. Was it the Demon, or the sword? Or simply his own innate prowess as a warrior?

It doesn't matter, he dismissed, his eyes strained open as he pried himself free of debris of a demolished mountain he had been thrown into. His body emerged from the top, his cape flourishing about himself as he inspected his person.

Powdered stone stained his immaculate battle jacket, his cape torn in several places and burned along the trimming. His gauntlet stained red with his blood, the wound sealed since before; a testament to the accelerated healing the fruit had granted his body over so many times consuming it.

I've lost some of my battle sense. I need to regain it, and quick, He realized as he opened himself to his awareness of ki. If his foes used mana, then he'd track that abnormal weight he felt coming up the mountain.

Closing his eyes, he began to block out the overwhelming ki that flooded the planet. Bit by bit, he channeled his awareness to that strange phenomenon that flowed differently.

No, not flowed. Pooled, like a waterfall into a basin.

He visually focused, his brows squinting and his fists squeezing hard. Then, as he unwound his hands, his eyes opened, just as a blade slashed at him from above.

A howling roar of flame consumed the destroyed mountain, wafting about in an all consuming wave of burning energy. Tapion's green eye trailed to his left, seeing Tullece's caped frame dashing away while violet ringed black eyes locked onto him.

I can feel it! Tullece thought with a smile, watching Tapion dash with a swift jump that caught up with him in an instant. Swinging the sword in a burning arc, Tullece met the swing with a stroke of his own.


A sabre of violet parried the mystical burning weapon, green eyes looking at him with a moment of surprise. Seeing this, Tullece smirked, feeling the blade grind but not penetrate his appendage this time.

"I'm a bit out of practice, but I see my Saiyan Sabre still works as intended," Tullece commented wryly, pushing his single arm against the grip of Tapion's own weapon. "But if a sword is all that you're good at, I'm afraid you came at me half cocked."

Tapion's eyes widened, suddenly seeing a flash of white light that eclipsed his vision, coming straight from Tullece's eyes. Reeling from the blindness, he felt a knee crash into his chest, bowing himself forward along with the mighty impact.

A palm thrust into his chin, followed by a backhanded strike across his face, sending him hurtling across the air. Flipping backwards, Tapion righted himself with eyes squinting closed as Tullece charged with his Saiyan Sabre poised to stab him.

Defecting in a burning arc, the Saiyan rebounded by a surprise show of force.

"I've fought blind before," Tapion remarked, calmly keeping his eyes shut while lowering his sword down. "But compared to Hirudegarn, you're just a thug wielding a toy. An opponent such as yourself can't beat me with tricks alone."

Tullece laughed, causing Tapion to wince an eye open at him.

"I'd be disappointed if I could kill you that simply," Tullece crowed, raising a hand towards the knife earred man. "You awakened something in me. The fire of my people that my now deceased brethren lost a long time ago. It isn't enough for me to simply rule a galaxy and command men. My instincts demand it, and I've ignored it for too long."

He fired a massive purple-white kikoha, the likes of which sought to swallow Tapion whole.


A flash of burning light carved into the beam, wrapping it into an explosion that roared in an ascending updraft. A follow-up pair of sword strokes blasted the flames away with an even larger cross-shaped blaze of arcing crescents of flame. Tullece embroiled his arms in thick currents of violet ki, slamming both palms into the center of the burning crescent cross, a massive thuum of his body and the fiery attack connecting.

Gripping across its burning front like fabric, Tullece swung the cross around in a circle to pierce the heavens in an upward roar. Tapion appeared next to him, palm-thrusting into the Saiyan's gut, staggering the emperor backwards.

He stomped into the sky with a virulent purple pulse, swinging an arm to produce an arc of violet. The red haired man bisected it, fiercely charging through to slash out in a blur of golden-red; red smearing the air as Tullece felt a searing cut cross his cheek and across his nose.

Firing off a kikoha from his eyes, knife earred man deflected it with the flat of his weapon, spinning around to kick into a raised gauntlet of Tullece. The Saiyan grasped it, pulling him in to thrust a knee, clanging in a host of fire as he swung his sword around in defense.

"Piercing Sun," Tapion snarled under his breath, slicing against the whole of Tullece's body. The brilliant blaze of arcing energy pushed him up into the sky, expanding before dispelling in a bright purplish blast of power.

A comet of violet races back down, meeting Tapion's rising swing of flame with a blade of bright purple; leaving a hand open to grasp the man by the throat, forcing him with the immense momentum down to the planet far below. His back broke through trees, digging into the ground with a loud boom!

The Saiyan let out a roar, his hand holding his enemy down while the other swept over the dagger earred man's body in a rain of punches. Crackling over in sparking flashes of white, the forest shook, trees tearing from the roots and earth billowing out from successive bludgeoning by the emperor's fist.

A gloved hand caught his wrist, holding it in place with a tight squeeze.

"That's not enough," Tapion rasped out, his face turning with blood leaking from the corner of his bruised mouth. Green eyes shifted to red rings, whites shifting to black as a swathe of black began to ebb from his brownish padded body.

Slowly, despite a grip wrapped around the neck, Tapion twisted the wrist of his opponent while gripping his blade in the other. A pommel slammed in a reverse grip into the side of the Saiyan's head, sending him reeling off his person. As he skid away on his heels, his dark cape rustling about his muscular frame as he looked up in surprise at Tapion's rising form.

One that became alight in a rising black inferno. A torrential blaze swept his body, red eyes glared behind it as it spiraled into a massive cycle that touched the sky, darkening its pinkish overcast into a bleak monochrome. Lightning sprayed about, the winds picked up in a gale, Tullece's hair whipping about as the champion raised his weapon and cut away the darkness in a dispelling swing.

A mask of skinless bone wrapped around the front of his head, red eyes peering through vacant holes and his mouth concealed by a row of clenched teeth. The blade in his hand thinned, becoming black and closer to a katana with a curved back and a loose chain wrapping up his right sleeve. A mantle of darkness flowed over him, ebbing off his shoulders and sleeves as if by magical fire that didn't burn.

The fearsome pressure he had sensed before seemed to layer over his ki, multiplying by several times. He could hear a grated snarl, as if the demon breathed in synchrony with the red-haired man, now brought to the surface.

Raising his blade, he swung it around his head in a ghostly streak, becoming invisible with sheer incalculable velocity. A shrieking shockwave came after a few seconds of silence, cutting all the massive forest just a hair above the Saiyan's head for miles around to the edge of the horizon.

Tullece sweat a single drip of sweat, his eyes wide at what he saw. He took a single step back, his hands trembling as they balled into tentative fists.

"Do you wish to continue?" Tapion asked, his voice calmly layered in a double timbre, dark and hollow in a demonic echo. "I can't promise you'll live through this after what comes next."

Tullece smiled at that.

"That's what I want!" He crowed, his ki igniting in a shriek that blew back the earth with a roar of air pressure. Black energy snapping around his bright roaring purple aura that made his slanted hair flow upright in jagged spikes.

Settling into a forward leaning stance with clenched fists throbbing at his sides, cape whipping behind him in readiness.

Then, he threw out both palms, unleashing a massive kikoha of violet etched white light towards the swordsman in black-and-white.


One that became cut perfectly down the middle with a single swing of his blade. Stretching a hand out in return, a swelling whir of magma colored light formed over the gloved hand, aimed straight at the Emperor.

Then shot out in a brilliant blaze of blood colored light.

Tullece side stepped the pillar of ki, soaring forth in a streak of virulent purple. Rising up over the red light, he descended down - Saiyan Sabre ignited over his right arm - swinging down at Tapion's head.

Cracking with blackish sparks, Tullece somersaulted over while hurtling a ball of ki at his back. Seeing it backhanded with a ping, Tullece dashed back with a series of swift attacks aimed at Tapion's person. Even this ferocious flurry of his was met with a visibly unreadable wave of a black blade parrying each attack with ease.

Stopping short a swing, he threw out a palm that unleashed a kiai, pushing the black swordsman away by a few meters. Dashing back, he spun around, kicking off each part of the earth, juking around the red haired warrior. The cape adorned fighted tried to find an opening, anything he could use to his advantage.

A hand squeezed his shoulder, Tullece felt a pang of terror flood him.

"You done dancing?" He asked in a grated rasp.

The Saiyan Emperor growled, throwing his power out in a roar around himself. He swung his right arm, clad in his Saiyan Saber at his face. A biting flash of pain flowed through him, violet eyes looking on with disbelief at a blood trailing arm flying away.

His arm.

"Time to die," Tapion hissed, his blood stained sword swinging towards the Saiyan.

Only to see the man step into his space, his left arm thrusting into Tapion's chest; stabbing through him with a fist erupting out his backside.

"You dropped your guard," Tullece grinned with a seething hiss escaping his teeth. "It'll be your last mistake!"

Withdrawing his left arm from the dagger earred swordsman, he staggered back, clutching at his stump that bled profusely. His aura dispersed, sweat sloughed off him as he breathed heavily. The wound he had isn't fatal, and with his enhanced healing factor, the wound would likely close in a few minutes.

But he may pass out before then.

"Who said we were done?" Tapion sneered, shakily standing up, much to the Saiyan's shock. Smoke swirled within the wound, sealing it up along with his clothes as if he never been harmed. But even as he steadied his breathing behind his mask, he could tell it wasn't a small feat of restoration he perform.

Clutching his blade, it became engulfed in a black flame, crackling angrily in his grip.

Raising his blade, Tullece pulled his hand away from his wound and threw a stream of ichor at the man; splattering on him from the mask to his blackened clothes.

"Desperate are we-?" He began to ask, suddenly seeing a bright red light emit from his mask.


Tullece raised his remaining arm to shield his face, laughing behind his appendage as a bright roar of crimson fire engulfed the upper body of his foe. Lowering it down, he looked up at his adversary appraisingly.

The mask shattered, the black aura disappearing with it, returning the red mohawk man to normal; in addition to blood smearing his face with burnt, charred flesh down to torn open clothes revealing his pale skin now covered with abrasions and burns down to his sternum.

"Bastard," He spat out.

"My Revenge Cannon doesn't need to be fired at a distance for it to be deadly," Tullece informed with a malicious grin at his handiwork. "I hoped you would have less limbs intact at this point. But, I guess you need to be put down more thoroughly."

Tapion flinched, hearing the Saiyan stand up. His eyes winced, his vision clouded as the Saiyan walked slowly in his direction. Ears ringing, the shadow encroaching closer, making his heart race.

Feeling him get within striking distance, he swung his blade, once again igniting in a peerless golden-red flame.


"What?" Tapion hoarsely cried out.

"Your ki dropped, along with your mana, it seems," Tullece intoned, his eyes staring ahead with black focus upon feeling his digit halting the offending sword's edge. Sparks danced around it, his smile disappearing as he threw back the weapon, knocking the man off balance.

Leaving him open for counterattack.

Pulling the finger away into a fist, Tullece reared his arm back. Muscles throbbed, expanding and swelling out with power as veins pulses angrily along them.

Let me borrow your technique, Master, Tullece internally spoke, his mind briefly touching back to a happy memory in his childhood. An elder Saiyan with a long thick mane of white, arm shining like the Sun before hurtling it at a distant moon; erasing it in a flash of starlight before the child's eyes.


When Tapion saw him swing the fist, it no longer looked like a set of knuckles.

A meteor of light bore straight into his skull, his head hitting the ground so quick that he didn't even feel his body go limp. Consciousness fleed, the earth scattering with a monstrous upheaval of the world's surface surrounding him. A flash of light engulfed the ground, detonating the area and blasting outwards with the fiery spread, looking like a four pointed star burning into the ground below the limp Tapion.

Heaving heavily, Tullece grinned to himself. This Tapion is strong. Had he not taken advantage of his own injuries, he likely may not have beaten his foe so cleanly.

A slow clap became audible to his ears. Looking over to his right, he saw Zard standing there, as if he had been the entire time. His reptilian hands connected with the sign of applause, his visage smiling with approval at him.

"Impressive work, my lord," He complimented, placing his hands behind the small of his back. "To defeat Tapion is no small feat. Especially with his apparent new mastery over the demon inside of him."

"Expect nothing less of the Emperor, Zard," Tullece coolly replied, his smile intact despite his given circumstances.

"Your wives are unfortunately dealing with their own trial. Until it is concluded, I think Agmus may remain quiet until then," Zard concluded with a nod.

Sighing, the Saiyan closed his eyes. He could feel their ki past the sea of mana on the other side of the globe. They were locked in combat with a strong being, though the pair seemed to be not in danger of losing their lives, yet.

But he didn't know if that was to change soon.

"Then let's depart-"

"Before that," The mage proffered, raising the detached arm up to the Saiyan. Tullece looked at it in surprise, wondering when he could have picked it up, for his hands were empty moments before. "If you will allow me, I can reattach your arm. It'll be far easier than you going without it, yes?"

Tullece shook his head with a chuckle, "Zard, I think I might have use for you, if you wish to be more than simply a hermit here."

"As I foreseen," He murmured.

"What?" Tullece queried.

"I shall explain later," Zard intoned, releasing the limb and gesturing at it. It became suspended in the air as if hung by strings. Swiveling around to his bleeding stump it became attached with a meaty slip, stinging the Saiyan as his nerves were reconnecting and his limb healed back to his body.

Raising his arm, he flexed, stretched and swung it several times experimentally. Laughing, he looked over at Zard, nodding with sincerity as he spoke, "Thank you, Zard. Your magic is very handy."

"Another idiom," The hermit chuckled with a reptilian hiss in his throat. "I understood that one."

"You'll get to understand Common Speech the more we talk," Tullece informed, rising up into the air as his body took flight. "Let's go see how my wives are faring."

Zard levitated off the ground, his arms folded behind his back as he joined Tullece. While the latter zoomed off in a straight line, the mage seemed to keep pace while being perfectly erect.

Leaving Tapion behind, whom became engulfed in bluish white flames. Fire spread, flowing over the damage done to the environment and rising up to an immense height. A single snap, and the damage is replaced with a freshly down forest.

Including a waking, healed Tapion.

"I'm…still here?" He questioned out loud.

"You've done well, Tapion, Child of Konats," A voice spoke above him. He couldn't make it out, a bright halo of light obscured its face but a warm hand of flame reached down for him to grasp. "Rise, and accept your reward."

With trepidation, tears welling in his green eyes, Tapion grabbed hold of the hand. Lifted up to his feet, he looked to the light obscured face of the one he knew for ages.

"But, Almighty," He breathed out, his eyes staring mystified at him. "I lost."

"No. Your body did. But your spirit persevered. Where Hirudegarn may have controlled you, let you rampage without control, you have finally mastered yourself," It spoke back, placing a gently warm hand upon his shoulder. "Your purgatory here is at an end. You may do as you please."

"Do as I please," Tapion exhaled, looking down at his feet, feeling both lighter yet emptier. "I've trained for so long, fought so hard, I don't even know what I wanted beyond freedom. What can a man held captive by a demon can even do?"

He looked to being's glowing face, his green eyes shone with confusion and pleading.

"Tapion, I can't tell you what to you desire. Only you know what your spirit yearns for," It spoke, lowering its hand off his shoulder, walking away through the forest from the red haired man. "Live life with a strong drive. Be forever passionate. Maintain courage. And hold your head high. In an unforgiving Universe, being the best version of yourself is worth far more than all the power a God or a Demon can give."

And like that, he disappeared, in the blink of Tapion's eyes.

Reaching the other side of the planet in a few minutes, the Tullece and Zard came across the battlefield the emperor's mates had created. Craters marked their way down the mountain that continued to burn a bluish flame into the sky. Flames burned around the base of the natural landmark, started by the clash Tapion began with Tullece.

But near the lake that the beached ship lay by, the Saiyan spotted the two.

And a very large man with a red coat, dark shades and spiky grey hair.

He lifted up Chi-Chi by the head, resisting red construct kicks to the chest and chin without being fazed. Dropping her, he swiveled his massive body around to sledgehammer her across her waist, sending her skipping across the lake and hitting a nearby hilltop with a distant boom!

Turning around, Macki could be seen clinging to his back, her ki blade wedged halfway into his spine. He jumped up, the Heeter woman lifted up by the giant a great distance before being pile drives into the lake with a loud crash.

Further ripples of scarlet light ripped up to the surface, followed by a white flame discharging in a rising pillar of steam. Macki leaped up away from the vapor cloud, ripping a hand off her neck with ki blade buzzing around her arm. Landing with three limbed crouch, blade held away, she huffed heavily with exertion as she saw a body rise menacingly out of the steam of the lake.

A head rippled up with the tongues of pale snow fire, shades materializing over red leering eyes above his shark-like grin. Adjusting his lenses with a fresh pair of fingers, he eyed Tullece curiously not far away.

"Yo! Did you already finish your fight with Tapion?" He asked with a jeering tone.

"M-My Lord?!" Macki cried out, her face looking on with relief and concern. "A-Are you alright?"

"He's strong. I might have lost if he had been a Saiyan," Tullece remarked with a wry smile, his gaze briefly looking to Macki, then at the distant hill embedded Chi-Chi. "I see you've been keeping my wives busy. Are you strong, or stupidly stubborn?"

"Immortal, actually," Swartz explained with a shrug.

"Really?" Tullece said as he turned to look at the giant, appraising his appearance up and down. "How does that work?"

"A god cursed me a long time ago. It's complicated, but all you need to know is that I can't die a warrior's death," He spoke casually, his feet strode across the water as his aura emitted a calm fiery white light. "I lost all hope, so I came here, to challenge this living planet to a fight to the death. He couldn't kill me, and I couldn't destroy him. So he more or less imprisoned me here, calling upon me whenever he wants to test some sorry saps of their merits or something like that."

"Ahhhhh, so you can eventually expire of old age or perhaps to poison," Tullece presumed, he smiling ruefully while observing the approaching monster. "Useful, but not to me. Fighting you may become boring if I decide to step in."

"Impossible, I'm afraid," Zard intervened, earning a side glance from the Saiyan as the bipedal reptile explained with a wave of his three prong hand. "Agmus has begun to test your mates. Until one or the other yields, the battle must continue."

"One, that's hardly fair, given he doesn't seem to tire when suffering injury, mortal or otherwise," Tullece rang out, extending a second finger as he looked to Swartz with a glance, seeing the massive figure looming over Macki's much smaller crouching form. "Two, I can't speak for my Empress, but Macki has only recently tasted the fruit of the Shinseijū. Her strength has yet to reach the level where a monster like this can be overcome by her."

"Fairness isn't what trials are, my lord," Zard countered, his eyes coolly meeting Tullece's. "You either succumb to weakness or be destroyed. If you had cried out for any battle being unfair, would you have become the powerful man you are now?"

Tullece quieted.

Turning to look back at Swartz, he saw the giant man raise his fist, embroiled in a focused ball of ki. He crossed his arms, deciding to look ahead, unflinching for what he presumes will be a painful strike to the fatigued Heeter.

A thunderclap, a flash, and sudden tendril of light overlapped the giant man in electrocution. His eyes bulged, his body spasmed and his fist stopped short of Macki's head.

"T-The Hell is that?!" Swartz snarled out, looking up to see a storm cloud had formed instantly above him. He shouted upwards, his fist raised with fury. "Agmus! Are you butting into my fight, huh?!"

"It wasn't Agmus," Tullece interjected, causing the giant to look at him indignantly. He nodded his head to the right, forcing the mountain of a man to look at his left.

Distantly atop of the hill she had been smashed into, Chi-Chi stood amidst the detris of earth, fan held above her head. Red eyes glared at him, her fan folding back with a snap as she balled her fists and squatted over the ground.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Chi-Chi yelled out, a fire of deep red igniting from her being. Muscles swelled, veins throbbed, bio-energy crackles with the rising plume of light that began to flatten the hill downwards. She maintained her elevated altitude, legs shooting down to the earth the size of giant trees. Arms sprout out, her torso bulging up with her head matching an immense stature she now sported. The elastic material of the battle jacket conformed to her curvaceous figure, now larger and taller than ever before.

Macki's eyes went oblong, her jaw hitting the ground as her whole body went pale. Zard's reptilian eyes stared with his own mouth open gaunt. Tullece chuckled, remembering the last time she had become this large, he had been on the receiving end of it.

An unpleasant experience that Swartz is about to experience, he assumed.

"Whoa!" Swartz yelled out, taking off his shades to state up at the massive black haired beauty in the distance. "She keeps getting more beautiful by the second. I really am in love!"

"Love?" Tullece twitched humorlessly.

"Swartz had a crew of only women when he assaulted Agmus," Zard explained, turning to look dryly at Swartz blowing kisses to the giant Chi-Chi. "He's easily smitten by the opposite sex, especially if they're warriors like himself."

"I see," The Saiyan Emperor sighed, relaxing a fist he didn't know he was clenching.

Macki felt herself tremble. She was too distracted by the near mountain sized empress standing far away. She almost assumed there to be little difference comparing herself of the proud Heeters to some backwater raised Earthling.

Now, she began to doubt her own judgment, as she looked on as Chi-Chi formed a pair of clawing hands forward.

"KAAAAAA-MEEEEEEE," She uttered loudly, a swirling vortex of light whirring to life within the large space of the two hands.

The Heeter's pupils shrank.

"She's planning on firing that at her size?!" She cried out with alarm.

"You planning on ending this? Okay then," Swartz quietly spoke, bringing attention of Macki and the two nearby observers. He raised his own hands and slammed his elbows down, an enormous howl of ki shrieked into being around him. No longer a white soft flame, now a jagged thrumming furnace, with tendrils of golden electricity flowing around him.

Rising up, his large body tensed with muscles, his coat tearing off along with the lower half of his pants. A behemoth of immense muscle density, with bio-energy bristling strongly around him.

Tullece blew out a whistle, admiring the man's sheer power.

He's easily Freeza's superior. To think he's been trapped here, all this time, He mused.

Standing up to a full five meters in height, Swartz smiled broadly ahead at Chi-Chi, seeing her pull back the growing orb of light; now shining in stellar rays that painted the purple heavenly horizon a bright bluish white.

"HAAAAAAAAAAA-MEEEEEEEE!" She yelled out, her voice thunderous and full of focused fury.

"We're too close," Zard noted, clapping his hands together and spreading them out. The Saiyan Emperor raised a brow, watching what looked to be a series of mirrors form into the air, floating up and framing a dome around them, segmenting the space in perfect shape to still be observed. Shimmering, one could tell a crystalline web had formed but sound didn't diminish surprisingly.

"Colkass Mirror," Zard murmured out, his hands relaxing at his sides while gesturing to Tullece. "This barrier shall suffice."

Tullece shrugged with indifference.

They both witnessed Swartz stomped his left foot, cracking the earth for a mile in one direction while sending the damaged craft of Tullece's spinning across the water out of sight. Stomping with the right, a similar jagged line stretched the other way up to the mountain that burned a bright blue flame.

Slapping his hands together, his palms became crackling with golden energy, sparking and hissing aloud. Cracking his knuckles one at a time, Swartz thinned his smile and narrowed his eyes at the distant giantess.

"Bring it," He growled.

And Chi-Chi brought her arms around, releasing a brilliant pyre of light throttling out with a harrowing scream.


The pillar of light swept out a hot wind, blowing back the large forest surrounding them, vaporizing the lakes and rivers proximate and burning the grass as it soared forth.

Macki leaped away at the last second, erecting a barrier of her own with both arms with a grimace as it collided mightily against the standing tower of muscle. The shockwave rattled the dome both Zard and Tullece were protected by, bristling madly against a tensed up Heeter whose arms shook at the fierce light being expelled.

All while Swartz skid back, slowly being pushed while golden lit hands pressed into the head of the Kamehameha.

He ground his teeth, eyes wide and pupils shrank. His considerable mass of muscles shook, his aura waving back against the much larger wall of luminous bio-energy. He shoved back against it, stomping ahead with a quaking step, followed by another one.

Gritting his teeth, Swartz clenched his eyes shut. Light flickered over his hands, his feet sliding back further. With a faint, whistling inhale, he shouted out and twisted his body around.

Flinging it into the sky.

Macki looked on, her countenance deflating at the sight. Did she see that right? Did this man just throw away an attack of that magnitude?

He's a monster beyond monsters! She thought, her teeth rattling as he breathed heavily, standing upright with a grin poised at the distant giantess.

"That's your best, right? Or do you want to finish this with your fists?!" He crowed out, his hands raised excitedly at her.

Chi-Chi didn't retort. She simply swung her glowing palms downwards.

"Wait, why did she-?"

His speech came interrupted by a sudden, whirring white light that came hurtling back down. Violently crashing into him, an elliptical wave of pressure billowed outward, digging him deep into the planet's surface with a downpour of ki. Petering away, a massive hole steamed out of the ground where Swartz once stood.

"D-Did…did she do it?" Macki asked, warily peering at the hole as her arms lowered the barrier she had formed. "Is he done?"

Zard remained quiet.

Tullece glared cynically at the hole. If he was immortal, there's no feasible way that is enough to best him.

Chi-Chi must have felt the same, leaping over to land mightily next to the hole. Raising a hand, she formed an orb of light in her upraised palm. Twisting the wrist, she threw it downwards into the darkness.


Ponging it back, nearly striking her face, she saw Swartz emerge in a rising streak of bright light. Blood caked his head, his arms red with burns but the rest of him looked untouched.

"You got me good with that switcheroo, beautiful," Swartz snarled at her past his grin, pulling back his arm for a punch. "But I don't intend on giving up just yet!"

A loud pow filled the sky, Chi-Chi staggering back from a punch that landed across her face. Stamping her foot to steady herself, she reared back, a large fist crashing back into Swartz, catapulting him across the air into the sky. He rebounded, streaking back to hit a counter-swing of Chi-Chi's, casting a mighty shockwave to ripple around the two.

Grasping her middle finger, Swartz heaved and threw the large woman off her feet to slam over the home onto her back with a mighty thud. Feeling the wind knocked from her, she narrowly rolled away to the left to avoid a stomping kick by Swartz. In a shower of debris, the giantess swept her massive leg along the earth, shaving it with supreme momentum.

The spiky haired man leaped up and over, turning back around for another descending blow.

Somersaulting away from another dashing punch, Chi-Chi threw a kick that smashed him up into the air; leaving him open for a two handed clap, thundering the sky.

Pushing the giant palms away with a shove, Swartz blitzed into her chest with a blaze of white light, the woman lurching with the force of his incredible blow. Falling to her back, Chi-Chi grimaced, looking up to see Swartz charging down with a golden crackling fist.

A massive fist blurred to his left, catching him off balance and thunderously blowing him away in a fierce streak of energy. Impacting a distant mountain, Swartz heaved, wrenching himself free with effort before leaping back to the woman.

The woman who swelled an orb of bluish light around her fist, pulling it back in a burning line of movement. Her red eyes flowed with serious intent, her spirit far from yielding.

Time slowed as he and the woman swung fists. His smile parted, a shimmer of joy crossing his red ringed eyes. The heart beat slowly and, as he felt the energy rolling off her incoming fist, he felt glad to be here.

To fight strong women, was his own great reward.

Slamming into him with a stream of lightning, Swartz rebounded back with a grin etched into his face. Eyes rolled back, consciousness fleeting as he flew back, falling with a rolling skid away from the heavily breathing woman.

Seeing him unmoving, his ki subdued, Chi-Chi shrank back to normal size and collapsed to her back. She drank in gallons of air, feeling her body ache all over. It had been too long since she fought like her life depended on it.

And as she breathed, a figure appeared between blinks of her eyes. It had no face beyond a glaring orb of bluish-white flame, its body cloaked in a similar fashion, making it appear as if draped in robes of white of an elderly sage.

"Rise, daughter of Gyūmaō, and accept your reward," The being said, reaching a hand out to her.

She furrowed her brows, straining herself up and standing of her own accord. The spectral hand recoiled, the luminous face staring unreadable to Chi-Chi's eyes.

"I see you are distrusting," It replied in a statement.

"Siccing a psycho to fight me when I barely came to isn't something that endears me to trust someone, flashlight head," She snorted incredulously at him.

"You may yield, or you may fight. You chose to battle on, regardless of the outcome," It spoke back to her, gesturing for emphasis. "You cannot lie to me. I can see you're no longer yourself; twisted and warped by an organism meant to twist you to Tullece's will. Your actions cannot be guaranteed to be yours, or simply what he wishes."

"Ah, so you know," Chi-Chi smiled, her voice changing and her ruby eyes narrowing at him. "So what of it? I am much happier this way. My old self was miserable, fighting for something that didn't exist any longer. For the first time, I'm important and deserving of attention. I am exactly where I want to be."

The fiery being stared silently. It unsettled Chi-Chi how easy it was for it to know her current nature. Very few outside of Macki and Tullece knew what she is. If this entity could peer into her, what else is it capable of?

"I offered a reward, but I'll make a proposal instead," The being said with a stretch of its hand to her. "I can allow you to obtain knowledge of mana's fetters. How you deal with this is up to you. Or, you can stay here, and be at peace, as your true self."

"You must be joking," Chi-Chi cracked a smile, unaware of how her eyes twitched at hearing this.

"I don't jest. I can restore your mind to how it once was, remove the organism from your spirit and make you whole. But you'll have to remain here, as all of my disciples have," The flames intoned, its hand remaining held out to her. "The choice is yours."

Chi-Chi found it laughable.

Her mind drifted back to the last words Gokū's wish had imparted to her mind. They were heavy with sorrow and longing. She knew everyone back on Earth wanted her to return as herself.

Her father, Gyūmaō. Mūten Roshi. Little Pan. Kuririn. Jaco. Tights. Bulm-


A reddish veil swept over the mental images of each of the people she thought of. Fragmenting like glass before shattering, the face of Tullece remaining alone in the foreground.

"Give me this mana you mentioned," Chi-Chi declared, her hand reaching out to grasp it's hand with a smile. "I wish to learn how to use it for Tullece's sake."

The being of fire sighed.

Blue flame crawled up Chi-Chi's hand, her whole body overlapping with its presence. Her mind opened up, sensing a blue basin filled within her, and myriad of channels that spread out in a sea of stars.

"I have awakened your body to your mana. How you use it, is up to you," The being said, turning away from her.

And in a blink, he was gone.

Looking around, she wondered what to do now. She became acutely aware of the massive depths of mana flowing in the ground, through the air and inside each living thing. Bluish flames erupted over the damaged ground around her, flowing up and materializing fresh new trees, fertile soil and creatures back into the fire.

Swallowing, she turned and nearly bumped into Tullece.

"M-My Lord!" Shs croaked, her mouth turning to a joyous smile.

"You did well, my wife," Tullece intoned, his cloak waving ominously in the wind with his angled mane. "Your strength has grown beautiful since becoming Empress. I see your training and nutrition from the Shinseijū has yielded great results."

"He nearly beat me," She admitted, biting her lip as she looked over where he had been sprawled out. "When he powered up, his immortality didn't even factor in. He's strong, stronger than I could have imagined."

"So was my enemy," He confessed, grasping her chin to raise her eyes to meet his. "But our power surpassed theirs. Never doubt yourself, my queen. I chose you for a reason, and you must believe in that purpose."

"Y-Yes!" She gasped, feeling her lips meet his with an intimate embrace. Her arms raised to slide up his sides and clench his shoulders. Feeling her waist wrapped by one arm and another over her head, she lifted one leg up as their kiss deepened.

Tullece smiled into the kiss, eyes gleaming with a violet flame, burning unseen by his wife.

The two returned to Zard, standing erect next to Macki. She looked deep in thought, and it became unclear what troubled her. Tullece furrowed his brow, wondering what may have happened to sway her mind.

"My Lord," Macki kneeled, her head hanging in shame. "I passed the trial, but I didn't defeat that monster. I failed you."

"You failed no one," Tullece rebuked, waving a hand dismissively. "Rise, my wife. You need to feel pride in surviving. And if you feel weak, become strong," he crossed his arms, looking to Chi-Chi and then to the kneeling woman. "It's that simple."

"I'm undeserving of such kind words, my Lord!" She exclaimed, though she didn't smile.

He dismissed it for now, simply nodding at her. Closing his eyes, he let out a sigh. Chi-Chi looked at him curiously, but he raised a hand, as if to quiet her.

"I can feel you creeping, Agmus," Tullece called out, his eyes opening with violet rings present over normally black orbs. "Reveal yourself."

A soft step is heard behind the four, the Saiyan turning to see the fiery headed, white robed figure. Coolly glaring, he watched the entity approach with guarded caution. He knew if a fight was to happen, he'd have to strike decisively, no hesitation.

"Stay your hand, Tullece, son of Nonoi-"

"Mention my father again and it will be through that bonfire for a head of yours!" Tullece sneered angrily.

"You've passed your test. The resolve of a warrior flows through you. And for all the horror you've wrought, you inspire loyalty and unite order in a galaxy normally filled with chaos," It stated, an unseen face flickered as if to indicate emotion. "Your spirit shines with the heart of your people. Perhaps, even with a kingdom of darkness you may herald some good in your wake."

"Your approval is welcome, but unnecessary," Tullece spat, eyes glowering as swung an arm aside. "If you wish to give me a boon, fix my damned ship so I may be away from you!"

"Very well," The specter nodded, waving a hand towards the ground around them. Emerging from a bonfire of bluish fire emerged the ship, gleaming with a shine and polish better than if it came from the shipyard newly made.

"I've already spoke with your wives of their rewards, but now it comes to fulfill your wish, my disciple," Agmus spoke, turning to the bipedal reptile. "It is not too late to stay here. I can grant you peace till the end of your days."

"Almighty, I appreciate your words but I cannot deny my destiny," Zard declined, his yellow eyes fixed upon Tullece's. "I found someone worth following beyond this place."

"Very well," The planet affirmed, placing two hands together. Zard returned the gesture, the pair locking gazes.

After a length of silence is shared between them, Zard unfolded his hands, and the spectral visage of Agmus disappeared.

"It is finished," Zard murmured, looking up at the mountain and seeing the blue fire disappearing. "At long last."

Turning to face Tullece, he bowed his head with hands placed together flat.

"I am free to accompany you, my Lord," He declared solemnly, raising his head to meet Tullece's gaze. "My time here is over."

"Very well," The Emperor replied with a smile. "You are very wise and well educated. I wish for you to join me as my advisor, part of my most trusted circle of trust. You'll be compensated and provided for. Does this sound appealing?"

"Serving you will be my own reward," Zard stated, smiling past his visage of yellowish scales. "Everything else are benefits of my service to you."

"Alright, then we shall-" Tullece began to say, suddenly feeling a familiar rush of ki. Twisting his head, he looked away from Zard, past the pair of women by him, seeing a red haired man landing from the air with a soft tap.

"Forgive me for intruding," Tapion quietly said, his face no longer hardened, eyes looking far lighter than what they had been before. "I have something I must ask before you depart."

"Which is?" Tullece asked, his right hand unseen began to form an orb of ki near his caped back.

Bending down on one knee, Tapion rested a hand on the knee and put a fist onto the ground with his head bowed.

"Allow me to serve you, my Lord!" He cried out, his voice resonating his desire truly.

Zard arched a scaly brow with intrigue. He didn't know if Tapion had been relieved of his stay here. It must have happened after he and Tullece left him where he lay.

The mage looked over to Tullece, the pair of wives also looking at what he'd say.

Dispelling the sphere of light, Tullece walked over to Tapion. Standing over the red haired man, the Saiyan spoke to him.

"I am not a righteous man, Tapion," He began to say, quietly as he appraised the young looking man beneath him. "I kill people, sometimes what seems to be cruel to others. I've destroyed whole worlds when it suited me. Are you sure you want to serve a man like me?"

"I harbor an evil inside me more vile than any killer can conceive in their hearts. I am no one to judge you, anymore you can judge me," Tapion confessed, his head not raising as he spoke. "When my people sealed Hirudegarn inside me, it was not a seamless process. I killed many of my own people, my brother among them. That was over a thousand years ago. I have no home to go back to."

"Rise," Tullece said.

He stood up, his green eyes looking over at Tullece. The Saiyan smiled at him, raising a hand to shake. Tapion's eyes lit up, a smile stretching on his face as he grasped the hand in a hearty shake.

"You'll be a powerful addition to my empire, Tapion," The Emperor stated to the Konatsian approvingly. "Welcome aboard."

"Thank you!" He exclaimed, his enthusiasm emitting almost infectiously to the Saiyan.

Turning on his heels, his cape flourishing dramatically, Tullece left to board his ship: now two more than he arrived with. Zard and Tapion stood at either side of the Saiyan as he sat down at the pilot's seat, his wives strapping themselves as the ship ascended.

As they left the planet of Agmus, Tullece felt confidence brimming. He had more powerful people join him, pushing him to new heights he didn't dare believe possible.

There is only one obstacle left to his path of galactic control now.

I'll be waiting for you, Vegeta.

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His powers are a perfect meld of magic and ki, making him a true magus in action. I loved detailing his tenacity against the unstoppable Tullece, and even going so far as to needing an ultimate move to keep him down. I hope everyone enjoyed his participation here and what my co-author and I will do in the future.

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