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Chapter 1: Disappearance

There they were. Everything in their journey has led up to this. Now all he could think about was the wind having a strange calmness for their situation. One would think that flying atop the Fell Dragon would create more than a calm breeze. But what else could be expected here. This was the end, and Robin knew it. He thought back to the night before, how Tiki had told him the options of ending Grima or putting him to sleep. He thought back to how he promised his wife Lucina to not give up his life, that they could find another way. He looked around the back of Grima to see all his friends. Friends who, moments earlier, pulled him from Grima's grasp, back into the realm of the living. Chrom was up ahead, slicing through Risen with the glowing Falchion. The queen, Sumia, flew above him taking out an unnoticed foe behind Chrom. He sadly looked behind him to see the two loves of his life, Lucina and Morgan, fighting back to back. He knew what he had promised Lucina. But he also knew the nightmare from which Lucina came, and how much she wished to prevent that future. And he knew he could never allow a possibility of his daughter Morgan to face that future either. He knew what must be done.

"Hear my words, Awakener! Grima's servants will beset you to no end. Dispatch him as soon as you are able! Once the fell one is weakened, a choice will await you… If Chrom lets fall the final blow, Grima shall survive but return to his slumber…" The voice of Naga boomed to all of them.

Chrom sidestepped another sword from the unrelenting horde of Risen, countering back to have his foe dissipate into a cloud of smoke. "So be it." Chrom answered back to Naga.

"If Robin strikes in Chrom's stead, both his life and Grima's are forever over. Only in this way may the fell dragon be destroyed for good. The final decision is yours", Naga finished saying.

Robin simply looked down to his sword. He cast it aside and picked out his Thoron tome. He looked back to Lucina, who had finished with the current round of Risen. "Naga help me if I survive this and have to look into her eyes after breaking my promise…" Robin thought to himself. He knew he could never let Grima return to this world.

Robin slowly began walking towards his fate. It was strange. To his sides all his friends were holding off the Risen. Virion was shooting off arrows at inhuman speed, Vaike was yelling his count of slain Risen (currently being at 23), Frederick and Cordelia were taking turns at a small group of Risen, Lissa and Maribelle were busy healing those who had taken injuries, and all the others were fighting to seal the future. And yet, while he knew he was walking to his demise, he felt a strange calmness once again.

Up ahead he heard Chrom yelling to Grima,

"I come to end you, Grima!"

"…ARROGANT MORTAL… I AM THE END!" replied the Fell Dragon.

Chrom dodged the dark magic being thrown at him and slashed away at the copy of Robin. Though it did not seem that the sword was doing anything at first, soon the other Robin was on his knees.

"…NNGH…AAAAUGHHH…" The Fell Robin cried out in pain.

Chrom looked back to see his best friend walking towards him. "Now, Robin! This is our chance! I'm going to finish it!"

Robin had a sad smile upon his face, and as he looked back towards Lucina and Morgan, who had finished their fight and were rushing up towards himself and Chrom, tears began forming in his eyes.

"…..No, Chrom."

Chrom looked back in surprise, pulling Falchion back.

"Robin, what do you mean no!?"

Robin watched as Lucina was catching up to them.

"I am sorry Lucina, I made a promise that I will have to break. I love you so much, you and Morgan both. You have shown me what there is to live for in this world. I have gone from being an amnesiac puppet of Grima to having something to fight for. My friends, my daughter, and my loving wife…" Robin said back to Lucina as he began to summon Thoron to his hand, the brilliant light starting to gather in his palm.

"…Robin!? Wait what-" Chrom yelled in despair, the reality of what was occurring finally dawning on him.

"…WHAT…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The Fell Dragon bellowed.

"For once, I am glad you and I are the same. Now I can give my life to protect those I care for" Robin sadly turned back to Lucina and Morgan, who had tears welling in their eyes. With his other hand he placed a barrier around him and the Fell Robin to stop Chrom, Lucina and Morgan from interfering.

"Robin! You promised you wouldn't do this! Please don't leave us! It doesn't have to end this way! We can always defeat him and find a solution in the future! Please Robin! I love you, you and Morgan are the reasons I wish to stay here!" Lucina cried out, tears streaming down her face.

"Father…..please….I can't lose you again…" Morgan cried from Lucina's side.

"Robin! I swear this better be a joke! I already told you what would happen if you hurt my daughter! I swear on Naga I will come into the afterlife and kick your ass if you go through with this!" Chrom yelled while trying to break through the barrier, finding no success.

"I am sorry everyone, but I cannot allow any risk anyone suffering from the same future Lucina came from. It is bad enough she has to deal with those scars. But remember, our ties are stronger than any fate that can come" Robin looked into Lucina's tear filled eyes, "And I would never be able to disappear completely if it meant I could never see you smile again. Please, see that this is the only way for me to ensure you accomplish your mission. I will be back, I promise. In the meantime, take care of Morgan and your father. I will never stop loving you all. Morgan, be good to your mother." Morgan nodded through her crying. "And should I not return, all I ask, Lucina, is for you to find somebody to make you happy. Naga knows you deserve it."

"You are the one that makes me happy, Robin, nobody else could ever do that!" Lucina yelled back to him.

Robin smiled that sad smile again, turning back to his other self as his Thoron was ready to be used.

"…YOU WOULD…NOT DARE" Grima said in desperation.

"I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable… In some way, I- we share the blame. It's only right we meet our end together!"


Robin released Thoron, piercing his other self right through the chest. The Fell Robin coughed a cloud of smoke, and began fading away. Robin released the barrier around him and smiled to his friends, as Morgan and Lucina rushed to hold him. His body began to fade away.

"Robin! No!" cried out Chrom

"Thank you, Chrom. For…everything… Tell the others….my last thoughts were of them….. May we meet again, in a better life… Morgan, Lucina, I love you both with all my heart… Please, take care until I return…." Robin let his tears fall as he was almost completely gone, Lucina desperately trying to grab onto whatever she could of him.

"Robin! Please…. Don't go, don't leave me!" Lucina was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Robin! No! Ah gods, NO!" Chrom fell to his knees as Robin waved and vanished completely.

Lucina held Morgan as they could stop crying, and the other Shepherds only remained silent at the loss of their favorite tactician.

The memories of Robin's adventures flooded his mind. From when Chrom found him, to the mysterious Marth, to the death of Emmeryn, to Chrom's wedding, to the true identity of Lucina, to Valm and back, to his budding relationship and one very painful run in with Chrom, to finding Morgan, to the field where he offered his life, literally, to Lucina, to the events that brought him to the back of Grima. Everything flooded his mind, then finally darkness replaced it, with Lucina's smile on the day he proposed being the last to fade.

Back on the ground, Chrom looked out to the fallen remains of Grima.

"The war is ended, my friends. Never again will the fell dragon trouble our world. I owe you all far more than words can ever repay. Especially Robin, who gave himself to save us all. To save all worlds to come." Chrom said in a quiet, sullen voice.

"P-poor Robin….After everything he did for us…" Lissa was crying with Lucina and Morgan.

"We'll see him again. I'm sure of it. Remember what Naga said? That Robin would survive if our ties were strong enough. This isn't over. I believe Robin is out there…somewhere….and I'll find him. If it takes the rest of my days, I'll find him." Chrom replied

The rest of the Shepherds gave their agreement that Robin was not gone, with Morgan finally breaking past her tears and crying out "Father…. You can't leave me now. Not like this… I believe in you. Please, come back to me and Mother!"

It was more than Lucina could take. She could not control her tears as she pulled Morgan into a hug, each of them find the other's shoulder with to soak their crying. The man who taught her to love, who gave her a reason to stay and fight, was gone. And there wasn't anything she could do but wait and hope.

"Robin has secured for us all the most precious gift; a future. Now it falls upon our shoulders to protect what was given. I vow to give my all to healing the damage this war wrought upon the realm. When Robin returns, I want him to see what his sacrifice brought. Robin…. If you can hear me…. You will always have a place here with us. Remember that, always." Chrom finished.

The rest of the Shepherds gave their regards and stood staring out upon the setting sun, knowing the war was finally over, but not without a great cost.