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He had it all planned. He was prepared. He can make this work.

Severus Snape took a deep breath as he stepped into the Great Hall. His slender form covered with shabby black robes that made him look like a overgrown bat, his usual lank hair and pale—almost sallow face—was usual as always. But there was something different; the change was so subtle that no one could notice. The Slytherin boy has changed; He was not the same person as before the summer break. Something has happened, and it changed him in many ways.

The Spinner's End was dark, gloomy place even in the balmy summer days. Inside the run-down house was Severus Snape. He was an unusual boy in many ways. For one thing, he disliked summer break as it meant that he has to come back the place where he was forced to call home. This was understandable, though. But there's more.

Severus Snape was a wizard.

There's a school called Hogwarts that only accepts magically gifted children to train them to become wizards and witches in England. No one knows precisely where the building is, but there is a station with train that carries students to the school.

Every year when the new term begins, Severus would meet Lily Evans, a charming young witch with deep red hair and vivid green eyes, and they aboard onto the train and go back to the school. She was his only friend he ever had, until they were no longer friends.

He made a mistake in his fifth year and they never made up afterward.

He begged for forgiveness to her. He even stayed outside of her dormitory all night for several days to show his sincerity in his words, however, the girl didn't forgive him. It was the end, and he'd lost the one thing that was truly amazing in his life.

Now he was all alone. Alone in his school, in his House.

The only place where he wasn't was this tattered old place, except, if you can call the man who beats you in regular basis a father.

Before, Snape had Lily to anticipate during summer as her home was within walking distance and she used to pay him visits. Now, he had nothing. Nothing but smelly old house with dirty bedroom and a drunken father who keeps yelling at him for more booze. As if they could buy one with money that does not exist. The man seemed to be toned down a bit since his wife had passed a year ago. But still, he was nasty and even nastier when drunk.

With his mother gone and no more Lily to expect, this school year was terrible. More than terrible, even for Severus Snape.

Severus shuddered to recall the accident in the abandoned room just before the Break.

It happened few weeks before the vacation. He got lost in a dark corridor next to the dungeon area. It was Peeves, the wretched thing made him take the wrong turn when he was heading to his dorm. And there, a strange dim light came from a corner in the end of a corridor. Severus should have thought better but something was there, it lured him to come.

He got to the wall where the light came and went inside the place to find a boy there. Sirius Black was there lying relaxed in what looked like a chaise longue. The ridiculously beautiful boy was elegant even in his resting form. Severus tried to get out of that place immediately. But the boy caught him.

He rather not recall what happened after.

All that he could say was he tried to get his revenge. He did not want anyone to know what happened, but he couldn't let the monster walk away from his crime. However, he couldn't do anything to match what the boy had caused him. Instead, he received detentions and deduction of house point and another reminder of how just world is not a fair place.

But that was not all. Severus spat once more before flushing down yellowy gunk from the toilet. The boy sighed as he heaved himself up. He felt his legs shaking and his head pounding. At first, Severus thought he caught stomach bug or something. However, the sickness gotten worse and he tried to find out what was wrong with him.

In one of the hot, humid summer night in the Spinner's End, Severus discovered a horrifying truth.

Severus Snape was pregnant. He was 16, and has no means of making earnings, and hasn't even got out of school yet but he was pregnant. He didn't know wizards can get knocked up and he has absolutely no ideas as to how he did, but there was no denying that he was. One thing was for sure, the other father of the child is none other than Sirius Black.

As if he didn't give him enough trouble, Black gave him a bastard that Severus had no idea what to do with.

However, time was unrelenting and Severus had to come to a conclusion: he will keep this baby. He will give birth to it and raise it.

It would be more difficult than anything he has ever endured, the boy was sure of it, but he couldn't abort the pregnancy. He simply couldn't.

So Severus plotted a plan to secure his unborn child. He was due on April, which means that he will have time to recover for his N.E.W.T. He will need to find a career and a place to raise the child, as the Spinner's End was no place for children, evidently.

And he can't be a Death Eater.

It pained him to give up the only thing he so desired that it cost him the love of his life. His thirst for recognition, sense of belongings, security and power. The promise of all this was what kept him going till now. But no more. Severus expect neither the Dark Lord nor his peers to appreciate abominations such as this: male pregnancy. Completely out of nature, this was. Even for a wizard.

However, he shall have one thing that he craved even more than what the Dark Lord promised. Something to call his own. A child to call his and his only. He did not realize how much he wanted such affection for he thought Lily was the one. Never did he envision himself attached to an unborn child. Attached enough to give up everything.

Severus made his mind and he shall have this child.

And that is how the boy's seventh year began.